Tribune Super 35 Rankings: Charter Oak by a nose over Bishop Amat … for now

Tribune Super 35 Rankings

1. Charter Oak (6-1) — The Chargers’ favorable schedule extends one more week against Claremont, then it’s all hands on deck against Damien, Chino Hills and the Inland playoffs. Offensively, they can do no wrong, averaging 40 points a game. But then again, they haven’t played a defense worth mentioning since Rancho Cucamonga.
2. Bishop Amat (6-2) — Maxpreps has Amat ranked 42nd in the state and Charter Oak 43rd. They’re that close. If Amat follows a Crespi win with a victory over Loyola, I may have to seriously considering bumping Amat back to No. 1. But that’s a big if, though I do like their chances with Zach Shay back. Speaking of Shay, I was surprised he played so well at Crespi considering he missed more than a month. He stepped in and it looked like he had never missed a beat. That was impressive.
3. West Covina (6-1) — The Bulldogs remind me of Charter Oak 2007 and ’08 in that they’re in a league and division where I don’t think anyone can touch them. It’s almost boring watching them win in workmanlike fashion since starting the Hacienda. Can Los Altos change that this week? I don’t think so.
4. Damien (6-1) — If coach of the year was handed out today, Spartans coach Greg Gano would be in the hunt because of a good mixture of non-league wins, and their 2-0 start in league. But let’s see if we’re still talking about it after they go through Chino Hills and Charter Oak.
5. Covina (7-1) — The Colts have basically wrapped up the Valle Vista League title with a win over San Dimas and Pomona, and with it probably the Mid-Valley Division’s top seed, because they will cruise to victories in their final two games. Just don’t get complacent Colts, the title is there for the taking.
6. Chino Hills (4-3) — The Huskies’ tough schedule has paid off in league, though they’ve beaten the two worst teams in Ayala and Claremont. Let’s see how they finish against Damien, South Hills and Charter Oak, because the jury’s still out.
7. San Dimas (5-2) — The Saints were No. 7 last week, but how do you drop them with Los Altos and South Hills, the teams ranked below them, losing also? Also, this is when I start buying San Dimas. The loss to Covina will probably be beneficial, because if they meet again in the playoffs, I like teams who get second shots.
8. Arroyo (6-1) — The Knights and all-purpose QB/safety Steven Rivera continue plugging along toward another MVL title. Say this about Rivera, he leads the area in passing and is second in the area in tackles. When’s the last time you remember a player do that, and how amazing would it be if at the end of the season, he was the leader in both.
9. South Hills (3-4) — It’s too bad they play no defense, because this is one of coach Steve Bogan’s best offensive teams since winning titles in the mid 2000s. And though they’ve lost four games, three could have gone either way against Colony, West Covina and Damien. But that’s been their story the last two years. They play good enough to make it entertaining, but find some way to foul it up when the game is on the line.
10. La Puente (6-0) –– It’s time for the area’s only undefeated team to crack the top ten rankings. Like Azusa in other years, you wonder if the record is legitimate, but at least La Puente and Azusa will be tested in week 10, when they get to face each other for the league title.
The rest: 11. Los Altos (6-2), 12. Pomona (5-3), 13. Diamond Ranch (4-4), 14. Glendora (3-4), 15. El Monte (5-2), 16. Claremont (4-3), 17. Bonita (3-4), 18. Azusa (5-3), 19. Diamond Bar (3-4), 20. Ayala (2-5), 21. Walnut (2-6), 22. Rosemead (4-3), 23. South El Monte (5-2), 24. Duarte (5-1), 25. Rowland (2-5), 26. Nogales (3-5), 27. Northview (2-5), 28. Baldwin Park (2-5), 29. Mountain View (3-4), 30. Workman (3-4), 31. Sierra Vista (3-4), 32. Gladstone (2-5), 33. Wilson (0-7), 34. Ganesha (1-6), 35. Bassett (1-6).

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  • Lancelot

    FRED – “I may have to seriously considering bumping Amat back to No. 1. But that’s a big if,”????? WTH? Are you serious Fred? You really think that c.o. is better than AMAT at this point in time and especially after digesting both teams body of work? I think you are shying away from the “Homer” label that some try to tag you with. I had really thought that you just knew the difference between good football at that level of play and Good football at the Amat level play? Oh well, I hope we can get that “BIG IF” off our backs this week because Lord knows playing CLAREMONT IS ALOT LIKE PLAYING LOYOLA!!!! S M H
    Go Lancers!

