Where do we send Mike the Cousin?

With Bishop Amat at Santa Margarita on Friday, I will update on Coveritlive, but we’re not sure where to send Mike the Cousin for the feature game? Bonita-Arcadia? Pomona-Monrovia? You tell us.

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  • SaintsR4real

    Pomona @ Monrovia is your best bet to maximize activity, both on the blogs and Cover-it-Live. If so, the trash talking starts NOW!!

    Prediction: Pomona 31, Mtown 20.
    Pomona running to strong for Billycats!!

  • CO Bro

    So Fred you will be at the Bishop Amat game?

  • CallItLikeISeeIt

    If he’s in the Robledo family, doesn’t the car just automatically go to the Amat game?

  • FredJ

    I’ll be at the Amat game updating … Mike works at Universal, it would be too tough for him to make the Amat game on time…..Aram is at Charter Oak, our game of the week.


    Okay who will be at the AZUSA vs. cerrittos chr. game?LOL…

  • Colt74

    You said Pomona-Monrovia was the best first round game. MANY here agree. I sure do. So, does that not answer your own question?
    Monrovias new complex, W-a-r-m press box….


  • Mid-Valley

    No-brainer Pomona Monrovia game. Very good match up, who would have though this at the being of the season, I’m giving Pomona the edge.

  • Bonita fan

    Bonita game isn’t that best game of the week in southeast?

  • Go Scots

    Mike needs to get out of work early and come out to Upland. He can report back on the Beat Down Charter Oak is facing in round 2

  • Amat Bully

    Its funny how you Upland ladies have CO on your mind already….that means that your nervous and your coach probably have a whole season of film on CO so you got a little confidence thinking you know whats going to hit yall when CO come CHARGING, but CO is more focused on the opponent in front of them not taking anyone for granted and go into every game as if its a championship game, thats why CO is stay CHARGED and ready to go. Just sit back and enjoy those highlight films your coach has and dont worry youll be on there next.


    AMAT BULLY? are you drinking or smoking already? Because your slurring.HAHAHAHAHAH… But i’m with on CO whipping UPLANDS Azz! I hope CO, KICKS THE SCOTTS RIGHT UP THEIR SKIRTS.HAHAHAH..

  • Everyone’s against the bully

    If CO is lucky enough to get by Santiago they’ll be the only team in the playoffs where their own Principal and AD are rooting for the opposing team!