Upland-Charter Oak Showdown live on Fox Sports Friday

Well this sort of squashes our plans for Coveritlive, unless you want Mike the Cousin there for a live Q&A…let us know what you think.

Friday’s up-to-date game time and locations
CIF-SS Playoffs
Inland Division

Charter Oak (10-1) at Upland (11-0), 7:30 p.m.
Southeast Division
West Covina (10-1) at Pasadena (6-5), 7 p.m.
La Mirada (7-4) at Arcadia (9-2), 7 p.m.
La Serna (8-3) at Los Altos (8-3), 7:30 p.m.
Diamond Ranch (6-5) at Muir (7-4), 7:30 p.m.
Mid-Valley Division
Covina (10-1) vs. Alhambra (8-2) at Moor Field, 7 p.m.
Monrovia (8-3) vs. Whittier Christian (7-4) at Whittier College, 7 p.m.
San Dimas (9-2) vs. Azusa (8-3) at Citrus College, 7 p.m.
San Gabriel (7-4) at Arroyo (10-1), 7 p.m.

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  • Mike Robledo

    Here are three very good alternatives:

    San Gabriel @ Arroyo
    San Dimas @ Azusa
    Diamond Ranch @ Muir

    what do you think?

  • Dan

    That great news!
    Now I can go out Friday night to Pasadena and watch the battle of the Bulldogs, then come home and check out the Chargers vs Upland on DVR.
    Congratulations CO and good luck against Upland,
    a tall task but I think with Santiago and that offense you guy’s have, you got a decent shot against just about anybody in your division.

    Fred, do you know where Pasadena plays their home games at?

    Also Fred, any word on Ainsworth from Covina yet? I hope he’s healthy, could be a notable difference without him, especially as the competition gets tougher the deeper you get into the playoffs, I would like to see both teams at full strength if Covina and Monrovia are fortunate enough to meet next week in the semis.


    Mike, you know the AZUSA vs San Dimas will be the game to watch! AZUSA has played SD in the semi’s two seasons ago, which was a great game, but lost! Coach Scherf beefed up the AZUSAS SCHEDULE this season and played SD for the second time and well you know what the score on that was! AZUSA seems to be a whole lot different now from the preseason and you’ve heard the saying,” THE THIRD TIME IS CHARM”!

    I’m not going to say AZUSA can win, but i’ll say this. This win would be great for the City of AZUSA,(FOOTBALL PROGRAM) and would bring AZUSA out of the shadows and DOUBTERS.Mike you can name it the TURKEY BOWL III!

    Just my opinion, and Good Luck AZUSA!



    Have mike the cousin at Dranch vs Muir that will be a great game. Tons of atheltes on that field, or you have have them at the Arcadia game.

  • tommykiss

    How about sending Mike to Los Altos to cover the game with La Serna.

  • Colt74

    I vote for Monrovia – Whittier Christian.

    If Monrovia wins it sets up the game of the week that everyone wants to see.

    If Whittier Christian wins it sets up the Revenge Bowl from last year when Whittier Christian sent us home with our 1 years free wax parting gifts.

    It’s a Win-Win situation for Covina

    Plus, I happen to think that besides Charter Oak and Upland this is the next best match-up.

    Of coarse, your mileage may vary.


    Come on Colt? Are kidding ME, the game to be covered is the AZUSA, San Dimas. Yes the Monrovia game because of last year, but this will be the third time for both teams and yes they’ve met in the playoffs also.

    How about this Colt, AZUSA and Covina??? OHHHH YEAH at Citrus College,(GREAT MEMORIES FOR AP) Come on Colt I know your scared! hahahahah…

  • coltfan97

    Scared of what?

  • Charter Oak Vs Upland is the game to watch…hands down!

    Inland Valleys best against SGVs best. Dosent get better than that. This game will be talked about for the next year…

  • I have love for Azusa but I’m sure even Mark Schuster would go watch the Upland – Charter Oak game… that’s the game.

  • Fred Robledo

    Well, I can tell you where I won’t send Mike, to Muir or PHS, neither have a press box. I sent Mike to Muir last year and he almost froze to death doing the game on the tower. Mike will either go to San Dimas-Azusa at Citrus, or San Gabriel at Azusa…

    Dan, yes, PHS plays home games at home now…


    Mark Schuster, now there’e a GOOD MAN, but just a fan, I believe Schuster, will be coaching the Monrovia game, because he’s a coaching their. Where you been!

