Charter Oak, Arroyo, Azusa and West Covina win titles in dominating fashion; Damien, Los Altos, South El Monte and San Dimas win too

Azusa dominates: Let there be no doubt about who’s still the boss in the Montview League.

By Fred J. Robledo, Staff Writer
El Monte High School’s first league title since 1979 is going to have to wait until Arroyo High School quarterback Steven Rivera graduates.
The senior delivered another stellar performance in his Mission Valley League finale, leading the Knights to a 35-20 victory and their third-straight undefeated league title on Thursday. Rivera completed 31-of-43 passes for 381 yards and four touchdowns, and rushed for another TD on a record night in which he set the school’s single-season record for passing yards and touchdown passes in a season. (To continue click thread).

Tonight’s results
Arroyo 35, El Monte 20 — The Lions and Brandon Martinez will have to wait until next season, Arroyo and Rivera were too polished and experienced in championship games, and for Rivera, the records and legend continue to grow.
Azusa 50, La Puente 21 — The win doesn’t surprise as much as the final score. No way did I think the Aztecs would put 50 on L.P. Considering they started 0-3, I like their chances in the first round better than last year when they were 10-0 and killing everyone. They feel more poished now.
West Covina 42, Diamond Ranch 14 — Bulldogs look tooooo good right now, almost like a can’t miss. They’re the Servite of the Southeast. I know that’s know what Bulldogs fans want me to say, but it is what it is.
Charter Oak 38, Chino Hills 7 — Considering all the talk this morning of Travis Santiago’s freak ankle sprain and slim chances of playing, you knew he would play if he could, that’s who he is. When Mike the Cousin’s first update on the game was “Touchdown Charter Oak.” I knew it was over.
San Dimas 36, Pomona 31 — Saints won the all-important second guaranteed spot from the Valle Vista, but here’s the truth. Whoever gets these two in the first round is not going to be happy about their draw.
Damien 42, Ayala 15 — The Spartans showed grit after getting humbled by Charter Oak. It may not be pleasant in the playoffs being the third team from the Sierra, but no doubt the Spartans lived up to the preseason hype Aram put on them.
Los Altos 52, Diamond Bar 35
— What I said about Damien, I feel about Los Altos. They had moments in the season they could have tanked, but they rebounded, and took care of business in Week 10. Great job by Ziola.
Sierra Vista 27, Duarte 21 — Great finish by the Dons. They played Azusa and La Puente tougher than everyone else, so I was not surprised. But I’m not sure the Dons get an at-large, and the Falcons, despite a great turnaround, won’t make it either.
ovina 40, Northview 7C — They did what they were supposed to do, which is not always easy against your nothing-to-lose rival.
Bonita 47, Rowland 28 — Nobody, repeat nobody, will want to be the team that gets Bonita in the first round. In fact, I guarantee a first-round win.
Gabrielino 7, Mountain View 6
— Doesn’t sound like the most exciting one-point victory, unless you like this type of stuff.
South El Monte 33, Rosemead 31 — What I said about Damien and Los Altos is true of the Eagles too, though we haven’t given the Eagles enough credit or props all year. This is a team that nearly knocked off El Monte too, and has come a long way since last year’s miserable season. If they don’t get an at-large berth, then they got robbed.
Gladstone 21, Workman 20, 2OT— There was no playoff spot on the line, but they sure did compete like there was one. It’s what you love about high school football.
Wilson 42, Baldwin Park 26 — First thought was, “Oh my.” As tough as this must of felt for a proud Braves program, you have to feel good for Wilson, who ends the season on a good note after starting 0-9.

Watch Travis Santiago put anklegate to rest with a brilliant performance in the Sierra League championship over Chino Hills with the Inland Insider, Tom Kiss, who has highlights and reactions.

Diamond Ranch Roddy Layton is another impressed with the Bulldogs machine, all on TDro’s highlights and interviews.

Aram, Fred, Mike the Cousin and TDro talk about Thursday night’s championships…check it out on PREPXTRA Live’s postgame Rewind.

Rivera’s big night stretched his season total to 2,893 yards, breaking Dominic Salmon’s record of 2,796 yards, which he set in 2005.
Rivera’s four touchdowns gave him 32, another school record.
In fact, he’s only eight touchdown passes shy of the East San Gabriel Valley’s all-time record of 40 set by Los Altos’ Felipe Aguilar during the Conquerors’ undefeated championship season in 2000.
Who knows, with the Knights improving to 9-1 and 5-0 in the MVL and ranked second in the Mid-Valley Division, Rivera’s season could be far from over.
“You run out of things to say,” Arroyo coach Jim Singiser said. “He’s a special kid, he’s done this every year and in my opinion he’s the best player in the Valley because of what he does for us. Not just at quarterback, but on defense and everything. Everyone knows that.”
Rivera spread the ball around, Hunter Duran finished with nine receptions for 159 yards and a TD, Andre Kerkoff had seven receptions for 88 yards and a touchdown and Peter Aholoka had nine receptions for 100 yards and two touchdowns.
Rivera’s 28-yard touchdown pass to Kerkoff in the third quarter stretched the Knights’ lead to 28-7.
“The start of the second half we got a couple turnovers and got a rhythm going,” Singiser said. “It was tough getting rhythm with the officials we had, but I thought we got going.”
The Knights did a good job containing El Monte junior quarterback Brandon Martinez, who threw for 162 yards and two touchdowns.
Both of Martinez’s touchdowns passes were to Abel Barrajas, a 25-yard strike that gave the Lions a brief 7-0 lead, and a 17-yard TD pass late in the third quarter that cut the Knights’ lead to 28-17 — though the Knights were always in control.
“He’s going to be a good kid,” Singiser said of Martinez. “It was his first big-time game in a situation like this. We tried to keep him in the pocket and he struggled some. But he’s going to be great next year.”
El Monte finished 7-3 and 4-1 to finish second in the Mission Valley. The Lions entered the week ranked eighth in the Mid-Valley and already have qualified for the playoffs. The pairings are on Sunday.
Rivera’s three first-half touchdown passes helped stake the Knights to a 21-7 halftime lead, but it was Rivera’s fumble on the opening series that allowed El Monte to strike first.
Martinez took advantage of the Knights fumble, hooking up with a 25-yard touchdown pass to Abel Barrajas just two minutes into the contest to go up 7-0.
Then it was all Rivera.
After completing a 15-yard pass on fourth-and-six, Rivera threaded an 11-yard touchdown pass to Aholoka to tie the score, 7-7 with 3:02 left in the first quarter.
Rivera’s hot hand continued, completing 10 straight at one point and finishing with nearly 200 first half yards. He put the Knights in front with an 11-yard touchdown strike to Kerkhoff for a 14-7 lead with 9:47 until half.

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  • Fred Olsen

    Does anyone know if that idiot Mark Pasqureela ever got another coaching job?

  • coltfan97

    Pasquereela is the principal at Covina right now!!! He began his Head Coaching career at Covina!!!!

  • coltfan97

    Pasquereela is the principal at Covina right now!!! He began his Head Coaching career at Covina!!!!

  • The Word On The Street

    Mark Pasquarella
    Assistant Principal
    Covina High

    Rumor mill has him going back to Glendora to be O- Coordinator.

  • Bonita fan

    Fred Will be at the El Monte Arroyo game I think. What is your take on the game and how it will come down?

  • RJ

    Charter Oak has no shot at Chino Hills without a healthy Travis Santiago.

    Remember crazy things happen at Chino Hills, the last time they hosted a Sierra League Championship was against Damien in 2006 when Mark Mendrun and Damien scored on the last second play as the entire Chino Hills team was on the field.

  • Fred

    Is the Charter oak chino Hills game on TV Tonight?


    FRED? Since you selected AZUSA vs La Puente as the game of the Week, why are they not on COVERIT??? I’m just say’in…


  • FredJ

    All games are on Coveritlive, but with the game at Chino Hills, which is the furthest away from the heart of the SGV, we like to send Mike for those who not traveling. It doesn’t matter, we will have updates on everyone, and tomorrow, your front page picture is the La Puente-Azusa winner.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    The Charter Oak vs. Chino Hills game will be televised on Time Warner Cable’s game of the week tonight, which for me is channel 101. If you don’t have Time Warner then you won’t be able to watch it.

  • SGV for 30 Years

    Well the Hacnienda League has only one game that has big play-off implications. The LA/DB game is a play-off game. The winner plays next week. the loser turns in their stuff. The other Hacienda drama is the WC/DR game. Coach Layton can look like the evil genious if DR pulls this one off. Or he will look like a real jackass who needs to make killer statments to motivate his team. Here are my predictions for tonights games.
    Bonita rolls over Rowland. Bearcats may hang 50+
    Dbar over Los Altos 35-17Brown may rush for 200
    Wesco over DRanch 42-20 This will be close early then WC wears them down in the second half to win going away.

