Girls Volleyball Playoffs: St. Lucy’s-La Salle 2AA final to be played Friday at 7 p.m.

CIF-SS just released the girls volleyball championship schedule for the weekend, and St. Lucy’s Priory, which is going for its second consecutive 2AA title, will face La Salle at 7 pm. on Friday at Cypress College in Gym 2.
This seemed as an obvious choice with St. Lucy’s being an all-girls school with no football team and the La Salle football team not making the playoffs. CIF-SS generally puts the championship-round teams on Saturday if their football teams are playing on Friday.

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  • St. Lucys Regents

    Although St. Lucy’s is an all girl school, their brother school is Damien who is in CIF on that same night and time. This is an unfortunate decision that CIF did this and St. Lucys fan base will be significantly reduced since some will travel to Vista Murrieta for the Damien football game and others will come support St. Lucy’s on their quest for another ring.

    St. Lucys is paired with Damien in the Sierra League sports.

    Good luck Regents! You make us so proud.

  • Tri School Model

    Not a smart move on CIF’s part…really shows a lack of decency and foresight. Damien, St. Lucy’s and Pomona Catholic are part of the Tri-School model that makes them unique. Wouldn’t have taken much to have scheduled the game for Saturday especially given the venue and importance of the game to both schools.
    Fred any chane CIF reschedules the game to Saturday?

  • Fred Robledo

    I’m also disappointed with the Friday game, that’s our big football playoff night, I’d rather St. Lucy’s play on Saturday so that we could give it the big front page art that it deserves with video, etc, etc. But on Friday it shares the spotlight with about 15 other games…But we will get a photographer there and play it up the best we can under the circumstances, and it sucks for me because I wanted to watch it after enjoying Tuesday’s semifinal win so much…Good luck Regents…

  • Fred Robledo

    Just to follow, CIF won’t change it, the reason St. Lucy’s and La Salle is on Friday is because neither have a football team playing on Friday. And though St. Lucy’s is technically Damien’s sister school, CIF felt neither team had a football team playing on Friday night, so they had to play the Friday games. Last year, Chino Hills having a football team in the playoffs helped push the game to Saturday.

  • Spartans

    That is horrible of CIF to schedule the championship game on Friday night. They should be accommodating to both teams, not just La Salle. I’m sure there are parents who have students at St. Lucy’s & Damien….so know they can’t attend both games.

  • Fred Robledo

    I agree a 1,000 percent!!! Volleyball, water polo cross country should all be on Saturday…Friday night this time of year should be reserved for football…But hey, don’t worry about, St. Lucy’s has a championship to take care of.

  • Damien/St. Lucy Parent

    What a terrible decision by CIF. These games should be pre-scheduled by division. Lower divisions should play on Friday (or even Thursday) and then div. 3 through 1 play consecutively on Saturday. This will be a strong advantage for La Salle. Last year they reschedule a home state playoffs away from Damien in a smaller gym and now they move St. Lucy’s final game to Friday. Way to go CIF!

  • Spartan Fan

    If it makes anyone feel any better, I just received word Damien Water Polo just won making it to Saturday’s championships!

  • THEHenry

    How about freelancers who wants to go to said volleyball game and have to work for another entity as well, they should consider that šŸ˜›

  • $$$

    St. Lucy’s and Damien High School fans travel very well because they support each other. CIF stands to lose a ton of money in ticket sales because they have caused a split in the fan base. Instead of having fans attend both the volleyball and football game, fans will now have make a choice. St. Lucy’s filled the Cypress College gym in last year CIF championship game because they had the Damien base as well. That won’t happen this year. CIF will lose $10K to $20K in ticket sales between both events because of their short-sited decision.

  • St. Lucys Regent

    Fred: We all know the SGV would be there to support and cover.

    CIF: This is pretty irresponsible. It is amazing when CIF considers St.Lucy’s/Damien affiliated and when they don’t. I liked the bloggers recommendation about having lower divisions playing Friday night and upper Divisions play Saturday.

    I agree this will just shoot CIF in the foot because both Damien & St. Lucy’s will have fans divided that night.

    St. Lucy’s will still produce a good turnout and will still have some of our Spartans to come support.

    Damien Waterpolo: Congratulations on making it to the CIF Finals…again. Damien’s Waterpolo team played the same time St. Lucy’s played for their CIF Final last year. Rings for both Damien/St. Lucy’s this year. Go Regents/Spartans!

  • correction

    Our family made it to both the St. Lucy’s Volleyball final and the Damien Water Polo final last year. They were a few hours apart.
    CIF, you are making a big financial mistake by separating the St.Lucy’s/Damien fan base.
    Fred, as always, thanks for the kind words and the support!