    COLT97, You know what i’m talking about! SCARED OF WHAT? YOU KNOW WHAT! SEEN THEM PLAY TWICE…

  • Colt74


    “but this will be the third time for both teams and yes they’ve met in the playoffs also.”

    Exactly..it’s been done to death. So WHY do it again? If you stuck your hand in a camp fire and it did not turn out well the first 2 times, why in Gods name would you want to do it again with an audience a 3rd time?????????????

    “How about this Colt, AZUSA and Covina??? OHHHH YEAH at Citrus College,(GREAT MEMORIES FOR AP) Come on Colt I know your scared! hahahahah…”

    Good thing you put that hahahahah at the end or someone that may not know better may have took you serious.

    I don’t care who Covina plays. I compare watching Covina to watching bowling. I just like seeing them set them up and the Colts knocking them down. Sometimes they get strikes and sometimes they pick up the 7-10 split. Against West Covina our last shot was a gutterball…lol
    But, it’s still all good!

    The good thing is NO MATTER WHAT the outcome of a Friday night, the sun will still come up Saturday morning and I’ll still feel the same way abut my team as I did on Friday morning. Proud to be a Colt. Anything extra is just gravy.


  • Colt74


    “Mike will either go to San Dimas-Azusa at Citrus, or San Gabriel at Azusa…”

    Azusa has a double-header on Friday night?


  • coltfan97

    Thats a long long time ago!!!! I say bring it on!!!! Covina is not scared of anybody!!!! Covina shows up in big games ask S.D.!!!!

  • Craig is at Monrovia, but his dad Mark? I thought he has some restrictions that kept him away from kid events..lol


    Colt, good catch and that would be nice! Double header,do we have that in FOOTBALL? Oh yeah that’s just baseball and to BAD!!!

  • coltfan97

    Another thing Covina is concentrating on Alhambra, I suggest Azusa do the same thing with S.D.!!!!!! A team that Azusa lost to earlier in the year!!!!!! Just saying!!!!!!


    Hey both Colts, who needs COVERIT, when you have liveblogging right here & now! hahahaha…. Yes 97beers on the wall, AZUSA will have to play it’s BEST BALL, or else this will be like the PACQUINO & Marquez fight for the third time and we all know who won those three fights!



    Just a Fan;

    I thought Schuster had all Girls? Are we talking about excoach Schuster from AZUSA? lol… Now coaching at Monrovia?

    Wow having way to much fun at work and it’s almost quitting time!

  • Mark Schuster was the head coach in the late 80s thru the early 90s. He had some great teams and even coached craig his son who later coached Azusa as well. Come on Aztec fan, you have to know this….


    JUST A FAN, Your 100% right and I stand corrected on that! Forgot about that one. WOW…

    Okay, i’ll shutup now.HAHAHAH

  • 12th man

    Send Mike to Arroyo game~ Its not every year you get to witness history in the making..Who knows when the next Steven Rivera will emerge…As far as the Charter Oak game goes..This will determine weather CO is “Overrated” or “Underrated”…Either way it should be the game of the week across the Southland~

  • DP

    This will be a tough game for Charter Oak. No one is giving CO much of a chance, and that is understandable, with Upland ranked #5 in the state! However, let’s not under estimate Charter Oak’s explosive offense. I’ve been a CO fan for 20+ years and the pattern is always the same: CO plays only fair for non-league games, they start to play pretty good for the league games, and by the time they hit the playoffs, they are “hitting on all cylinders”!! If CO’s defense can play well (like in the last several games) they could pull off an upset. We’ll see how it goes. Go chargers!!

  • AmatSGV

    I vote for the San Gabriel Vs. Arroyo game. 12th man is right, the entire valley should be proud of Steven Rivera’s accomplishments as a QB.

  • Sgvnoive


  • Ryan

    This is bad news for those of us who will be attending the game. Live TV games are terrible for high school football. Just when a team gets momentum on its side the entire stadium has to wait for the TV time outs. Weaksauce.

  • Dog Town

    Everybody has the fever for their teams right now, and rightfully so. I am a WC homer. Lets be real, we are SGV!! CO Upland game has to be the showcase. CO Lets make a statement for the SGV CO, and then let us squabble amongst ourselves. Also let me just say I would have really like to see A CO WC matchup this year, I think it would be a great match up. WC thanks for not talking trash on these blogs which you could easily be doing. WC has a great team, we will go on our merry way and IMHO win another championship. We know who we are, and we will win or lose with class. Good luck to all the teams in the SGV.