    SGV430 Ouuuuttt!!!

  • The Voice of the Warriors

    First of all, let me wish the Best of Luck to the Azusa Aztecs…

    Put on your War Paint…
    “It’s Time For Warrior Football!”

    This is an exciting night for the Warrior Nation. We are So PROUD of Our Warriors! We’ve waited a long long time for this momment…yes, we’ve won league titles in the past but never with an undefeated record. This is Our time to Shine…Let’s get it done!!!

    Ruben “The Voice of the Warriors”

  • Fox Sports intreviews last week

    if anyone is interested, here r the Fox Sports interviews Brandon Huffman put on their national site last weekend (now archived) for JR Nelson and Kough from Pomona

  • OK fred, is it blocked because of names and sources??
  • AyalaBulldogFan

    2006 @ Chino Hills…

    None other than Coach Terry “5th Down Championship Winner” Roche was foaming at the mouth. Oh the irony… Complaining about officiating.

  • New Champions!

    I love that pic, looks like the LP runner is trucking the kid from Azusa! Tonight, the Montview League Champions will fall at Citrus College. The Warriors will be the new champions. Undefeated 10-0! To bad you didn’t stick with us Fred, that could have been the deciding pick tonight. Can’t wait to see the Aztecs reaction when we stomp them tonight.

    Early Prediction: 41-10

    BTW, I heard the Aztec frosh team played dirty, the refs let it go, and the cops got called because Azusa starting fighting our kids. You know what they say about Karma. Watch out tonight!

  • Ed

    What happened at Wesco-DRanch Game. Cops called there to.

  • WarriorPrincess

    So excited to get this game going La Puente Warriors vs Azusa…. it’s been long and waiting Warriors…its our time to shine…Let’s do this..WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck

  • Red Devil

    No fights at the Pomona / San Dimas freshmen game but lots of cheating. San Dimas won on the last playing of the game. Sure would like to know where they pulled #13 from in the 4th quarter. Great running back but why did you wait til the 4th quarter of your last game to play him. Since their was no JV game you wouldn’t have.pulled him your JV team not San Dimas. Then we have the.cocktail issue. Here is the best one Pomona scores and the kid shows some excitement and the ref. Flags him, weak but OK. Wait I forgot to mention they called the.touchdown back, must be another one of those new rules that know one knows about.

    Now I see why your freshmen team was so good, you are the Pico Dons of high school football, weak.

  • fan

    What happened at the WCo/DR game.
    The same old DR.
    Disrespectful undisciplined coached kids. When Coaches acting like thugs so will your kids. DR has got to look into the problem. Coach Roddy!!!

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    DR is so dirty we could not even finish our scrimmage this summer. I’m not talking abou the usual holds and such, I’m talking cheap shots, late hits, hand fulls of body parts, trash talking, etc…

    I hope we never let those sleazy thugs back on our campus again.

  • WP


    You are correct, two years ago the DRanch JV team got into it with Wilson’s JV. It happened during the hand shacks at the end of the game. Wilson school administration broke it up and then the DRanch kids went back to their side of the field and for the next five minutes or so they were fighting within them selfs. It actually was kind of funny watching the DRanch coaches break up fights between their own players.

  • Conq’76

    If the Conqueror team that beat Ayala and Diamond Ranch and was dominating Bonita before their meltdown shows up tonight, then it will be the comeback story of the year and Coach Ziola should be chosen for COY. However, if the team that all but “assumed” it was going to beat Walnut and “assumed” it had a win against the Bearcats shows up, then the season will still be a success by comparison to the last three, but will be one where they did not truly live up to expectaions.

    Good luck tonight to all teams, lets be injury free!

  • Layton Lover

    Although Roddy is very low key and a ‘man of few words’, I imagine that a win tonight over the Dogs might be enough to pry an opinion or two from his lips. This is why I want his ‘cats to beat those ‘dogs.

  • FanFan

    Hey SGV for 30 Years,

    you said “the Hacienda League has only one game that has big play-off implications. The LA/DB game is a play-off game. The winner plays next week. the loser turns in their stuff.”

    That’s incorrect. Bonita has the 3rd playoff spot. They’ve already beat Los Altos and Diamond Bar. The only way they wouldn’t is if they lose to Rowland tonight.

    West Covina or Diamond Ranch will get 1st or 2nd spot.

  • Anthony Gibson

    @Ayala bulldog fan ,
    We couldn’t finish that 7 on 7 because your players couldn’t control their emotions period. Our kids played hard, learn to control your own players. Don’t speak on ours

  • AMAT 73

    To all the teams of the SGV here’s to well played and injury free games. Special note to the Warriors of LP , bring home the league title tonight. Sorry PRIDE but had to do it .

  • jcaz

    Two things. First of all, as I love to say every year on this date, Happy Birthday to all of my fellow Marines ! Semper Fi !

    Second, im going with Azusa tonight, so good luck Aztecs !

  • Colt74

    Happy 236th Birthday! You don’t look a day over 80!

    La Puente by 11

  • jcaz

    Ha ha ha, ok my good friend !!

  • Aztec Pride

    Azusa 30 lp 7 aztecs…

  • Amat Bully

    LMAO the funniest thing about tonights victory is that CH was CO easiest league game……lol…….CEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • workman vs gladstone

    workman 20 gladstone 21 3/OT
    missed extra point…

  • Amat Bully

    Fact: out of every league game CO played CH scored the least……I guess that whole scheduling up junk means NOTHING…..

  • Amat Bully

    Fact: out of every league team CO played against CH scored the least……I guess that whole scheduling up junk means NOTHING…..

  • Aztec Pride

    Congrats AzusA. Great Job Coach Scherf!!!! Your fourth title.impressive win.AzusA Football 2008,2009 2010,2011 Montview League Champions#1

  • WTF?

    Well, Voice of the Warriors, not only did you not go undefeated but looks like you didn’t win the league either. And on top of it you got smacked. Shouldn’t brag.Shouldn’t prognosticate. Shouldn’t talk smack.Nice try.LOL

  • SGV

    yes congrats to Azusa but the sad part is that they still havent won a CIF tittle where is it at. they won league four years now and still not gonna win CIF sadly. Most teams that win league that many time would have at least a CIF banner. All they have is reed. he makes that team and if they didnt have him they would of not be that good, hes the whole team. lets see what happens next year.

  • Conq’76

    Great win tonight LA! You met the challenge head-on and prevailed! Great turn-around season.

    The Hacienda is without a doubt the toughest league in your division, it is entirely possible you may be practicing on Thanksgiving….

  • mvl fan

    What a game S.D. played….. Down 17-0 at the end of the first quarter, to score 29 unanswered points an secure 36-35 win over Pomon.. on the first quarter Pomona looked unstoppable. They mixed out up, but didn’tcontinue mixing it up throughout the game??????? Not enough passing.. S.D. was an average of 4 inches shorter on the line but still pushed the big boys around they must of put up300 pounding the rock….

  • John Flag

    Fred Olsen – That idiot has forgotten more about football than you will ever know about the game. Pasqurella was a great coach and role model for his kids. A winner on and off the field. If he wants another coaching job he could get one tomorrow…but coaching his own kid is something he want to do and be a part of.

  • Congrats Wilson no goose egg

    Up 42-14 in the 4th Wilson started putting in reserves for the first time this year, congrats to JR Nelson, 5 TD’s and approx 400 yards in rushing, Czarnick caught a great catch and run for the rest of the scoring, basketball starts tomorrow night

  • Montview Confirmed

    With an loopsided Azusa win the Montview is truly the weakest league in the Valley!!!!Time for them to move up a notch.

  • LaVerne Fan

    I hear that wish we still had him at Damien. Class act along with Strycula. Those two worked well together and won a lot of times over-matched they came out on top

  • 1st And Long

    Los Altos 52-DBAR 35. All that is wrong at DBAR was exposed by Los Altos. Do we scout other teams or just wing it till half time. Why do you keep injured players in when the game is over…
    Dissappointing season for DBar…for every gain there were two steps back. Here are the season grades:
    Coaching -C-, The enthusiasm and work ethic shown by coach Mayne was offset by the youthfulness and inconsistancy of his coaching staff. Hire veteran offensive and defensive coordinators. Make someone responsible for clock management and get a new play caller.
    Offense: B
    The same offense with the same plays for the last three years, with very little variation or modification. The pass patterns were juvinile at best. Four recievers long, bubble screens or Katrib on a skinny post…No crossing patterns, not timed outs or no curls…The running game was actually very successful this year…but you had Henry Omana. A big, strong accurrate arm and you wasted him. Use your tight end over the middle and run some real patterns and he would be mentioned with Santiago. His J-8 offense was more complicated than this. With Tyler Brown and Austin Ski back next year, combined with Nik Rete we’ll be loaded at running back. QB will be up for grabs with a a very capable Nolan Luzzi and a T. Petterson pushing him. The O-line will be good. Our receivers will need to step up but should be solid.

