Mid-Valley Division predictions: Covina will beat surprise Arroyo in title game

Fred’s thoughts: Covina has an easy road to the semifinals, but once there, they will have their toughest game of the playoffs against either Monrovia or Whittier Christian, but I’m going with the Wildcats to beat the Heralds in the second round. To me, Covina-Monrovia is the real championship, and I like the Colts to outslug the Cats. On the bottom half, San Dimas is the favorite on paper, but Maranatha, Cerritos Valley Christian and Arroyo all got a shot. I love Arroyo’s draw and chance of getting to the semifinals, and if there, I’ll take them in an upset over San Dimas. In the final, however, Covina wins by at least two touchdowns no matter who they face.

Mid-Valley Division Predictions
Top Half

South El Monte (7-3) at #1 Covina (9-1)
Alhambra (8-2) at La Puente (9-1)
El Monte (7-3) at Whittier Christian (6-4)
Pomona (6-4) at #4 Monrovia (7-3)
Bottom half
San Marino (7-3) at #3 San Dimas (8-2), Thursday at Citrus
Cerritos Valley Christian (4-6) at Azusa (7-3)
Maranatha (8-2) at San Gabriel (6-4)
Sierra Vista (6-4) at #2 Arroyo (9-1)
Second Round Winners
Covina over South El Monte
Alhambra over La Puente
Whittier Christian over El Monte
Monrovia over Pomona
San Dimas over San Marino
Azusa over Cerritos Valley Christian
Maranatha over San Gabriel
Arroyo over Sierra Vista
Quarterfinal winners
Covina over Alhambra
Monrovia over Whittier Christian
San Dimas over Azusa
Arroyo over Maranatha
Semifinal winners
Covina over Monrovia
Arroyo over San Dimas
Covina over Arroyo

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  • paul revere

    This spell is not going to work….Monrovia worry about the Dangerous red devils, No need to look ahead…The Fun and Games are over and Paul’s slogan now is… The playoffs are here, the playoffs are here…pressure pressure pressure…”Shut and play”. The playoffs are here.

  • MHS go go go go

    Wow, a East Valley playoff Fantasy ….better Hope that Covina and Arroyo make it…otherwise, the Dear CIF letter, and east valley push from the tribune is going to look ridiculous lol…

    East valley…East Valley the side of dreams, everything in the east ain’t always what it seems
    you might get fool if your from out of town,
    But I am down by law… and I am predicting MTOWN!!!

  • coltfan97

    I agree with Revere take it one game at a time!!!!!!!

  • Just Observing


    Arroyo really??? Have you seen them play? Have you seen who they JUST beat? (Montebello, La Canada, Rosemead, EM,) What a joke!!! Please, they will be out in the 2nd round guaranteed… They are lucky they drew SV or it would be over already…. You need to get off of Aram’s jock about 1 player they have. But I do wish them well in the playoffs… Best of Luck SGV!!!


    I have this way:

    ROUND 1

    ROUND 2

    ROUND 3


    ROUND 1

    ROUND 2

    ROUND 3



  • Fred Robledo

    East Valley Push from the Tribune? We suggested South Pas get the wild card, not Sierra Vista. The west side should be thanking us for the support. And like I said, I like Arroyo because of their draw, no team on the bottom half is a world beater, the best three teams are on the top half, Monrovia, Whittier Christian and Covina, the No. 1s from the VVL, Olympic and Rio Hondo — arguably the three toughest leagues. But again, Arroyo is not a slam dunk choice by any means, just a hunch. If I had to bet the house on it, I would probably take San Dimas or Maranatha, but no doubt Arroyo has a good shot of reaching the final too.

  • Colt74

    Thomass the man full of faith & knowledge

    Schooled the team like a football college

    He knows how to make the players do their thing

    Go Colts! bring home a Championship ring!

  • Just Observing


    I don’t see Monrovia getting out of 1st rd against Pomona. Any decent team they played they lost. Covina is the team to beat for sure! They have a well rounded (SIZE also) team to beat anybody in this division. I would pick Maranath or SD on the bottom half. I think Covina will be holding the crown in the end by 14 + pts like you stated….. Best of Luck to all, all teams are 0 – 0 in the playoffs!!!

  • SaintsR4real

    Do yourself a favor and re-read your last entire post. It has confusion written all over it! (hint) best three teams….and arroyo to ship but you bet the farm on other teams????!!!! DOH!!!
    Please expose how this HUNCH came about?