  • Panther Fan

    The only good choice is DR at Muir. It has almost become a rivalry between East and West, with DR leading 2-1. We will need some good broadcast of the game and Mike is the best man for the job.

  • Joe

    Does anyone know how big the stands are on the visitor side at Upland? Need to know what time to get there to have a seat. Good luck all SGV teams.

  • garbage

    Just a fan
    that was a garbage post about mark schuster. That reaches a new low for this blog, you shouldn’t post crap like that about someone. I know what happened and it was as garbage as your post. Like I said a new low for this blog.


    garbage said?

    I don’t know what’s going on with (just a fan) and I apologize if you think I said anything improper! I thought he was talking about Craig Schuster, who’s an outstanding coach and have nothing but good things to say about the MAN! I don’t come in here name droping and that’s totaly uncool!


  • @Fred- Just wondering when you are going to write an article on the cheating that Charter Oak has been doing the entire season? Corona Santiago coaches are up in arms after watching the coaching staff get out their I-Pads and film the game live go to the coaching staff on the field play the segment taped and than show it to the players on the bench. New England Patriots revisited sounds like to me?
    Apparently this is already at the CIF office but might get stonewalled because their former Athletic Director Martinez is on the CIF staff now— From what I am hearing they were doing it all season.
    I am going to suggest to the Upland folks — give those cheaters a couple extra I Pads and tell them good luck— because the TRAIN IS COMING DOWN THE TRACK— and that light at the end of the tunnel for Charter CHOKE is an ONCOMING TRAIN !!!

  • DP

    Hey, “Inland Fan”…cheating by Charter Oak???? Get real!!!! But you want to talk about cheating….what about that “illegal” play Upland ran against Rancho Cucamonga???? Interesting no mention of that by you!!! Yeah, Upland has a great team, and Charter Oak will have their hands full this week….but ultimately it will be decided on the field (and hopefully Upland won’t run any more “illegal” plays!!!

  • I think the Mark Schuster blog was kinda funny. Guy was guilty and got what he deserved…

  • gralx

    Cheating? Interesting thought. Is there an explicit rule against it? (serious question) I know that teams have taken snap shots (college and pro level) for years and taken them down to the side line to show their team what is going on. I also know that EVERY game is filmed by both teams and has been for, well, ever. So, is the iPad thing out of line with the other 2 things? Is it specifically ruled out? Or, is CO just forward thinking in doing this? (if they are doing this)

  • 12th man

    Watching film during or at halftime is “Illegal”..in any High School Football game~

  • CO Bro

    Why is it that every time CO puts the beat down on someone it is called cheating? We were accused of filming games, listening to other teams plays in the coaches box, our chain gang crew was giving our coaches the other teams plays. I mean WTF! You people will try to find anything to discredit a great football program, damn insane!

    @ Joe, Uplands visitor stands are not the best. They go from the 30 yard line to 30 yard line (could be 20) but they are not very deep, maybe 10 rows deep.

    Fred, can you confirm the game is on fox? I looked at the schedule this morning and there is no mention of the game online?

    6:30PM High School Spotlight Live
    7:00PM Huntington Beach vs. Loyola
    7:30PM St. John Bosco vs. Alemany
    7:30PM Yucaipa vs. J.W. North
    7:30PM Palmdale vs. Canyon

  • 12th man

    CO Bro,
    foxsportswest.com doesn’t post until gameday (friday)…The list you posted was last week’s games..

  • Co for life

    Look, CO is not cheating, yes they do bring an iPad out but its not to cheat. Many of you people who watch College and NFL football realize that whenever the QB comes off the field or even defensive secondaries they are shown pictures of how the teams are lining up so they can correct there mistakes with alignments and reads (defense) and the QB’s are shown how the defense is lining up and what kind of coverage they are throwing at him. This is all they are doing, ( a play by play review) for the players so they can see what they aren’t seeing on the field. This is not a cheating tactic, this is simply just a more innovative game now a days, and yes it helps out CO so there players have a better understanding of what they are missing out on the field. These aren’t to use to film the other sideline or anything. Come on now, since we catch one school cheat doesn’t mean all cheat. There are still fair people in this world.

  • Fred Robledo

    FYI, I spoke with CIFs Thom Simmons, and they have talked to Charter Oak about allegedly using an IPAD during the games, whether to take pictures or show action on video, it’s against national high school football rules during the course of a game. The penalty for doing so is a 15-yard penalty, and if coaches continue to do so, they can be ejected. Like I said, CIF was made aware of these allegations, and have spoken to Charter Oak about it. Let’s move forward and play the game.

