No Charter Oak, Amat, Arroyo or Azusa, the Final Four’s include favorite’s West Covina and Covina, with San Dimas in semis for third straight year; MTown vs. Ctown on Coveritlive next

Picture: The last time Covina reached the semifinals, it was ousted in the 2006 Northwest Division playoffs by Oak Park, ending the great career of QB Mike McDonough. The Colts are looking to take it a step further on Friday against MTown.

Area supremacy: There is almost equal representation from our three coverage zones in the semifinals, with three from the Tribune and two each from Whittier and Pasadena, leaving them to battle it out for regional supremacy. Call me a homer, but I like the Trib in this fight, West Covina and Covina are still the favorites to bring home the hardware.

Coin Flips: Team with home games in championships can play at home if their home field is big enough, or at a nearby neutral site. In the Mid-Valley, Monrovia will be home if they win no matter what. Covina would be home against San Gabriel and San Dimas would have the home game against Covina. In the Southeast, West Covina would have the home game against Muir, or be on the road at La Serna.

Who’s No. 1 in the Tribune?: That’s up for debate again. If you like the who beats who head-to-head argument, Charter Oak and Amat are in the equation no matter what happens with everyone else. If you like the who is best in their corner of the world argument, West Covina and Covina clearly lead the way.

State Bowl for Covina? Covina was ranked fifth in the Division III South state bowl rankings heading into the week. With Mt. Miguel losing, Covina should go to fourth. What they need to do is win out and hope the others ranked ahead are knocked out, sort of like watching the final weeks of the BCS. It’s a slight chance, but the best chance we have for a state bowl appearance.
Division III South Rankings
1. Lompoc 12-0 — Still alive in Norhern semi’s
2. Washington (Easton) 11-0 — In Central D-4 semis
3. Madison (San Diego) 10-0-1 — In SD D-3 semi’s
4. Mt. Miguel (Spring Valley) 8-2 — lost in SD D-4 semis
5. Covina 11-1 — In Mid-Valley semis

Coveritlive: Is there anywhere else we should be other than Covina District Field on Friday night? MTown vs. CTown …enough said.

CIF-Southern Section semifinals
Friday’s games

Southeast Division
West Covina (11-1) at La Mirada (8-4), 7:30 p.m.
Muir (8-4) at La Serna (9-3), 7:30 p.m.
Mid-Valley Division
Monrovia (9-3) vs. Covina (11-1) , CDF, 7:30 p.m.
San Dimas (10-2) at San Gabriel (8-4), 7:30 p.m.

The aftermath and postgame interviews following Upland’s 51-13 rout of Charter Oak in Friday’s second round with Tom Kiss, the Inland Insider. Tom catches up with Upland coach Tim Salter, Charter Oak’s Lou Farrar and more, check it out.

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  • Steve Ramirez

    My good bud Freddie, forgot that the best team in SGVN – La Habra – is also in the semifinals, hosting El Toro in the Southwest.

  • Bonita fan

    Great game last night at Citrus. Went back and forth in the second half. SD takes early 15 point lead only to have Azusa come back by scoring 14 of their one. Late field goal by Azusa then a TD to win it for SD. Great game! Good luck next week at San Gabriel Saints. Have to go to Covina game next week though.
    Charter Oak had their hat handed to them. Charter Oak made some yardage last night but mistakes and hard nose defense on the other side of ball killed them. They could not stop the train that is Upland. Upland really impressed me. Thank you Fox Sport for making that the game of the week.

  • Charter Choke

    Looks like CO can’t play with the big boys. as another poster mentioned, the SGv is not ready for “primetime’ football. The best team was BLASTED in the 2nd round by the #3 seed and Amat needed a coin flip just to get beat in the first round….again.

  • Colt74

    Congrats to all teams that got to play last night. Win or lose you were playing while 90% of other teams watched.

    Congrats to Covina for moving on to the Semi-Finals.
    For a brief moment last night I thought it was Vinegas vs Alhambra but then I realized that without everyone else doing their jobs so well he could not done his as equally well. I’m not selling his efforts short last night by one bit. Incredible effort and performance. But you guys won last night ( convincingly ) because of a incredible TEAM effort and performance. Players and coaches.