  • Fred Robledo

    When push comes to shove, I think Covina, Whittier Christian and Monrovia are probably the three best, regardless of San Dimas’ earlier win over Monrovia. Just my opinion and maybe I’m wrong, but just because you beat or “upset” someone earlier in the year, doesn’t necessarily make you better. Just look at what Monrovia did in the rematch last year against San Dimas, or what San Dimas did to Monrovia in the 2009 rematch. Plus, there’s something gritty about Arroyo that I like, they have an old-school toughness and mentality to them. They’ve won a lot of close games and won’t play anyone on the bottom half of the draw that’s physically imposing. So, I’m rolling the dice with Rivera and Singiser.

  • Colt74

    Usually after every Covina game I do a feedback of my interpretation of the game. Since I did not do that this week I want to do something else.

    I want to give an acknowledgement to our LINES and to their COACHES. A lot of attention is given to the other high profile players but without THESE guys the COLTS would not be where they are today. Period. THESE guys help the others look good.

    Coaches SCHIRMER, PARRY, WILLIAMS, and WASHINGTON and the men in the trenches…
    You are undefeated VALLE VISTA CHAMPIONS and in the playoffs because of your hard work and even harder play.
    You guys earned an extra candy bar IMHO. Coaches included.

    Good luck the rest of your games.

  • Just Observing


    Have you seen WC or Monrovia play this year? I’m wondering how you are basing your 3 best teams? Arroyo, close games? Against Who? Teams that either did not make the playoffs or will be out in the 1st round. MVL is weak!!!!

  • east valley Push

    Fred Arroyo is a good team, and has the best overall player in the Midvalley, however the speed that teams Like Covina and Monrovia have they don’t, the Size that Whittier Christian they don’t. The depth that San Dimas has, they don’t….They have coaching, but they just don’t have the overall package to win it all…I am very surprised you picked them…They Struggled with some pretty bottom grade mdvalley teams….That bracket Belongs to San Dimas…The top bracket is Hell…Covina , Monrovia , WCHS, Pomona, the winner, If healthy will come out of this bracket….But you can not deny the east valley push….It’s your area, you have the right to root for that side….Just admit it hahaha…

  • Fred Robledo

    Just observing, I’ve seen WC and Monrovia, and look, I like Arroyo because of the draw. San Dimas and Arroyo benefit by having Covina, Whittier Christian, Monrovia and Pomona on the top half of the bracket.

  • things are not always what they seem…..

    Paramount is very similar to Pomona except way Bigger…and They are the SGV league champs they are hosting “ST Francis” In the DIV 4 playoffs…That game really helped Monrovia prepare for the playoffs….People in the SGV look at records and calpreps but never get out to see kids from other areas…Monrovia should be prepared for this game….it’s a good thing they are playing home…Good luck cats.

  • “People in the SGV look at records and calpreps but never get out to see kids from other areas”

    And I’m sure people in other areas flock to the SGV to see our kids.


  • coltfan97

    Yes S.D. and Arroyo have the best draw, but Covina doesn’t have that bad of a draw either!!!!!! Their toughest game will be the semifinal game!!!!! W.C., Pomona, and Monrovia will fight it out on who is going to play Covina in semifinals!!!! Good luck to all!!!!!

  • Lame-O

    Re: LAME

    Aram I think you jumped the gun on that one or maybe you’re just not being honest. I would venture to say more SGV fans go out to see a PAC 5 game than OC people come here to see Covina vs. San Dimas. It’s no different than more SGV shoppers go to The Grove than OC shoppers come to the Eastland Mall. Nothing lame about that.

    Are you saying OC fans are coming to see LA’s resurgence in equal numbers to those who went to see Welch lead SM against Servite? Nothing lame about that.

    Hard to argue the point.

  • things are not always what they seem…..

