Breaking News: Bishop Amat’s Rio Ruiz in uniform Friday, still a game-time decision

Bishop Amat quarterback Rio Ruiz, who hasn’t played since suffering a knee injury in a 14-3 loss to Loyola in Week 9, will participate in a light-practice today and suit up for Friday’s CIF-SS first-round playoff game against Santa Margarita at Saddleback College. Sophomore Koa Haynes, who has taken most reps this week is likely to start, though coaches say they will make that decision on Friday during warm-ups.

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  • 12th man

    Here are the keys for the upset~

    1) Amat defense cant allow more then 24 points
    2) Amat special teams can’t lose the field position battle..
    3) Amat needs to make adjustments on the punt returns(put shay or sanchez to return the punts)
    4) Amat cant afford any SM will not need any help scoring..
    5) Amat QB (Ruiz,Haynes) must rollout & throw on the run & be smart(throw the ball away & not take the sack)
    7) Jalen has not been succesful vs Serra league..He will need to play best game of his HS career to go against one of the Trinity league’s best..Jalen needs 175 yards or more rushing~
    8) Amat linebackers need to spy on SM QB…He will tuck it & run if no one is open (has deceptive speed)
    9) Amat cant afford to fall behind 2 scores or more early…They need to trade blows..Keep it within striking distance heading into the 4th quarter..
    10) Amat has struggled the last few games in the penalties dept..The 5 yards procedure call on 1st down changes everything!! You cant expect to win if your team has no dicipline!!(any pac5 team)..No penalties on big plays..& defense has to be smart & not commit any penalties on 3rd down or anything to keep the SM drive alive~

    No one is giving Amat A chance to win…This is a heavy weight fight anyone in the pac5 has a punchers chance~…Remember no one thought in 2008 that Amat would be leading the #1 team in the Nation (Long Beach Poly) 17-14 with a minute left in the 4th quarter…

    November 17, 2011 8:54 AM

  • 12th man

    If Haynes is taking all the snaps during practice it wouldn’t make any sense to start Rio…My guess is..They suit up Rio let the game play out..Keep haynes in the game for as long as possible or until Amat is within Striking distance in the 3rd & 4th quarter~

  • fb102


    Did you get the info from the coaching staff or RR’s dad?

  • Fred Robledo

    I spoke with coach Hagerty this morning.

  • If he plays lets all hope he doesn’t get injured anymore.

    Baseball players and leaders like him are not easy to find.If all works out well, baseball will be his future.

  • Fred Robledo

    The hope is that NOBODY gets injured, everyone who plays sports do it knowing there are risks. It’s like Steve Bogan told me once, you can’t live your life in a bubble, there are risks in everything you do….Look at Travis Santiago, he got injured stepping on a helmet during warm-ups, a freak accident. No matter how many precautions you take, you can’t forecast the future, you just play and hope for the best.

  • 12th man

    Andy Nieto will not sleep tonight & be on eggshells tomorrow!!

  • CIF

    It wont make a difference. Amat is in way over their heads. Rio will have little to no influence on the game. Amat cannot play with the elite in the PAC5, hell I dont even think they can play with the Inland elite. This is a reality, not a put down. Here in the SGV they are at the top, but play-offs in the PAC5 is no joke. I dont know if that type of talent will ever return to Amat or the SGV.

  • John

    I remember a couple posts ago, the subject of 50/50 raffles was brought to attention. Someone briefly explained why Amat no longer hosts these lotteries but people were still left wondering why other schools still do it. Basically, 50/50 raffles can be legal as long as it’s used for charitable purposes and other stringent requirements are met. Supposedly, cops also have a under the table policy of not shutting things down if nobody complains, hence why Amat was believed to have discontinued the activity and why other area schools probably still host them.

  • AMAT 73

    Maybe Hags uses Rio on the defensive side of ball only because his presence in the bacfield only makes our defense that much tougher. If needed he comes in on offense but since Haynes has worked with the offense he should be more accustomed by now at QB.
    Instead of just the normal bs hate post , tells why as far as matching up each team you feel AMAT is in over there heads . Our D is too slow or are you going to use the blanket excuse of the year by haters that we are just too small. What do you see that leads you to that post ????

