Thursday Final: Azusa beats Workman 41-13 to run Montview League winning streak to 23

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Thursday’s result
Azusa 41, Workman 13 — That Aztecs are closing in on their fourth straight league title, improving to 5-0 in league with another easy victory, and their 23rd straight Montview win.

Game preview
By Fred J. Robledo, Staff Writer
You don’t need a crystal ball to forecast the inevitable in the Montview League, where it appears three-time defending league champ Azusa and undefeated La Puente will meet for all the marbles in the league finale on Nov. 10 at Citrus College. The Aztecs (4-3, 4-0), winners of 23 straight league games, will likely extend that streak today against struggling Workman (3-4, 1-3) at 7p.m. at Citrus College. “We’re not overlooking any of our opponents,” Azusa coach Joe Scherf said. “But we’re playing well and building our confidence.” (to continue click thread)

La Puente (7-0, 4-0), the area’s only undefeated team and ranked third in the CIF-Southern Section Mid-Valley Division, can match a school record of eight victories in a season by beating Bassett (1-6, 0-4) on Friday.

Although La Puente coach Brandon Rohrer hasn’t won a league title since taking over in 2009, he’s done a remarkable job, finishing 8-3 in 2009 and ’10.

When La Puente last won the Montview League title in 2007, it only finished 7-4.

Even for Rohrer, it’s surprising that nine wins would set a school record. As it is, La Puente is off to its best start ever.

“We have some historians here, some people who have been at the school a long time and they tell me we’ve never won nine games,” Rohrer said. “I was told back in the 60s, La Puente had some good teams and probably would have won nine games, but only the first-place teams made the playoffs back then, and La Puente would always finish second in league to West Covina.

“But in all honesty, nine wins is great, but we’re trying to win 10 and take it from there. We’re trying to win a league title.”

Coaches are careful of looking too far ahead, but with Azusa facing Workman followed by Gladstone next, it doesn’t take a football expert to predict what lies ahead.

The Aztecs have outscored their four league opponents 193-26, so Rohrer knows if both take care of business, it should set up a dramatic final week before the playoffs.

Even though Azusa opened the season with three straight losses to Maranatha, San Dimas and Don Lugo, Rohrer knew the Aztecs would be fine once league started.

“Look, Maranatha was No. 1 in the Mid-Valley for a while, San Dimas is easily a top-five (Mid-Valley) team and Don Lugo is big and physical,” Rohrer said. “They (Azusa) stepped up their schedule and were looking to win one or two of those games and they didn’t. But those were good teams and there’s no shame in losing to those teams.

“The bottom line is in league they’re dominating like they have in previous years. They’re obviously the team to beat regardless of what our record is or where we’re ranked.”

La Puente still has to beat Bassett and Duarte (5-1, 3-1) to clinch a playoff spot and set up the much-anticipated finale with Azusa, but Rohrer remains cautious when asked about the big picture.

“We don’t pay too much attention to the record and rankings, but I guess we do appreciate the compliment (of being ranked third in the Mid-Valley),” Rohrer said. “Right now we’re focused on winning games and winning the league title. If we do that, everything else takes care of itself. If we win the next two games, we can talk about Azusa.”

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    Good write up Fred! Theres nothing like a sequel before the big game! Ill say this about AZUSA, its good to see your still the TEAM to beat in your league and still making FRED S Articles! You all know the saying, if their not talking about you, then your not doing nothing at all!

    Ever since Coach Scherf has taken the role as the head coach, hes done a remarkable job! Hes got the right coaches whove been doing this for some time now. Even though my son no longer plays for AZUSA, I still feel some what connected being that, Coach Scherf took over in 2009, the year he won his first league championship and hes yet to give up the title.

    Right now Im still fortunate to see several players from AZUSA play JC COLLEGE ball at Citrus College, and Ill say this to all the players that play for the Montview League, if you love to play the game, dont let anybody tell you cant play because you come from that league. Right now there are key players from AZUSA and La Puente who start for Citrus and are doing quiet well. Jose Nunez, who played for Sherf last season, was on the team that went undefeated and seeded #1 by CIF. JOSE NUNEZ, is the leading defensive tackler for Citrus, and Steven Arceo is the fourth leading tackler all COACHED BY SCHERF.
    Anybody whos connected to AZUSA football knows theres a big game coming up, but like Coach Roher stated theres a few games still yet to be played! AZUSA has its RIVIAL Gladstone, who in the past would beat AZUSA, but now its the other way around, and you can never down play your rival! Im sure Scherf will have AZUSA ready on week TEN and you know La Puente will be ready and PUMPED for the game.