    Pay no attention this week to the trash talkers from across the 605. Think of them ( If you even think of them at all ) as the little man behind the curtain. If a little dog can pull back the curtain and expose them just think what you guys can do!

    This week it’s your hard work, your sacrifices, your dedication, your goals, at your house.

    Friday night count the people there who came out to support and believe in you.

  • just sayin’

    Stevie – not sold on La Habra. Struggled with La Mirada (who Amat beat 54-6) the last 2 yrs and were 0-3 this year vs Pac5 (1-9 last few years). They are just like the 08-09 Charter Oak Chargers. Just a team in the wrong division that looks better than they are because they’re beating weaker opponents.

  • Question

    Is CIF going to have Regional Playoff games this year or not?

  • LA fan here, obviously. Were out had a great season. Maybe by next fri. we can start talking about teams still IN the playoffs. (to amat and CO fans,…hint hint )

  • there you go again fred

    Fred, what is your everlasting love affair with Amat? Good team, not great, nice kids but please stop with the biased reporting and the over hype of some of their players. Speaking of that, hardly any mention to the great running back Jalen Moore? Always with the QB, no mention to the huge season by Moore? Aram even called you out last week on the over-hype thing. You seem like a good guy so spread some of the love to the other players in the SGV and get off your love-affair, relationship, or whatever bias is to BA. Lets have some good un-biased journalism just like your employer hired you to do.

  • face the facts

    there you go again – you’re right. not great. just better. just shows there are know “great” teams in the SGV. talk about “over-hyped”! just because you are winning against a poor schedule doesn’t mean you are ‘great” either. Upland proved that when they beat CO. Loyola proved that when they beat WC. so Fred isn’t “over-hyping” anyone. just calling it like he sees it. Amat is better. That is all.

  • Move it on over

    Last I checked….Nobody made me read the Tribune. And certainly, NOBODY made me read Fred’s Blog. If you don’t like it, turn it off. Go to another Blog site. Buy a different paper. But please do everyone a favor and stop your meaningless B1tching and moaning. FREDOM OF CHOICE! Excercise your right and MOVE IT ON OVER to another source of information.

    **********MISSING PERSONS ALERT!**********


  • Fred Robledo

    Did I say something?

  • Amat Bully

    Guess who’s back……yeah My chargers went down hard it reminded me of the RC game where CO left points on the field instead of the board. But why is there still comments about Amat, Servite lost Crespi didnt make it venice lost and garfield. those were Amat biggest games all year that they won except the one that they bragged heavily about getting whooped in. Look bottom line is CO finished 10-2 and lost in the 2nd round to a team that i still feel CO could beat. WC is the top SGV team followed by CO then COvina then Amat. Between both of the teams Amat and CO didnt beat a quality team this year…well maybe Santiago was a bit more quality then Crespi who didnt make it. The inland is the toughest in california. Upland, CC, RC, REV, Chapparral, all beat quality schools. The inland will represent in the open division in state ahead of a pac5 champion. Im out though your complaining about me got my ip address blocked at my job thank FRED and FATRAM for getting rid of the great BULLY……this is my last post.



  • coltfan97

    Amat Bully,

    Your wrong Westlake will be the representative in the open division!!!!!!

  • steve

    In Div. 1, 3 out of the four football teams are public schools in the semis, what happen to private schools dominance over public? I remember some people inundating these blogs with the notion, only private schools will be competing in major sports very soon, public schools sport are disappearing. Plus those coaches (private) will be receiving high salaries and they will not be teachers at the school but unambiguous of the institution, a lot of hot air, lol.

  • your boss

    he might be correct maybe you should go and check it out first.

  • your boss

    Westlake will play in the division 1 state bowl game the inland winner will play in the open. No pac5 school will be in state this year.

  • Hacienda League

    Hey Fred when are you going to post the All-League teams?

  • coltfan97

    Your Boss,

    Westlake is the top ranked team in the state, and they do have a shot at the open division!!!!!,-st-marys-fall-from-california-bowl-ratings-with-playoff-losses.htm

  • WTF

    SGV Football can not compete outside their local Mountains. Orange County and Inland Empire teams are better Coached. Charter Oak has been beating up on local teams for years and once the step into the Inland Empire they get smoked. The are lucky they are playing teams in PAC 5. Rancho Santa Margarita
    JV team would destroy anyone in SGV (AZUSA,San Dimas, Covina West Covina, Monoriva Bonita Damien etc).