    Defense – C+ They had brilliant moments but too many guys going both ways and never coming out of the games. Adjustments are never made till half time…Is that a new High School rule? Need some size at the linebacker position. Had too much trouble with decent offensive lines or a team with a big punishing back..

    Kicking – A, Drulius,sp, is the real deal and will continue to play on Saturday.

    You had a great freshman team and a descent JV team. You need to upgrade the JV coaching level..It’s a huge backward step from the outstanding freshman group you have.

    Last but not least, at all levels, play more kids, especially at the JV and freshman..You never know who will blossom into a gem. Varsity, in a route either way, play your kids. Oh, and go back to SENIOR DAY and honor the seniors with their parents, not the whole team. That was a special time for the SENIORS…bring it back.
    Look out people…BRAHMAS playoff bound, in 2012.

  • SEMHS FAN 3481


    The game was close most of the time, at about 3rd Quarter it looked like the extra point that SEMHS missed would come back to haunt them. It really did for a while, and Rosemead’s running back #32 kept piling on the yards, he ended up with all 4 TDs of Rosemead’s offense. Honestly Rosemead’s passing game was about 1/4 of their total offense tonight, they relied heavily on their running game tonight.

    On the last drive for SEMHS, with about under a 1:30 left in the game, SEMHS drove to about the 13 yard line (might have been closer since my angle wasn’t that great to determine it) and on a 3rd and long, SEMHS ran a left side formation run, you know the one, where all the Left Guards run with the RB to create a space, and when it looked like Rosemead stopped SEMHS RB, the DB mistakenly grabbed the facemask of the SEMHS RB, and he tried his best to make it look like he was grabbing the jersey, but the sideline ref saw and called the penalty.

    That penalty (amongst other late 4th Quarter penalties) cost Rosemead the game, cause at that point they were up 4 (Rosemead was leading 31-27), so after the penalty was assessed, the Eagles took about 3 plays and on the 3rd Down, ran a similar play (like the one where Rosemead’s DB committed the penalty) but this time it was almost the entire SEMHS Eagle Offensive Line creating a space and it paid off, SEMHS scored the TD and the extra point with only about 24 seconds left in the game.

    Rosemead tried its best with the time it had left and had 3 timeouts, but it didn’t work, Rosemead’s QB scrambled and threw a desperate Hail Mary (well it really wasnt one because it only went about 20 yards) and a SEMHS DB caught it and that was the end of the game.

    I must say, with this win, SEMHS should have a good chance at getting the “At Berth/At Large” playoff spot, and I hope they do. Congrats to the team for making a turnaround from the last two years!

    Last year SEMHS was (overall) 1-9, this year they finish (overall) 7-3 [that should merit a playoff spot, I hope!]

  • patrick


    Before you continue to bash and bad mouth DB’s program, as far as the lower level…perhaps you need to take a look at the history of how they use to perform. The jv and f/s are actually getting attention this yr unlike previous yrs after Roche left. Second , we ALL know this is Ryan Maine’s first yr with the team, yet some feel the need to reiterate ALL of his shortcoming’s in his 1st yr!!!

    Last, if you are sooo damn upset with the program, then quit watching and leave the program alone. Its sad and pathetic that some feel BIG coming behind a computer to communicate such animosity towards kids and and great guy and coach in Mr Maine in whom you apparently dont really know on a personal level, and if you truly DID, you would have spared all of us your tacky love letter!


    SGV, Desmond Reed did have a great game tonight, but AZUSA over all did a good job by Passing & Running the ball and let’s not forget the Defense! AzusA played great tonight as a team! Okay, can the players enjoy their 4TH title and i’m sure they are going to give it their all to acommplish that well sought after CIF TITLE!


  • halfback65

    @Layton Lover
    Y’all got served! Funny shit ever….visitors side was real quite…lol! How you like them bulldogs know? Woop there it is…!

  • coltfan97

    Aram your going to take some heat for that Pomona comment but I think you know that!!!!!

  • DB Dad

    New year and same results for Diamond Bar. Lots of promises, bunch of recruits who didn’t practice but still started, the number one QB in the league, and we can’t make the playoffs. Time for coach to turn his hat around and grow up! Four teams will make the playoffs and we will be at home and wondering what went wrong.

  • football fan

    All you Ch fans, I told you CO was for real.. They lost once to a RC team you all dont give credit to. RC is also 9 and 1 only losing to Upland. Inland Division playoffs will be crazy good…I cant wait… Will be at Norco vs North Friday night..

  • LA Futbol

    Fred, Aram…

    Dale Ziola = Valley Coach of the Year!

    Rohrer at LP is in the conversation too I think, but they were 8-3 last year so 9-1 isn’t quite as impressive as taking a 0-10 team and taking them the playoffs with a 7-3 record!!

    Great job Conqs!

    Oh yeah, Justin Fa’aola is a BEAST! Kid must have had 250 yards tonight and I think 3 TD’s! He just PUNISHES tackler! So much fun to watch.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Panther Leader, Roddy, and the rest of the prediction experts from DR,

    Please leave the fortune telling to Nostradamus. Atleast Nostradamus can get close on his predictions.

    FORTY-TWO to 14! Where was that dance party on the WC logo Panther Leader? I saw you on the sidelines wearing your skimpy party dress and high heels with tears streaming down your cheeks smearing your mascara! How about them puppy dawgs now? Looks like we barked once and scared 8 of the 9 lives out of the pussy cats!

    To whomever was on coveritlive spouting mis-information, WC’s frosh won league, not Diamond Bar. You cannot claim winning league if your only loss was to WC who only had one loss but to LA. Seriously it’s not that hard to figure out!

    WC Frosh 8-2 (5-1) Hacienda Champs!

    WC jv 9-0-1 (5-0-1) Hacienda Champs! (22 game unbeaten streak 21-0-1) Congrats!

    WC Bullgogs Varsity 9-1 (6-0) Hacienda Champs! 12-0 in Hacienda league play all time! Congrats boys, pat yourselves on the back but don’t celebrate just yet. We got some unfinished business to attend to!


  • WTF?



    New Champions! said:
    I love that pic, looks like the LP runner is trucking the kid from Azusa! Tonight, the Montview League Champions will fall at Citrus College. The Warriors will be the new champions. Undefeated 10-0! To bad you didn’t stick with us Fred, that could have been the deciding pick tonight. Can’t wait to see the Aztecs reaction when we stomp them tonight.

    Early Prediction: 41-10

    BTW, I heard the Aztec frosh team played dirty, the refs let it go, and the cops got called because Azusa starting fighting our kids. You know what they say about Karma. Watch out tonight!

  • Colt97,

    You think I care what that idiot thinks? I’m the only media member around who isn’t afraid of that freak. He’s got the Mid Valley Snooze running around with their tails between their legs. It’s pathetic. I didn’t like him when he called himself “Gano Recruiting Inc.” and said classless things about Gano’s daughter. I didn’t like him last year when he “Wilson Fan” and told the Valley that Wilson would win the BCS title … then called himself David Rivera and a bunch of other names and tried to get Zavala fired. And of course, I don’t like him now as “Pomona”. It’s too bad this guy salts every place he goes. I’ve got a bunch of emails telling me all about his legacy everywhere he’s been. It ain’t pretty. But it isn’t surprising given what you’ve seen here. So he can say whatever crap he wants, but nobody puts any stock in it. I hope he loved the show.

  • regulator252

    Bulldogs great game

    @ panther leader/pride,roddy lover

    Just like I called it… the two longest hours you were going to encounter.. wow… talking shit about a program you don’t have any clues about. the game was over in the first 6 minutes. i truly believe you woke up the sleeping giants. thank you!!!!

    Now just retire from the blogs. your mouth along with your coaches wrote a check that you all couldn’t cash

  • regulator252

    Congratulations Bulldogs
    great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @ panther leader/pride,roddy lover

    Just like I called it… the two longest hours you were going to encounter.. wow… talking shit about a program you don’t have any clues about. the game was over in the first 6 minutes. I truly believe you woke up the sleeping giants. thank you!!!!