  • Jefe

    12th man,

    It’s a lot simpler than that.

    You stop Johnny Stanton (SM QB) and you win the game.

    Everything runs through him and he will carve you up with some of the strongest legs in the Pac-5.

    What won’t be easy is attempting to penetrate that NFL-sized O line that SM has. These guys are HUGE and will push you around all night long.


    Here’s my opinion and take it for what it’s worth! I was at the AZUSA vs La Puente game last Friday night and here’s what I witnessed. One of AZUSAS top players who Fred, had mentioned in his article about AZUSA, was injured with a torn meniscus to his knee. Well previously he had injured the same knee at a game and I believe his knee had been strained on the opposite side, just like what I read about the Rio kid. Well obiviously the player from AZUSA, should have not been playing and maybe pushed it to soon, were he should have been in rehab instead of playing

    I don’t if you can completely recover from those types of knee injuries, by why chance it, if you know what I mean.

  • BraveDad

    @ 12 man,

    Your list of “keys for the upset” is solid, but a couple of points:

    1) Yes, SM will employ a “run first” offense but in no way do they slow the game down. They may run out the clock and dictate time of possession with their run oriented style, but they will run no huddle and speed the game up. They are in great shape, as are all Trinity League teams, and their strategy is to wear the opponent down.

    2) Stanton can throw and he has a beast like line and receivers.

    3) Stanton will not only tuck it and run; SM will run set plays that call on him to run the ball. He is a QB/RB and they run the QB draw with precision and power and unless you stop it, they will keep running it over and over.

    Good luck guys!

  • Lance R

    If Amat is going to win this game they are going to win with Rio or Win with Koa. There is more to this game then the QB position. Defense wins ball games and Amats defense must rise to the occasion giving our offense a chance to get some points and really turn this into a close game. If SM operates like the machine they have become and gets ahead by three scores early or two scores late look for Amat to have a long nite. The game score has to be Amat ahead or within striking distance at all times. Physical wise SM looks to be the bigger of the two teams and a blowout could loom but turnovers, penalties and coaching play a big part in a games outcome. If you want to be the best you have to play the best. This is what pac 5 football playoffs are all about. Anything can happen. Harry Welch is a smart coach, he knows Amat is not the same team he saw play against Servite in week 2. Harry knows Amat is coming to play. Hagerty and staff will have them pumped and ready to go. Can they pull the upset is anyones guess.

  • GoAmat

    So to 12th man\num 1 hater. WHO ARE WE??? WE ARE AMAT!! WIN OR LOSE WE ARE STILL ‘AMAT’! Let go Lancers! Let’s get some! Good luck coaches and team! WE CAN DO IT!

  • Joe Amat


    Who besides Servite do you consider “elite” in the Pac5?

    Amat “played with” Alemany (5pt loss) and Loyola (7-3 when QB goes down). Santa Margarita may be “elite”-but they lost to Mater Dei. Are the Monarchs “elite”? They lost to Bosco & Loyola beat them. They also got shut out by OLu…and they lost to JSerra…who lost to Damien. So who is “elite?

    The reality is that, the Pac5 playoffs anything can happen…and has. Just like Harry Welch himself said, there are 12 teams that could put together a run … And Amat is among that group. Have to play their best, but so what else is new.

  • 12th man

    Amat has a good chance of exposing Santa Margarita “run defense”…They are big & can easily dominate the line of scrimmage but they wear down easily & you can beat them on stamina & endurance…Rather then having Haynes take a 3 step drop..I feel his best assest would be to rollout & throw on the run or just run with it on a keeper..It would be nice to see Amat execute the QB dive option..but i haven’t seen it all season?? I truly hope Amat practiced the No Huddle they are the only team left in the SGV that has not used it this season…The No Huddle not only changes the tempo of the game it gives your QB & offense confidence that they can score on the opposing team at will~…I truly hope Coach Hags has made the neccesary changes in the punt return game plan…The 1st quarter score will dictate of how the rest of the game will be played~

  • John

    I thought I’d chime in too. For Amat to have a realistic chance , they would need to stack the box and not allow any big running plays. The SM O-line is the hugest I’ve ever seen, averaging 6’4 290 while some estimate at 6’5 300, and they’ll definitely use it to their advantage. I’ve never seen the Servite D-line get pushed around like they did in their last game. Amat needs to force SM to try to beat them in the air. Stanton can throw and he has the WRs around him, however Amat’s strongest asset on defense is their secondary. I’ve said all year long Amat has the best secondary in the Serra and the better ones in the PAC-5. They have been tested and have risen to the occasion numerous times. Very few, if any, teams have faced 6 D1 WR recruits this year and Amat’s had at least one interception the past seven games. Overall, it has to be a “bend but don’t break” approach for their D.