    Lame? I am glad you write for us in the SGV… In understand the Tribune is not the times or Register. Personally, how many teams do you get to see outside the SGV? Excluding Bishop Amat’s and St Francis’s Schedule Who else plays outside the SGV. We had Bishop Amat vs Servite, Charter Oak vs Rancho, West Co vs Loyola, Our 3 best teams went 0-3 vs other Areas best teams and Our storied team got squashed by servite, and now they are going down Santa Margarita to get squashed…You know why because they are not used to playing anyone…why would any one want to come out here to see any of our teams? I think that the majority of sgv schools need to really get out there schedule and beat teams from other area’s. The Midvalley is the most localized division in Southern Section and the Majority of the teams don’t play anyone…the Majority of the games are played on 10 fwy and 210 fwy within 8 miles…Every game is a cross town rivalry…The point I was making was is that the one Game Monrovia did play outside of the area is going to benifit them friday…Because of Monrovia’s draw Pomona, the Paramount game is now starting to hold value…Paramount and Pomona are similar teams Paramount is just a little bigger…some people from the VVL said that Paramount was on the same level as Azusa, but with a 5-5 record…it turns out they won their League along with Dominguez by beating undefeated a Ghar team at that time, and they are hosting St Francis, which is Arguable better than any team in the Midvalley, in the DIV 4 playoffs. Do you think Covina would 9-1 if they played more than 2 games outside their Division? Or Arroyo? Or anyone of the teams in the mid valley…Pomona played a tough schedule and so did Monrovia well in preseason lol. But nevertheless…scheduling up, and scheduling outside your area, helps a program…You may lose, but down the road…you can look back at that tape, get prepared…It’s one thing to type up cal preps or read news clips, but it’s another thing to get out and go see some other games which has nothing to do SGV football…you will see some things you don’t see out here….I am all about SGV football, this is main reason why we can’t get over the hump… The Majority of the SGV teams truly want to stay in the Fish bowl.

  • truth

    -If Monrovia and San Dimas end up the finals again or win it, you can officially say the mid valley is a two team division.

    -if West Co wins the Southeast again, you can officially say the The southeast is a 1 team division.

    -if this happens those schools should consider doing what charter oak did, and move up. Westco to Division 5 or inland, and Monrovia, and San Dimas to the southeast…

  • coltfan97

    Sometimes scheduling up can hurt a team too!!!!! For instance, injuries may occur because the team is just physically bigger. It also can hurt a team mentally by suffering a lopsided loss!!!!

  • coltfan97

    the truth,

    Monrovia won’t end up in the finals!!!!

  • coltfan97

    the truth,

    Monrovia won’t end up in the finals!!!!

  • tougher than you think

    as it pertains to playing teams out of the area that are better than those in the SGV realize – Amat beat 3 teams in pre-league that came in 1st in their league: Garfield, La Mirada, and Venice – Venice being the #4 seed in the City Division 1 and the LA Times says the Garfield/Carson game could be “interesting” – and Carson beat Mater Dei!

  • Colt74

    1. Playing UP in preseason better prepares you for the playoffs.
    Just like a 150 pound person trying to bench press 300 pounds for the first 4 days of a workout schedule, followed by bench pressing 75 pounds days 5-11, better prepares you to bench press 300 pounds on day 12…..

    2. Comparing games of common opponents.
    Useless even on a good day.
    Sports are too dynamic. The same teams could play 2 days in a row and have totally different results . But playing a common opponent weeks apart is a MUCH better barometer?

    3. Rankings/Polls
    As biased as the people that make them or vote in them.

    4. Blogs
    Created so a mute could hate too.

    5. Citrus Stadium
    Need Gondola lift to get to top row. Defibulators until then would be nice.

  • I’m glad I write for us, too. No, the Trib isn’t the Times or OC Register. I don’t aspire to be at either place or else I would be.

    I’ve lived in the SGV all my life and I like the fishbowl. I really only know what I read about teams from outside the area because every Friday night I’m where I should be — in the fishbowl covering fishbowl teams.

    I’ve heard that we hype up the fishbowl teams way too much. I’ve heard that our teams aren’t better than teams from the OC or elsewhere in the Southland. Both might be true to a degree, but this is the area that I cover and it’s all I care about. I hope the teams from other areas get covered as well as we cover the teams from the fishbowl.

    And by the way, I think the greatest thing ever is the Mid-Valley Division. Beside Maranatha, I wish the Olympic League wasn’t in it because it would be totally local, just the way I like it.


    things are not always what they seem,

    You know what the VVL might be right, because according to Cal Preps AZUSA would lose by 7 points to Paramount. Not to bad for a team from the Mount View league. AZUSA, last year played Bell Gardens, Ontario Christian, Gaberlino, yes I know Gaberlino is no powerhouse but how many miles would you consider coming out of the FISHBOWL. AZUSA this year played SD, Marnatha, Don Lugo I say they have been doing a fine job on playing different teams from all around, to basicaly get battled tested for the playoffs.