    Now just retire from the blogs. your mouth along with your coaches wrote a check that you all couldn’t cash

  • coltfan97


    I know you don’t care what he says!!!! I think it’s hilarious!!!

  • DB fan

    Nobody was complaining about Diamond Bar’s Juvenile passing routes in the 7 on 7 tournament, With the same exact offense. Since 1st and Long knows so much about the kids at DB how about them losing Dante Harris and Brandon Sanchez? Diamond Bar got blown out in all their loses last year and were more competitive this year. Ryan Maine took over a program with no excitement and got them excited. Let the man build HIS program. Roache went 2-8 in his first year.

  • Amat Bully


    thats all you need to know CO came they conquered and now they’re on to the next one……fact CO jumped up 5 division and in just their 2nd year they win their division…..MISSION 1 COMPLETED…..MISSION 2 TO BE CONTINUED

  • Amat Bully

    Correction “win their League” Division up next….

  • Amat Bully

    IMHO i think WC is more like the Westlake team of the Marmonte league to me they are much better than a Servite team that has been struggling lately Westlake on the other hand has been handling teams like WC have….

  • coltfan97

    Can we see a playoff matchup of Monrovia vs. Maranatha in the first round?


    Highlights/ interviews from West Covina’s 42-14 win over D-Ranch… Gotta see Roddy Layton interview as well as tons of highlights from super-talented West Covina running backs… Three RB’s combined for six touchdowns led by birthday boy Jimmy Frazier.

    – tDro

    Follow along on twitter: @SGVtylerd

  • regulator252

    Congratulations Bulldogs
    great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @ panther leader/pride,roddy lover

    Just like I called it… the two longest hours you were going to encounter.. wow… talking shit about a program you don’t have any clues about. the game was over in the first 6 minutes. I truly believe you woke up the sleeping giants. thank you!!!!

    Now just retire from the blogs. your mouth along with your coaches wrote a check that you all couldn’t cash

  • regulator252

    Congratulations Bulldogs
    great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @ panther leader/pride,roddy lover

    Just like I called it… the two longest hours you were going to encounter.. wow… talking BS about a program you don’t have any clues about. the game was over in the first 6 minutes. I truly believe you woke up the sleeping giants. thank you!!!!

    Now just retire from the blogs. your mouth along with your coaches wrote a check that you all couldn’t cash

  • Pomona

    So I here Aram is upset with me again. What did I do this time steal his double cheese burger and fries.

  • The Voice of the Warriors

    WTF? said:
    Well, Voice of the Warriors, not only did you not go undefeated but looks like you didn’t win the league either. And on top of it you got smacked. Shouldn’t brag.Shouldn’t prognosticate. Shouldn’t talk smack.Nice try.LOL

    Mr or Mrs WTF,
    It’s pretty obvious, reading comprehension wasn’t your best subject in school. At no time did I ever disrespect the Azusa footbal team nor talk smack. I have only come on this blog to support my La Puente Warriors and I will continue to do so.
    Now, let me congratulate the Azusa Aztecs for winning another Montview League Title. They were definitely running on all cylinders last nite. I wish them the best of luck in the play-offs. As for My Warriors. We had an excellent season and it’s time to shake off this loss and get ready for the first round of the play-offs. There’s nothing better than a victory in the first round of the play-offs to erase this bad taste…

    Good Luck and Play Like A WARRIOR!

    Ruben “The Voice of the Warriors”

  • tommykiss

    Highlights from last nights Sierra League Championship game From Chino Hills

    you can also follow my Youtube Channel during the playoffs

    Thanks for Watching

    The Inland Insider

  • Pomona,

    If you tried to steal my burger and fries, do you really think you’d be able to sit here and talk about it? Why don’t you tell us why/how your juggernaut Devils didn’t win the VVL, didn’t finish second, but will win the Mid-Valley anyway?

    So far, you’re 0-fer the season on your predictions. It’s too bad you salted what seems like a pretty neat team and a good group of guys.

    Or would you rather keep talking about my burger and fries? Or do you want to go back to talking about Zavala? Come on, keep embarrassing yourself. It makes for great blog fodder.

  • halfback65

    @Bulldog have bite
    That is the most hilarious shyt iv’e heard …..I’m laughing all the way to playoffs.

  • X’s and O’s

    West Covina is just making it look way too easy. It was nice to see them put a pounding on D-Ranch and force Roddy to eat a huge chunk of humble pie.

    Now the other person who needs some of that is the West Covina P.A. guy. This is the second time I’ve been to a West Covina guy and he ruins it by screaming into the microphone. Someone also needs to tell him that his job is to say who the ball carrier was, how many yards he gained and who tackled him AFTER THE PLAY!!!! It’s not his job to act like an announcer while the play is still going on.

  • X’s and O’s

    Second time I’ve been to a West Covina “game.”

  • Midvalley

    Heres how i see the midvalley shaking out:

    1 Covina
    16 SEM

    8 Alhambra
    9 LP

    5 Whit C
    12 EM

    4 Monrovia
    13 Pomona

    3 SD
    14 Maranatha

    6 Azusa
    11 SM

    7 SG
    10 Val C

    2 Arroyo
    15 SP

  • Football fan

    To all you west covina football fans, come on you play nobody, your league is weak as hell. Move up to the big boys like CO and see if you can hang. I seriously doubt it. My Nephew plays for LA and when he saw my sons team in person he could not believe the size and speed of our team. Even he said nobody in his league could compete in the Inland Division.

  • 12th man

    Went to the WC game last night..They look unstoppable!! West Covina is clicking on all cylinders..They have way too many offensive weapons especially at the RB position..It seems like whoever they put in to pound the rock is averaging close to 7 yards per carry..The defense looks solid as they swarm to the ball on every play & hit hard!!…I feel bad for whoever draws WC in the 1st round..I dont see anyone slowing them down any time soon..Amazing team speed on both sides of the ball!…Good luck in the playoffs & make the SGV proud~

  • cov80

    hey pomona how does that vvl champ feel? oh wait u didnt even come in 2nd! LOL HOW DOES OUR AZZ TASTE!

  • playoffs

    If Pomona makes playoffs(IF), one and done. No O, or D line. They were pushed around all night. Rice came out with some fun and exciting plays to wow the fans and San Dimas but his line let him down. They look like the big bullies on the yard gettingsmacked around by the little first graders. O, and D line have some heart so if you get an at large its worth it. And oh yeah ARAM show some class.

  • Just a Fan

    Regardless to where any of us stand with any of the teams in our Valley I found this online and think we should be proud of one of our own being represented on ESPN:

    I couldn’t make the game but the article and interview does give good insight to the drama of the week but from a third party objective point of view.

    Sounds like everything Aram has been saying the last 24 hours was legit and true. Listen to what Santiago says himself in the interview. Awesome!

    Sorry I’m rooting for the underdog this year and begging pleading with Azusa and Arroyo. I want both these teams to make a deep run this year and prove themselves in the playoffs. Good luck to the S.G.V.!

  • Ha Ha Ha Montview

    I have seen Azusa once and La Puente once. Azusa against Ganesha 56-0 and La Puente against Duarte 49-7. I was at last nights game. Here is my observation about the Montview league to throw out there.
    If Azusas preseason consist of losses to San Dimas, Maranatha, and Don Lugo and La Puentes preseason wins includes Northview, Wilson and Workman it tells me that the Montview is truly the weakest league in the Mid. I mean if Azusa is losing its preseason to some pretty good teams and La Puente is playing teams at best are mid to bottom feeders.
    Id like to add also that La Puente team that I saw last night was not the team that I saw play earlier. I will say Azusas staff was more polished while La Puentes staff are rough around the edges. These guys are blue collar guys with shorts and sweats while all the Azusa staff had their khaki pants and nice polo team shirts. Not that it matters but just and observation.
    Its week ten and Azusa was having problems with not having the right personnel on the field players socializing on the sidelines kids taking their helmets off and slamming them to the ground it just didnt look good.
    How will these guys do in the playoffs? Lets just say they have on more week of football and then they can have a nice Thanksgiving meal with family because the Montview boys are going nowhere.
    The Montview is just weak and if La Puente and Azusa want to be bragging about that well its not their fault. Just smile and say congratulations for winning the Montview and walk away laughing.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Football fan,

    Give me a break, you guys have been in the Inland Division for like two seconds. And other than beating Chino Hills and losing by eight points to RC, you guys have still not really proven to be quote unquote “one of the big boys”. Just because you share a class with some of the cool kids does not mean you’re one of them. Yet, atleast.

