PrepXtra Rewind: Chris Rix joins the crew to talk everything from Amat to CO-Upland, The Scouting Guru and the crew discuss several hot-button issues and PREDICTIONS …

Fox Sports Analyst and San Gabriel Valley friend Chris Rix joins the conversation at the 7:45 mark, talking about Charter Oak-Upland, and his thoughts on Bishop Amat’s season and QB Rio Ruiz. Great, great stuff, click the player…

Aram posted this on his blog this morning and I had to share it too. Great video produced by Azusa’s football team, so good it might even make Aztec Pride cry with joy.

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  • Colt74

    Tell Rix that the number 1 Florida State fan in California will be watching. He can be Number 2…lol

  • Mike Robledo

    I pulled this off the COVERITLIVE transcript at the 9:34pm mark:

    Mike Robledo:
    So El Monte 14 @ Covina 33
    Pomona 7 @ Monrovia 24
    Maranatha 0 @ San Gabriel 9 -F
    Sierra Vista 17 @ *Arroyo 42

    Got your back Guru..

  • coltfan97

    Aram and Fred,

    Can you say Rivera of Arroyo is similar to Mike McD of Covina? Just wondering!!!!

  • Pizza Guy

    First, thanks Aram for the info on the Pizza place. Second, regarding the Muir win over Santa Fe, it wasn’t so much that Muir got their act together, but the fact that Santa Fe wasn’t nearly as good as you thought.

    Remember, the Chiefs failed to score even a single point against any of their biggie opponents, even against the subs in garbage time. And you can totally discount the value of wins in the Del Rio league; it’s a weak group.

    You admitted in the preseason that your knowledge of all things ‘Del Rio’ is lacking, calling Pioneer the Spartans instead of the Titans, and I can understand how an outsider (of sorts) could mistake Santa Fe for a quality club.

    Here’s hoping you regain your normal good mood and have a happy Thanksgiving.

  • LA Conq


    Grow up and be a professional! None of us get to show up to our jobs and announce “I’m in a bad mood…everyone better WATCH OUT!” If I ever did that my boss would tell my ass to go home and not come back! You’re a professional journalist! Act like it! Love hearing your takes brother, but not when you stomp around the set like a egomaniac!


    LA Conq,

    I liked when Aram dropped the S bomb! It gave the show some character. The funniest moment was Miggy’s facial expression when he heard Aram. LA Conq remember this is not ESPN or the LA Times, I dont think they are as regulated as those public entities.

  • Aram Tolegian

    I get what you’re saying LA Conq, but would you rather I lie to you? Put on a happy face? I can’t do it.

  • Frank

    Aram what’s up with the Tantrum?
    I like what Rix said about Amat,and its true that they were the most successful when they mixed it up with short passes and less hand offs. Amat also has a lot of skills guys who played strictly defense this year. They could of also been used to mix more things up, and make themselves less predictable. The way Amat played against Crespi was how they should of played more often. The sad thing was the potential that was there was not properly used.


    FRED!!! WHAAAAT!! My name in lights! I’ve surley have made it to the TOP! HAHAHAHAHA… Thanks Fred, and apologize for losing my cool! hahah… On the serious side,AZTEC PRIDE, JUST CHEERS FOR THE AZTECS and those players and Coaches put in all the work! Toughest thing I do is hit these keys! Way cool video and I for one appreciated!

    But the biggest task is at hand for the AZTECS! AND IF??? they win, you just MIGHT see a tear rolling down AZTEC PRIDE! LOL..


  • Fred Robledo

    You ask why I picked Azusa this week … this video is a good reason. Whatever the “it” factor is, these guys believe they have it, and sometimes that’s what pushes you over the top. Great video and a great example for all kids that play high school football. Azusa, you should be proud.

  • gralx

    Good point Pizza Guy…

    The game SF played here in Az was ugly. Running clock 1/2 way through 2nd qtr. The 2nd/3rd/4th string for Hamilton played OVER 3/4 of the game and it was still a shutout. I just don’t see the point of a team like SF travelling 300+ miles for a game like it was.

    My kids go to Hamilton and I am a CO alum. So, I was curious to see if I could tell anything about CO this year based on both schools playing SF. But, alas, the team was so bad in both games that there was no way to compare!

  • 12th man

    Awesome Video!! Thanks for posting Fred~…

  • Dog Town

    Good show tonite, Rix segment along with the pannel was great, actually one of the best thus far. Aram you have been the reason i log on and look foward to everthing. But tonite i did not like the way you set the tone of what you wanted, the pannel seem to be reserve on what they said. For the first time i felt a little uncomfortable for them. The Guru was not his normal self Fred as well. Bottom line i want to real opinions no holding back that. this is what makes me sit here and enjoy all of you. Aram you are my man! I look foward every day to log in and see what you have to report, but this was a little strange.

  • Give it up for the Aztecs

    I know little about Azusa football but I know one thing for sure. They get it!!!
    I don’t care how good you say they are or aren’t and I don’t care what there record is. It’s not about any of that.
    It’s about that the lifetime of memories they are creating with their family.

