This has been the year of the coach …

I’ve had a few emails praising area coaches in what certainly has been the year of the coach in high school football. We’ll crown a coach of the year in a few weeks, but has there been a year like this with so many that are deserving. Duarte’s Tip Sanders led the Falcons back after back-to-back 0-10 seasons, leading them to 6-3 and on the brink of a playoff berth. La Puente’s Brandon Rohrer led the Warriors to their best start in school history before finishing 9-2. And look at Azusa’s Joe Scherf, going undefeated his fourth straight year in the Montview, and still alive in the quarterfinals. There is probably no better feel good story than what’s happening at Los Altos, where coach Dale Ziola is 8-3 and in the quarterfinals after the Conqs’ program was left for dead, 0-10 last year with virtually nobody wanting a piece of that job. West Covina’s Mike Maggiore continues to establish himself as one of the Valley greats, gunning for his second straight and third CIF title. And how about Roddy “playoff” Layton. That’s all he does is advance in the postseason. What if this is the year he finally gets the prize. The Valle Vista League is full of contenders. Covina coach Darryl Thomas may finally gets his CIF title in a few weeks, Bill Zernickow is on course to take San Dimas back to the title game and what about Pomona’s Anthony Rice, whose team is now part of the SGV conversation. The Mission Valley league is full of feel good stories too. El Monte and coach Joel Sanchez chased their first league title since 1979, South El Monte’s Ibis Aguilar got the Eagles in the postseason after a miserable 2010, and Arroyo coach Jim Singiser has his first real shot at a title with one of the Valley’s all-time greats at QB. Damien coach Greg Gano’s team finally turned the page in the Sierra when few thought they could and Sweet Lou Pa Farrar is back at it again, winning a Sierra League title and chasing a title in a division that you thought was unthinkable last year. It’s not right we have to pick just one in a few weeks, but no matter who gets it, there are so many others that are just as deserving.

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  • Cong ’76

    As an alum and obvious fan of Los Altos I would not be disappointed if Ziola got the nod, but MAN, what a job Farrar has done at CO competing against what people consider to be “The Big Boys”. Only two seasons ago CO was dismissed as having been a big fish in a small pond to becoming a minnow in the ocean.

  • High School Football Fan

    San Dimas Saints Head Coach Bill Zernickow. Having to play (11) games on the road with a record of (9-2). If his team does win the next (2) playoff games and plays for the Championship, no question, Coach of the Year!

  • As a loyal BA fan I must say after watching the progress TIM SALTER has made with his team— 11-0 with out question deserves to be coach of the year. All you have to do is poll the coaches he has been preparing his teams against. Been a rough year to say the least for Hags but Salter WINS and Lou Far. should be 2nd runner up

  • Trojan Man

    Ziola & Sanders …Co Coaches of the year .

    What they’ve done is NOTHING short of a miracle !

    With Rohrer right there as well.
    All the others have been doing it for a while.

  • Colt74

    What an incredible way for the Colt players to show their appreciation to Coach T and his staff than to bring home a CIF Championship and to earn him COY honors!

    I like that idea! How about you guys?
    Side note: Win Friday and the COLTS will have gone farther than any other C-Town team in 16 years!

    I would call that an OUTSTANDING season.

    Will be there Friday night cheering you guys on and hoping that you will be 2-0 in this new 4 game season.
    Have a GREAT Thanksgiving with family and friends and take a moment to contemplate all you have to be thankful for.

  • SGV fan

    Colt 74:
    Just FYI, Covina made it into the semifinals during the 2006-2007 season, also the 2000-2001 season, and 1997-1998 season all under DT. Hopefully this is the year he makes it past the semifinals and get’s that ring he definitely deserves.

  • Fender Bender

    BA Fan,

    Upland’s is not a Valley team…so Lou is your vote!

  • COY rep

    Chino Hills Def Coach: He should get coach of the year for giving up the most points when needed the most! Yah!! Coach Chadwick Im sure every opponent will vote for you for making such great adjustments and using such great judgement to have your best on the field. Please retire this season.

