CIF Football pairings: Is Charter Oak on collision course with Upland? Covina, Arroyo tops seeds in MidV; Bishop Amat at Santa Margarita; West Covina No. 1 in Southeast and PrepXtra Live Rewind

Listen to pairings draw Interviews with Charter Oak coach Lou Farrar (27:30), Bishop Amat coach Steve Hagerty (36:00) and Arroyo coach Jim Singiser (57:30). Hagerty ends with a great message for the SGV.

Mid-Valley Division
Top Half
South El Monte (7-3) at #1 Covina (9-1)
Alhambra (8-2) at La Puente (9-1)
El Monte (7-3) at Whittier Christian (6-4)
Pomona (6-4) at #4 Monrovia (7-3)
Bottom half
San Marino (7-3) at #3 San Dimas (8-2), Thursday at Citrus
Cerritos Valley Christian (4-6) at Azusa (7-3)
Maranatha (8-2) at San Gabriel (6-4)
Sierra Vista (6-4) at #2 Arroyo (9-1)
First impression: Great draw for Arroyo; terrible draw for Azusa; best game of first round, Pomona at Monrovia

Inland Division
Top Half
Redlands (4-6) at #1 Corona Centennial (9-1)
Los Osos (6-4) at Chaparral (6-4)
Chino Hills (6-4) at Rancho Cucamonga (9-1)
Norco (6-4) at #4 Redlands East Valley (10-0)
Bottom Half
Murrieta Valley (7-3) at #3 Upland (10-0)
Corona Santiago (7-3) at Charter Oak (9-1)
Yucaipa (9-1) at Riverside North (9-1)
Damien (7-3) at #2 Vista Murrieta (5-5)
First impression: Charter Oak has winnable first-round game, then probably says goodbye in second round to mighty Upland. Damien and Chino Hills both in over their head, meaning best Sierra will probably do is 1-2 in the first round.

Pac-5 Division
Top Half
Long Beach Wilson (5-5) at #1 Servite (9-1)
Tesoro (6-4) at Edison (8-2)
Lakewood (7-3) at San Clemente (9-1)
St. John Bosco (7-3) at #4 Alemany (8-2)
Bottom Half
Newport Harbor (5-5) at #3 Long Beach Poly (9-1)
Bishop Amat (6-4) at Santa Margarita (8-2)
Huntington Beach (8-2) at Loyola (8-2)
Long Beach Cabrillo (7-3) at #2 Mission Viejo (8-2)
First Impression: It was going to be tough for Amat no matter what, and playing a team that just took Servite to overtime on Friday is what it is, probably a long night on the road.

Southeast Division
Top Half
Norwalk (3-7) at #1 West Covina (9-1)
Pasadena (5-5) at California (7-3)
Bonita (6-4) at Arcadia (8-2)
Crescenta Valley (6-4) at #4 La Mirada (6-4)
Bottom Half
Los Altos (7-3) at #3 Burbank Burroughs (6-4)
La Serna (7-3) at Mayfair (7-3)
Bellflower (7-3) at Diamond Ranch (5-5)
Muir (6-4) at #2 Santa Fe (6-4)
First impression: Best first-round game is Bonita at Arcadia, and with the exception of West Covina, I won’t be surprised if the second, third and fourth seeds were upset. There’s that much parity.

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  • Ed

    c’mon already! 2pm.

  • Joe Amat

    Ed… SUNDAY big fella…SUNDAY!

  • Ed

    Wow! Let me take my nike out my mouth.

  • Colt74

    It’s Sunday in Japan!

  • coltfan97

    Is it time yet lol !!!!!


    let’s do this!


    let’s do this!


    let’s do this!

  • At large


  • Bulldogs have bite

    Southeast Division at large: Muir

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    Wow! Thanks For The Updates Fred.

    and Congrats to South El Monte High School for qualifying for the “At Large” Berth. Well Deserved.