    On offense, Amat shouldn’t be looking for home run plays. Maybe one or two like they did against Poly which worked perfectly. Even if Rio is playing, Amat should deploy a steady dose of swing passes,short passes, screens, etc. Amat has the playmakers to get extra yards and the Crespi game is a perfect example where execution of the little things go a long way.

  • 5fdp

    It does not matter if this kid plays amat your done get over it.

  • 12th man

    Will Rio play?? Will Amat use him early & pull him out if SM goes up big? Will Haynes start & then be relieved by Rio if the game is close? Will Haynes start & Rio never see a down if SM goes up big? To many questions evolving around the QB position..Just like someone stated earlier the “Defense” mite have to step up & score to pull off the upset~

  • 12th man

    Will Rio play?? Will Amat use him early & pull him out if SM goes up big? Will Haynes start & then be relieved by Rio if the game is close? Will Haynes start & Rio never see a down if SM goes up big? To many questions evolving around the QB position..Just like someone stated earlier the “Defense” mite have to step up & score to pull off the upset~

  • Lance R


    We had that same anti-slogan when we played St. Bonnie a few years back and Orange Lutheran and Mater Dei plus we were also done going to Crespi this year. Oh how Amat pulls the stunners and this coach Hagerty can flat out coach with the best of them. We will go to play and win or lose this team is to be congratulated for a season of hard work and dedication not only with the players but with the coaching staff. It is not over til it is over. Amat will Shine.

  • joho

    Listen everyone, AMAT WILL win!!!!
    On to the next round…

    I love the way the “monday quaterbacks” give advice on how AMAT should play to win…

    Hagerty and co. are really good coaches, sure they sometimes mess up, but overall they’re one of the TOP staffs in Southern section football.

    Hags and the LANCERS are gonna perform some magic Friday!!!

    GO BISHOP AMAT!!!!!!!!

  • 12th man

    Amat 73,
    I like your take on the game & you make some good points..Those will be some keys for Amat’s victory..I also believe CO has a good chance of beating Upland~ A QB like Travis Santiago doesn’t come along too often…They said Tim Tebow was to small to play High School QB..They said he would never get a D1 Scholarship..They said he would never win the Heisman Trophy or A National Championship..& finally they said he would not be a first round draft choice & start in the NFL…Im not comparing Tebows stats to Santiagos..Just showing that there will always be haters..& if you set your mind to something…It can be done~

  • Harry Welch

    Joe Amat its funny that you even try to convince yourself. You guys are not in the top 12 in the pac 5 its more like the 14-16 in the pac 5. Harry Welch was talking about the following teams not you guys, duh.

    These are the teams that Welch was referring to:
    San Clemente
    St. John Bosco
    Santa Margarita
    Mission Viejo
    Huntington Beach

  • 12th man

    Harry Welch,
    Nice list~ For the “Exception” of Huntington Beach & Edison…
    I dont believe HB can win it all this year..& Edison is clearly having a down year, look for Tesoro to knock them off in the 1st round..That still leaves one more spot left in your top 12 pac5 teams who can win it all…Who should take that spot????

  • just sayin’

    12 – here is your flaw with your “no-huddle” obsession. The no -huddle offense speeds up the game creates MORE plays. The MORE plays the greater chance the better team will win. So you can’t say on one hand Amat is short handed and on the other hand run the no huddle

  • just sayin’

    Harry Ballzonya – Huntington beach has NO chance. Weak schedule and lost to frickin’ Corona Del Mar! Edison is solid not great, but I think Lakewood is not the Lakewood of old. 1st year coach with left over talent and just not ready for a run.