    First of all congratulations on winning the Sierra League crown. But most rational prep football fans will agree that your league is the red headed stepchild of the Inland Division.

    I hope you guys do well in the playoffs because you do have a great team! I also hope you guys do well because I do believe WC and CO are roughly close to the same level program wise.

    Your nephew really has no opinion on the issue. He plays at LA. The only team on their schedule worth mentioning is WC. I don’t know how he has seen CO and formed that opinion without actually suiting up against them. To LA, even a rebuilding Bonita team was too much for them to handle.

  • Pomona

    Let’s talk about MY predictions, we lost by a total of 7 points to the #1 and #3 team in the division. Even more interesting you “ARAM” believe we are in the top 6 in the mid valley division. Please find my comments predicting us winning a CIF title, I would never make that comment. I would have said we are going to be very good, which you came real close to saying last night. I said one of the top teams in the division and you ARE NOW saying one of the top 6 teams. Sounds like your the one that misjudged this team, not me?

    Now you want to talk about Zavala that is another great subject that once again you are clueless on. I can’t go into to much detail, but enough to prove how much of a fool you really are. You base your comments of me trying to get Zavala fired on the phone call that threatened the school administration if they don’t fire Zavala they are going to CIF with all the illegal recruiting. That phone call Zavala and his staff concluded I made. Guess what the third string centers dad admitted to multi people this season that he made the call. It has been all over Wilson for the last two months and I’m sure the majority of Zavala’s staff is very aware of who really made that call. I will also tell you what I told Zavala, I will cover it up as much as possible but the players come before him. That being said Wilson administration, Zavala and his staff threw that kid under the bus to cover their a@@’s, that was chicken sh@t. That kid missed out on his senior year of football because all the adults were to busy protecting their a@@’s.

    Why don’t we go one more David Rivera, your all over this blog 100% sure he is me. I would have to talk to David Rivera but sure would enjoy you meeting him. If you were half as smart as you thought you were you would be able to figure out that David Rivera lives in a totally different area than P-Town and Pomona. Once again let me educate you, google ip address and location. You will find multi seach engines that will give you the location and owner of each ip number.

    That’s what is really funny about this situation, at first I thought you were just out to get me. Now I realize you really are that stupid.

    Let me once again make my position very clear about the Pomona program, are we a team that can win the championship, YES. Would I bet on it at this time NO.

  • D-Mo

    To all the Veterans out there – Thank you! Gods speed to all who are actively serving in our armed forces.
    Congrats to CO, Azusa, WesCo. Season #3 starts now. Let’s roll!
    The Chargers looked like a team on fire last night. I think someone must have opened a can whoopass at halftime. Great job CO.

  • billyb

    New Champions
    What happened? 41 – 10? Looks like Azusa is still a little too much for La Puente to handle.

    As for the frosh game, if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black. Fact: 2 LP coaches ejected in the first half. Fact: 3 LP players pounding an Azusa player who is on the ground. Fact: LP player with his helmet off swinging it as a weapon. Fact entire LP sideline comes onto the field, including parents during the scuffle. Fact: All Azusa players stay on sideline as directed by their coach. Who is dirty?

  • saladays


    You have no class.

    Anyone who has watched the midvalley division can make the argument that the 3 best teams in the division are Covina, San Dimas, Pomona in that order. Just do some score comparison if you don’t watch the games. Arroyo is good but not like these guy, same for Azusa, San Gabriel, and Whittier Christian.

    Covina, San Dimas, and Pomona all in the semi’s unless they have to play each other first.

    ps. Stop harassing the pomona guy its really old and you make yourself look like a jackass.

  • Pack of One

    Come on Pomona…your back peddling faster than Marcus Rivas going down hill. That is that amount of points as last year. Your team is no better off than it was last year.
    As usual you talk out of both sides of your mouth constantly. Your just full of it.
    Which side of your mouth will you be talking out of when your boy goes nowhere.
    Another topic you were completely off mark.
    I am sure you don’t care what most people think of you but after all you have no choice since everyone who comes into contact with thinks your a real tool.
    Notice how nobody defends you well expect you under another ID. Your a pack of one and not by choice.

  • Poor Freshman BillyB

    Gotta love guys like BillyB chirping about some freshman game DOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!
    What an Idiot!!!!


    Hey BONEHEAD, (HA HA HA HA MONTVIEW); This is how you write a article!I was also at the game and this is what I SAW! READ IT!


    Unstoppable force
    Azusa wins another league title
    By Aram Tolegian, Staff Writer
    Posted: 11/11/2011 12:05:03 AM PST

    Azusa’s Eric Perez dumps a cooler on coach Joe Scherf after the Aztecs beat La Puente 50-21 Thursday for their fourth consecutive league title. (Keith Birmingham / Staff Photographer)GLENDORA – Let there be no doubt about who’s still the boss in the Montview League.
    Azusa High School won its fourth consecutive league title and ran its league winning streak to 26 games with a resounding 50-21 win over previously unbeaten La Puente.

    “Not this year, never gonna happen,” Azusa running back Desmond Reed said in response to any league team potentially halting the Aztecs’ streak. “We came out here and did what we had to do and we won.

    “This win means we’re the best (in league), hands down. My class, we haven’t lost a game in league.”

    The Aztecs improved to 7-3 overall and finished 7-0 in league. La Puente, which was the No. 3-ranked team in the latest CIF-Southern Section Mid-Valley Division poll, fell to 9-1 and 6-1 in league. The Aztecs have won seven consecutive games since starting the season 0-3 after facing a tough nonleague schedule.

    Azusa jumped all over the Warriors and had the game pretty much put away by halftime. The Aztecs opened the scoring on a 36-yard touchdown run by Amador Arteaga.

    Minutes later, Aztecs defensive end Luis Nunez tipped a La Puente pass linebacker Albert Lomeli intercepted and took back 40 yards for a 14-0 lead.

    La Puente answered with 13-yard touchdown pass from Ivan Vasquez to Jorge Martinez. Then what followed was a wicked turn of events the Warriors failed to overcome.

    Reed ended a 72-yard drive by scoring on a 10-yard touchdown run to put Azusa ahead
    21-7. The Aztecs kicked off and a La Puente player fielded the kick three yards deep in the end zone, which should have resulted in a automatic touchback. However, officials did not blow the whistle and the La Puente returner took the ball out of the end zone but quickly was met by Azusa defenders. He retreated into the end zone and was tackled for a safety.
    Two plays after La Puente kicked off to Azusa, Reed broke free for a 50-yard touchdown run to make it 30-7. The Aztecs made it 36-7 right before halftime on a 24-yard touchdown pass from Jake Martinez to Reed.

    “It was the half from hell,” La Puente coach Brandon Rohrer said. “We didn’t play well. Credit them, they made plays when they needed to.

    “We have to pray for a good draw (in the playoffs) and go back to the drawing board. We still want to make a good run in the playoffs.”

    Azusa picked up where it left off on the first drive of the second half. The Aztecs drove 80 yards in just over four minutes and went up 43-7 on Cameron Blackburn’s 1-yard touchdown run.

    The Aztecs later took a 50-14 lead in the fourth quarter on a 2-yard touchdown run by Reed, who bolstered his Valley lead in rushing touchdowns with three on Thursday.

    For Aztecs coach Joe Scherf, the win continues an impressive run since taking over the program before the 2008 season. Scherf has not lost a league game and turned a once dormant program into a viable winner on the local football scene.

    “I looked into their eyes in the locker room and I knew that we were going to win,” Scherf said. “I just felt it. I could just see it.

    “I took over this program to show these kids how to have fun and teach them the game of football. No way did I think we’d have four league titles and 26 wins in four years, that’s for sure.”

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    @ Anthony Gibson…
    If your players were not so dirty, we could have finished that scrimmage. Kind if convenient you don’t actually play games the way your team scrimmages. If they did, your oponents would only have to sit back and march down field in 15 yard increments.

    Now back to Sierra League business…
    Thankfully/Hopefully the running of the mouths in Chino Hills Husky camp can stop. The Huskies may get out of the 1st round, but that will be it. Looking for the excuses now. :rolleyes: Face it Huskies, you’re just not as good as you thought. CO without a doubt will represent the Sierra League well. When we played them, they were different than every other team we played. They played with purpose, discipline, they imposed their will on you, and they are well coached. Good luck in playoffs CO.

  • Montview is a joke!!!!