  • coltfan97

    IMHO, and I am leaving out Coach DT because I don’t want to sound like a homer, but if I had to choose COY its between Ziola, Sanders, and Aguilar!!!! The reason for this is simple these programs were in the dumps last year!!!! The combine record of these three teams last year was 1-28!!!!! These three coaches did a fantastic job, and all them deserves to be rewarded!!!!!!

  • Colt74

    SGV fan,
    I’ll concede a TOTAL brain fart for forgetting about 2005-2006. Dooooh. I don’t recall them in the playoffs in 2001 and was out of the country for 1996-2000. Fill me in for my records for playoffs for those other years you list PLEASE.

  • coltfan97

    Colt 74,

    1997-98 played La Mirada in the semi’s led by Covarubias
    2000-01 played La Habra in the semi’s led by Ullrich
    2005-06 played Tesoro in the semi’s led by McD
    2006-07 played Oak Park in the semi’s led by McD

    Coach Thomas has done a great job for the talent he has!!!! This is his time to shine!!!!!

  • Colt74

    I know about 05-06. Was blogging from Arizona during games.

    1997-98 played La Mirada in the semi’s led by Covarubias
    2000-01 played La Habra in the semi’s led by Ullrich

    Which year was it because 1997 is different from 1998 and the same for 2000-2001.

    Again, I was back in the US for 2001 and do not remember them in the playoffs that year.

  • coltfan97

    Colt 74

    It was the fall of 97 and 00!!!!


    COLT97 BEERS ON THE WALL? WHAT happened to the years when you played AZUSA??? Oh, those years don’t count? hahahah… Okay i’m just kidding! Hell I used to jog on HOLLENBECK and past by good old Covina all the time and that was coming from AZUSA.

    To both Colts, HAPPY THANKS GIVING to you also! First we eat, then we watch FOOTBALL.HAHAHAH…


  • coltfan97

    Aztec Pride I will have my 97 beers when Covina wins CIF, but until then I will sober!!!!! lol

  • Colt74



    “COLT97 BEERS ON THE WALL? WHAT happened to the years when you played AZUSA???”

    All the years, or just not counting 2004 when the Colts beat Azusa 58-8, or 2005 when Azusa asked to get out of the second year of the contract?

    Or does it only count when Azusa wins in 2009 41-13?, and 2008 27-6 ????

    ALL years count. Especially THIS ONE.

    Happy Thanksgiving and Flitz Nivid!
    (Feliz Navidad)

  • Rice, really

    Really now, Rice considered a possible coach of the year! Possible recruiter of the year! Anybody could hand give it to Sir Darius. Ziola did something spectacular; changed the atmosphere at Los Altos regardless where they go from here.

  • bbbbb

    Congrats To LA

    This says alot about how terrible last years coach truly is.

  • LA Futbol

    No Question….Ziola.

    No matter what happens on Friday he should already have it locked up, but if LA wins this week and goes from 0-10 to the CIF Semi-Finals???? I mean, COME ON! This is a no-Brainer, right?

  • Colt74

    I would vote for Ziola if for no other reason than their first MIDNIGHT practice.
    I think the turnaround he has achieved is above and beyond what anyone else has accomplished this year.

    Other coaches may have taken their teams to the next level but how many teams have taken their teams to the next level from the basement?

  • Tip showed guts to stick it out and im told he lost a key running back after preseason good job tip


    Okay heres my ballot and Im voting for the person whos pictured here! Hands down Coach Scherf!!! Yes there are some other Coaches having a great season(S). (BIG LOU) would also have to be the runner up! But what this coach has accomplished has been outstanding! Okay heres when people bodies get all up tight and upset, because hes from the MONTVIEW LEAGUE. Remember folks Montview League citizens are HARD WORKING. HONEST, LOVE THEIR COUNTRY, PROUD TO BE AMERICANS!!! WHO LOVE THE GAME OF FOOTBALL ALSO! Dont judges us by the word MONTVIEW LEAGUE.