    Coach Scherf, have a good offensive plan and play good DEFENSIVE HARD NOSE FOOTBALL, because you know youre going to have play like that against LP! GOOD LUCK TO YOU AZUSA this season and Coach Scherf. Youre still the League Champs until they knock you off, so continue the TRADITION.

  • VVL

    La Puente,

    Talking about a 9 win season and if they were in the VVL they wouldn’t even may the playoffs.


    Wow, forgot one player who also played for Scherf in 2009, and recently was offered a D1 scholarship to Delware Unerversity. Probably one of the best players ever to come out of AZUSA!RAULEY ZARAGOZA,also played at Citrus. Yes I know Citrus isn’t Mt. Sac, but D1 schools do scout at Citrus,and if i’m not mistaken there was like 9 players from Citrus who got offers!

    Fred, do me a favor and put up the Front page of RAULEY ZAROGOZA, back in 2009, who probably won that game for AZUSA against Covina in the playoffs!



    Here’s some fact, and probably the ALL TIME BEST PLAYER to come out from AZUSA was BILLY KILMER! That was before your time son. LOL…


  • billyb

    I believe Billy Kilmer went to Chaffey Joint Union, not Azusa High.


    Alright AZUSA!!! Good Job and your doing what your suppose to be doing,(WINNING)! The margin of points AZUSA has been putting up, shows HARD WORK in the practice field is begining to payoff! My opinion, AZUSA needs to move out of the Montview League if they ever want to truly play Good programs who have TRADITION!

    As you can see, what i’ve posted 3 times, and this will be my fourth one about AZUSA! Pretty sad to see that. What up Montview League fans,WHERE YOU AT! AZUSA, has stepped up their game in the last several years, how about showing some support and appreciation to the coaches, who are out their late in the day and coaching your SON!

    Well i’ll end with this. Coach Scherf good job and continue your winning ways! One game at a time,don’t over look any team and practice real hard for WEEK TEN, FOR ALL THE MARBLES!



    billyb, GOGGLE don’t lie! Check it out and actually says Citrus High in AZUSA. Now that was back in the day and there’ no mentioned of Chaffey in Kilmers history.

  • FredJ

    ALERT: Blogs are down, we’re not able to post new threads … Hopefully this is fixed by tonight.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Aztec Pride is right. As the former part-time SID at Citrus in the 1990s, I can speak with some experience on this matter – we had a page dedicated to Billy Kilmer in our media guide. Kilmer was raised in Azusa and attended Citrus High in Azusa, then Citrus College and UCLA before the NFL, where he played with the 49ers, Saints and Redskins.
    Back then Citrus was like the present Menlo, where it operated as both a high school and community college before switching to a college only in the 1960s.


    Aztec Pride,

    Dont you think its time they move Azusa out of the Montview and into the Valle Vista?

  • Colt74

    Billy Kilmer played for Citrus College in 1957, and UCLA for 58, 59, 60.

    Azusa High was built in 1956. First class 1957.

    Kilmer could not have gone to Azusa High, but was/is in fact from Azusa.

  • football fan 82

    Ive been disgusted to say I’m an azusa high school alum and fan since oh about the middle of last year when a rumor was confirmed by numerous sources regarding our azusa aztec football team. If you’re saying what is this guy talking about? Go to google and type in the word Trenbolone or Tren for short that my friends i HATE TO SAY IT is what is behind azusa high’s success…. Fred you and Aram know this is true go be a reporter an dig, I’m sure the truth won’t be hard to find….


    Fred that’s all right by me, because the AZUSA article has been up all MORNING! Way to steal the headlines AZUSA!LOL… COLT74, see STEVE’S POST. Thanks STEVE! You see Colt, good things can come out of small CITIES.