    Can’t wait to see how the pairings will end up. šŸ™‚

  • Eric Davis – BHS’80

    Final Revision(Guess)
    CIF – Southeast Pairings
    (Seed) Team (record:calpreps rating) League

    1. West Covina (9-1:37.8) Hacienda 1
    Pasadena (5-5:5.3) Pacific T-3

    Crescenta Valley (6-4:8.3) Pacific T-3
    La Serna (7-3:20.5) Del Rio T-2


    Burroughs (6-4:17.9) Pacific T-1
    Los Altos (7-3:21.2) Hacienda 4

    California (7-3:15.4) Del Rio T-2
    4. La Mirada (6-4:24.4) Suburban T-1


    3. Santa Fe (6-4:24.7) Del Rio 1
    Muir (6-4:13.6) Pacific T-3

    Diamond Ranch (5-5:17.3) Hacienda T-2
    Mayfair (7-3:16.1) Suburban T-1


    Bellflower(7-3:12.8) Suburban T-1
    Bonita (6-4:22.3) Hacienda T-2

    Whittier (5-5:5.8) Del Rio 4
    2. Arcadia (8-2:25.4) Pacific T-1

  • Paul revere

    looks like the midvalley selection committee already shafted a team….South pas should have got in. They would have been a much tougher Game than Sierra Vista….Who know’s what we see in a few minutes….Could be some big Surprises.

  • Nate

    Mr. Davis,
    That can’t work because Arcadia won’t be ranked #2, they are the 2nd place team from their league. #1 West Co, #2 Santa Fe, #3 La Mirada and #4 Burroughs.

  • Amat Bully

    Southeast division if Muir get the at large bid and faces WC in the first round that might be the toughest test for WC but WC will pull it off just like CO did.

  • paul revere

    M-town vs Pomona!!!! Let’s go big green!

  • paul revere

    Monrovia vs Ptown….let’s go big green!!!!!!

  • Eric Davis – BHS’80

    Thanks Nate, how’s this?

    Final Guess – Good luck in the playoffs to all the teams and athletes!

    CIFss Southeast

    1. West Covina (9-1:37.8) Hacienda 1
    Muir (6-4:13.6) Pacific T-3

    Crescenta Valley (6-4:8.3) Pacific T-3
    La Serna (7-3:20.5) Del Rio T-2

    Mayfair (7-3:16.1) Suburban T-1
    Los Altos (7-3:21.2) Hacienda 4

    California (7-3:15.4) Del Rio T-2
    4. Burroughs (6-4:17.9) Pacific T-1

    3. La Mirada (6-4:24.4) Suburban T-1
    Whittier (5-5:5.8) Del Rio 4

    Diamond Ranch (5-5:17.3) Hacienda T-2
    Arcadia (8-2:25.4) Pacific T-1

    Bellflower(7-3:12.8) Suburban T-1
    Bonita (6-4:22.3) Hacienda T-2

    Pasadena (5-5:5.3) Pacific T-3
    2. Santa Fe (6-4:24.7) Del Rio 1

  • Thomas Revere

    “South pas should have got in. They would have been a much tougher Game than Sierra Vista….”

    Tougher game for whom?

    Tougher than last years first round Gladstone against Monrovia?

  • Amat Bully

    “Charter Oak has winnable first-round game, then probably says goodbye in second round to mighty Upland”.

    Dang dude when will you ever root for the SGV team and please stop taking shots at CO you have ben doing it all year and every time i point it out you delete my post.

  • Observer

    Like the Alhambra La Puente match up!!!


    Alright AZUSA! NOT TO BAD OF A DRAW HERE! Fred says terrible, but CAL PREPS STATES AZ 31-CVC 28, so this is Can be done at CITRUS COLLEGE, OUR HOUSE! GET’EM READY SCHERF and your FANS!


  • Witness

    @Amatbully, Waaaaaaa…man up you little baby. Tired for you always crying about everything and never bring anything worth while to the table.
    Upland is the real deal and should march straight to the ship. Good luck #1 CO, the sgv is pulling for you.

  • FredJ

    Sorry Bully, not everything is flattering ALL the time….grow up.

  • reality

    Nice if CIF would spread out games from thur-sat. High school fans would certainly see more than one game and generate additional revenue. That Monrovia-Pomona game sounds like a barn burner. I bet both fans are screaming foul.

  • Chino Hills

    amat bully : Could we barrow some of that special healing tape for our #45 RB this week so he doesn’t miss this next game as well? it seemed to work good and cured a severely sprained ankle over night and brought your QB and RB back from their crutches? please please

  • CO Bro

    You know what Robledo, you suck! How about showing a little faith in the teams you cover that are not named Bishop Amat. We know the inland division is tough but for to not even give us a chance is just wrong. CO has the tools to make a deep run, and when we do please stay away. You been jocking BA ever since you got this gig, share the love with the other teams is the SGV because your boys will most likely be one and done.

