Inland Division Predictions: Upland beats Charter Oak and rides momentum to the championship

Fred’s thoughts: If Charter Oak were playing anyone else in the second round besides Upland and Corona Centennial, I would have picked them to win. But that’s not the case and Upland is simply too good and I love the Highlanders’ chances of winning it all. However, nothing is simple in a division as competitive as this, so don’t assume Charter Oak flies past Corona Santiago, though I’m taking the Chargers because they’re better than those outside the fishbowl realize. On paper, Santiago can compete and it wouldn’t be a surprise at all if they beat the Chargers because they scored 34 points in a 56-34 loss to No. 1 Corona Centennial and blew out usually strong Norco, 49-22. And yes, Chino Hills beat Santiago, but that was a long time ago. This isn’t going to be the year Damien wins anyway, so I’m glad they got undefeated Vista Murrietta so that we can tell just how far the young Spartans have come. Let’s hope they’re competitive, and don’t count out Chino Hills so quick against Rancho Cucamonga. I don’t think they’ll win, but they have a better chance than most give them credit for.

CIF-SS Inland Division Predictions
Top Half

Redlands (4-6) at #1 Corona Centennial (9-1)
Los Osos (6-4) at Chaparral (6-4)
Chino Hills (6-4) at Rancho Cucamonga (9-1)
Norco (6-4) at #4 Redlands East Valley (10-0)
Bottom Half
Murrieta Valley (7-3) at #3 Upland (10-0)
Corona Santiago (7-3) at Charter Oak (9-1)
Yucaipa (9-1) at Riverside North (9-1)
Damien (7-3) at #2 Vista Murrieta (5-5)
First Round Winners
Corona Centennial over Redlands
Los Osos over Chaparral
Rancho Cucamonga over Chino Hills
Redlands East Valley over Norco
Upland over Murrieta Valley
Charter Oak over Corona Santiago
Riverside North over Yucaipa
Vista Murrieta over Damien
Quarterfinal Winners
Corona Centenial over Los Osos
Redlands East Valley over Rancho Cucamonga
Upland over Charter Oak
J.W. North over Vista Murrieta
Semifinal Winners
Corona Centennial over Redlands East Valley
Upland over J.W. North
Upland over Corona Centennial

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  • Just Askin


    I’m not looking for controversy just opinion. You say that CO would have a great 2nd round shot against anyone except Upland or Centennial, but you have Rancho losing to Rev in the quarters. Considering Rancho beat CO do you think that CO is better then them now? Do you think CO would have a better chance against a Rev of Vista Mur than Rancho? Just curious because I think the Rancho Upland game was close until they ran the illegal play that was posted on your blog.

  • Chino Hills Update

    injury free atlast: we are back 100%: We now have our Starting RB Napoles #45 back 100% and ready to go with it being 2 weeks off for him. It changed our short yardage game when we played CO (no excuses) but it will make a difference to have him back on the field to run the ball vs Rancho our Fullback is back too ,this should make our running game potent.

  • reality

    I must hand it to Farrar and staff. Obviously they don,’t spend m uch time reading the blogs from supposed fans that I really believe are CO haters(Bully, etc.)that paint CO supporters as slobbering idiots which we are not. Congrats guys, you have stayed focused on the job at hand, have not thumped your chests and you keep getting better every week. That is hard to do in your new division. Many said you would have zero chance in this division but in just 2 years you are league champs and taking care of business. That said I give you a good chance against anyone including Upland but I’am sure that matchup is not on your mind right now, thats only the talking heads of the blog that are breaking down future games. That is a collossal waste of time. Anyway my best guys, keep your pads low and keep pushing.

  • Football Fan

    Chino Hills glad to see your main RB is back and heathly. Only one thing is the only team that managed over 100 yds rushing on RC’s dee was Upland. A couple of teams did in the fourth qtr when our JV was in that is it. You better be able to throw the ball consistently to move the ball on RC. I still see a long night ahead for CH..

    I think CO will beat santiago as long as they do not let Dar run wild. You contain him and there offense struggles, when he runs all over he will kill you with his legs and arm.

