Arroyo QB Steven Rivera’s career numbers are the best in San Gabriel Valley history

Arroyo quarterback Steven Rivera will rank as the best quarterback statistically in San Gabriel Valley history when his career is finished. His 35 touchdowns this season leaves him 7 shy of the Valley record of 42 shared by Bishop Amat’s Pat Haden and Los Altos’ Felipe Aguilar. Aguilar, who finished with nearly 6,000 yards and 75 TDs in his three-year career, had 42 touchdowns in 2000 during an undefeated 14-0 championship campaign. Rivera’s four-year total of 8,295 passing yards and 91 TDs ranks him among the best all-time in the CIF-SS record books and the season isn’t done yet. I posted the CIF all-time record holders to show where Rivera ranks all-time. He is already in the top ten all-time for touchdowns in a career (7th), and needs 180 yards to move into 10th all-time on the career passing list.

Rivera through the years
2011 – 3,191, 35 TDs
2010 – 1,963, 21 TDs
2009 – 1,941, 25 TDs
2008 – 1,200, 10 TDs
Career total: 8,296 yards, 91 TDs

11,003 Michael Herrick, Valencia/Valencia 2003-05
10,764 Jimmy Clausen, Oaks Christian 2003-06
9,971 Keith Smith, Newbury Park 1991-93
9,821 Chris Czernek, Newbury Park 1994-96
9,471 Matt Barkley, Mater Dei 2005-08
9,182 Todd Marinovich, Mater Dei (2 yrs.);
Capistrano Valley (2 Yrs.) 1984-87
8,873 Aaron Flowers, Artesia 1990-92
8,634 Matt Engel, El Segundo 2000-02
8,617 Chris Lewis, Long Beach Poly 1996-98
8,475 Jamie McGee, Sage Hill 2004-07

No. Player/School Years

146 Jimmy Clausen, Oaks Christian 2003-06
134 Robert Del La Cruz, Cathedral 1997-99
107 Chris Lewis, Long Beach Poly 1996-98
104 Darius Banks, Culver City 2005-07
95 Matt Engel, El Segundo 2000-02
93 Sean Sudol, La Sierra 2003-05
91 Steven Rivera, Arroyo 2008-11
90 Zac Wasserman, Westlake 1997-99
90 Jason Whieldon, Orange Lutheran 1997-99
90 Jamie McGee, Sage Hill 2005-07
87 Keith Smith, Newbury Park 1991-93

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  • 12th man

    Thanks Fred~…This makes it so much harder to choose now..Who will be the “Player of the Year”?? Rivera? Santiago?..I dont think it matters anymore how far each QB takes his team into the playoffs “Unless its a CIF Championship”….Both QB’s are Amazing…I personally at this point would give the slight edge to Rivera..Its not everyday you hear of a QB breaking every SGV record for passing & is on the verge of perhaps setting the record for the most TD’s in a season..Even if he doesn’t break the record it could be a while before we see the likes of another Steven Rivera~

  • You factor in Rivera’s defense this year — THREE STRIPPED BALLS THAT HE TOOK TO THE HOUSE — over 100 tackles, among the Valley leaders in INTs. The guy is insane. This is why I tell you all to get out to one of Steven or Travis games because players like this don’t come around too often.

  • Voice of Reason

    Come on! Comparing Rivera and Santiago is completely relative. Consider the leagues in which they each play. With that said, put Santiago at Arroyo and Rivera would be the back up and Santiago would have already broken STATE records! There is no question who should get player of the year.

  • 12th man

    Voice of reason,
    If what your saying is true?? Why aren’t all the state leaders from the Mid Valley Division?? Playing in different leagues does not affect how you throw the ball..You still need good mechanics in any division..If playing in a higher division means something to you..Then maybe you should consider voting for Jalen Moore
    (RB) for Bishop Amat who is the leading rusher as of rite now in the Pac5 (1,426 yds rushing)(18 TD’s)

  • nah

    Rivera is having a monster year…but he is no where near the best in SGV history,…Lets not disrespect our area like that…He is good numbers wise, but san Dimas beats arroyo this year.