  • coltfan97

    WTF if you don’t live SGV high school football don’t watch it!!!!!!

  • New York


    Your argument has zero credibility. You are referencing a PAC 5 semifinalist as the norm for an entire county…lol nice logic. Maybe Charter Oak and the Sierra should be in the Central Division, which is also an IE division. There are a lot of non-powerhouse leagues throughout the IE and the OC. Coaching? Sure. How about enrollment and roster size as well? How about the size of the people? Does coaching help kids grow in height???

  • Lost Forever

    Some day this blog will be a place where responsible comments are made about teams and players, coaches are fair game if their behavior or tactics are unethical or abusive . Maybe when every one has to put their FB account as a link than the dumbest comments wouldn’t fly so easily.

    In the playoffs, especially after the first round any thing can happen. Did Bishop Amat play to the best of their ability, sure they did. Did they play their best game of the year, probably. But Bishop Amat ran into a better team that night and maybe some coaching gambles didn’t play off as they once did with Jerry Mac at the helm, just saying.

    As far as Upland is concerned, CO clearly shot themselves in the foot with the botched snap and TO’s in the first half, but then that’s what good teams seem to do..and Upland can be great if they win out.

    All this bashing back and forth by CO and BA is soooo freakin self serving and stupid because it takes away from several great careers coming to an end, Arroyo’s Rivera, CO’s Santiago and countless others at Azusa, La Puente and other schools.

    What a waste! Maybe Rivera had it good all along as bloggers skipped dumping on his accomplishments and ridiculing his greatness as a leader and a competitor over his four year Varsity career. High school sports isn’t better because of this blog any more having wearing white cleats makes you faster.

    Let’s give this all a rest already. Every year it’s the same old same old…some anonymous entity ( King Stud, Not Since AmNOt, ect ect ect ect) decides to antagonize the BA bloggers and every single year the BA bloggers take the bait and ridicule the whole SGV schools or remind us all how uniquely special their existence is.

    And every single year great coaching, great team work, great match ups, great players, great execution, great careers, great individual performances are ignored or reduced to second billing behind some Lancer-centric drivel.

    Would be nice to hear the Bishop Amat experts in all things football make some positive references to other teams, players, coaches or efforts not Lancer. Instead it’s the same old display year after year. Must be nice to play football, or baseball for that matter, and not be on the blog or Amat, radar and just enjoy your high school playing days. any one every given it any thought that King Stud and NOtSince is the same person, with the same sense of purpose?

    Can’t believe Bishop Amat followers are that stupid or insecure as to still reply to NotSince or Amat Bully but then again I would have bet the farm that no Lancer worth his pads would want to be #1 in anything any where after losing 5 games in the Pac 5.

    God only knows how many good football related questions went unasked and unanswered this year.

  • What a Tool !

    Why should CO call Crespi? SGV GURU you’re a tool. I never had much respect for your methods or coaching ability and have never found any one who did but this proves it! What are you…in the sixth grade!

  • Freedom of speech

    I Say let the bloggers say what ever they want…If someone wants to be ignorant, let them be ignorant…Some people are amused by the antics on this blog. What’s wrong with that? Why is it assumed that people should be polite, or say only positive things…or ask the right questions. I am sure, bloggers don’t hate the people on here, it’s just friendly fun, something to do, nothing to take to heart. If anyone is taking anything on here personal, even a comment directed at someone’s anonymous screen name , should get their heads checked…If Bishop Amat fans what to brag let them…If someone wants to torment CO after a loss let them…Why do you care? If you do care, reply in the fashion you deem appropriate. At the end of the day…Everyone is at home, nice and warm in front of the Computer. Life is all good. As long as no one is bashing a kid’s or Coaches personal life, or being racial it’s all good. Even tho I personally would not care about anything said.
    You can’t control what people say or blog so why worry….

  • WTF?

    Just to make it clear WTF and WTF? are different people. Don’t want to get lumped in with his commentary.