    I would love to see CO play Upland, I think they can hang with them and possibly beat them.

    INland Division is going to be great to watch.

  • Go Scots

    Sounds like the Tribune is all in on Upland. Thanks for your support and keep up the great work you do. You guys have the best prep reports and coverage in the state.

  • To my friends from the Hills

    You guys need to come to terms with the fact your not that good. It doesn’t matter if your RB is 100% or not he is an average high school RB.
    Now I know this is hard for you to come to terms with because you have a really nice run.
    But the time has come for you to face the truth your run is over.
    Look at it this way its better to have love and lost to never have loved before.

  • Witness
  • The U

    Fred, I agree with you all the way through with 2 exceptions…..I Have Chapparal over Osos in first round and Rancho BLASTING Chino Hills in 1st round…..Other than that you read my mind..Just Askin, keep in mind REV is fully healed now and is a much better team then earlier in the season, might even beat Centennial in the Semi’s

  • Football Fan

    The U, Fred picked all the favorites all the way except for one. Anyone can make those picks.

    Dont plan on playing REV just yet. They still have to beat Rancho or CC.

    Plus you will have to contend with Vista, CO or JW North none of those are easy games.

    Upland first worry about Murrieta Valley, then CO and so on…U guys are good, but not that dominating, You can be beat, Even tho U have all been in the jewelry store and been fitted for your rings, I still see you all losing..Dont know by who yet, but I dont see Upland winning it all.

  • The U

    Football Fan…Way to go out on a limb saying I think you will lose but not sure to who (LMAO)..I never proclaimed any game to be easy all the way through, and your right any team can be beat thus we must bring our A game consistently…I will tell you this, there is no team in the Inland that can say they have 5 D-1 guys (Seniors) and another 4-5 D-1 Juniors on their roster other than Upland…

  • Norco

    The U…

    You guys are good…but anything can happen in the playoffs…I like the fact that nobody is giving Norco a chance against REV…but hey that why they play the game…

  • Witness


    I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating

  • 12th man

    Are you going to preview or talk about the Bishop Amat game anytime soon?????…I find it A bit odd how the Tribune covered Amat from the begining of the season to weekly updates & now “Nothing”…crickets..crickets…Its Wednesday night & you guys have covered every playoff match possible concerning the SGV…It seems kinda funny how theres no talk of Bishop Amat~ Hmmmmmmmmmmm????? What’s really going on??

  • Red Barron

    Fred, your picks have staggered back and forth, but that’s to be expected in High School playoffs. Rancho can be beat and Chino Hills is capable of pulling it off. Are they over matched talent wise, YES, but Chino Hills has beaten better.

    Coming up short against Upland and Centennial the last two years in the Semi’s have taken them farther than most SGV teams have ever seen in the Inland Div. Something Amat hasn’t seen in decades.
    That’s why we love HS football. Everyone has a chance on Friday Nights!

    Go Huskies!

  • Football Fan

    U-high, You have 3 D=1 commits right now and probably another 6 or 7 that will go somewhere. Half of those are transfers from other schools.

    Rancho has at least that many on their team also, but that really doesnt matter. So who cares about D-1 commits or D-2 or D-3.. that is for next year….

    We have to go out on a limb to make a prediction? I basically was trying to say there are a lot of really good teams in the Inland Division. I think someone besides Upland will win it..Just my opinion, I could be wrong and it would not be the first time. That is just my prediction..I am sorry to go against the mighty mighty skirts..

  • Amat Bully

    So sad….But ill wait and see what you say about the Pac5 and Amat chances, you know since CO has no chance….I dont get you at all your a real CO hater CO will conquer and when they do beat Upland i bet your going to come with an excuse why CO won….but CO is focused on Santiago oh and when CO expose them to and run by them dont jump on the wagon your not welcomed…..HATER

  • Amat Bully

    12th man
    He dont want to talk about Amat because he’s afraid to express how he really feel about this week coming up and thats why he’s throwing BS toward CO…..