  • Old Mission

    Rivera is a nice kid with good skills, he is the benefactor of a coach who loves to run up the score, and is pushing him for style points. The SGV version of the Heisman for POY…he kills the little 5′ 7″ 135 lb DB’s of which not one will play at any next level. Santiago is so far ahead of the class it isnt even funny he is getting serious D1 attn…has anyone offered Rivera?….Santiago will get offers and possibly play both in college…The only other guy is Ruiz, he doesn’t have the numbers this year because of his coach (not his fault), but when they let him loose he puts up as big a numbers as anyone, and his numbers are against the best in the southland LEGIT D1 defenses and DB’s.
    look at it this way, Ruiz was on here as a stand alone story and gets 50 plus hits about his knee in a day, this story came out yesterday and has just 5 hits. Its all relative, and no body really cares about little D 9 schools. Ask Fred and Aram what the think about Ruiz’s arm strength, accuracy and grit.
    Ask Harry Welch? He will tell you that Ruiz is as good a QB as he has faced in many years, and he has seen them all.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Old Mission,

    I would not be so quick to discredit Rivera’s accomplishments soley because he plays D11 Mid-Valley football. The truth is that southern California is a recruiting hotbead for the entire country and always has been. Just merely scan the rosters of every Pac-12 school or WAC or even Big 10 school and you will find players from SoCal from all 13 Cif SoCal divisions.

    I’m not an Arroyo fan, but this kid is putting up numbers against competition equivalent to his own team and division. Switch Santiago and Rivera, put Travis on Arroyo and Steven at CO and I’m pretty sure the results would be close to the same. All these great QB’s deserve recognition just for their dedication to the sport and desire to play what many consider the most pivital posistion in the game.

    If nobody cared about lower division football, then guys like Ellis McCarthy, Taylor Lagace, Chris Solomon, Tairen Owens, Justen Meaders, Shaun Cody, Brigam Harwell, Chris Miller, Garret Horrine etc. etc. would not be getting or have been offered free college educations from major colleges across the country. Maybe Rivera is not getting the looks from colleges that he deserves, maybe he does put check marks into the tiny square boxes recruiters mark off their lists. So many factors that these guys look at that have little to do with what division he plays in. Is he tall enough? What is his 40? Can he zip a deep out pattern? One question they don’t need an answer for is “can he compete?”

    And that is pretty much what HS football is all about.

  • test


  • AmatSGV

    It was a Great effort from the Bishop Amat football team this year. I still don’t understand the idiot haters, most of them are miserable and ignorant… you know who you are! Below is the reason why Amat will continue to play in D1 football, no matter what any idiot thinks. Historically, we own the Pac5, the numbers dont lie. This is also the reason we are the dominant team in the SGV, if you want your kid to be the best, then he needs to play against the best (Pac5), period. Amat plays anyone, anytime, anywhere, and we bow to no one! Good luck to CO, WestCo, LA, Arroyo, and Covina. Long shots are San Gabriel and Arcadia.

    Amat record Vs. Your Team:

    Loyola 22-9
    Crespi 10-3
    Alemany 14-3
    Mater Dei 19-15
    St. J B 11-5
    SM 3-4
    Servite 15-16
    CO 2-1
    St. Paul 26-14
    Damien 22-4
    Rancho C 2-0
    LB Poly 6-4
    MV 2-0

  • knightrider04

    Thank you Tribune for giving the attention and credit where it is due. Steven Rivera is such a bright and shiny star and he means so much to Arroyo HS, the City of El Monte, the MVL and the division. It’s really awesome to see this player do so well and still keep such a good head on his shoulders. He doesn’t brag or boast, but represents the school that he loves with pride, honor, and dignity. He deserves all the respect that he has earned. GO KNIGHTS!

  • Go away amat

    This is an article abour Rivera. Why oh why must the fools from amat continue to permeate the blogs? Your team is done done done. Next year you will froth at the mouth again until reality sets in and you can lament the grandeur that was amat back in the 90’s again.

    Go away- unless you can give credit to the subject of the articles.

  • Alex Castaneda

    Consider Rivera’s numbers on both sides of the ball and this argument is over. Game, Set, Match. How many of the record holding QB’s played great on both sides of the ball? Rivera is a straight monster on the grid iron.

  • great for the sgv

    Rivera is definitley one of the most exciting players in the SGV. His play on the field speaks for itself.The most exciting player to watch this year, followed closely by CO’s qb. Watching him play defense is fun, but when he starts running that offense you really see some magic. A great player and from a previous post it sounds like he’s also a great kid.