  • 12th man

    just sayin,
    The Top 3 Pac5 teams have lost games or in Servites case on the verge of losing the last 4 weeks in a rowe due to teams “Passing” 60 to 70 percent of the game or running the “No Huddle”..Go back & look at all the film you want & you will see that no pac5 team has had success running the ball against O.C. teams…Santa Margarita is the much bigger & physical team they will want to dictate the game..I dont have a problem with Amat running the ball unless they are losing by 14 points or more..You have to trade blows with these heavyweights..You are sadly mistaken if you think Amat can win by running the ball down 14-0 or even worse 21-0..At what point do you say? Hey guys!! Something has to give…The very same plays we have been running for over a decade are no longer working..The definition of “Insanity” is doing the same thing over & over…& expecting different results~

  • Joe Amat DRIVES ME MAD…MAD I SAY !!!

    Joe Amat you are so full of misinformation and mind numbing rationalizations it makes one wonder how you can continue to look yourself in the mirror.

    So what you’re saying, correct me if I wrong, is that Damien beat J Serra…a Pac 5 team? I’m calling BS right there! No way J Serra loses to Damien after last year’s game indictaed Damein did not belong on the same universe as any pac 5 field. For Damien to beat a Pac 5 school they’d have to have a Championship level coach, a quality staff and players who are much taller, faster and stronger than what we know is true. The garbage that comes out of your mouth sometimes Joe Amat…sir, get help!!!!

    As far as Bishop Amat playing with Alemany, really? How do you figure losing by 5 points is playing? If…and I’m saying “IF”…Bishop Amat had lost by .5 points…now that’s “playing with Alemany”. The same goes for the Loyola game Joseph, hello !!!! the game is four quarters..HELLO!! It really is something the way you use carnival mirrors to make any one believe a 14-3 beat down is a competitive game, HELLO !! Mr. aMAT..11 points is a five possession game HELLO!!!! are you listening…that’s 3 safeties a 2 FGs…how probable is that..seriously..take your meds dude!

    As far as your convoluted analysis based on who beat who and when time machine theories all I have to say is Salesian beat Alemany 28-0 a few decades ago with a 167 lb covered QB playing RG and springing all four TDs on great counter ear hole crushing blocks. You know what that tells you Joseph .. well do you know…please I acn’t wait for your spirited response.

    Good night Sir!

  • AMAT 73

    You got it wrong on the 12th man. He is no hater just calls it like it is and somewhat of a couch coach , ha ha ha .It’s great to have Jefe and BraveDad in here ( geez can’t believe I wrote that ) as they do know PAC-5 ball just as 12th man. Except for a couple of jackasses it nice to blog on PAC-5 football with those who “get it” as the saying goes even though it is a small crowd. I am getting the feeling this game will be won by the performance of our D .

  • Jefe

    I do agree with one thing…anything can happen in the Pac-5 playoffs and I do expect to see a couple of “upsets” right off the bat tomorrow night.

  • CIF

    Hey Joe Amat!

    In my humble opinion here is the elite of the PAC5. MV, Servite, Santa Margarita, Long Beach Poly. Look, like I said, Amat is tops in the SGV, but they dont draw the studs like they used to. They havent made noise in this division for a while. Amat got a taste of Servite and found out that they dont belong on the field with them. The four teams I listed are elite and in the play-offs. Amat has no chance against any of them. Dont go comparing games of who played who because the only thing that matters is the head to head competition. Amat is not a PAC5 school and should look to move into the Inland. That might be a challenge for them also. The issue is as I have stated AMAT DOES NOT DRAW THE STUDS THEY USED TO. Lets see what happens Friday.

  • Hey CIF

    If Santa Margarita is one of the untouchables, then explain this:

    Santa Margarita 21, Mater Dei 14 .. Mater Dei is 4-6 and didn’t make the playoffs

    Santa Margarita 28, St. John Bosco 20 .. St. John Bosco lost to Loyola, 28-14 .. I’m not a genius, but the math favors Loyola, a Serra team

    Amat may not win, but for you to use the bigger, stronger they don’t have a chance argument, who are you trying to fool.