  • Amat Bully

    reality check those Co haters your talking about being on the blogs is you. i dont care what you think about me everyone know im a CO fan to the wheels fall off, i even go against half CO fans like yourself your soft shut up deep inside your an Amat fan……

  • keakthesneak

    I think Charter Oak needs more time in the Inland before it can make any waves. If Upland and Charter Oak do meet, I give the edge to Upland.

  • FredJ

    Amat will be our lead story for Friday’s game, with the uncertainty of Rio, didn’t make sense to write on them early in the week.

  • just sayin’

    bully boy – really? Upland beat Rancho comfortably and they beat ChOak just as comfortably. Why would snyone NOT pick Upland. Honestly theres a better chance Amat beats Santa Margarita and no ones picking them either. And here’s a twist bully boy, you don’t hear anyone crying about it like you. Picks are what they are and could go the other way. Put more energy into supporting ChOak and hoping they get by Santiago 1st instead of whining bout who doesn’t think ChOak will win in the 2nd round (in spite of showing no evidence they’re capable of competing at that level anyway. ( BTW- your boy Aram picked againstbthe ChOaksters too)

  • GoAmat


  • Just Askin

    Just Sayin

    What brand of crack are you smoking! Upland did not beat Rancho comfortably and Rancho did not beat C.O. comfortably. The inland is a 7 horse race.

    1. Centenial
    2. Vista
    3. Upland
    4. Rev
    5. Rancho
    6. Charter Oak
    7. North

    I included North only on the chance that they get to finals and either Rev or Rancho takes out Centenial.

  • CO Bro

    Just sayin’, you obviously did not go to the Co/RC game if you think RC beat Co comfortably. In fact Co moved the ball at will against RC all night long, they just did not get it done in the red zone. RC won the game, but Co did beat that a$$. I guess the ONLY way Co will get any type of recognition is to win it all, which we all know is most likely not going to happen but I know they can compete with all teams in the inland division. And I disagree with your statement about amat having a better chance at beating sm, they are one and done.

  • Just Askin

    I Love me some C.O. but from what I see the best defenses in the Inland division are Rev and Rancho. If one of those teams can beat Centenial Upland, CO, and North have a chance. If they can’t Centennial will get another Championship.

  • CO Bro

    Just sayin’, you obviously did not go to the Co/RC game if you think RC beat Co comfortably. In fact Co moved the ball at will against RC all night long, they just did not get it done in the red zone. RC won the game, but Co did beat that a$$. I guess the ONLY way Co will get any type of recognition is to win it all, which we all know is most likely not going to happen but I know they can compete with all teams in the inland division. And I disagree with your statement about amat having a better chance at beating sm, they are one and done.

  • The U

    Football Fan, actually we have 5 D-1 commits already (4 seniors & 1 Jr) with plenty more on the way since you want to throw out numbers…Like I said no game will be easy but we welcome all comers and your free to make your own picks just have the SACK enough to pick one….. šŸ™‚

  • Vista

    I dont think north will beat Vista Murrieta. my guess is a good game between Vista and Upland to reach the finals with the winner of that game winning it all.

  • Ban the Bully

    Bully, Bully, Bully, Bully,
    My oh my. Is that you calling someone a HATER? Isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle black? I guess you don’t like the taste of your own medicine. See what happens after months the venom you spew? It comes back to you. Maybe next season you’ll play nice and you’ll show some love then because this year is already too late, you’ve made too many enemies.

  • What do you want

    Norco I thought we got rid of you. You and the rest of the Norco fans are real quite this year. Now because you snuck in the playoffs cause Eastval fell apart you back popping off. It’s ok we like the entertainment especially at Gerharts expense. It is fun watching him for feed his son.