  • breaking news

    hey aram: Can you hook us up with the BREAKING NEWS HEADLINE? Ours is real and kept on the hush until gameday but we still may not have a RB for the next game and we still may run the ball and act like he’s there…

  • Fred Robledo

    THEY’RE CALLED PREDICTIONS!!!! Do you see anyone complaining that I wrote Chino Hills and Damien will probably lose….

  • RHL Fan

    Why is San Dimas seeded and playing a second place San Marino team instead of an at-large team?

  • call it as you see it

    Come on CO BRO, YOU’RE BETTER THAN THAT don’t lower yourself as AMAT BULLY! You’ve been a class act on here! Fred has always been straight forward on his opinions when predicting games! Take it for what it is, and let the players do the TALKING on the field!

  • wow

    Amat is done…

  • John

    Amat’s facing an offensive line that averages 6’4 290 pounds. Not looking good. End of the road. Good to get the seniors in the playoffs though.


    Question to;RHL Fan said:
    Why is San Dimas seeded and playing a second place San Marino team instead of an at-large team?

    Would you rather have played AZUSA? Would had been a nice rematch! That was a great playoff game.

  • Witness

    @john, Crespi’s offensive line averaged 6’5 290 pounds. We all know that Crespi is no Santa Margarita, but a lot of these big boys are slow and might give our qb a chance to get the ball off?
    We are happy to play Santa Margarita away.
    We fear no one!

  • Dan

    FYI fellas, Corona Centennial lost to St. Bonaventure not to Mater Dei. Beginning of the season game probably a lot tougher than Mater Dei who gets better as the season goes by.

  • RHL Fan

    @Aztec Pride

    It doesn’t really matter to me who SM plays, the coach will have the team ready. But, having a rematch of that game would be great.


    STEVE RAMIREZ!!!! WHAAAAAT, RAMS FAN!! and sporting JACK YOUNGBLOOD#85, JERSEY!SWEEEEET! Steve you my friend can come to my home and have a bowl of menudo!

    I also have the same Jersey! LA RAMS BABY!~ALWAYS A RANS FAN~


  • John


    What worries me is that Santa Margarita was just having its way against the Servite D-line letting their rb and qb get chunks of yardage on the ground. But I will say this, Amat has tbe best secondary in these PAC-5 playoffs.

  • SaintsR4real

    Cover-it-Live, ALLSGV,This Friday:
    Pomona (East)
    Monrovia (West)

    Guaranteed game down to the wire!!

  • correctionsandretractions?

    wasnt it michael wagner??..or maybe you are thinking of former w.covina great william wallace??..or perhaps braveheart.and since im here, maximus>wallace

  • CoFootball12

    Chino Hills: Get out of here! You need more then healing tape in order to produce a good game, you need a whole new team! you guys got manhandled both sides of the ball, and you have a lousy snack bar with few options and warm soda, better luck next year buddy.

  • Amat Bully

    Man all you dudes thats crying about what i said is only mad because ITS THE TRUTH prediction my a$$ just before the CH game he criticized CO and i posted then to, and what he do ERASE MY POST.
    or just go check out his two minute drill with aram when he goes on to bring up the fact that CO struggled in the 1st week against glendora because they had a run game, and this was like week 8 i posted then what he do ERASE MY POST. now i dont get why he erases my post it isnt like im bashing Amat i was just pointing out the fact that he stay shooting shots at CO. i can go on and on with the things he said about CO, and how they have no defense or how they are to small for the inland. this dude stay HATING on CO. ITS THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH HURTS………

  • CoFootball12

    oh and by the way “Chino Hills Fan” Santiago was walking on one foot the whole game if you were paying attention to the game. Doesn’t that hurt more your team got beat by a qb on one foot?

  • RJSpartan

    Damien’s high powered offense faces Vista Murrieta and their very good defense. Jeremy Castro and Sua Cravens, look them up, a senior defensive end going to Oregon and Cravens is arguably the the top junior defensive player in the state, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, USC agree and have offered.