    @ Aztec Pride
    Way to go you won the Montview………

    (walking away)

    Ba Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

    Ba Ha Ha Ba Ha Ha Ha

    Ba Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • Warrior

    @ billy b
    First of all, last night’s score was not indicative of these two teams. Had LP ran the ball all night, Azusa would have had no answer. Plus, we got jobbed by the refs. That safety call was BS and a big turning point in the game. Also, Azusa was holding all night and they had plenty of PI’s that never got called. Game was much closer than 21-50 and if these two teams play again, I like our chances. The fact is, this doesn’t matter that much since the playoffs will determine which team has the better season anyways.

    As far as the Frosh game goes, both sides were at fault but I think Azusa moreso. The coaches that got ejected were trying to protect there players from the dirty plays by Azusa. Also, I know for a fact it was an LP parent that had to call the cops because they feared the hostile environment Azusa had created there. That’s how it went down.

  • Not A Aztec Pride Fan

    Aztec pride go wipe your nose off!!!!

  • Walt Disney



    Grow up! AZTEC PRIDE is right here and that’ the best you can do! WIPE YOUR NOSE OFF,??? HAHAHAHAAHA. ENJOYING THE DAY OFF!


  • Football fan

    Hey Bulldog nibbler,

    My son plays at RC not CO.. I have seen CO play twice and they would murder WC.. My nephew never said his team was the best or anything about how good they are. He just played against all those teams. Look at your league they all are weak as hell. Your playoff division has no quality teams in it that could compete in an upper division..You come on here and tell us how great you are and you play little weak teams. Our JV would make the playoffs in your league.


    Warrior said:
    WARRIOR, ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Now that’s funny!



    First of all, last night’s score was not indicative of these two teams. Had LP ran the ball all night, Azusa would have had no answer. Plus, we got jobbed by the refs. That safety call was BS and a big turning point in the game. Also, Azusa was holding all night and they had plenty of PI’s that never got called. Game was much closer than 21-50 and if these two teams play again, I like our chances. The fact is, this doesn’t matter that much since the playoffs will determine which team has the better season anyways.

  • Just Saying

    Aztec Pride another MONTVIEW LEAGUE TITLE is that ALL YOU GOT?

  • Just Saying

    Yeah Warrior I have to agree with that Montview League Champ AZTEC PRIDE, that was pretty bad.

  • 12th man

    Charter Oak is playing well….Im still not convinced if they can compete with the big dogs in the Inland area…I expected them to blow out Chino Hills just like Tesoro did..Not to discredit CO but the Sierra is probbably the weakest league in the Inland Division…I wish them luck in the playoffs & hope they can come out of the 2nd round..

  • Wrap them up

    I saw someone say on the blog that one of La Puente’s weaknesses was their poor tackling. Well that was on display last night, Azusa was doing anything special it was just that La Puente cannot continue to think that just bumping guys is not going to take them down.

  • Just Fiqured it out!

    I just realized something. We can all marginalize Aztec Pride by refering to him as AZTEC PRIDE MONTVIEW LEAGUE CHAMP. I mean who else would want that title? Plus it makes him feel good too.

  • Ye Olde Peace Pipe

    How about a truce??? I will pay for Aram and M.S to have a dinner together at Pomona Mining Co., the only requirement is that you cannot hit each other with those cold mining pans they call plates….. from a now retired Wilson cat parent, pomona knows how to get in touch with me

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Football fan,

    I could care less where your son rides the bench at! So you have seen CO twice this year and was impressed. How many times have you seen WC play this year? So our division is not that strong. Guess what numbskull? CO came from that division and you are stroking them like your secret lover!

    Our non-league schedule includes two Inland Division teams and one PAC5 division team. We played one lower division non-league game and that team is 9-1 and atop their division.

    You say we play nobody? Looks like we try to schedule pretty good teams and don’t try to hide from anybody. We have no control of how strong our league or division is, but we are beating them by a margin of over three touchdowns a game!

    I can woof it up all I want because we not only beat those weak teams, we dominated them. Much like how a team in an upper division would. We probably nolonger belong in the Southeast Division and deserve to get bumped up much like CO. And much like CO, we would be competetive!

    You comming on this blog to pick on a lower division school is pretty pathetic. You came on here to diminish West Covina to prove what exactly? WC is a program on the rise wether you want to admit it or not.

  • Norco

    Co will play ethier Santiago or Norco from the BIGVIII

  • reality has bite

    West Covina barely scraped by South Hills, who is last place in the Sierra.

    West Covina barely scraped by Glendora, who will probably finish 2nd to last in Baseline.

    Congrats on a great season Bulldogs!

    Good luck in your quest for another Div. 7 title.


    Unbelievable and you can never win on here no matter what the SCHOOL has done! CIF titles and your still weak!

    REALITY YOU TRULY ARE A FOOL! Dont you have something better to do?

    reality has bite said:
    West Covina barely scraped by South Hills, who is last place in the Sierra.

    West Covina barely scraped by Glendora, who will probably finish 2nd to last in Baseline.

    Congrats on a great season Bulldogs!

    Good luck in your quest for another Div. 7 title.


  • Bulldogs have bite


    We scraped by in those games with whatever players we had healthy. RC and CO play those teams too! If you go undefeated and win every game by one point would you complain? It’s not a numbers game, it’s about one letter, W.

    This Bulldogs team is a whole different team with Solomon, Frazier, Franklin and others at 100%.

    And I would rather celebrate D7 titles, rather than resort to diminishing the success of a lower division team to boost my ego anyday.

    reality does bite when people cannot accept it. Maybe I should join in on the ego boosting party and pick on Mid-Valley squads so I can be pathetic like you Inland folks?

  • Conq 84

    @Bulldog has bite
    Just for the record, league championships are determined by league record only. Head to head is only used in tie-breaking situations to determine playoff spots and seeding. Because Freshman football does not have playoffs, head to head is irrelevant. West Covina and Diamond Bar both finished the season at 5-1 in league play and both will be considered Co-Champions. While Los Altos and Diamond Ranch both finished at 4-2 and will be tied for 3rd place (and maybe only 1 or 2 plays short of 1st place). If head to head was a determining factor in league championships then a lot of banners across the valley would have to be pulled down out of the rafters (Varsity wise).

    Now on to what is really important, CIF Playoffs. And Bulldog, we hope to see you guys again. You my friend need to get a hold of yourself. Right now it looks as if Los Altos has turned the corner, and if we get back to even a fraction of what we once were, it will be lights out on Westco’s short lived glory days.


    Okay folks this will be my last post of the day! To all my hecklers who came on here and TRIED to dump on little old aztec pride, come on if you took this blog serious, you probably never watch football.LOL…

    AZTEC PRIDE didn’t WIN SQUAT! COACH SCHERF AND THE AZUSA FOOTBALL PLAYERS!!! WON THE MONTVIEW LEAGUE TITLE! I’m just a fan banging on these keys board CONGRATULATING them! And if you think because were from the so called MONTVIEW LEAGUE, makes us WEAK, well you don’t have know idea.

    Well headinhg out to the streets to enjoy this BEAUTIFUL VETERANS DAY, and HAPPY as ever, because there’s one person in this world that thinks the MONTVIEW LEAGUE,and AZUSA are alright in my WORLD! HAHAHAHAHAHA….


    p.s. HAVE A NICE DAY!

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Conq 84,

    Right, I know about the Co-Championship! But seriously, DB can share the Frosh title with WC knowing that they lost to the other champion and be fine with that? I wouldn’t be. Go ahead and have the T-shirts and Baseball caps and banners printed then I guess. You know the the unwritten rule with be co-champs with the team that beat you right? We get to sip the champagne,have the parade and kiss all the girls first. Then DB can clean up and say they were at the party!

    And what do you mean turn the corner? Your team would not need to turn the corner if the Bulldogs have not blocked the road and made you guys turn around in the first place! Facing you guys again in the playoffs would be something to look forward to in Bulldog country. You get ahold of yourself! What part of that 42-10 beatdown lead you to believe it would be any different the second time? And yes I left out the 14 points your starters landed on our reserve team defense!

  • gralx

    re: 12th man
    You and many others come on here and consistently call the Sierra League the weakest in the division. Take another look. The Citrus Belt League has some of the largest schools, some of the deepest football tradition, and some of the weakest teams. Fontana should be playing in D-9. They haven’t won 4 games in a season since 2003! They have 9 wins total (including a forfeit win) since 2003. None of their on the field wins since 2003 have come against a team that ended up with more than 3 wins. Eisenhower is no better. Redlands, Yucaipa, and Miller have all had middle of the road success. Aside from REV, the league itself has a total of 7 playoff wins since 2003. (Redlands had 2 in one year) The CBL is a one trick pony (REV). And even they haven’t been that great. REV beat Chino Hills 34-0 this year. CO beat Chino Hills 38-7 this year. Sound pretty similar to me.