  • 12th man

    Since fred wants to wait until the last minute to write an article or preview of the “Bishop Amat” playoff game~

    Here are the keys for the upset~

    1) Amat defense cant allow more then 24 points
    2) Amat special teams can’t lose the field position battle..
    3) Amat needs to make adjustments on the punt returns(put shay or sanchez to return the punts)
    4) Amat cant afford any SM will not need any help scoring..
    5) Amat QB (Ruiz,Haynes) must rollout & throw on the run & be smart(throw the ball away & not take the sack)
    7) Jalen has not been succesful vs Serra league..He will need to play best game of his HS career to go against one of the Trinity league’s best..Jalen needs 175 yards or more rushing~
    8) Amat linebackers need to spy on SM QB…He will tuck it & run if no one is open (has deceptive speed)
    9) Amat cant afford to fall behind 2 scores or more early…They need to trade blows..Keep it within striking distance heading into the 4th quarter..
    10) Amat has struggled the last few games in the penalties dept..The 5 yards procedure call on 1st down changes everything!! You cant expect to win if your team has no dicipline!!(any pac5 team)..No penalties on big plays..& defense has to be smart & not commit any penalties on 3rd down or anything to keep the SM drive alive~

    No one is giving Amat A chance to win…This is a heavy weight fight anyone in the pac5 has a punchers chance~…Remember no one thought in 2008 that Amat would be leading the #1 team in the Nation (Long Beach Poly) 17-14 with a minute left in the 4th quarter…

  • AMAT 73

    12th Man,
    I saw your post earlier on the question of previewing our game and no one bit. I think we know the reasons why . Many bought in to the AMAT’S tiny lines and so forth and that’s ok when in reality no one sees those lines perform regularly and rightly so because they are at their chosen school’s games. The offensive line is small by AMAT’S standards but mainly at the tackle position as we do not have the one big tackle we usually have . Our guards and center have always been small but quickness and execution and few mistakes has been the trade mark . The concern I have is your #10 issue. Too many procedure calls in key moments of drives. If they get this corrected the offense will be much better . Agreed Jalen must have a great game and I for one would like to see more sweeps because of the size of SM and having to chase him wide will open up the middle when it counts , in the second half ( not second guessing Hags , just my opinion ). More flair outs to Shay and if we run wide some over the middle short passes off fake sweeps . But it’s Hag’a game to call so we will see. Where I see us having the punchers chance is with our defense because contrary to the SGV’s belief this is a heavy weight battle as you say . This not the same defense that people saw or mainly heard about via this blog against Servite.They have jelled and are vastly improved and I tip my hat to all the D coaches for the great job they have done and especially to Dalen for the job with the secondary. They have only allowed 18 ppg in league and have 5 ints , 4 fumble recoveries so they are playing at a great clip and getting the TO’s needed . If Varela comes back all the better. On the special teams front #3 agreed , it can’t hurt to try something new , and yes field position game is a big factor . In all if we play mistake free ball and the defense plays their game we could come away with the W . This is whether Rio plays or not because by now Haynes should be a lot more comfortable in the QB slot. Can’t wait to hear the woes and sorrows from our beloved staff at the Trib like they are laying on CO for the second round match up against Upland. Sad, very sad because that CO team has only gotten better since they lost to RC and if the valley guy ever pulled his head out of AMAT’S rear he could put up a great fight against the haters from CH because CO is a well oiled machine. Not saying they would beat AMAT ( HA HA HA HA ) but they do have the weapons to beat Upland , But Santiago first as we have SM and it’s one game at a time.

  • 12th man

    Great points on the game~…I also beleive CO has a good chance of beating Upland~ A QB like Travis Santiago doesn’t come along too often…They said Tim Tebow was to small to play High School QB..They said he would never get a D1 Scholarship..They said he would never win the Heisman Trophy or A National Championship..& finally they said he would not be a #1 draft choice & start in the NFL…Im not comparing Tebows stats to Santiagos..Just showing that there will always be haters..& if you set your mind to something…It can be done~

  • Football Fan

    CO Bro, You must of been at a different game than I was when RC beat CO??? It was not a comfortable win at all it was close all the way to the end. We bent but did not break. We missed a few opportunities also. I do have much respect for CO and definately think they will be a tough out in the playoffs, but please do not get carried away like U-High..

    U-high I will throw my predictions out every week and I hope to see yours also. Now mentioning sacks is a little much, lets not get this blog out of hand with crude comments like that. My other point was who cares about commit’s that means nothing until next year..

  • Hey U? Do you have a frog in your pocket? Upland is very good and they should be good. They have great demographics along with 4000 students. Add to this the number of transfers from neighborhood schools and you have a great team. I’m not falling for the banana in the tailpipe.