    ARROYO played HART, and I would have to say that’s definitly coming out of your comfort zone. Paramount, your playing ST. FRANCIS , well good luck looking at your record you barely got by WARREN 43-42 in OT, who has won one game! Good luck in the playoffs!

  • Long Bus Rides ROCK !!!

    Some of the greatest times we had as players were the long rides into “enemy” territory. Those long bus rides brought us together as players, solidified our faith in our coaches and make us proud to represent where we came from…traveling to Encino, Play Del Rey, Long Beach, Sherman Oaks, Bellflower and yes the SGV from little ole Boyle Heights.
    At the same time I rode those long bus rides home with a broken heart, bruised and battered, but still it was something special playing teams that didn’t look like us, live like us or were twice as big as us.
    That’s an honor really missed too often in the Fish Bowl. Last year Damein played J Serra and took a ride into the unknown. yes the ride was long but this year they came home victorious….all the way home! Same with Temescal Canyon…and now with Vista Murrietta.
    Whatever happens Friday I know the players will never forget the “ride”.
    But Aram you’re right about one thing….it’s what makes the Fish Bowl,, a term I “coined”, so unique and something I said almost six years ago…”Friends playing friends and neighbors playing neighbors”…how sweet.
    But it’s hard to deny Covina vs Tesoro a few years back or San Dimas going to Morro Bay blind. BTW still waiting for Azusa to schedule Salesian…Marantha and Whittier Christian did.

  • things are not always what they seem…..

    tougher than you think…

    Please Exclude Bishop Amat, they are in another galaxy compared to the lower Division teams…They went up against servite. As good as upland and Corona Cent are, they don’t see that kind of ball in the inland week win and week out…not til week 10…Pac 5 playoffs start in week 5. The top 16 teams in the Pac 5 would win the Midvalley, and be in the Finals in the Southeast, The top 8 teams in the pac 5 would be in the Semis in the inland…If Bishop is a bottom grade team in Pac5 and CO is a mid level team in the inland…the rest of the SGV is light yrs behind…I want the SGV to catch up..The only way “is to get up get out and get something”. SGV needs bigger out of area games across the board. In regards to the mid valley it’s truly a training ground for programs that aspire to move up…You’ll never get out if you don’t win it year after year…. do you honestly think Azusa would win the San Gabriel league against Dominguez, Ghar,and Paramount, Really? LOl…Azusa would not win the VVL, RHL, MVL, Olympic, Or Almont… see that’s my point…Warren played Burbank, Santa Fe, LB jordan, Marina and La Serna…Azusa is not beating any of those teams lol…

  • coltfan97

    Tell me how Covina with the enrollment of 1500 students can compete with Upland with an enrollment of 3500 students???? Even Glendora has only 2300 students and look what happen to them in the Baseline!!!! They couldn’t compete!!!! We all love are teams here in the SGV, if we didn’t we wouldn’t be on these blogs!!!!!

  • things are not always what they seem…..

    Who said Covina should go to inland…Do you think they can play south east ball? You know what your right SGV football Should schedule each other and never, play any one else. I get it waddle in the Fishbowl….Muir was in D2 for years… and did fine….well until Alemany stole their players…Arcadia has near 4,000 why are they not in the pac 5…Paramount is the largest school in California…why are not in pac 5? Charter oak only has 1900..in they are competing. Stop making excuse…play better preseason games… go beat some people on a continuous basis…and Cif would bump SGV schools up…I believe we are good enough.

  • coltfan97

    Actually the biggest high school in California is Long Beach Poly but thats another subject!!!! I do like the fact that Covina plays West Covina thats a natural rivalry!!!!! Plus its a set up game for Covina!!!!!! You say enrollment is an excuse it’s not!!!! You draw more players, which means your going to have a bigger roster. And your likely to have more stud players!!!!! This doesn’t happen all the time!!!! Schools with low enrollment might be able to compete for a couple of years but over a period of time size will take over!!!!!! By the way private schools don’t count since they can draw kids from anywhere!!!!!

  • things are not always what they seem…..

    it’s funny , but what’s strange about the SGV is that despite being small, there is a a lot of talent…what is lacking is “program” and Schedule. What’s stopping the SGV kids from getting bigger, Faster, stronger ??? I am sure all the schools have weight rooms and fields to run on. You just don’t see pumped up kids in the SGV…that’s why we get pushed around in when we play outside the SGV. I Look at CO kurt Scoby is buff, Travis Santiago is Buff. The Whole CO squad is not buff like that…Justin Meaders, Solomon, Salgado and Frazier gained size from last year…why not the rest….You can not say the SGV does not get muscled when we step out the bowl…Erollment matters…It does mean more players..i will agree to that but still. You have to work with what you got…We have players in the SGV.