  • CO Bro

    OIC, thx 12th man. DDD on me!

  • CO Fan for Life—
    ENJOY the beat down those Upland players are going put on your kiddies for the cheating that went on during the Corona Santiago game. They have a train whistle that is blasted every time they score— So you are going to be deaf pal !!! ALL NIGHT LONG !!! That light at the end of the tunnel your kids see is an ONCOMING TRAIN !!!!!

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    I’m just thinking it’s ALOT easier to draw on an iPad than a chalkboard. You have premade characters (X, O, Arrows, etc…). You can draw up a play/coverage in 1/2 the time or better.

    Fred, (serious question), is it illegal to use ANY electronic devices other than the headsets during a game?

  • Lance R

    Oh the Ol’ Lucky Ipad. First the Lucky Coin that was flipped. The Ipad? now thats the pot calling the kettle black.?? what gives CO? been using this lucky device all season, no wonder why your record is what it is. With no Ipad and a Upland team that will embarrass you with or without your lucky Ipad this game will get ugly in a hurry. I just added 10 more points to the Upland side. Ipad-gate what cheaters and now your beatdown Friday on Fox…. No Ipad / No rings….CO should forfeit the games where the Ipad was used this season.

    Upland 49
    CO 20

  • Fred Robledo

    I don’t have a copy of the National Federation High School Football Rulebook, but my understanding in speaking with Thom Simmons is that what Charter Oak did would amount to a 15-yard penalty, and if continued, a coach ejection. There are no forfeitures.

  • 12th man

    Film, no film…I-pad, no I-pad..Lets not discredit what Santiago has done this season..The players ultimately must get on the field & execute something the I-pad cant do…Its no different from a coach up in the press box calling plays to the sidelines..Lets not speculate on anything..Im sure what CO is doing is legal otherwise CIF would have stepped in already~…Cant wait until friday..Let the games begin~ Good Luck To Both teams!!

  • Amat!!!!

    Wow! I-pads…. maybe a better use would be to have the students use them for academic purposes… definitely not for cheating in a football game! Wow!!!…..
    Not even Amat with all its loyal haters has never been accused of cheating… goes to show who really is the best!!

  • D-Mo

    That’s hilarious. CO is winning because of electronics? Somebody doesn’t have a clue about what wins football games. If it was about electronics, that’s some bad ass electronics CO has going on. I got it….Travis is a robot!

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    Upland fanbois readying their excuses now. Pretty pathetic. How about deciding the game ON THE FIELD instead of the blogosphere???

  • Jackie Chan

    So, Bluetooth ear-sets are illegal for QB’s and Linebackers too? Tell me it isn’t so!

  • Amat!!!

    I don’t think anyone on here is insinuating that they won solely on the electronic device … but the electronic device provides a slight edge that the other teams don’t have because they happen to be following the rules!! And when the skill level of the teams are so close this electronic device can make the difference between a win and a loss… oh and don’t forget its against the rules! I think that’s a big part of the problem.. the fact that it is against the rules!… im sure the rule is in place for a reason!!

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    How about those teams that TELL you what’s coming and DARE you to stop it. All the technology on the planet isn’t going to help anyone execute anything unless of course you have evidene CO has 22 Six-Million Dollar Men…

  • The U

    I think Ayala Bulldog Fan has Alzheimers..You made the post about it bein easier to draw on an I-pad and then turn around and say Upland fans readying their excuses now…I don’t see any Upland fans on here making excuses about anything…Hell you could put an I-Pad in Santiago’s visor on Friday night and it isnt going to help…..Put that in your pipe and smoke it……SCOTS OUT

  • Lance R

    Charter Oak
    No.1 Ranked team in SGV Tribune TOP TEN (with Ipad)

    Number 10 without Ipad.

    We know who’s the No.1 team in The Tribune top 10. Coaching, Players, Pac 5 team, #9 and the real Blue and Gold favorite, and best of all NO Ipad. Need a hint?

    Wink wink.!

    Upland 49
    CO 20

    Good nite Now!.

  • Fred Robledo

    Here is the NFHS rule that applies in this discussion…

    Page 22-23 of the 2011 NFHS Football Rules
    Rule 1, Section 6; Article 1

    Communication devices, other than audio recorder, Local Area Network (LAN) phones and/or headsets, including but not limited to mobile phones, still photograph(s), film, analog or digital video(s) and/or Internet depictions, shall not be used for coaching purposes during the game or between periods.

    PENALTY: Unsportsmanlike conduct (Arts. 1, 2) – (S27) – 15 yards.

