• Philly B

    Im loving that Fred, after all that you pick monrovia hahahaha. But I agree with you, I dont take Pomona lightly and I do think it’ll be a close game. Cats win by 7pts. or less.
    Interesting match-up this week for the cats and the RHL Does not help Monrovia get ready for playoffs. But the Run started against paramount which I believe won their league title.
    Fred who do you want monrovia to play as far as beefing up their schedule???? Muir??? St. Francis??? Charter Oak??? Amat???? Bonita???? Trust me when I say Monrovia would like to play those schools too just to see how they match up

  • FredJ

    For a Mid-Valley and RHL team, Monrovia’s schedule is already beefed up with Arcadia, Glendora, South Hills and an always fun matchup with divisional rival San Dimas. However, I would like to see Monrovia switch the Glendora or South Hills game with West Covina — pitting former West Covina coach Maddox against mentor Maggiore or a good ole fashion Monrovia-Charter Oak game. I don’t think Monrovia’s ready for the beefed up teams in the Inland, but another semi-local to test themselves would be St. Francis…anyways, those are games to think about.

  • Observantcat

    What’s up fella’s, Fred is my all time favorite reporter. My biggest gripes with Fred is mainly his Old Muir/Monrovia analysis and his steady dose of the word billycats other than that I think Fred does a wonderful job as a reporter and both you and Miguel are right there as well. You guys hit on some interesting points in your 2 minute drill but I would like to point out the main difference between the two teams. Quarterback’s! I feel Monrovia has the edge at that position and that will be the deciding factor in this game on Friday. The Wildcats have 4 receivers that are very equal in talent and have about the same amount of receptions as well as TD’s meaning on any given play someone can take it too the house. If Monrovia’s Defense plays tight on Pomona’s run game then this game could get out of control really quickly. I have always given Pomona props even though I have never seen them play because anytime you have some good atheletes and a halfway decent line you can make things happen in a hurry. Both teams posses good skill players but I believe Monrovia has a better overall cast. By the way Fred, Ellis McCarthy is the real deal. He may look a bit sluggish against an entire defense trying to gang block him but if you look at his one on one toughness against all of the top linemen that he took on during the summer combines you will know why they have rated him so high. He does have a much bigger impact than I believe you give him credit for. Miguel keep up the good work, you are the most independent of the group and take things just the way they are. Aram I like your grit, you dont back down, not even to the great FRED ROBLEDO aka Monrovia’s version of (not since 1995)..lol

  • Philly B

    Fred, your playing devils advocate talking about Monrovia playing west covina….Mannnn!!!! I know they use to play in the early 2000’s when I was in High School. And some games were good ones and others were complete destructions. And St. Francis doesnt wanna fit monrovia in their schedule, Ive heard fans and boosters come on and blog saying monrovia is inferior to st. francis which I think is pure garbage. Charter would be a good game to test the waters a little bit. I like it and yes Fred no, diss to Miguel who does a great job but you are missed a little bit in the WSGV. I love miguel comparing Monrovia to the lakers, getting up for the playoffs. But I couldnt agree more. Im still shouting for monrovia to switch leagues!!!! what it is 4 years straight 5-0 in league, its time for a change

  • Fred Robledo

    Observant, I was a little too animated with the McCarthy discussion on Sunday with Aram. My point was not to take anything away from McCarthy as a great player, and certainly he is, it was discussing what’s a more important piece in high school football, a top quarterback, running back or a two-way lineman. In MY opinion, quarterbacks and running backs are the most important because of the direct impact on the outcome. I asked Miguel, if you took away Bueno from last year’s team, would they still win a title? Probably not. If you took McCarthy away from last year’s Monrovia team would they still win a title? I think they probably would, and certainly would have a better chance. Or look at it this way, would you take former Mater Dei QB Matt Barkley or Ellis McCarthy to lead your team for four years if you had the choice? I would go with Barkley. I used that example because it compared two national profile players at their position.