  • coltfan97

    You forgot Covina they have size as well!!!! They arguably have the best o-line and d-line in the SGV!!!!!! Yes Covina could compete this year but 2 or 3 years from now would they be able to compete? I don’t know!!!! Tell me this do you think South Hills belongs in the Inland Division? No they are to small of a school to compete in such a large division!!!!!

  • full disclosure

    coltfan97 – the “they can draw players form anywhere” excuse is old. How many of CO’s better players form the last 4 yrs actually went to middle school in the Charter Oak School District or live in the boundaries. This is a question that CO fans avoid answering at all costs. I want to see a list!

  • things are not always what they seem…..

    I don’t know …it all depends on what you have coming up the pipe…Livingston, Venegas, Padilla, Hynes, Mason, Carillo, de la cruz, Etc…I see why you and the tribune are really pushing for Chovina. A lot is riding on this season … having all those seniors, is a advantage…that’s your biggest advantage…As for the best line in SGV…I think Covina’s line is behind these guys…sorry.

    Charter Oak
    Chino Hills
    West Covina
    Bishop Amat
    St Paul
    St Francis

    Full disclosure…you are right people go anywhere, it’s not like the old days where you played for your local high school. That’s the reason why a lot of schools are good…do you think All Centennial’s players live on that side of town…or all the upland players are from upland…. or poly in LBC… If you live in Pomona … you the school of choice is D Ranch… that’s no secret…Nah….enrollment is playing less of a roll these days…people go where they think the team is going to be good…

  • coltfan97

    Full Disclosure,

    I said private schools can draw players from anywhere am I wrong? I didn’t say public schools!!!!!! I would like see that list too? I know Covina has a couple of transfers as well!!!!! If the transfers are legal what can we do? You can’t blame the players, the coaches, the parents, or administration for transfers!!!!! If your to blame somebody over the issue of “athletic motivated transfers” blame CIF for their inconsistent ruling on the issue!!!!!

  • Full disclosure

    Coltfan97-all I was saying is the rules seem to be the same now. CO gets players from outside their area just like private schools can. South Hills and Los Altos even more so did when they were good. DR does from all over Pomona and now even Pomona reloaded with kids from everywhere. So its not really a publilc/private issue anymore at all.

    i’d still like to see that CO list!

  • coltfan97

    Full Disclosure, I agree with you its not the same like it used to be!!!!! Just imagine Duarte this year with the likes of Scoby from CO, Ainsworth from Covina, and Jaime Canada from S.H.!!!! They would all be on the same team this year!!!!

    to things are not always what they seem

    I said Covina’s line was arguably the best I didn’t say they were the best line!!!! Just saying

  • things are not always what they seem

    To stay on topic…no matter where the sgv kids, go… There are only a handful kids in the SGV at a few schools who look like they have been Pumping Iron, and really look fast…We get push around, ran by, out jumped and Beat up outside our area, and I am sick of it…we need to get bigger, stronger, and Faster in the SGV…Like in the old days…Back then SGV teams were taking bus rides all over from the Inland Empire to Paso Robles…Now it’s down Arrow highway if you are lucky…In the VVL 2 of teams in the same city play each other at the same field…and Covina plays the other in preseason. If you are a top player in Covina regardless of Middle school where do you go? Right now it seems Like Farrar has a racket on Covina…and the schools just so happen to be ranked in this order in regards to who would beat who as well…Chino and Ayala were sick…they built chino hills and they evaporated…it’s the same story everywhere…You don’t think Summit and Kaiser put a dent in fontana high school…let’s not stick our heads in the ground like the ostrich….

    1. CO
    2. Covina
    3. Northview
    4. Gladstone.

  • What makes the fishbowl are the players, coaches and fans (Fred and I qualify among the fans). And the fans are a dying breed, judging by the attendance I’ve seen at most games.