    What Coach Scherf has done since hes taken over the program has been an accomplishment to say the least. Hes completely dominating the League four years running! Has taken AZUSA to the playoffs four seasons running and one game away from the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME and played San Dimas, who won the title that year! What hes done, NO coach has ever done for AZUSA. I believe AZUSA and Duarte are the two teams that have ever been that deep in the playoffs from the Montview. Last year he had AZUSA, at 10-0 and was selected by CIF as the #1 seed in the Mid VALLEY! Yes AZUSA lost last that year from an Olympic Team, and it was a game AZUSA should have won, but lost bottom line! This year he schedules up (SMART)! Yes lose every preseason game, but look how his plan is coming together! AZUSA, wins Cerritos Valley Christan 35-14! Yes a team from the MONTVIEW LEAGUE, CAN!!! WIN other Leagues! Big game coming this Friday, and this is turning out to be a CLASSIC RIVIALRY and the big question will be, can AZUSA get by SD for the third time, but two of the games have major implications! Fred, has chosen AZUSA to win this Friday, and with that said has to mean something of merit also!

    Coach your track record speaks for itself!


  • AMAT 73

    I thought this was for SGV coaches . What the hell is a vote for Salter doing in here. My pick is Ziola and a very close Sanders in second place. What Ziola did at LA is beyong belief , 0-10 last year to now in the second round of the playoffs. Amazine turnaround !!!. Fred J, what leads you to believe that Gano has turned a page ? I think he’s a good coach and all but they finished 3rd in the Sierra like last year , one and done like last year, didn’t beat CO,CH,and AMAT like last year . Don’t give me the closed the gap between AMAT and Damien stuff you guy’s toss around because I don’t see it, nor do many others . What is your reasoning ????

  • Colt74

    “Fred, has chosen AZUSA to win this Friday, and with that said has to mean something of merit also!”

    And he also is picking Charter Oak over Upland. So that mean Big Lou must be equally deserving of Coach of the year honors too.

    In my humble opinion all it means is that Fred will give the lead back to Aram by one.

    What has coach Scherf done above and beyond what he did last year? You guys will be playing your second game in this years playoffs and that’s great.No doubt. But does that qualify him as coach of the year over lets say, Ziola of Los Altos?

    Last year Los Altos was buried 6 feet underground and winless. Last year Azusa was 10-1.

    Which team, with a first year coach, has made the MOST DRAMATIC improvement THIS YEAR?

    Isn’t that what Coach of the year is all about?

    If Azusa wins CIF THEN I would argue that Coach Scherf deserves to be in the running right along with you.

  • Checking In

    I’d like to nominate Greg Gano (Damien).

    He deserves consideration for winning 7 games with the most unimaginative offensive play calling (aside from Chaffey HS) in the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys.

    His predictable, pedestrian, and simplistic offense fails in intimidate any opponent, making me hesitate whether I want to watch his nonsense each Friday night—-most of the time, I opt not to.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.


    COLT74, Wow your post blew me away and I thought you were better then that! You mean to tell me that come Monday morning, you don’t go to see who Fred picks? YEAH RIGHT! The first thing I do is look to see who Fred picks to win! I don’t know how he does it, by the guy is good! So don’t tell me, THAT IT DOESN’T HOLD MERIT! BECAUSE TO ME, IT HELL’VA DOES! Go ahead and try to down play it. Then you mentioned BIG LOU, WELL HELL BOTH OF THESE COACHES WON THEIR LEAGUES, did the coach from LA win their LEAGUE? UUUHHH NOOO, But great season though!

    And please don’t tell about that MONTVIEW LEAGUE CRAP EITHER!