    Love to read your explanation…

  • Amat Bully

    Im one hoping that “9” plays………That way when Amat loses they cant say if we had “9” things would had been different. if he plays we’re going to hear Amat “d” did its job if we didnt give up those big plays we could of had that game, but like they say in this league the game can go either way…..whats funny about that saying is when is it going to go Amat’s way. I know this is a little bit premature but i might not be able to blog Friday night or Saturday i wont have my phone this weekend and i got the weekend off of work, so i figure i get it out now.


  • Amat Bully

    the crazy thing is i really think Amat is going to win i had this feeling the week they played Crespi and thats why i didnt post that week until after the game but i really think Amat is going to win this game with ease……….And at the same time i hope they dont because then it will give you Amat weirdo’s more comparative arguments that you guys love to do so much…………GO BIG BLUE……CO BLUE THO LOL…..

  • Amat

    Amat v. Long Beach Poly round 2 at home… Been waiting for this one for a very long time.

  • SGVsupporter

    Amat bully.. I knew you were a nice guy.. A lot to be thankful for with Thanksgiving coming next.. Good luck to all the teams playing.. represent.. no injuries.. great sportsmanship.. and Amat.. give it your everything..

  • 12th man

    Amat 73,
    Thanks buddy~ Just for the record..I am not a “Hater” I enjoy watching all teams from the SGV play & the only reason why I give Bishop Amat so much attn. or constructive criticism is because they play in one of the toughest divisions in the Country & for that alone i give them credit!..So yeah!…you can say im a couch coach..Or better yet..just like my screen name says “12th man” meaning the extra (player,coach) in the stands…Good Luck to all the teams in the SGV & may we see all of you again next week~

  • WhiteFang

    They only way Amat can win is to start strong from the first quarter. Amat has been a second half team all year. If they continue the same pattern, Santa Margarita will have 21 points by half time and and add a few more points in the thrid and fourth quarters.If Amat keeps the score close, they might have a chance!

  • Roman84

    That’s not AMAT Bully! It’s an impersonator, it has to be….lol

  • Real talk

    LET’S GO AMAT LET’S GO clap clap LET’S GO AMAT LET’S GO clap clap! We got a second life lets make it COUNT!!!! There is one thing that everyone can go to bank with is that AMAT will play with heart like they always have against the big bad unbeatable teams.

  • Mayhem

    You Amat guys are like the cult members in Guiana drinking the purple Kool-aid with the Reverend Jones. The only way that Amat can stay CLOSE in this game is if Santa Margarita trots it’s JV team out for the first half and the freshmen take their place in the second. Rio or not, you will learn your place in the PAC5 pecking order Friday night and it will be as bad as the beat down that Servite administered earlier this year. Thanks go to the coin that gave Santa Margarita the first round “bye” they received from The CIF offices.

  • General Turgidson

    To Real Talk:

    Amat used to be a “big bad unbeatable team.”

    Sucks doesn’t it?

  • Historian

    Turd – when was Amat a big bad unbeatable team? I mean really, for how long did that last?

  • great for the sgv

    What’s all this talk about bishop having a small line? It’s not as if SM is going to lineup and ask why there is a pop warner team lined up across from them. This is a team that held it’s own against Servite-what other team in the SGV can say that? Listen to Joey bishop with his pep talks about bishops great past-they can’t lose tonite!

  • The Katz Man

    The only chance Amat has of winning is if Ruiz starts for the Lancers. His teammates block a little bit longer and give a little better effort when #9 is behind center. He also has the experience to audible and check down to other options. Haynes is not quite there yet. Hagerty needs to throw the ball deep and let the Ruiz/Sanchez connection do their thing. Against Servite Rio threw the ball deep twice to Sanchez. One resulted in a touchdown and then other one was a long gain. Hagerty, don’t be afraid to let Rio do his thing.

  • Lance alot

    Historian – Your the “Historian” look it up! It’s all there. While you’re at it, look up Hater in the dictionary too.

    Good Luck tonight LANCERS!!!

    Have a Game!

  • see you at the field

    rgd2626 said:

    If he plays lets all hope he doesn’t get injured anymore.

    Baseball players and leaders like him are not easy to find.If all works out well, baseball will be his future.

    Obviously you don’t watch much baseball — not taking anything away from (Rio) but the class of 2012 has an EXCEPTIONAL amount of great players & leaders like him.