  • 12th man

    Calpreps has the score… Upland 35 – Charter Oak 31…I feel whoever has the ball in the final minute will pull off the win~

  • Excuses already?

    Love that upland is already coming up with excuses for Friday!! Amat, ummm, enjoy ur off season, nuff said! Gonna be a great game in upland, just hope when CO wins, maybe, just maybe, we won’t hear how Vista is ur first “real” step up game. Or how CO used a GPS to find uplands high school! That’s cheating! U guys are unbelievable…. CO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amat!!!!

    Breaking the rules=cheating
    nuff said

  • COChargerfan

    Lance R…it’s understanding that you support Amat when the CO vs. Amat junk starts flying but now you’re an IE/Upland fan?

    Dude, you just can’t take it that your team is the second best SGV team, can you? So, now you are the #1 fan of whomever is playing CO. You know what that makes you? Well, it is the jackhole that makes folks vehemently dislike Amat.

    Congratulations…you just became Amat Bully’s alter ego. Pretty ironic that the guy you bang heads with and deplore is nop YOU.

  • Tickets go on sale today for the game Friday… WOW! I. Think Upland needs to get some additional bleachers for this game…

    Upland fans are not making up excuses, our boys are playing amazing right now and no excuses are needed. Upland will win….

  • just sayin’

    cocharegerfan – Tim Salter, Uplands head coach, is a Bishop Amat grad from a great Amat Family – so they’re gonna get a lot of Amat support. As a matter of fact – your own Principal and AD will be rooting for Upland. Deal with it!

  • 12th man

    “OK”!! HERE IT IS….Did all the numbers across the board & these 2 teams actually match up pretty even in every catergorie…It wont be much of an upset if CO wins considering Upland is only a 4 point favorite..On the other hand I dont see Upland blowing them out like many uninformed bloggers seem to think…The Game will come down to Special Teams (who can win the battle of field position) & of course the war on Turnovers is always a key factor…Im going to say the final score will be 38-35 whoever has the ball last~…Dont be suprised if this game turn into a defensive struggle with both teams combining for only 14 points at halftime & the final score reading 21-14..You never know~

  • old skool

    another former Upland coach was an Amat family as well when Bob Holycross sent his daughters to Amat back in the day. There’s been a connection since before cochargerfan was a cochargerfan!

  • 13th Man

    Listen, Charter Oak needs to run more Trick Plays. And they need to use more No Huddle schemes. They need to mix it up and play outside the box. Catch Upland off guard with things like punting on 2nd down. And maybe do all onside kicks.
    Yeah…that’s it! And If Charter Oak goes to kick a field goal…CALL TIME OUT! Ice our own player! Now tell me…would Upland be expecting that? And here is the kicker…when in a big pile…tie the Upland players shoes together! Listen to me! And seriously think about maybe only using only 10 players on defense. Ten is a nicer number than 11. And it’s more Feng shui!
    Come on man, Bishop Amat would not listen to me and look what happened to them.
    I’m telling you now…REAL football teams use Trick plays!

  • trick plays

    13th Man – LOL! That was great. BTW – never asked, how’d that trick play Amat finally ran (hook & ladder) work out vs Santa Margarita. turned a winnable game and out it outta reach.

  • Football Fan

    CO fans be prepared Friday night the visitor stands suck. They are about 10 rows and made with materials from about 1960.. You will have to use porta potties for the restroom and you get some little box with snacks packaged nothing cooked. Please CO kick Uplands butts, I will be forever grateful.

  • 12th man

    13th man,
    Its obvious you are still butt hurt that your team wont be playing during Thanksgiving week..Look at the bright side you can still take your Abuelita to black friday & get 2 applications from Wal-Mart to be the door person..You have opinions of an “ASS” & they both stink~…Didn’t hear from you all season?..All of A sudden..You got Jokes! lol..Keep them coming it only makes you look smarter~

  • COChargerfan

    you guys are hilarious…you apparently have never heard of 6 degrees of separation. Everyone knows someone from somewhere but that’s just an excuse because in the end Lance R and just sayin can’t stomach the fact that for this season the CO Chargers have passed their Lancers and that and only that is the reason that all of the sudden they are “U” fans. Come on, just admit it.

    And I seriously doubt that the Wiard’s are going to be sitting in the home stands rooting against CO…did they personally tell you that they would be doing so?