  • CO Bully

    amat bully : Your a Sierra league chump! You got your balls handed to you with your best team around. lmfao. We went out swinging putting up 38 pts on a team that REV only put up 6 pts on. You got pulverised and ended up being the Sierra Chump!With us you could blame our coaching staff for waiting until the last game to open up our offense, too bad it was too late otherwise you would of been another victim. RC has a way better defense than your mighty CO we just played them different and didn’t use our 3rd string RB Like we did against CO. BOTTOM LINE PEOPLE WILL REMEMBER US PUTTING UP 38. ON RC AND LOSING ON A HILLARY AND CO WILL BE REMEMBERED FOR THE FOX NETWORK ROASTING. BYE BYE SIERRA CHUMP! We have been in the Sierra fir a while now and never went out like that in playoffs.

  • No where to hide now. not a CO hater nor a Bishop amat Lover

    Despite Chino Hills getting beat bad by CO, They are the best Program in the Sierra league…They consistently put up good showings in the Inland playoffs every year. They are tough, they don’t quit, and they play tough games all year. In the playoffs, you get exposed for what your program really is, in contrast to the level of comp. In their respective levels, Schools like West Covina, Monrovia, San Dimas, all show that they are not only at the top of their competition, but ready to move up. They prove this year end and out. West Covina would be a strong team in the Central, but not ready for the inland. San Dimas and Monrovia would fair well in the Southeast, But not much Higher… I don’t think Cif will be moving teams up 4-5 divisions so quickly. CO was never ready for the inland. First, they did not dominate the southeast until they start putting together a all-star team with kids from the surrounding areas. Most of those kids were skill players. However, Your line determines what level you really should be playing at. CO’s line is small, not physical, and very thin in depth. You can out class midlevel comp, and the bottom of your div, but at the top…they can plug in lineman all day and wear you down and overpower you. Kurt Scoby is a awesome back, but when its fourth and goal, short yardage, or just wearing teams down, with a small line, there is nothing he can do. Now at a traditional inland school, they would bring in a few big blocking tight ends or a big fullback, and punch it in. If you don’t have the surplus of players every year you may not want to be in the Inland for pac 5. Corona Cent does not have this problem…Bishop does not traditionally have this problem…although this year they did. Nevertheless SM and upland are on the same level, and a handicapped bishop still put up 3 scores…Despite the hype Rio might still be the best QB in the valley. This year was the last inkling of those kids Who transferred into CO. Next year will be the Final Chapter, in CO’s audition to stay in the inland, Maybe even this year. When you get a lot of press all year, and get the fox sports west game of the week, and get destroyed…you are under the microscope. There are plenty of SGV Schools like Muir, West Covina, Covina, Monrovia, San Dimas Etc… who could have did exactly what CO Did friday. If Bishop plays Upland…. Even if Bishop lost, The Score would not be what 50-6 with minutes remaining. Charter Oak is a great program, but they are not a factor in the inland when they are loaded, so they won’t even go to the playoffs when they are not. Lou knows he should not have played Esperanza, Sante Fe, and Glendora. Why not play Tustin in your going to go down into the oc…Why not play La Habra if, your going into the whittier Area, Why not play West Covina, if you are going to play glendora….Bishop Amat is the number one team…who are we kidding or Arguably Wesco. But once you get to inland level, you can’t hide, and play cupcake all year…this is the result…If CO’ plays some tough teams, maybe that offense isn’t as good as you thought…and we know that Defense was small and not very physical. All of the midlevel schools, and traditional inland schools put up at least 3 scores on Upland. CO by far had the worst performance vs upland. I am not counting Glendora and Ayala…This data shows that CO should be placed in the Central, or in the Division with La Habra…But then again…if lou had to play La Habra and Tustin…CO would lose….Div 5-6= Charter Oak.

    Uplands scores vs Lower Division

    Upland 37 Serrano(Div 8) 27
    Upland 31 Tustin (Div 6) 21

    Upland Vs D1/Inland

    Upland 54 vs Norco(inl)27
    Upland 24 Etiwanda(inl) 17
    Upland 49 Los Osos(inl) 21
    Upland 59 Murrieta Val(inl)21
    Upland 38 Loyola(Pac 5) 23
    Upland 51 CO(inl??) 13

    Now you tell me what’s wrong with this picture? With Santiago, Gilchrist, thropay, what do you think the results are going to be?

  • X’s and O’s

    I am very happy to see that West Covina is playing AT La Mirada. Why? Because I don’t think I can handle another game of that annoying announcer for West Covina.