  • Observantcat

    I dont disagree with you on that end of the conversation, but you used Dillon Corona as a bigger asset to San Dimas as McCarthy was to Monrovia. The Monrovia strategy has been puzzling to a lot of the Monrovia fans, first in trying to figure out our offense as MIguel mentioned and second getting our defense to gel. You speak of the Arcadia game as though we should have blew right through them, I felt the same way until I realized that Monrovia was trying to find some kind of leadership on both sides of the ball. My true assessment is that having Heyworth as the starter would have bought about a different result at that stage of the season but that’s what coach’s do in order to find out where their team is going. Whether you agree or disagree, the best team we have played all year is Paramount, they had the athletes and the size actually much bigger to keep Monrovia on it’s toes the entire game. But having a good QB was worth the wait. Heyworth could have almost twice the numbers if he had of played in the first few games and in the Blair game as the starter but that just goes to show you some teams have that luxury of having guys like him step up when needed.

  • Dan

    Fred your’re almost right on how losing a key runningback compared to a lineman would affect a game, in most cases that would be true, where you fall short in this case is the players being considered. Dillon Corona is a very good runningback but San Dimas is deep in that position and has other’s who could step in and fill the void and be effective at it. Where as with McCarthy’s case being a highschool all american and national top recruit, you won’t be able to replace him with someone close in caliber on the defensive line. If offenses don’t put at least two linemen on him, he will terrorize the qb on just about every passing play, with one less protector availiable blitzes become easier, on run plays you have one less availiable lineman cause it will take two or three guy’s to get him out of the way, so now you have less linemen getting out to the linebackers which makes it easier for them to get to the play. Not bagging on Dillon, but because SD is usually pretty well stocked with runningbacks I Think in this case Ellis would be missed a lot more than Dillon.

  • Fred Robledo

    Dan and Observant, I got carried away arguing that Corona was just as important to San Dimas as McCarthy is to Monrovia. Like Governor Perry said, “oops.” It was a bad example to make my point. I’m not saying Corona isn’t worthy, but McCarthy is a big-time national recruit. My bad. But that conversation turned Aram and Steve into telling me that a person on the line is more important than a QB or RB, which I don’t buy. A coach from the West side watching the show texted. “I would take Ellis McCarthy over any QB/RB or WR any day. He can make a bigger impact then a skill guy. Games are won up front.” I texted back asking if thought the Indy Colts shared the some feelings, in which he responded, “Are we talking high school or pro.” The discussion rages on.

  • Pomona

    I think what Fred’s points is, would you take the #1 recruited RB, QB, or LM in the Nation if you had to pick.

    I’m taking RB QB then LM in that order, question is RB or QB the LM is third no question. Look where Monrovia is right now 7-3 in the Mid-Valley division with the best linemen in the Nation, does that not answer you question.

  • Observantcat

    Well, Well, Well, look who showed up. What’s up Pomona. Just as you predicted in the early part of the season Your Pomona Red Devils against My Monrovia Wildcats. But to answer you question NO, Freds conversation pitted Ellis McCarthy against Dillon Corona, Who do you think would make the biggest impact with from their teams absence? That was the debate. Anyone would choose their offensive firepower over their OL or DL in a game changing situation but the comparison of what Monrovia was missing was way beyond the scale of who made a possible difference in that game. This game there will be no excuses just plain outright athletic football. Monrovia being 7-3 makes no difference, they were 8-2 last season and won it all going away. Playoffs are when most teams take off the gloves and try and go all 12 rounds at full strength and the last Team standing is the winner. I see that Pomona’s record is 6-4 with likely winnable games in those 4 loses, but Monrovia will not take that lightly as far as we are concerned we are both 0-0. So I believe we could be treated to what could have been the Mid-Valley Champion ship if either team were in the other half of the brackets. Good Luck.

  • Pomona


    I been trying to say away, not fair to our kids the way that ARAM treats the program.

    I still havent figured out how Aram knows Monrovia has more talent than Pomona without seeing Pomona. I think around half way through the sentence he figured out that he f up again. Doing his best to talk crap about the Pomona program, once again makes him look like an a@@.

    Did you hear Aram’s comment about us last week, were not a good team, but then Fred cornered him into saying we are the sixth best team in the league. I would have to assume that any team that is ranked below six sucks also.

    In all seriousness I have no problem Aram talking crap about me, but he always has to bring our kids (Pomona team) into it, and that isnt cool.