    To football fan82, I seriously thought Coach Scherf and the AD would allow this to be happening. I know if the AD found out, those players would be gone;ASAP! And if those players that are messing with that stuff, well God help them in the future.

    Steve will you be reporting the Citrus College game tomorrow? Citrus is 2-0 in conference and looking pretty promising! One more thing Steve, the AZUSA duo are playing good football and if you get a chance to check out their stats. Both players have been featured in the Citrus College articles as players of the game!


  • Sources?

    Football Fan 82,
    What sources have confirmed this? I mean reliable sources, not anonymous people posting on blogs. Just curious… did your google search and found nothing linking Tren to Azusa. I really do want to know because I have seen these rumors spread all over the blogs, but wheres the proof?

    Just askin’

  • Colt74

    “COLT74, see STEVE’S POST. Thanks STEVE! You see Colt, good things can come out of small CITIES.”

    I posted about the same time as Steve but neither of ours actually posted till just a short while ago. So I guess Steve could just as well look at my post? LOL.

    William Orland Kilmer, Jr. (born September 5, 1939 in Topeka, Kansas)

    I would not call Topeka a small city.

    On December 11, 1976, Kilmer was arrested for drunk driving less than 2 days before a game against the Dallas Cowboys

    Got to love those values instilled or
    ( distilled? ) in small cities….

    Just having fun! Don’t take it for any more than that…


  • Aztec Mom 23

    Football Fan 82:

    I’m disgusted at the fact that as an Alum of Azusa High, you would post such ridiculous comments of steroid use.

    I googled “Trenbolone” got nothing! I googled “Trenbolone & Azusa” got one hit that mentioned Azusa, but it wasn’t Azusa High, It was Azusa Pacific University. In particular, It was MMA fighter James Irvin. He has been accused of steroid use and he happened to play football for APU *NOT* Azusa High. Two entirely different schools. Next time fact check before you start accusing!!!

    As for why The Aztecs are now 24-0 in league? That’s easy, a great coaching staff lead by Coach Scherf, A team full of boys with talent, big hearts and a love of the game!!


  • Aaron

    footballfan82…what are you smoking…have you been to a single Azusa practice…none of those kids are taking any steroids…seen people on steroids and none of them are.


    I missed one question, and here’s my answer to SGV FOOTBALL! Most definitely they should move out of the Montview League and try to petition to get out. I don’t know the ends & outs on how that would work, but they should try. I don’t want to bash no team from the Montview League, but come on, when you keep seeing scores like AZUSA has been placing on the same teams over and over through the years,well the competetion is just not there.

    Bottomline when the playoffs roll around, well you’ve seen what has happened to AZUSA. Tougher competition SOMETIMES makes you stronger for the playoffs!Well Fred has fixed the blog and my opinion the game of the week should have been DAMIEN vs Chino Hills. This has been fun and sort of like being on twitter or facebook.LOL… Have fun tonight watching FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! COLT74, i’ll have a special message for you on COVERIT.LOL…J/K.


  • Observantcat

    I believe there was a High School by the name of Citrus back in Kilmer”s days.

  • Sgv

    Azusa pride you saying that azusa to move to a differnt league come on man they havent won a CIF tittle yet yes they made to CIF but where is the tittle. they might able to compete against other school but win league Ii dont know about that one. look how LP was back in 2001 through 2003.if they did the CIF the way they do it now back in 2001 LP would probaly would of had a ring or two. yea azusa has won league three years in a row and thats good but they need that ring at least before talking about moving up. Look what happend cureing thier pre season. they didnt do so hot. good luck with that request buddy.

  • Pictures Dont Lie

    From the look of the picture one comes to the conclusion that that is a celebration penalty. Was there a flag thrown from the referee right in front of that play?

  • Warrior Fan

    I could not be more excited to play Azusa in week 10 this year for a couple reasons. (I know both teams still have another opponent to play before they meet, but it’s hard not believe that both teams won’t be undefeated in league going into that game.)

    First reason is obvious, the game means so much to both teams in terms of a league title and playoff seeding.