    What you said, AZUSA was 10-1, and LA was buried right! Okay last year we lost to an Olympic team in the first round, and well so did Covina! BUT!!!! This year Coach Scherf, DOESN’T LOSE and gets the W! OOOHHH in my book that’s coah of the year material there Colt! WHY, BECAUSE HE WISED UP AND NOW HEADED TO THE SECOND ROUND! By the way don’t think I didn’t see who you picked, and you went with CERRITTOS VILLAGE OVER AZUSA! I WONDER WHY??? HHMMMM…

    You know what’s bothering you COVINA FANS, AND LET’S KEEP IT REAL! THE FACT IS THAT COACH SCHERF,(MONTVIEW LEAGUE) OUT COACH THOMAS,COVINA in the playoffs! And it doesn’t sit well in your bellys and makes you uncomfortable! Here’s your last question, IF AZUSA WINS THE CIF, THEN I’LL CONSIDER?? HHAHAHA… WHO MADE YOU MR COSIDERATE! THAT’S WHY I SAID OPINION! WHICH in AMERICA IS YOUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT!

    Maybe you had some bad whisky and your true feelings came out!


  • Colt74

    Dude, seriously I have had about all of your psychoing out crap that I can put up with. I have ALWAYS wished Azusa good luck and been polite when we go back and forth but if you are going to continually throw a temper tantrum if I or anyone else does not agree with you you can shove it up your a$$.
    Thought I was better than that??? What the F? Better than what? That heaven forbid I think Coach Ziola deserves coach of the year over Coach Scherf?
    Get over it Cybil! And stop with the CAPS ALL THE TIME….WE CAN READ LOWERCASE LETTERS JUST FINE!
    And no, unlike you I DON’T run to the Trib to see who Fred or anyone else picks. Why? Who cares who anyone else picks?? Except obviously you. Does Fred or Aram or anyone elses guesses mean that much to you? Does their guesses add validity to your program? If you think so…how????? You know what…I really don’t care. You live for what someone else thinks…that’s your life not mine.

    “You know what’s bothering you COVINA FANS, AND LET’S KEEP IT REAL! THE FACT IS THAT COACH SCHERF,(MONTVIEW LEAGUE) OUT COACH THOMAS,COVINA in the playoffs! And it doesn’t sit well in your bellys and makes you uncomfortable!”

    Dude that statement proves that you have your head so far up your a$$ that you need to have a plexiglass plate put in front of your stomach so you can see where you are going.
    I was following along with your ongoing battle with that other guy and trying to figure out why he was so pissed at you. I understand now. You’re a head case!
    And jackass, if you want to quote me at least have the balls to do it correctly.

    your version:


    When I said:

    “If Azusa wins CIF THEN I would argue that Coach Scherf deserves to be in the running right along with you.”

    Oh..I see…I don’t agree with you NOW…got it!

    Now run along and take a Midol and go for the super absorbent because you seriously seem to be flowing heavily….

    Either way..I’m done being trying to be cordial with you.

  • Colt74



    Unless of coarse someone elses opinion is different than your own. That is what you forgot to add right?

    “Maybe you had some bad whisky and your true feelings came out!”

    And maybe you didn’t take your Prozac or swallowed the worm?

  • I second Just Checking Ins Nomination

    I agree Just checking in.
    Add to that the bust transfers that he has recruited as well as the ridiculous onside kicks that gave VM the ball 2 times and allowed them to score in a matter of minutes. For fielding a tiny offensive and defensive line and tiny tot defensive backfield.

    For suiting up and playing a team of booster sons and favorites that played both ways, even though they were failing, and refusing to play seniors on the last night of their season.

    Hats off, oops, visors off to you Gano.

    Thank you for the great year!

    My son will graduate knowing you refused to put him and some of the other seniors in when they could have helped turned things around.

    thank you for keeping in the losers you had all year round and played both ways.

    You truly are a man of class and integrity.

    for those of you thinking of sending your boys to Damien to play football. Dont waste your time, send them to AMAT or Charter Oak. Or keep them in public school. Damien Football is a joke thanks to Gano

  • great for the sgv

    That time of the month 74?