  • 12th man

    13th man,
    Your mom must be proud of you~ Thanks for all the Compliments…This is a football blog otherwise i would rip you a new one..One last thing i cant be responsible for you having a slumber party with all your former pop warner coaches & you waking up with your underwear on backwards… So unless your willing to stop wearing your 80’s shirt that says “Woop there it is” & your swatch watch that matches your reeboks the ones with the strap that makes you look like a drag queen..I suggest you find a new hobby~

  • Colt74

    Rip away loud mouth. What you know about football would fit on the pins head. Get it..pin head?
    You sound a lot like NotSince……

    Whoops! Did I just OUT you?

  • 12th man

    Colt 74,
    Why are you getting involved??..I thought i set you straight at the begining of the season when West Covina beat Covina..We had a bet you didn’t honor..You were supposed to stay off the blogs for 2 weeks..

  • Colt74

    You and I had no bet. Nice try jackass. You shot your mouth off saying that West Covina was going to embarrass us and win by 4 touchdowns minimum ( Do I need to find the posts ?) How did that crystal ball turn out for you?

    You are nothing but hot air. You try and take credit for what other teams do as if they listened to you. You try and take credit if some teams lose by NOT listening to you. Give it a rest. The reason that you chose 12th man for your moniker is because you are NOT part of the 11 that know what they are doing. You are trying to claim that you are on the bench and also part of the team.

    Your WHOLE persona is to come here and try to milk the accomplishments off of some other team and to try to show that you are involved in everything that relates to any teams accomplishments. What’s that called? A LEECH.

    I’m not on Covinas team. I don’t try and take credit for what the kids do. I don’t offer up my opinion on how to coach the team. YOU on the other hand come on here and inject WHAT YOU WOULD DO and HOW YOU WOULD COACH every team.

    You are just a loud mouth who think he knows it all. Now go back to using NotSince1995 for your moniker. Your still an ass which ever one you use.

  • Colt74

    12th Man said:
    “I feel whoever has the ball in the final minute will pull off the win~”

    Colt74 said:
    “I feel that whomever scores more points will pull off the win”

    12th Man said:
    “The Game will come down to Special Teams (who can win the battle of field position) & of course the war on Turnovers is always a key factor.”

    Colt74 said:
    The Game will come down to execution. Whomever executes better throughout the game will win”

    Look…I’m an amazing football genius …..

  • 12th man

    Anger!! Anger!! Seems like I struck a nerve!!..Since the 13th man never responded..We all know who you really are “Colt 74” A.K.A 13th man..A.K.A Amat Bully~ You can try to disquise yourself anyway you want but the truth always comes out…Im not going to waste my time arguing with a old man who is older then Dracula~..The bottom line is you always get involved in other people’s buisness!! No wonder the Community speaks low of you!! They say your A Rat & A thief~…Dont get mad at me..just going by what i herd..& just 4 the record im not doing anything different FROM any other blogger by giving my opinion or the outcome of a game you “Jack Hammer” if you dont like my blog “DONT READ IT”..

  • Frank

    CO coaches dont listen to 12th man, Amat coaches listened to him and went for a trick play on 4th and 11 from their 30th. That sh$$ didn’t work infact they lost yardage, and Santa magarita only needed like 27 yards for their td, that was the nail in the coffin in Amats last game. Actually if they just went with the pass they threw it probably would of been a first down, but they tossed back to the RB for a loss.

  • Robin

    To all CO fans…come to the “U” on Friday to watch a great game between two great teams…and while you are there, don’t forget to bring your 50/50 money….this weeks winner should take home well over $1000!!! Last week’s winner got $1350…and the Rancho game winner took home $2120….see ya Friday night!!

  • tommykiss

    I wonder,if Steve jobs even envisioned, that the Ipad would be mentioned on these Blogs.
    Next year CIF and other High School sanctioning bodies will clearly rule on this

  • 12th man

    Football coaches never listen to bloggers, Amat lost the game because they didn’t punt on 4th & long.

  • Colt74

    12th clown,
    Look dumas. I came on after I made fun of your stupidity as 13th man and LET YOU KNOW IT WAS ME. Moron.
    PLEASE….stop by at a Covina game and introduce yourself. I want to see if my mental picture of you is true. Besides, no reason to be afraid of an old man right?

    Don’t read your blogs? How can I NOT..you want to tell every team in every league here on this blog what they are doing wrong! LMMFAO!
    I have a better idea. You don’t want me to read your posts…stop making them!

    Again, no denial of being 1995??????
    You can’t can you numbnutz?