  • Colt74

    I hope the McD clan will be there Friday night to cheer on their boys.

  • muir
  • Lance R

    Lance R Author Profile Page said:

    Amat 73, that’s cool for you to want to jump on the CO bandwagon and play the SGV card, true I believe when you talk record and who is still in the playoffs 10-1 the Tribune top ten is theirs. When you say team vs team and schedule vs schedule then you must put Bishop Amat at No.1 I mean who has the I-pad gaters really played besides Rancho Cucamonga (CO LOST) Corona Roosevelt (Missing some key players) and Chino Hills. Take Amats schedule of Servite, Venice, and the Serra league this year, CO would not be where they are at right now including usng their Modern Technology of space weapons known as the Ipad. I give them the #1 spot over Amat based on their 10-1 record but are they really the best team? When CO loses Friday and West Covina or Covina continues their march thru the playoffs does that mean Fred puts them ahead of CO at the end seeing how CO loses to Upland and WC and Covina win championships.???CO is a paper #1 but not a true no#1. With all the knocks on our football team coming by ways of SOME of the CO fan base you know why we do not jump to the CO side in this game. Upland will win this game and it will not even be close. Upland beat Loyola this season which says a lot about this team capabilities. They are going to be to CO what Servite was to Amat. This is CO’s Servite game.

    Need I say more? I will give CO only props with Scoby he was their only bright spot. Although his line did not protect him and they blitzed him a lot Travis Santiago did not really stand out the way he was built up to be. I was shocked that a team would quit and not fight to the end. CO buckled and quit in the third quarter. Again good record but against who, when CO got in with a big dog they stood down. That’s why they cannot or will not get on the field with Amat. Nice try CO but you were way in over your head with Upland. Rio and Amat never quit against Santa Margarita and kept bringing it going balls out against a team that could win the Pac5, CO on the other hand put their tails between their legs and whimpered. We know who is number one..AMAT!

  • bobbyvee32926

    I would imagine it’s difficult to rank a team in our Valley. The school’s are so different and have such a wide margin of populations. It wouldn’t be equitable to always place Amat at the top just because they are a large school who plays in a big division. I’ve seen Amat twice this year and I know beyond a fact – they would never hang with Upland. CO played a terrible game against a fine team. Why is CO in the Inland Division to begin with? Why would CIF and/or it’s selfish principals place a public school with 1900 students in a divison with schools with 4000+ populations. I also feel bad for the many fans who get sucked into being haters just so the Trib can have successful blogs.

  • Whaaaat?

    Bobby-“For a fact”? “couldn’t hang with Upland”? “Large school like Bishop Amat”? You sound like a very credible source. I will make a note of it and you may want to check the numbers on Amat’s enrollment.

  • AMAT 73

    Lance R,
    Since you started your post with me I will reply. I said in the post you are referring to that at the time of the post CO was the number one team based on record .I have never said they would beat us as that is another discussion . As for the number 1 now it looks like it’s WC to lose . If they continue to win they get it even if Covina wins also due to their head to head game. You really need to look at what the Trib uses as the basis for their rankings and by that that AMAT having the 6-5 record and out in the first round virtually eliminates them from the number one ranking in the Trib which is not based on who would beat who . Back to the game. I thought CO had the weapons to hang with Upland but they just seemed intimidated or nervous . False start on the first Maybe it was the big stage or the fact that there was a lot of pressure on them to perform and at least put up a good fight and go down swinging . But the fact of not playing big games and big teams where you know the chance to lose but still take something from the game finally caught up to them. I also was shocked to see them hanging their heads in the 3rd quarter but they did come back and get a touchdown in the closing minutes of the game .
    You are wrong about AMAT. Yes we play in the PAC-5 but we only have about 1350 students so we are a very small school enrollment wise and as far as hanging with Upland we would have been in that game all night long .

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    I know we don’t belong playing the IE teams. Our 35 kids on Frosh, maybe 45 on JV, and maybe 50 on Varsity with about 5 that play on JV also… We just can’t compete with the teams going from 20 to 20 and 3 deep. Our school size is what puts us where we’re at unfortunately. We’ll see if that gets remedied next time around.

  • just askin’

    given Ayala’s school size – why isn’t their greater partcipation and higher #s?