  • Amat Bully

    i dont get why would you make a prediction thats two weeks away. why not just focus on this week the team in front of CO and the other SGV teams. “Remember your favorite saying anything can happen on any given friday” but not in this case because your sure that CO will be gone after next week. IMHO i think CO is going to beat who ever is in front of them lets recap the RC Upland game who game deciding td was won on an illegal play. CO beat RC up but fell short same as RC did with Upland i think Upland and CO is an even match. but thats looking ahead CO is focused on the team in front of them not the team they could possibly face in the future.

  • jcaz

    What makes this so intriguing is that the bracket that Amat fell into is in is clearly one where they would other wise have a legitimate chance of actually winning, however, that first game draw is a real back breaker here. OUCH !!!

  • Amat Bully

    ” It was going to be tough for Amat no matter what, and playing a team that just took Servite to overtime on Friday is what it is, probably a long night on the road”.

    LOL….dang you give Amat a chance but not CO, so what do you think about next week if Amat gets pass the first round?

  • Dan

    Third time you said it now guy’s, Corona Centennial did not lose to Mater Dei they beat Mater Dei and lost to St. Bonaventure, there is a difference, Mater Dei has 6 loses.
    By the way Upland, Corona Centennial,Vista Murrieta, REV, all have solid arguments to be #1
    in the Inland division, why would Upland have the lock on #1 ranking?

  • Ban the Bully

    Wooly Bully,
    Where in the HELL does Fred give Amat a chance in that quote? Dang boy, you need to take a reading comprehension course or take a cold shower. You got some problems dude. Go see your doctor, apparently the meds he’s giving you aren’t strong enough.

  • Amat Bully

    Ban the Bully
    “probably a long night” thats giving them a chance

  • reality

    Sorry to horn in on your little tea party Amat.CO and Covina repeat offenders. You need to register to the blog police before posting. Any way Arcadia, La Mirada and Bonita all bunched up on the same side of the bracket with West Co. is to bad. Any one of those teams would have a run on the other side of the draw. DRanch seems to have the most favorable draw possible for them and Arcadia the worst. Santa Fe gets a tough and angry Muir team. The wide-open Southeast might produce alot of upsets.

  • Pomona

    Right after our loss to San Dimas Coach Rice called it “Monrovia”, we aren’t calling foul, we got what we earned.

    Now we got to step up our game or it is going to be a very short playoff.

  • FredJ

    If you were one of our five listeners on the show, I gave Charter Oak a better shot against Upland than Aram, and Dan, you’re right, we goofed that…Aram thought Mater Dei beat Corona and I went with that…I think you all should listen to Hagerty’s comments too, real class how he ended his conversation talking about the SGV and wishing all teams well, even referencing the stuff that goes on in the blog…great stuff. We will re-post the show after it’s downloaded.

  • SawtheGame

    “Chino Hills” pretty classless post. It was just no contest as hard as it may be to digest for a Hills fan. It must have been a very disappointing finish. CO dominated. Ask Coach Bub who the better team is. Ask Coach Bub if he thought the CO kids were classless. I can’t believe someone would come on here and violate the kids. Are you a Nittany Lion?

  • bigdog

    I don’t want to here any crying or whining from you or the Bishop Amat fans if they loose because your super star athlete Rioe Ruise doesn’t play.Especially if they just loose buy a couple of points.





    ALRIGHT! Drinks on me!!!


  • Amat Bully

    Man that bottom bracket of the southeast might end up being a pacific league showdown according to my big bro who’s a Muir alum………


    Pomona Guy,

    should be a good game.

    D1 talent on both teams. advantage MoT
    Transfer team of the year. advantage PoHigh
    blogger of the year is a draw between Mr. Bryant of Monrovia vs Mr. Schreiman Pomona High 420

    Monrovia blows through a weak league and had trouble in their losses to better teams. Monrovia should of been 10 and 0. Winning CIF and playing in the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP.

    Pomona you guys should of been undefeated according to all your post left throughout the season. Your league has the team that will win CIF.

    What a compliment. “the best 1st round CIF football game”
    Winner looses in 2nd round

  • Colt74

    Going with Pomona by 6. I agree with Reality that I wish the games were spread out. I would pay double to see that game.
    This should be the Coveritlive game this week.

    Supporting all VVL teams this post season. Lets have one of us last man standing.