    A bunch of us are meeting for dinner before the game, if you Monrovia guys would like to come, you are more than welcome. You can meet my many blogging aliases according to Aram.

    We got the dream matchup a little earlier than planned but it is going to be fun.

  • Observantcat

    Well Pomona, I wont concurr with you on the Aram Issues, because in retrospect you did come on pretty strong about what was percieved at the time as Rice recruiting the Servite team to take over the Valle Vista league even before they put the pads on. But getting to the point of where I do believe you have made your point is that on any given year if all of the cards align and the coaching staff is confident enough in his game plan anything could happen. Pomona has an opportunity to make it to that finish line this season and prove a lot of nay sayers wrong and if in doing so then that will cap off all of what you percieved to happen in the earlier part of the spring. But if this does not take place some will have continual doubt about just how good this team was and will be in the future. Seems to me that Pomona does have some individual athelets that can bring it every Friday night but in order to win it all everyone has to step their game up times 2. Last year we had a kid named Nick Bueno that was probably the most hated on kid in the Star News and the Tribune but yet his accomplishments spoke for themselves and the team followed his lead and made it look easy in the end.

  • Frank

    Looking forward to this game, Pomona-Monrovia will be a great first round game. Should be a close game, Pomona might surprise people.

  • Pomona


    One mistake in your comment you are assuming that all those Pomona comments during the summer were coming from me, which is incorrect. Now as far as the transfers if you remember back in the summer, my comment was we had three transfers. Arams source stated we had eight or nine. I stated we had many players for one reason or another didnt play the year before. Im not here to stir up and trouble with anyone so I dont want to go into to much detail. I will say MY comments made during the summer have been validated during the regular season. Im not saying I was 100% right in my predictions, but who is. Look what you guys from Monrovia predicted at the beginning of the season.

  • VVL

    Looking back during the summer I would have to agree with Pomona. I remember Fred commenting on this league and stating Covina had the best QB, RB, and WR in the league. They ended up with the best QB, 3rd best RB and 3rd best WR. Some could argue the point these ratings are high since Covina also has the best line and the best team.

    Pomona has the best RB, best WR, and the 2nd best QB in the league. You could argue this on the weak line and talent heavy team.

    Wilson has the 2nd best RB, 2nd best WR and the worse QB. Some could argue the point of how good is #15 WR putting up those stats on a team with no real passing game. On the other hand Nelson’s stats can be discounted due to the lack of passing games and his average per carry.

    In summary you can see why Covina finished in first place, they played as a team. You would also have to question how Wilson produced these stat leaders and finished 1-9.

  • CatParent


    To answer your question, Head Coaching, or rather, lack thereof. But, I’m sure everyone knew what you were alluding to without it being pointed out.

    Bob Burt coaching = train wreck.


    Pomona Mr. Schreiman vs Monrovia Mr. Braynt
    D1 talent Monrovia
    Monrovia OVER RATED
    Pomona OVER HYPED BY Mr. Schreiman
    Monrovia unbeaten and in the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.
    Pomona should be 10-0 Covina was not that good SD got lucky Bloomington we didnt play our game. What else?
    Observantcat 1 one name on blog
    Pomona aka Schreiman do you think people are blind you’ve been caught
    using so many names it’s funny.
    sgv for 30 im out hahaha
    winner Monrovia out in the second round
    bet on it

  • Pomona Alumni

    Pomona will beat Monrovia in 1st round enough said. You can doubt Pomona’s QB all you want but he will pull through trust me this is a new season different emotions are running through their veins and also Pomona chemistry has just sparked at the right time. Sorry Monrovia no Finals this year just let Pomona show you how its really done.

    P-High Stand-Up

  • Philly B.

    P-Town Alumni- You coming down to the cats house friday night. Home of the hit squad. And believe me, G5 and Ellis do some hitting!!! You will put up a fight, Pomona is a good team Im sure. However The Wildcats arent going out like that in the first round! They are the Defending Champs and they will DEFEND their title. “Pull through”…does that mean win or just have a good nice game???
    Hayworth and company will be on an all out aerial assault! In time you ‘ll see….