  • Fred Robledo

    I don’t know when they started with Friday night championships for girls volleyball during the high school season, but I don’t like it for anyone, lower level, upper level, anyone. If anything, use more locations. Anything wrong with Azusa Pacific, Mt. SAC or PCC hosting a championship on Saturday night? Wouldn’t that be more beneficial and more local for fans of La Salle and St. Lucy’s? It works in football. West Covina and Bonita played at Walnut and it was great. Why couldn’t volleyball teams, in instances such as this, have the option of moving if they find a suitable venue closer to the teams participating in title games? The bottom line is that if you can’t fit all the games on Saturday at Cypress, then choose an alternate location like Mt. SAC to host two or three games on a Saturday night if need be…

  • CIF contact person

    Voice your concerns about the volleyball schedule to:

    Scott Raftery
    CIF Assistant Commissioner

  • St. Lucys Regent

    To Correction: When I said the Damien Waterpolo & St. Lucy’s game was the same time, I meant the same day not necessaily the same hour. This was not a squabble as it was a reflection that both teams through hard work and success managed to both be in the CIF Championship game again.

    The CIF contact info is good. Unfortunately, it won’t change anything.

  • robert

    The “C” in CIF does not stand for change.
    Far from it.

    The thing to do now is get every student, family, Club playing friend, alumni, neighbor and any one in your Contacts list to come to the game.

    While our support is important, these girls are focused and ready to play.

  • Volleyball Fan

    That is just silly to say that the game is on
    Friday to accomadate La Salle, and that La Salle
    will have the advantage because of fewer
    Damien/St. Lucy’s fans. The team that wins will be because they played better. GOOD LUCK TO BOTH

  • Silly Volleyball Fan

    No one is worried about St. Lucy’s being able to play hard. Nor are they offering excuses. St. Lucy’s has played La Salle a few times over the last two years and knows what they need to do.

    However “volleyball Fan” most volleyball players know what its like in a gym like setting where the fans are primarily for the opposing team and it “can” alter a game. Tensions and pressures are high in a CIF Finals match as they are in other big time events. This same rule applies in most sports, even football (No team wants to play Oregon @ Oregon). Local schools do a phenominal job of bringing that stress and pressure at home games (Insert Chino Hills here). In addition, its not just fan support, its the loss of revenue. Teams in the CIF matches receive a percentage of the profit of these games. I can’t think of any school that couldn’t use extra money that is outside of budget.

  • The game

    Latimes has st. Lucys and la sale playing at 1 on Saturday is this true or no?

  • Fred Robledo

    That is not true, I saw the same things and quickly double checked with CIF. St. Lucy’s and La Salle is Friday at 7 p.m. at Cypress College.

  • Standard..

    Typical comments from some of the Regent faithful. When things don’t go your way, the whining starts… Have some faith in the team.

    Your not worried about money for CIF, your only worried that the gym might not be as loud for your girls as it could have been.

    After seeing how good Damien (regional all star team also) water polo is, maybe this should be the time the SGV Trib revisits the idea of you two schools playing on an even field with the public schools that can’t recruit like your 2 schools can. I give my hats off to Nogales and Bonita WP and the other public HS VB teams that compete with kids in a small geographic area not all over the IE and SGV.

    Our emails to CIF should bring up that subject!

  • @standard

    Silly BHS parent… angry and hateful.

  • St. Lucys/Damien Parent

    @ Standard: SL has a legitimate reason to have concerns about the Friday night showing. Not only are they losing a percentage of their fanbase to the football game. They are also losing TV time as CIF announced they will be televising all of the games from 3A on up on Saturday. If it were your kid or school, you would want the same.

    As for the recruiting??? St. Lucy’s has gone to the final game last year and this year. That’s it. If memory serves me correct, wasn’t Bonita and Los Altos in the CIF finals just a few years ago? And then all of a sudden there is recruiting questions now that its St. Lucy’s time? There are a lot of quality volleyball programs in the San Gabriel Valley that compete with St. Lucys (and at times beat them). They are all in the same clubs and often compete with one another on the same team during club. St. Lucy’s is humbled that this special night could have easily been Claremont’s or Chino Hills.

    And “Standard” sounds about right. Perhaps an attitude adjustment about believing in yourself/school/team might make you a winner instead of a whiner.

  • Damien/St. Lucy Parent

    To add more salt on the wound, I just saw that only the Saturday games are televised.

    @Standard, this isn’t about the boohoo’ing of the private schools. Don’t let your jealousy get in the way of the facts. This is a raw deal for any school. For CIF to treat the tri-schools like they are independent is terrible.

    Fred, your idea makes complete sense. The football games are more regional. There should be no reason that VB should be any different. Without any facts in hand, I would say other than boys FB and BB playoffs, girls VB brings in the largest crowds. CIF should be more accomodating to the fans.

    SL’s team will be fine. They are loaded and playing great. The fans there will just have to be that much louder tonight!

    Good luck to the Regents and to the Spartans football and water polo teams!