    The CBL should be dropping Fontana and Eisenhower and adding Summit and Kaiser. How has Kaiser gotten a pass to D-8 for all these years when they have been the most consistent Fontana school?

  • Conq’76

    Conq’ 84, I am proud of LA’s accomplishment this season, no doubt. I even think we have a chance to practice on Thanksgiving given I believe we can compete with everyone in our division this year with the exception of WC.

    I do like to give props where props are due especially to a school that wins with a bit of class. WC has an exceptional team in a rather lackluster division and as Fred has been saying, will not likely be challenged in the playoffs.

    Having said that, I would love a rematch with Bonita and see LA give a four quarter effort.

  • Apples and oranges

    grlax – not fair to compare playoff wins for the CBL a sthey have been competing in the Pac 5 and the Inland – while others have been racking up wins in D7. Playing teams in the SGV, Bellflower and CalHi and the like is a bit different. I think CO found that out in the 1st round last year

  • Bulldogs have bite


    I appreciate the honesty in your last post. I’m just in a feisty mood with all the haters this morning. I do respect the history and tradition LA has. I also admire the 7 game turn around from last season. If LA gets all the way back it will be fun to watch the fireworks fly once again like the old Sierra league days of the 90’s!

    Good luck in the playoffs! (except when or if you face WC)

  • CRICKETS CRICKETS CRICKETS, no word from Aram or Pomona yet

    dinner on me is still open, suddenly no blog posts from aram or pomona, maybe what we need is someone like Colt74, or Vinny’s grandpa, or Amat73 or Joe Amat to referee the dinner, crickets cricket crickets crickets

  • Conq’76

    Bulldogs, Yep, grew up in the 70’s, rooting against the then WC Spartans and South Hills, for dominance in the Sierra!

  • 1st And Long

    I love people who react emotionally to a post and don’t really read what was written. My thoughts are just that, my opinions. Do I think DBar was better this year…in some ways yes, and in someways no. I see big things on the horizon, because of Ryan’s enthusiasm and dedication. We didn’t have that before. That doesn’t mean that I think everything is perfect. My critisism of the JV staff is valid. The Freshmen staff if fantatstic. Organized, motivating and prepared. The JV staff was more inline with what’s always been there. Example, DBar leads Los Altos 34-28 with 2:10 on the clock on the DBar 30 yd line. They run on first down for no gain. Los Altos does not call time out…clock down to 1:30 and the decide to PASS. Los Altos intercepts at mid field. With :25 seconds left Los Altos calls the same pass pattern they scored on previously and it’s wide open again. Victory for LA.
    Omana has had a bad ankle for the last four or five games and trooper that he is has kept playing. Everyone can see he can’t run, but against Bonita they called QB draws nine times! The kid took way too much punishment. Even last night against LA…DBar was down by three scores with under three minutes. Omana gets sacked and stays down..he’s helped off the field and in obvious pain. DBar gets the ball back with 45 seconds, still down by 17 and guess who’s limps back in the game! For what? It took the trainers fifteen minutes after hand shakes (He could barley get onto the field to congratulate LA, to tape him up enough so he could limp off the field. And yes they lost two huge parts of the passing game. That is my point. If you don’t have the speed burner you have to make and ADJUSTMENT and work the short and middle areas! Don’t just keep sending a kid who has average speed fifty yards downfield, play after play. I have no idea how George Katrib had such a magnificent season. I would have quadruple covered him…So I think the future is bright for DBar and I think Ryan is the guy to lead them. He just needs a couple of veteran colonels to help out.

  • Chino Hills

    CO: Good game! But just a heads up we didnt play the injury card but maybe we should have….our starting RB quit after the Ayala game so Napoles stepped up and he was hurt and not playing after the South Hills game so didnt play last night, so we were left with our 3rd Rb starting last night but the difference was we didnt call the tribune and tell them like some people. If you noticed with our RB getting 2 yards for the night was odd?? Like i said good job and goob job for your Coaches for making the halftime adjustments needed to blow the game open the second half THATS WHAT IS TAKES TO WIN! Good luck in the playoffs…I wish we could have played with both teams at full health but we couldnt.

  • 1st And Long

    @Bull dogs have bite
    Co champs are co champs. In high school my school’s baseball team finished tied with another school. We beat them head to head both times but lost to two other teams. We both finished 12-2 in league. We both wore Co-Champ patches. You just have to live with it. The big thing for us at DBar, we have competitive underclass programs. It’s been a while since we’ve had that. Upgrading the coaching staff at your fresh/JV levels is critical for your varsity success. Doesn’t mean they have to win, but they have to learn to play the game the right way. DBar’s freshman coaches -Solid A….JV coaches rate a C….

  • Conq 84

    @ Bulldog
    I seem to remember WC beating Bonita pretty easily in the regular season last year only to need a miracle finish to win the CIF Championship. And as far as turning the corner, anytime you can go from an 0-10 season to a 7-3 season and playoff appearance, you can consider it turning the corner. Will we meet you in the playoffs? I don’t know. Will we beat you if we meet you in the playoff? I don’t know, but it sure will be fun to find out. As far as the Freshmen question, I’ll ask you the same thing, how are you guys going to feel about wearing those championship T-shirts knowing that we beat you by 2 td’s. My guess is that both you and DB will find a way to live with your 1 blemish on the record.

  • Football fan

    Bulldog without bite,

    thank you for recognizing the greatness of my son and warming the bench, That takes alot of work. HAHAHA!!! Look you are on here telling us how great you are and you we play the best. Like Aztec Pride said you played South Hills last place in Sierra and Glendora would be last, but Alta Loma is even worse. Both teams have won 3 games this year.

    West Covina congrats on your D-7 championship, I guess that is better than playing against real teams.
    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Are they looking at WC for State Champinships, NO BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO WEAK. The Inland Division Champ will have a shot at State.
    You stay down in D-7 with the little boys and have

  • Bulldogs have bite

    1st and long,

    I will give credit where credit is due. Co-Champs it is then. Congratulations for the DB Frosh team and WC Frosh!

    DB will improve dramatically next year. Call it the Snoop effect!

    See you guys next season!

  • It is what it is

    Sierra League is the weakest I’ve seen it in years!
    CO will maybe make it to the second round. Damien has no chance could lose by 30. CH is as weak as I’ve seen them in the last 4 years.
    Sorry to tell you the truth., But someone has to.
    San Gabriel Valley Football has no business playing in the inland division.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Football fan,

    lol! Hold on to them coattails tight! Maybe the winner of your Division will let you shine the trophy! Again, winners win and whiners go and find somebody they think they can beat to pick on! At the end of the day, my team will enjoy success wile all you will see green with envy and try to pick on us so called little boys? What happened? Did CC, REV,VM and Upland laugh you off their big boy board and you need to come here to boost yourself?

    Keep holding them coattails! Don’t let go!

    Conq 84, point taken. If there is a rematch I hope it will be a much tighter game.

  • Football fan

    Lil BOW WOW,

    You at least admit you do play in the little boys league. So big Brother will get off your little boy
    blog. and quit picking on the peewee’s. We will enjoy our playoff run no matter how far we get.. I hope we do get CC and see what we are made of.

    Good luck in the playoffs, You wont need it though you just show and you already won.

    PS…I did graduate from WC, back in the Spartan days. Just between us son…

  • Colt74

    Got to love the headline:

    “Charter Oak, Arroyo, Azusa and West Covina win titles in dominating fashion; Damien, Los Altos, South El Monte and San Dimas win too”

    And Covina, undefeated Valle League CHAMPIONS for the second consecutive year….


    Oh well. I’m going to support San Dimas and Pomona ( unless we are playing each other again ) during the playoffs too.

    Congrats to ALL league champions and a special congrats to Wilson for getting the W last night and to Los Altos for reigniting their program.

    To my other Vet brothers and sisters out there:
    This Bud’s for you!

  • Oh well…

    I agree with you “it is what it is”
    The SGV has to have a radical change of mindset and go with the big boys!! Inland has been doing it for years and beating the pants off the SGV teams. When i go to watch a SGV team i am prepared for speed, passing, spectacular play, but it seems like this year, its just not there. with the exception of Travis Santiago and AMAT, there is just not much excitement.

    You go to and Inland game, WOW, there is some power and excitement. And im not being predjudicial towards Inland (becuase my son plays SGV football) but wow, you gotta get a clue guys and play the big boys.

    I agree Damien will get beat by at least 30. If its Upland, Corona Centennial , or Redlands, it is gonna be a bloodbath and i really fear for the smaller kids.