  • wow

    I can’t believe you haters out there. How about giving the CO kids some credit for playing good football. As if you can say all the success they have is from an ipad, how lame. It seems all you haters out there are disgruntled, jealous parents that are sorry you didn’t send your kids to CO. That your child will never know what it is like to win league or CIF. Don’t be surprised when CO wins Friday night and don’t be too jealous. Go CO and all you kids that have worked hard all season.

  • anything goes for CO

    must be nice: when you have someone from your school on the CIF board you can get away with anything. If it wad anyone else they would be disqualified or forfeit games.

  • AMAT 73

    Come on man you really think any coach is going to take the advise of someone from a blog. Remember the reverse against Alemany this year , do you think they consulted the 12th man on that play also . Stopped our drive flat when we were running right at them just fine. Get real we lost to SM because we got worn out by their size not one play bad play and a couple turnovers didn’t help either and they were the better team that Friday .
    All this ipadgate is interesting but with or without it the CO team is a very good team . Maybe it helps the coaches see things but you still need to execute and the guys on the field are doing just that , EXECUTING THE PLAYS . Maybe are beloved scribes should ask Lou the questions and put an end to all this shiat on here about it . Either way according to Fred , CIF is aware of something and has spoken to CO so it won’t happen against Upland .
    Lance R ,
    You really think we are the number 1 ranked team in the SGV this season . CO is number 1 at this time and rightfully so with WC right on their tails. 10-1 speaks volumes and they deserve it .I am in no way saying they would beat us on the field of play as that is another discussion but as far being the number 1 team at this time it’s them . It’s time to get behind all our SGV teams and root them on to victory .

  • Lance R

    Amat 73, that’s cool for you to want to jump on the CO bandwagon and play the SGV card, true I believe when you talk record and who is still in the playoffs 10-1 the Tribune top ten is theirs. When you say team vs team and schedule vs schedule then you must put Bishop Amat at No.1 I mean who has the I-pad gaters really played besides Rancho Cucamonga (CO LOST) Corona Roosevelt (Missing some key players) and Chino Hills. Take Amats schedule of Servite, Venice, and the Serra league this year, CO would not be where they are at right now including usng their Modern Technology of space weapons known as the Ipad. I give them the #1 spot over Amat based on their 10-1 record but are they really the best team? When CO loses Friday and West Covina or Covina continues their march thru the playoffs does that mean Fred puts them ahead of CO at the end seeing how CO loses to Upland and WC and Covina win championships.???CO is a paper #1 but not a true no#1. With all the knocks on our football team coming by ways of SOME of the CO fan base you know why we do not jump to the CO side in this game. Upland will win this game and it will not even be close. Upland beat Loyola this season which says a lot about this team capabilities. They are going to be to CO what Servite was to Amat. This is CO’s Servite game.


    Lance R,

    You and I both know that it is only 2 maybe 3 that ride Amats tail hard because they do not win the playoff games. I wouldn’t doubt it that the ones posting under multiple names are in fact probaby only one person. When CO wins this Friday please come back to the blog and eat some humble crow pie! I will be here win or lose, so lets talk Friday enjoy your Thanksgiving and relax. I am going to try and not visit the blogs tomorrow.

  • AMAT 73

    Lance R,
    By no means am I jumping on a CO bandwagon , just backing SGV teams that’s all. As I said beating us is a different subject but if you go schedule vs schedule 5-0 vs 1-3 I think they win. Yes you can say we play in a much tougher league and I am sure COCF will have something to say about that but we did not fare very well this season. Maybe if we went 3-1 or even 2-2 I would agree but seeing as we didn’t can’t see it . Don’t count them out against Upland because they are a very good team have the weapons to pull off the upset. If they happen to lose of course either WC or Covina if they go all the way would be WC at 1 and Covina at 2 due to thier loss to WC . If Fred chooses to leave them at one if all that happens that’s his choice but I doubt it . Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to all my fellow bloggers. And to all the haters, beware because some folks are still looking for turkeys for tomorrow and all of you fit the bill .

  • sgv critic

    Charter oak has a great chance and have the QB to get the win.Upland is undefeated but they did not have the toughest schedule.Loyola was there biggest win,but after seeing Amat hold them to only 17 points with RIO out most of game , I was not that impressed with Loyola. Charter Oak schedule was weaker but the way they where able to blow everyone out and score at will says alot about there offense and QB. this might be the upset of the inland division.every division has had there upsets and look for charter oak to give the first inland division upset.

  • football fan

    CO win or lose is still the best team in the SGV..Look West CO and Covina play a bunch of scrubs compared to CO.. If West Covina was in the Inland they would be home enjoying their turkey dinner, if they even make it to the playoffs. SGV is weak, except for CO and Amat eveyone else is second rate….