  • word on cameron

    Damien is not in over their head. South Hills beat Los Osos who only lost to Vista Murrieta by 10 and Damien beat South Hills.

  • Fred Robledo

    fyi, go to the cif website to look at the coin flip scenarios for round two….Charter Oak would be at Upland, and Amat at home against Long Beach poly if they all won …

  • word on cameron

    @Chino Hills that is why Keith Smith from their championship team 2 years back was a NCAA freshman all american and WAC freshmen of the year last year?

  • reality

    Too Funny: I watch this blog non-stop just to read Bully’s posts before Fred deletes them. Bully must keep Robledo up all nite with his warp 10 posting. Just curious Fred, is it just one dude?

  • SD John

    Hey Freddy is San Dimas playing Thurday night or Friday ?

  • Colt74

    I have never been to Alhambra High School. Was looking at all teams fields for round by round play options. Someone, anyone, PLEASE tell me that the picture that pops up in doing a google search is an old picture…a VERY old picture. Please tell me that I don’t have to take a club and a bite kit for the snakes.
    Off of that picture that comes up in google directions I seriously have seen better patches of land from the Apollo 12 moon photos….,Azusa,+CA&cid=0,0,9647634288436604987&ei=_UrATsK7KouPigLGhtmjAw&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&ved=0CA0Q_BI

  • Lets get CO a victory before they think about playing the mighty IE powerhouse UPLAND HIGH “THE U” Highlanders. 10-0 now and next week will be 11-0 hoping they get Charter Oak baby. Would love nothing better than to get their shot and shut down CO just like Rancho Cucamonga did against CO earlier. Than they can lay claim that the SGV sucks more than a Hoover vacuum cleaner.
    REV, CUCA, CORONA CENT, VISTA MURR. THE U all live in infamy baby.
    GO RIO— SC BOUND BABY— Baseball that is !!!!

  • Lets get CO a victory before they think about playing the mighty IE powerhouse UPLAND HIGH “THE U” Highlanders. 10-0 now and next week will be 11-0 hoping they get Charter Oak baby. Would love nothing better than to get their shot and shut down CO just like Rancho Cucamonga did against CO earlier. Than they can lay claim that the SGV sucks more than a Hoover vacuum cleaner.
    REV, CUCA, CORONA CENT, VISTA MURR. THE U all live in infamy baby.
    GO RIO— SC BOUND BABY— Baseball that is !!!!

  • Lets get CO a victory before they think about playing the mighty IE powerhouse UPLAND HIGH “THE U” Highlanders. 10-0 now and next week will be 11-0 hoping they get Charter Oak baby. Would love nothing better than to get their shot and shut down CO just like Rancho Cucamonga did against CO earlier. Than they can lay claim that the SGV sucks more than a Hoover vacuum cleaner.
    REV, CUCA, CORONA CENT, VISTA MURR. THE U all live in infamy baby.
    GO RIO— SC BOUND BABY— Baseball that is !!!!

  • Don


    Alhambra lays at Moor Field, about a mile south of the school, between 6th and 8th streets.

    FWIW, I think you can leave the snake bite kit at home.

    Club is optional.




    CO stands for COcerned they won’t beat Santiago said:
    Lets get CO a victory before they think about playing the mighty IE powerhouse UPLAND HIGH “THE U” Highlanders. 10-0 now and next week will be 11-0 hoping they get Charter Oak baby. Would love nothing better than to get their shot and shut down CO just like Rancho Cucamonga did against CO earlier. Than they can lay claim that the SGV sucks more than a Hoover vacuum cleaner.
    REV, CUCA, CORONA CENT, VISTA MURR. THE U all live in infamy baby.
    GO RIO— SC BOUND BABY— Baseball that is !!!!

  • Colt74

    Thank-you. I still think it’s pretty much a toss up with the first picture. LOL!
    I’ve been spoiled now that I have been to Baldwin Parks field…

  • cool

    hey word on cameron:
    what about the other 50 guys on that team?

  • Fred Robledo

    Just confirmed, San Marino vs. San Dimas on THURSDAY at Citrus College, 7 p.m.

  • amat nation

    fred where the game going to b played at?(amat)

  • RHL Fan

    Fred, any reason why the SD/SM game is on a Thursday?

  • Bonita fan

    Do not understand why Arcadia is placed on the same side as West Covina?/?????