  • reality has bite


    You have been trying to diminish the success of another team with your posts today. Try not to fall when climbing off of your high horse.

    Again, as I said before, GOOD LUCK on your quest for another Div. 7 title. I hope you win every game by at least 1 point.

  • Conq’76

    I second Colt 74’s salute to our Vets!

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Bow WoW,

    I don’t think it will be easy as just showing up to win the Southeast. We prepare, work hard and treat every team with the respect of knowing it’s any given Friday night every Friday.

  • Michael lee

    On Maxpreps taking a look at CO player stats. I just have one question? At the CO/Damien game, whos the Damien kid in the picture with the Farrar coaches?

  • Amat Bully

    Clearly by now we actually know who’s the top 3 teams in the SGV

    1. by a land slide CO
    2. WC this team is seriously scary
    3. Covina will definitely become champion this year.

    these 3 teams are playing at a whole different level then any team in their respected leagues and any team in the SGV.

  • Amat Bully

    It is what it is
    you sound like a fan from one of the Sierra league teams that CO blew out or your just a fan from the inland area thats a little afraid that CO ran through a league that put up a semi finalist last year and will do it this year to, with a more than likely chance to go farther.

  • reality

    Here’s hoping that LA & Bohi follow in WC & DR’s footsteps and start scheduling up a little. Give their supporters a little more to chew on. Bohi and Damien is a natural. Bohi schedule could look something like this. SD, Damien, South Hills, Monrovia. Quit the Marshalls and the BP’s

  • Let Him Yell

    I agree Aztec Pride should now be called AZTEC PRIDE MONTVIEW LEAGUE CHAMPION but as he does, add the x4 on the end. And let’s all humor him because anybody bragging about winning the Montview four times and thinking they are somebody is seriously delusional.
    Aztec Pride you poor fool when you can beat Maranatha, Bishop Amat, West Covina, Damien, Glendora, San Dimas, Ayala, etc. then come in here bragging.
    Other than that your just a loud mouth also ran.

  • Colt74

    There is just something SPECIAL about any team that comes from a city with COVINA in their name..

    Must be something in their water…

    Keep it going!
    Charter Oak
    West Covina


    There is just something SPECIAL about any team that comes from a city with COVINA in their name..

    Must be something in their water…

    Keep it going!
    Charter Oak
    West Covina

    Hey Colt you better stop keeping them beers coming. It’s CHARTER OAK not COVINA OAK!!

  • Dan

    First off, I want to say that I was impressed with the display of sportsmanship that the Diamond Ranch team gave before the game began last night. The Panther team jogged over as a unit and knelt down next to, and facing the Bulldog tunnel as the Bulldog team ran through it. Very classy. Coach Layton may have made his predictions a few weeks back, but I think it was more his competitive spirit and passion at work than being a sign of disrespect. Last nights gesture was probably his way of showing that. Now the blogger who goes by the handle of Panther leader is a different story but I won’t digress. Where is he by the way?
    Chris Solomon is back, he is running like a gazelle, and is making his cuts with authority, looks like he has full trust in his ankle now. You could see it last week and he confirmed it last night. Our QB Chris Cabalero seems to have grown accustomed to the varsity game these past three weeks, his throws are on target and that, plus having everyone healthy is the big difference in the Bulldogs now and the Bulldogs earlier in the year. Last night his throws were on the money, even the two deep balls that we missed were put in the only spot that would allow for a catch without being picked. He’s had the ability, he just needed the confidence. All of this allows for a more balanced attack and puts the Bulldog team on another level.
    Jimmy Frazier was just plain nasty last night!
    His moves were breaking ankles all over the field. He’s got some of the best cuts in the valley, yet he still keeps it in a north and south direction, call it semidiagonal. I think he is averaging 11 or 12 yards a carry.
    Here is my wish list for the post season,[I don’t expect it to happen but deep inside I would like to see these things happen.] I would like to see a couple more short passing plays worked into the arsenal, don’t go away from the swing passes in the backfield or passes in the flats. [Salgado or Solomon with a head of steam in the open field is a scary visual to any DB, and Frazier could have them spinning in circles.] Would like to see some outside WR screens to Franklin and Barnett once in a while, Would also like to see what happens with crossing patterns or criss cross over the middle, or a running back delay pattern after clearing the middle with deeper routes, and don’t forget about the ole slants, ala Jerry Rice for a 60 yard RAC. I think Franklin and Barnett could do that. Don’t want to turn into a passing team, but wouldn’t mind 10 to 14 a game. Mix in a few of these to the few passes we already do and then come over the top to Barnett, Combine that with our run game and it just sounds too good!
    To Reality has bite, and Football Fan, you both seem delusional in your annalysis of West Covina. CO and WC are two exellent programs on par with one another at this point in time. It’s not 2007 anymore. You call yourselves Big Boy ball and belittle WC and the Southeast division when CO has done no more than WC in showing they are one of the big boys. Till either of our teams goes out and beats one of the big boys, neither of us can call ourselves a big boy. CO will have their shot in the next few weaks, WC will have to wait a while before they have theirs.
    Also please stop with the South Hills and Glendora comparisons, did you see the games? In both games WC was clearly the better team on the field. We had over 400 yards on South Hills, we had them 35 to 14 at the end of the third quarter. In the forth qtr. we drove the length of the field twice to put the game away only to fumble inside the 15 yard line and have them return one of those to the house and on the other they scored the next play on a long pass and run to Canada. Glendora we were on the verge of putting them away but turned the ball over and had a few coverage breakdowns in the game. In both games we overcame injuries and had a qb who was going thru some growing pains in adapting to varsity ball. He is up to speed and playing some good ball now, he has found his comfort zone. Along with that,the team is healthy and WC is on another level.
    Believe me CO and WC would be a great game at this time of year. I saw CO against Glendora and the team speeds and talent are similar, I’m sure both are much improved since then.

  • Colt74


    You better keep those shots of Tequila coming!

    Charter Oak High School
    1430 East Covina Boulevard
    Covina, CA 91724-1651

    “…that comes from a city with COVINA in their name..

    read it again..slower this time.
    I did not say a city with COVINA in the TEAMS name..or HIGH SCHOOL name.Did I?

    last time I checked Covina is in Covina’s name…right? And Charter Oak is in Covina right?

    Charter Oak -COVINA
    West Covina- ( has COVINA in their name )

    set um up again!

  • wormseyeview

    DB fan said:
    …Ryan Maine took over a program with no excitement and got them excited. Let the man build HIS program.


    DB fan also said:
    Roache went 2-8 in his first year.

    Also true, however……No Roache fan here, but a fan of those kids, only SOPHS!

  • Hope he’s drinking the good stuff

    Hey Colt I said the same thing:
    Your Words….

    “read it again..slower this time.

    Where do you come up with COVINA in Charter Oak? Charter Oak is a SChool within a city but there is no Covina in Charter Oak. I mean you tried to explain now it’s even more confusing.

    Stop with the beer buddyhope your drinking the good stuff

  • coltfan97

    I know what you mean Colt 74,


  • coltfan97

    I know what you mean Colt 74,


  • wtf

    colt74 and colt97, are you serious, because your last two post are sickening! C/O in Covina??? wtf. who gives a hoot. What are you bored…

  • Charter Oak On My Mind!

    Wait…Wait…Is this idiot from the slums of Covina trying to Rep CO Chargers…?

    HA, HA, HA….! LMFAO!

    We are on Glendora and Cypress your freaked loser! This is NOT Azusa and Puente! Get your self straight Old Man.

    Charter Oak Chargers #1

    Covina Colts somewhere way down there with Bishop Amat…

  • Colt74

    Charter Oak has a great football team but too bad their one idiot fan that is posting under different log ons is so stupid.

    You can’t fix stupid…..

    Hey, I’m also sorry you can’t afford to drink the good stuff. Tell ya what. Let me know the next time you go down to pick up your food at the church and what church it is…and I’ll swing by with something better than Brew 102 and Vons generic label rum for you. Ok?
    And no, you don’t have to give me any of your aluminum cans for it.

  • Go Romans

    Congrats to Coach Lou,players and staff. I think its quite impressive when a smaller school like CO enters into the Sierra League and wins it just after two years!

    Like it or not, they got it done on the field. After 44 years, something must be going right for the football program at CO.

    Coach, just want you to know, you’re a great mentor to the kids and families you’ve reached out too!

    Good Luck in the playoffs…

    Royal Oak 73

  • keakthesneak

    Charter Oak in the semifinal or further? Let’s not kid ourselves.