    Second, because there may not be a classier school represented on this blog then Azusa. Azusa fans don’t b*tch and moan about wins and losses or make excuses, like all the other schools represented on this blog. Azusa let’s the play on the field do the talking and they congratulate both teams afterward. They use this blog properly by promoting games and student/athletes, not tearing down other schools student/athletes.

    Good luck this coming week, Azusa…We’ll see you at Citrus in a week and half!

  • aztec

    hey Scherf, why did you change our team colors ? I find it ridicoulus, we are not the Azusa Raiders we are the Aztecs black/baby blue. I have seen pictures this season and find it odd that we are a different color. It starts with the AD, they should enforce school colors.

  • Comment to Retard

    Comment to aztec:

    All of the colors are represented in that uniform above, just because they put a little silver in it (which alot of teams use) does not make it look bad. You must be from the Azusa teams who did not win many games. I am sure that the kids don’t mind the look and they are the only opinions that matter. In my opinion those uniforms look very good and I am an ex-azusa football player.


    WARRIOR FAN, you sir are a ~CLASS ACT~! The excitement is building in the AIR, and people are begining to talk about the BIG GAME! What if the game turned out like the USC AND STANFORD game today!LOL… Warrior Fan, they have a name for JESUS VARGAS, from LP at Citrus, and they call him the train when they need one yard for a first down.It’s pretty cool to watch and everybody starts doing a arm motion, like when your trying to get a semi to honk. Vargas, is a solid player!

    WARRIOR FAN, may the best team win and let’s not forget they have one more game ahead of them before the SUPER BOWL! LOL… Good Luck LA PUENTE, your having a fine season and yes COACHING makes a different!


  • aztec

    no no no, keep our unique colors you retard. All schools keep their colors consistent, why not us. There is no dark grey on ours. You must be a wanabee poser.


    aztec, I have to agree with you and I don’t care for the NEW LOOK and Colors. By the way have you noticed ARROYO, looks like AZUSA now. That’s my opinion and the BLACK and Blue were nice and a very classy look to them.

  • aztec

    Azusa is knowm to be black/baby blue, it is a unique team color. There is a name to our blue something like touroqui. Please keep it consistent, Scherf you are better than that. Please retard name me 1 school that has a change in their uniform colors. None…

  • Change in Colors

    Doesn’t San Dimas have an all black uniform they bust out once a year? Besides, I still see black and blue (albeit much less blue) on these uniforms, but that’s life. Things change, those who can’t deal with it usually fail life. Those who accept and go with it, find ways to succeed despite it. I’m thinking this is one of those ones you should just deal with, it really isn’t that big of a deal.


    aztec, there’s one school thst changed their uniform colors and that’s GLENDORA! Their past colors were BLACK and RED, and looked very SHARP! Now I believe their colors are white and red, with a odd looking G. I’m sorry, GLENDORA’S new uniform don’t look as good as they once did!

    “Things change, those who can’t deal with it usually fail life. Those who accept and go with it, find ways to succeed despite it”. WOW, that’s pretty deep, where did you find that QUOTE from? LOL…

    Change, here’s my saying. ‘IF IT’S NOT BROKE,WHY FIX IT”.

  • Wins not colors

    To aztec:

    All right I know exactly why the old azusa teams lost so many games. It is because they were really worried about what the colors of their uniforms looked like and not how they performed. Who cares if they changed the colors a little bit? The colors are still represented in the uniform with some gray!!! Many college teams do it now!! And Turquoise is not blue!!!!!!! It is the color you see in Indian Jewelery. Look it up and compare it to Columbia Blue and you will see the diference. I believe from my day that the original colors of Azusa High were Turquoise, Black, and White. Columbia Blue was not the original colors of the school (not sure why it changed). So don’t blame Scherf for the color change cause someone changed it a long time ago.

  • Football fan 82

    Colors this Colors that, truth is ahs is using what they to influence…. Alot of teams are doing it around the valley. ahs uniforms could look very good if they still had the baby blue however the recent change is a very good recruiting ploy to the youngsters playing for the Azusa Raiders (should’ve stayed Azusa Chiefs) to come and wear the same uniform in high school….. But parents beware TREN is in the air at ahs…… I’m just saying…..Everybody from Whittier to El Monte to Pomona is seeing it and knowing it…..