  • Amat Bully

    Bonita fan
    Man you sound like you know your going to lose and Arcadia should be in the other bracket to beat WC in the championship. which wont happen WC will win this easy and after they do i wonder if the blog world is going to respect their back to back unlike they did when CO did it..

  • Bonita fan

    Yes a Thursday game for San Dimas.

  • Fred Robledo

    San Dimas at Citrus Thursday because Azusa has Citrus on Friday.

  • I’d imagine you’ll see more games moved to Thurs. because of ref shortage. Just a hunch. But that’s fine, because it gives guys like me a chance to see more games. Same with the fans, no?

  • coltfan97

    I agree with you Aram I want to see more high school, especially the Monrovia vs Pomona first round game!!!!! I don’t understand why CIF put all semifinal games (in all divisions) on Friday Dec. 2!!!!!!


    Fred and Aram, can’t wait for your TRIBSKIN PICK’EM tomorrow! Because FRED & Aram Know SGV FOORTBALL! PICK’EM RIGHT!

    LET’S GET READY AZUSA,and good luck Friday night!

  • little jake

    im going out on a limb and picking bonita to upset arcadia. the question is which bonita team will show up. if the bonita team which i think will show up they will upset arcadia. also san marino will upset san dimas and pomona will loose.end of story

  • coltfan97

    Hey little jake what are you basing those upsets on???

  • Blue History

    The year was 2004 and Santa Margarita was up, at home, 27-14 at halftime against Bishop Amat. At the end of the 3rd, the Eagles were up 34-17 and in complete control of the game. Then out of no where, Bishop Amat stormed back by scoring 20 unanswered points in the 4th quarter en route to a stunning 37-34 Lancer victory.

    And Aram was right, it was Amat RB, William Wagner, who scored the game winning touchdown.

    We believe in you, Amat Lancers!

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    @Chino Hills… I swear… it’s people like you and your ilk that give Chino Hills a bad name, and it EXACTLY why we root for Ayala over Chino Hills. The fish stinks from the head down over there and it’s pathetic. Just shut up! Your team is not as good as you thought, suck it up and try harder next year. You shoudl try a piece of humble pie and was it down with a big tall cup of STFU!

  • Ban the Bully

    Wooly Bully,
    I don’t know what planet you come from but here on earth, “having a long night” means that things are not going your way. What did you want Fred to say, “better they not show up for the game?” Would that make you happy? Apparently, nothing anyone posts on this blog does. Why do even stick around if everything gets you tied up in a knot? You need to get out more often, you have one short fuse dude.

  • Woof Woof

    No “dog” in this fight but who you playing next week Ayala?

  • “Black” and Blue History

    Blue History….the year doesn’t matter. At one time you guys owned Servite…LOL How’d that work for you this year?

  • Panther Fan

    Southeast Division – Looks like it will be all Hacienda after the second round.

  • sgv sucks

    the only good teams in the sgv are bishop amat, glendora, damien, and chino hills, charter oak is good now but their back to back cif titles were nothing cause they were in a horrible division that almost any decent team could dominate. all the other teams are just low division teams that take pride in winning horrible divisions (southeast and mid-valley)

  • chino hills

    ayala bulfrog : Mind your own business and its your school that’s obviously not liked. ..lmao and for a weak team we crushed your weak team! Once again your 10 games and out watching others play.


    You know Fred, maybe just right! AZUSA has another tough first round playoff again! Cerrittos Valley Christian has played a tough pre and regular seaon. AZUSA will have to play a hard physical game. They must keep the penalties to a minimal and definitely not turnover the ball! Cal preps has AZUSA winning, but then again they had La Puente winning by 3 points and you know what the score on that was! La Puente, is not CVC, as you can see by their season and AZUSA will have their hands full!CVC, HAS PLAYED Maranatha and won them, AZUSA has lost to Maranatha. Hopefully that tough preseason pays off and AZUSA will be battle tested!AZUSA lost a key player in the La Puente game, to a torn knee and he’s done for the season.

    One small plus for AZUSA, is were playing at home,(Citrus College), so will have to take advantage of that AZTEC ELECTRICITY, if you know what I mean! Coach Scherf, will have his work cut out for him, but I know his plan will work out for the AZTECS!