  • FredJ

    Lancelot, don’t shortchange Charter Oak, they’re legitimate. Level of play? It’s been mentioned, the Inland this year has done well against the Pac-5. Having said that, if Amat beats Loyola, they probably go back to No. 1 no matter what Charter Oak does this week, reason being, Amat would own the area’s two best wins in terms of quality (Crespi, Loyola).

  • Pac 5 fan

    If only Amat and Charter Oak could play each other… It would be a good game for the SGV!

  • Viking Fan

    Fred, I know this probably won’t garner much attention, but Northview will be picking up a forfeit win against Franklin. They used a player not enrolled in their school week 1. They are currently petioning to get it overturned, but doesn’t look like they will have success.

  • Lancelot

    Fred, I really am not trying to short change them because despite my rantings w/”another c.o. blogger” I give them credit for what they have done thus far. They have put up great numbers and “W’s”. I just don’t think they would possess the same record as AMAT if you had them play our schedule. Thats all. They haven’t even beaten a really good Inland team yet? Or did I miss something? It’s all good. We need to worry about handling our own business Friday Night and the rest will handle itself. I just don’t see the reasoning, but I guess I can take off the AMAT glasses and look at it differently. Hold on. There…..Nope, still don’t see it. I tried. Good Luck Lancers Handle your Business Friday Night Boys! Go Lancers!

  • FredJ

    Lancelot, why don’t you think they would have the same record if they played Amat’s schedule this year…They would get smacked by Servite too, but not hard to imagine them beating Garfield, Damien, Cathedral, La Mirada and Venice. After how they competed with Rancho Cucamonga, not hard to imagine them beating Alemany or Crespi too, but not both.. Remember, some good Inland teams already beat Alemany and Crespi…….Now, having said all that, without Zach Shay I give Charter Oak the edge, with Shay playing like he did last week, I tend to lean toward Amat, but I do want to see if they can do it in consecutive weeks in the Serra….Here’s a better comparison question. How would Amat do in the Inland compared to Charter Oak? I would tend to think Amat has a better chance of going further, they play better defense.

  • Dan

    Heard yesterday that West Co has worked out or is working on a contract with Chino Hills for next year, I think this would replace the Glendora game, keeping my fingers crossed.
    As for your comment on being bored watching West Co go thru the Hacienda, Los Altos and Diamond Ranch should be good games these next couple of weeks. Next year should be a good year for the Hacienda as I believe Diamond Ranch and Bonita had some very good freshmen teams last season, WC loses Solomon and Frazier and other good players but has some very good talent coming up from the lower levels, they will be good for a while. They have a 20 game winning streak going at the JV level, including a win over Loylola this year, they should have a few kids from that team who can step in and fill some voids.

  • AMAT 73

    Rankings , we don’t need no stinking rankings. AMAT is in a battle in the Serra for a playoff spot. We got Loyola this week and if we get the W that puts us in a better position for the playoffs which is all that matters. CO is doing a great job of winning and winning big so that counts for a lot since you can’t pull the level of play on these rankings plus we 2 losses to their 1 . What I can’t see is Fred’s line about COY. Hands down at this point in time Coach Maggiore ( spelling ? ) of WC as he kept them humming though all those injuries early in the season and not missing a beat and now hitting on all cylinders. Damien other than the J Serra win has not done much to talk about . But as Fred said also we will see this week . We’re fine at #2 or #3 by me as it will keep us hungry.

  • Sierra League Fan

    You are correct. CH and West Co. is a done deal. CH is also playing Amat week 0. These are 2 great match ups that the SGV wants to see. Should be good games.

  • FredJ

    Sierra Fan, you’re on top of your game. I was telling the Inland Insider Amat was setting up a Chino Hills game in week 0 next year. I believe it’s been agreed to, but not signed yet. Amat is also hoping to get St. Paul back on the schedule, and I’m hearing it will happen.That’s a pretty good non league schedule they’re looking at, Chino Hills, Servite, Damien and St. Paul

  • AMAT 73

    FredJ ,
    The true question is how do you think CO would do against AMAT which is the argument for the ages . That is the comparison . Also how do think CO would do in the PAC-5 and the Serra . You yourself know how AMAT would do in the Inland by your answer to your own question but can you answer the CO in the PAC-5 question. But like I said earlier our 2 losses against their 1 loss leaves them at number 1 . But what about WC , CO vs WC , who do you pick in that one Fred ??? They should really be number 2 based on their one loss to Loyola which is ok if you consider the loss to RC by CO ok also because they were competitive as you say.