  • Shoes on the other foot

    Football fan – you are HILARIOUS!!! west Covina plays scrubs?!? Isn’t that the division that CO won back to back titles in? So now you are FINALLY admitting that CO won those ships against a “bunch of scrubs! ( and if we’re being honest, Amat’s league blows CO’s league away, so Ayala, South Hills, and Claremont are scrubs compared to the Serra League)

  • Charter Oak Players and staff-
    Enjoy your after practice thanksgiving day chocolate chip cookies!A very nice tradition.And good luck friday, gonna be a very tough game.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    football fan,

    Whoa! You need to tame those horses! You can talk up CO all you want! But your assesment of West Covina playing scrubs is false, and about playing in the Inland? I think WC would have a good shot at making the playoffs in the Sierra league, right up there with Chino Hills, Damien and CO. WC has been playing Pac-5, Inland and good City section teams in the past and including this year. We schedule up in non-league.

    Remember, you guys are just a year removed from a pretty average 6-5 season. A season where WC and CO shared a few common opponents, and in some cases WC faired better. It’s transitive, but it pretty much indicates both programs are really not too far apart.

    You guys are having a great season and I wish CO all the luck as an SGV fan! Stay humble and respectful and the praises will come showering in from all angles. Diminishing other programs just reeks of desperation and insecurity. You know the old saying “act like you’ve been there before”.

  • another fan

    west covina did play up once against loyola and look what happened.. I dont care if some players where.a good team would still make it challenging even without some hurt players.

  • Football Fan

    Guys, I am not from CO, but RC..I just think CO is not getting the credit they deserve.. West Covina probably would have been the 3rd place team in the Sierra league..

    West Covina needs to move up just like all the other good teams did. West Covina would not win a ship in any other division higher than theirs.. Enjoy playing with the little fellas..

  • Happy Thanksgiving…

    Upland looked sharp and focused today at practice. There not taking Charter Oak lightly.

    Fred will you be covering Upland for the remander of the Playoffs?

  • Wow

    It is unbelievable how much time people spend arguing on here.
    Just go to the game and watch the boys play.

  • Expand the Sierra League to 8 teams

    Any thoughts of expanding the Sierra League from six to 8 teams? and get four teams in the playoffs? Adding Bishop Amat would be an obvious choice as their women’s sports match up well with Chino Hills, St. Lucy’s, Glendora and Claremont. Before any one goes crazy with the Pac 5 nonsense consider that Bishop went 1-5 in the Pac 5 this year with “9” while Damien went 1-1 with a Soph Qb. Add the men’s sports of Baseball, Basketball and Soccer and we’re talking a great League.

    Damien, Bishop Amat, Chino Hills, Charter Oak, Claremont, Glendora, Ayala, South Hills…sound good to me.

    I think this puts Glendora on better footing and allows Bishop Amat’s sport to play D2 level with all their sports. No disrespect to any one but what d you guys think? Would it work?

  • Colt74

    I think schools should be in leagues and divisions where they can be competitive. And by competitive I mean have the same shot of winning as all the rest. Just to play against teams and say that you were in the game with them is not being competitive. If I played chess with Kasparov and he beat me handily would I have bragging rights to say I played him well?
    Just how long will a booster or alumni supporter want to stand around listening to ” We played the best…we did not win, but we played them ” instead of seeing their teams possibly playing for championships in the next division down while they are rebuilding/regrouping to be able to go back up and play and beat the best.
    Sometimes a small tactical retreat in one battle helps win the war.

  • jcaz

    Wishing Charter Oak and Covina all the luck in the world. Make us proud tonight !

    One more thing. “WHEN” Charter Oak wins that game tonight, it should shut up a lot of the haters because once that happens, Charter Oak will be on par with anyone here in the SGV.

    And…….When that happens, I am sure that there will no longer be a reason why we cant see the game everyone wants to see played next year, finally played.

    So, if Hags, or lou don’t make that call, i’ll be riding them like crazy all year long.

    Don’t care about Chino Hill, don’t care about St Paul. I want to see the game everyone on this blog has been clamoring for for the last five years or so…..

    Make it happen

  • Highlander Vet

    Upland High is going to win. Obviously. My old school’s football team was amazing and driven when I was a student there, and will continue to be.

  • Psimonslll

    WOW!!!! 51-13…..upland dominated…..226 yards rushing and 290the yards passing and the defense allowing only 13 points….