  • things are not always what they seem

    Fans want to see SGV teams compete against other areas and Win… The Turkey tussle is a perfect example…18,000 people show up right…But the muir and pasadena attendance during the year is not good….why don’t those people follow the games? It might be because muir is in The Southeast and doesn’t play anyone “on a regular basis”. Back in the days once muir hit the playoffs they were in big games and crowds were huge… They use to pack out PCC. If the SGV starts playing big games…the crowds will come….As for bishop, they play the big games…They just have not won in a long time…They need to start winning again…if they do….we will see things turn around…I don’t like the word fish bowl…I rather think of the CIF as one big pool…The kiddies stay in the shallow end and big boys play in the deep end with out the floaties. It’s time to learn how to swim again…

  • COChargerfan

    Obviously things are not always what they seem is a Pac-5 homer. So please explain why the top 8 Pac-5 teams would automatically be in the Inland Semis instead of Upland, REV, Vista Murrieta, Centennial or several of the other good Inland teams including Rancho and CO? Lets look at the facts.

    The top 8 seeds per the Pac-5 brackets are Servite, Mission Viejo, Edison, LB Poly, Alemany, San Clemente, Santa Margarita and Loyola.

    We know that LB Poly and San Clemente both got beat by Mission Viejo who, in turn, lost to REV. We know that Loyola lost to Upland. We know that Alemany lost to JW North who, in turn, got killed by Corona Centennial. We know that Edison and Santa Margarita both lost to Mater Dei who, in turn, lost to Corona Centennial. We also know that the co-flip loser Crespi was easily beaten by Vista Murrieta.

    The facts are in and things are not always what they seem is full of hot air.

  • MikeLawry

    Covina is number one seed no doubt, but there’s no way they can be predicted as CIF champs when they share the bracket with,PTown, MTown,and WhittierChristian. That is one tough bracket.

  • Night and day

    Big difference bewteen preleague, league, and playoffs

  • Philly B.

    All I want to know is, how is Paramount similar to Pomona???? Other than one team has bigger players…Is there offense the same, similar defensive schemes…what is it….And Im loving all the hype n love for Covina, rightfully deserved. However, Covina Fans dont let Fred Blow your heads and think your team Can’t be Beat!!!!! Everyone thought San Dimas would win it all and look what happened. Monrovia is in a weak league,So is Arroyo, Alhambra, And Azusa in my opinion.
    Cats will have their hands full this friday night against Pomona. Good luck to all teams

  • Philly B

    Both teams run a variation of “I” offense which they run iso’s an off tackle a few sweeps…They both teams have big lineman, both teams have similar Athletes at the WR and DB spots tall and quick. Both of teams have big athletic Linebackers who can run…Pomona is great team…this is going to be very tough game for monrovia….one they could lose. Paramount is very similar to Pomona…just look on you tube…and you will see for yourself…the Paramount posted the game vs Monrovia…

  • things are not always what they seem

    Philly B

    Both teams run a variation of “I” offense which they run iso’s an off tackle a few sweeps…They both teams have big lineman, both teams have similar Athletes at the WR and DB spots tall and quick. Both of teams have big athletic Linebackers who can run…Pomona is great team…this is going to be very tough game for monrovia….one they could lose. Paramount is very similar to Pomona…just look on you tube…and you will see for yourself…the Paramount posted the game vs Monrovia…

  • Philly B

    Hmmmm Well if Pomona runs a basic “I”-formation like paramount did. Then Im sure Maddox and his coaching staff will be able to prepare for that since they’ve seen it before. Im going to youtube the game and see whats up. But Im sure pomona has some better athletes. But if Pomona only runs and the cats start packing in the box can that QB at P-town throw the ball????

  • coltfan97

    Mike Lawry what you forget is that Pomona and Monrovia have to play 2 tough opponents before they get to Covina!!!!! Covina should pretty much healthy win they get to the semifinals!!! I can’t say the same for Monrovia, Pomona, or W.C. Covina toughest game will be the semifinal game!!!!!

  • Philly B

    Hmmmm Well, I see it like this, if we take care of business and handle pomona at home like the wildcats should. Whittier Christian….We’ve seen them before, they are a very good team. But Maddox is familiar with them and there will be no surprises if(when) we face them in the 2nd round.
    I know those heralds want payback for last years finals and I just hope they dont look ahead for that match up when they have to play El Monte first which is a nice draw for them might I add. Ohhhh I hope monrovia and covina play in the semi-finals so we can put it to rest if covina is truely the best team or not. Not saying they arent but Ive never seen them play. Good luck to San Marino because lord knows you gotta good team in SD to face.