  • Nice Try AP

    Give it up for the Aztecs said: “I know little about Azusa football but I know one thing for sure. They get it!!!’
    DUDE are you serious?
    I bet your AZUSA AZTEC using different alias. Right?
    The reason why I say that is because:
    “I don’t care how good you say they are or aren’t and I don’t care what there record is. It’s not about any of that.
    It’s about that the lifetime of memories they are creating with their family.”
    You sound like that sentimental homer from the Montview who plays nobody.

  • Also Known As

    Give it up for the Aztecs said:

  • An Observation

    “AZTEC PRIDE said:
    FRED!!! WHAAAAT!! My name in lights! I’ve surley have made it to the TOP! HAHAHAHAHA… Thanks Fred, and apologize for losing my cool!”

  • An Observation

    If “Hell” according the video is the MONTVIEW LEAGUE then God Help Us? Sorry that sap makes great maple syrup but not outside the MONTVIEW! So cry all you want AP!
    Nice video but it’s the MONTVIEW?
    Come on Azusa play and beat Maranatha, Don Lugo, San Dimas.
    You beat up on a first rounder who played:
    Campbell Hall (North Hollywood, CA)
    21 – 11 Loss
    St. Joseph (Santa Maria, CA)
    63 – 14Loss
    St. Bernard (Playa del Rey, CA)
    30 – 27Loss
    Mayfair (Lakewood, CA)
    31 – 14Loss
    Ontario Christian (Ontario, CA)
    42 – 38Win
    Northwood (Irvine, CA)
    31 – 14Loss
    Village Christian (Sun Valley, CA) *
    31 – 24Win
    Los Angeles Baptist (North Hills, CA) *
    58 – 32Win
    Maranatha (Pasadena, CA) *
    26 – 18Win
    AZTEC PRIDE have you heard of have of those teams? Just
    Cry me a river fool!


    observation,lol… Look who came out too play again and trying be sneaky and clever. You just don’t quit huh. I’m not going to say what I really want to say on this (ONE) article, and I won’t smear the video! Do me a favor and go back to the other article, you know the one!


  • anti-Saints4real

    I love this video, It was great…Azusa is really together…That’s what football is all about…However, I still think San Dimas(I don’t like them) is better and Jolevet is going to have a huge night…After watching this video…I have adjusted the spread

    Before The video
    San Dimas 35 Azusa 14

    After Video
    San Dimas 24 Azusa 21

    Good luck, Aztecs…prove me wrong.

  • An Obsevation

    To borrow Aram Toliegians’ words…(and not his words involving AZUSA HIGH for a discalimer)
    WHAT IN HELL do Azusa fan think they have as crediblity?

  • An Observation


  • This is what it’s all about

    This really is what makes high school football great. I will never forget my times as a football player, and my family there. Thank you Scherf for taking me back to my high school days, and reminding us what this is all about.

  • Guess Who

    @ observer

    Who do you support anyways?
    How many games of Azusa’s have you been to this year?



    EASY ON THE KEY BOARD MY MAN! Your losing it and your getting obsess with little old AZTEC PRIDE! hahhaahah Look at my little stalker thinks he owns me! Now that’s some funny material! HE OWNS ME., WOW… Turn off the computer nut job!

    Little man quit using different names, your not fooling nobody! Go to bed stupid…

  • AMAT 73

    Shed some more light on your battle with AZTEC PRIDE. Who is it you will be cheering on this Friday night. You mentioned 3 teams , which one is yours ??? At least we will know where you’re coming from with this bs. Get a clue , you don’t own shiat.

  • Middy

    Well I guess Azusa is getting pretty desperate. SD doesn’t need a high tech video. They just wake up, grab their, lunch pales and hard hats and go to work.

    Before the video: SD- 42 Azusa- 21

    After the video: SD- 49 Azusa – 10

    Thanks for the video.

    Go Saints! Get IT!

  • Seriously

    Your going to equate San Dimas with blue collar workers. Not sure you picked the right analogy there Middy. Especially in comparison to the folks from Azusa.

  • Fred Robledo

    Observation, take it easy, and what I won’t allow on Friday is for any of you to stick it to teams when they’re down. That’s not the time, several are going to advance and several are finishing up, no need to hammer the kids, their fans and families after a tough night. There are times to pop off and poke fun, but Friday night isn’t it. I’ll erase anything I think is too much, and I would encourage you, especially our regular bloggers, to not engage and tell commenters this isn’t the time if I’m not back from my game yet. Thanks.

  • Amen!

    Well said Fred. I agree, let’s celebrate accomplishments on here and not beat dead horses. Good luck to all the teams out there, and congratulations for making it this far.

  • Frank

    Nice video of Azusa, good luck to you guys. I did pick against them this week. I’m still picking SD, but I like the unity you guys show, and what Asuza has done with it’s program is really great. Videos are nice and I’m sure every school could produce a video to make you a believer but thats all propaganda. The game is played on the field not in producing videos. Either way good luck.

  • joho

    Fred, Aram, Guru, anybody,

    Why isn’t Jalen Moore being recruited by the big schools?(Div. 1 types) To accomplish all he has as a running back with probably the weakest
    O line in one of the tougher leagues?
    As Fred mentioned in the interview with Rix, imagine what he could have done behind Servite’s, Alemany’s or Santa Margarita’s O lines?
    Does anyone have an answer? is it GPA? I don’t understand it…

  • Trevino

    The Guru is the best.