    Here’s Cerrittos Valley chr, Pre and League standing and as you can see they play alot tougher teams then the Montview League, BUT!!! it can be done and they come out with the ~W~!


    Upcoming Games
    Fri 11/18 Valley Christian (Cerritos, CA) at Azusa (CA), 7:30pm
    Mid-Valley (XI) Playoffs
    projection: Azusa (CA) 31-28

    Division: Mid-Valley (XI), Enrollment: 603, Coach: Erick Streelman, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Maroon/Gold, Nickname: Crusaders, Address: 10818 Artesia Blvd)
    Date Location Opponent Record Rating 2010 Record 2010 Rating League Division Result (Time)
    Fri 09/02 Home Campbell Hall (North Hollywood, CA) 7-3 7.5 7-4 2.2 Alpha East Valley (XII) Lost, 21-11
    Fri 09/09 Home St. Joseph (Santa Maria, CA) 3-7 21.4 5-5 31.7 Pac-7 Western (IV) Lost, 63-14
    Fri 09/16 Road St. Bernard (Playa del Rey, CA) 10-0 19.8 3-7 -14.6 Del Rey Northwest (X) Lost, 30-27
    Fri 09/23 Home Mayfair (Lakewood, CA) 7-3 16.1 8-5 29.4 Suburban Southeast (VII) Lost, 31-14
    Fri 09/30 Home Ontario Christian (Ontario, CA) 7-2-1 7.6 4-6 -8.6 Ambassador East Valley (XII) Won, 42-38
    Thu 10/06 Irvine (CA) Northwood (Irvine, CA) 3-7 7 8-4-1 13.4 Pacific Coast Southern (IX) Lost, 31-14
    Fri 10/14 Home Village Christian (Sun Valley, CA)* 5-5 1.9 8-5 13.4 Olympic Mid-Valley (XI) Won, 31-24
    Sat 10/22 Road Los Angeles Baptist (North Hills, CA)* 2-8 -21.9 2-8 -17.1 Olympic Mid-Valley (XI) Won, 58-32
    Fri 10/28 Home Maranatha (Pasadena, CA)* 8-2 15.4 8-4 10.2 Olympic Mid-Valley (XI) Won, 26-18
    Fri 11/04 Whittier College (Whittier, CA) Whittier Christian (La Habra, CA)* 6-4 10.5 12-2 23.9 Olympic Mid-Valley (XI) Lost, 41-23
    Fri 11/18 Road Azusa (CA)
    Mid-Valley (XI) Playoffs 7-3 4.4 10-1 11.8 Montview Mid-Valley (XI) 7:30pm

  • WhiteFang

    For thoes that did not see the Amat vs Servite game.One defense back let two long passes get away from him after the Amat Offense and defense did their part.If Rio plays, they have a chance;
    without him, will be like playing Servite all over again. No one should be upset if Rio does not play again. He did all that was asked of him.

  • Colt74

    Before all the Fanfare and Whoopla drown out the past I would like to THANK the Valle Vista Teams that are not moving on.

    Baldwin Park

    THANK-YOU for your dedication and the hard work for your coaches and your team mates. Good luck the rest of the year in any sports, your studies, and the next path of your lives. Hope to see see you the next 4 weeks at the games supporting the Valle Vista League in your team colors.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    @ Woof Woof… never came in here saying that the team I root for was all that and a bag of chips. Never said we were a playoff team, never said our team was any better than our recond. Never said we even deserved to be in the playoffs. Just telling Chino Hills what is painfully obvious to everyone else but him. WE all knew CHHS was not anywhere near the caliber of team Charter Oak was…

    @Chino Hills… When you come in here vomiting from your keyboard you make ALL Chino Hills people look bad and since I live in Chino Hills, I am minding my business. CHHS only managed 7 points against CO. LOL IIRC the Bullfrogs as you call them (again showing your class… or lack therof) scored WAY more than that. So let’s see what more excuses you come up with when your team gets bounced in the first round?

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    To FRED or ARAM,

    Regarding the 1st Round matchup:

    South El Monte Eagles @ Covina Colts (Covina District Field)

    the CIF-SS Bracket Release says all games generally start at 7:30p.m. unless another time is agreed upon and CIF-SS gives the ok.