  • FredJ

    Amat 73, I said after watching Charter Oak beat South Hills and hearing Amat lose to Alemany that I would finally take Charter Oak. But with Shay back, I’m not so sure anymore. Amat’s secondary is strong, Montes, Rio, Blue, with Alcatara at safety would probably match up well with Charter Oak’s Vaughns and Gilcrhist, and I’m sure Amat would put more pressure on Santiago than anything they’ve seen since the Rancho Cucamonga game. Offensively for Amat, I’m not sure how Charter Oak stops Moore, Shay, Ruiz and Sanchez. In any case, it’s a tough call. Charter Oak and West Covina, I take Charter Oak. They would score at will the way South Hills scored at will against West Covina. Covina scored points on West Covina, and Loyola scored early and often, so, I would like Charter Oak in a 45-31 type game….

  • Anonymous


    I am a local college coach in the area and wish to remain anonymous because i recruit many of the schools in the sgv and i.e. A lot of people in your area comment on Charter Oak and there loss to Rancho and have commented on Rancho’s loss to Upland this past weekend. A lot of people don’t know that Upland flat out cheated! Below is a link to a play that Upland ran with 10 min to go in the 4th quarter against Rancho. THEY FLAT OUT CHEATED!! They put there TE in between the Center and Left Tackle and he released to catch the deciding score against rancho. I really don’t care wins as long as I can get there kids to go my school (haha), but I felt that I had to comment on this because anyone who has ever laced up cleats knows this is as bad as it gets. For those that don’t know the rules as well as others there is not reporting of ineligible players in hs football. You are either eligible or you are not. You have to have an eligible number and you have to line up in an eilgible position. Your TE doesn’t line up accidently as the guard. The play was obbiously planned and executed and it disgusted me to see it on the fox feed. I hope you and following take a look at this!

  • eastsider

    Amats DBs matchup good against vaughns and gilchrist. they have played against some of the top D 1 receiver recruits the last 3 games.venice high -Gabriel Marks ,Crespi – christopher harper, Alemany – steve mitchell.

  • oldschool

    @Dan,west covina,s freshmen team is very good, especially there QB. Diamond Bar is going to be good also next few years,there freshman team is also good and have sophmore RB tyler brown , Freshmen CB kenya Bell,Freshmen WR,CB cordell broadus.Los Altos freshmen team where very big but lacked skill positions.

  • Could Care Less

    I think I have to change my mind to I care a lot! I was at the Rancho/Upland game on Friday and it was a good one. I thought it was two great teams playing a great game but Rancho basically made a few mistakes and Upland made none; until I saw this. I was at the game and that play happened so fast that nobody noticed anything. I sat on the Rancho side (no I am not a Rancho fan or do I have any kids playing) and nobody over there saw it. The referees didnt see it.

    I am disgusted to see that play executed in such a great game. I think Upland would have won the game regardless, but it was a 3rd and goal play from the 6 yard line. If they dont score there they probably attempt an easy field goal and probably make it. But maybe they dont make it. If it is a 7 point game with 10+ min to go in the 4th quarter the game changes; seriously changes. On the next drive rancho moves the ball past midfield on Upland and has to go for it on 4th down because they are down 2 scores. With Upland only up by 7 maybe Rancho punts the ball and Upland has to go a long way. Instead they go for it and dont get it. Some may say that it didnt matter. I think Upland was going to win the game anyway if they make the field goal or score the td legitimately, but they didnt. They decided to deliberately run a deceptive play that is against the rules. And it was a great play. I had to rewind the play three times just to see what anonymous was talking about.

    Fred, I would really like your and Arams take on this. I am shocked and I think anonymous is correct when he says the play was designed that way. What do you think?

  • Care less

    The play in question is called Cub pass. It has been used by many teams over the years. Loyola used it back in the day to beat poly in the finals, Upland uses it a couple times a year, and Amat used it as well(I don’t know of they still do) the play is perfectly legal, it is a matter of who lines up on and off of the line of scrimmage. I would have thought that a college coach would be able to figure that out.

  • AMAT 73

    Good points but I think WC’s ground attack and the fact that it eats up a lot of the clock would neutralize CO’s passing attack . WC is no slouch on the D side of the ball either . Due to those points I see WC in a low scoring battle. Also not to sure if CO could really grind it out on the ground if the air attack was stalled against a good defense. Either way it would be a game I would like to see also.