    So on this website (for the Colts):

    it says the game is at 7:00p.m., just looking for clarification on game time, 7 or 7:30….that’s all…..

  • Colt74

    LA TIMES 11/13


    Top-seeded teams: 1. Covina (9-1), 2. El Monte Arroyo (9-1), 3. San Dimas (8-2), 4. Monrovia (7-3).

    Players to watch: Quarterback William Livingston of Covina has a 354-yard passing performance. Defending champion Monrovia features heavily recruited defensive tackle Ellis McCarthy. Junior quarterback Joshua Mendoza has passed for 1,399 yards for Alhambra.

    The pick: Covina.


    Top-seeded teams: 1. West Covina (9-1), 2. Santa Fe (6-4), 3. La Mirada (6-4), 4. Burbank Burroughs (6-4).

    Players to watch: Running back Jimmy Frazier has become a major contributor for West Covina. Receiver-defensive back Taylor Lagace, a Washington commit, is versatile and tough. La Verne Bonita junior kicker Brandt Davis has made seven of 10 field goals.

    The pick: West Covina.

  • Amat Bully

    I know that this is the past but after reading your post, are you saying the reason why yall lost is because that defensive back gave up two long passes but your defense and offense did their job……im curious if they did their job then why only 14 points on offense and your defense gave up 49?……

  • 12th man

    The bad news is that Santa Margarita is as or if not better than Servite~…The Good News!!…You can actually run the ball against them..They dont have swarming linebackers like Servite if Jalen Moore can find the holes & get off the line he could have a productive night..On the other hand SM has an explosive offense~ They run well & the QB has to be considered one of the best in the Southland he can thread the needle or go deep on you..He has deceptive speed & can gain large chunks of real estate…Linebackers need to spy on QB & make sure he’s passing…Amat would have had a tough 1st round no matter what..Every team in the pac5 has a shot..Long Beach Poly would have been a more intresting 1st round game for Amat~

  • Aaron

    Bonita can pound the ball…GO BEARCATS!

  • paul revere

    The playoffs are Here…The Playoffs are here ….pressure pressure pressure….The undercats are ready!!!

  • C.O. Fan

    Believe me, there is no doubt that Damien was alot better than Chino Hills this year. Coaching is the only reason for the Spartan loss in that game. Damien will play Vista Murrietta alot tougher than people think! GO CHARGERS!!!

  • The U

    I have to give you guys credit over here.But the fact is no one in your league can keep up[ with Upland.So Enjoy your little bit of hope.But you will bve one and done.The U

  • Bonita Fan

    Would love to see Upland and servite play each other on an plus one game. Two of the best in the State this year hands down.
    Bonita Vs Arcadia darn good game and my upset of the week is Dimond Rach losing to Mayfair. Bulldogs have good chance to repeat this year.

  • bonita fan

    I hope they don’t play (Bonita) like they did last week. They totally had a bad game and score did not indicate how bad they played. If they show up and get that swag back like they had on defense early in year we will win.
    We will pound the ball and mix in enough passing to keep Arcadia off balance is my hope. Horine will also have to have a good game on both sides of ball this week… Podley made adjustments after lost to West Cov to match thier skill players talent and Reggie Turner is what turned around their season for them. He willed that win over Los Altos. He can run the rock when healthy.

  • Bonita fan

    Ps Cameron #2 Griffin is no slouch either.

  • SGV Sucks

    Dont count Damien in your list of good teams.
    They have a week schedule also. And any tough games they had they lost. i.e. Amat, Chino Hills

    They are gonna get beat big this week

  • keakthesneak

    Try to dissect all of the dumb things that are going on? Uh, if you can’t generate interest, then who’s going to watch your games, coach? Prep sports have never been bigger, so either grow a thicker skin, or think about a different career path. If you troll these forums fishing for compliments, this might not be the forum for that.

  • tougher than you think

    La Mirada could be tougher than people think in the Southeast. They’ve beat the last 5 opponents 249-62!

  • just askin’

    keak – what are you talking about!?!

  • keakthesneak

    Just expressing my reaction to what the coach said on the video about these forums.

  • CO Bully

    joke: quoted Lou ; And they didn’t have their running back and linebacker in that game (against Chino Hills). You have to throw out the early games and just concentrate on what they did later in the season.”he’s talking about when we played Santiago… but our coach isn’t making excuses for us??