Say what? Steve Garrison back on Monrovia sideline after coaching at Northview this year …

The straight scoop, Garrison back at Monrovia: Garrison, who coached Monrovia for 15 seasons before resigning following the 2007 season, joined Monrovia’s coaching staff at the start of the playoffs. He recently served as an assistant at Northview and agreed to join Maddox’s staff after the Vikings’ season ended. Maddox replaced Garrison in 2008 and guided the Wildcats to the semifinals in his first season, followed by two trips to the CIF-SS Mid-Valley Division finals. They won in 2010.

Coach Maddox on Garrison: “I talked to Steve towards the end of the season about possibly coming on. He’s glad to be back and he’ll be in charge of our offensive line next year. He’s out there learning and assisting. He’s getting himself acquainted and helping out where he can.”

Former Monrovia coach Steve Garrison, who led the Wildcats to three championship games in the 90s and then stepped aside following the 2007 season after 15 years as the head coach, is back on the Wildcats’ sidelines. Garrison, who spent two years at Damien and this past year at Northview as an assistant coach, is already coaching again at his former school, coach Ryan Maddox confirmed with Miguel Melendez, though Maddox said Garrison’s role isn’t defined yet. Maddox replaced Garrison in 2008 and guided the Wildcats to two consecutive championship games, winning last year. Apparently, Garrison has been on Monrovia’s staff since the first round of the playoffs, a week after Northview’s season ended. When was the last time you heard a coach with two different teams in the same season? In these circumstances? I can’t think of one. It makes sense for Monrovia, Garrison coached against Covina and San Dimas in the Valle Vista league while at Northview, which helps Monrovia with scouting Covina this week and possibly San Dimas in the final. But the question is, should a coach after his team has been eliminated be able to switch to a championship contender in the same season? I don’t think so.

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  • Let me explain “Undefined” for you. Garrison was at Northview and coached against Covina … and San Dimas … and Pomona.

    Monrovia has already played Pomona, this week they have Covina and if they win they might play San Dimas.

    In the case of San Dimas, Garrison’s not such a big deal since Monrovia and San Dimas already played this year. But in the case of Pomona and Covina, why not have a guy on staff who has intimate knowledge of those two teams because he just coached against them? It can’t hurt and probably helps.

    I will say that Garrison’s behavior over the past few years is peculiar and gets more peculiar by the day. He left a program like Monrovia where he was very successful. He’s at Damien for a year. Then he’s at Northview for the regular season and now Monrovia for the postseason. Odd. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I guess he won’t be back at Northview next year, so what was the point of being there for a year? Helping Monrovia gain knowledge of the teams they’ll need to get through to repeat as champs? Odd.

  • reality

    I think it’s more on Maddox than it is on Garrison. If you need an advantage that bad, this makes your team look frightened and a little cowardly. If you can’t get players why should you be able to recuit coaches for the playoffs?? Makes Monrovia program look weak.

  • listen to this

    i dont understand this!! what are you guys saying about the monrovia coaching staff! iam sure they are smart enough to beat these teams with out garrison!! and ask for garrison, he needs to go back to his school! his team is done, start focusing on next season and stop trying to let the season for you linger on!!

  • Colt74

    Monrovia can bring in “ALL” the coaches of teams that Covina played. ( Except Maggorie and we all know he’s going no place ) Those coaches did not get the W over the Colts before, and they had films and scouts. Why would it make a difference now?

    We have Coach Thomas and his staff. Coach Thomas already beat coach Maddox in the all star game.

    I personally think it just shows how worried they are about Covina.

    As well they should be.

  • Fred Robledo

    Look, I’m a huge Garrison fan, always have been, he was one of my favorite coaches while at the Star-News. But I don’t like coaches moving during the season. CIF makes players sit out a full year for transferring for athletically motivated reasons, rules that coaches and administrators write into rule to curb competitive advantages, and then you have this. I don’t mind a coach changing schools year to year, but not in the same year.

  • Garrison Fan

    In coaching circles that’s called “double dipping”…happens more than most know. Surprised these writers aren’t familiar with this practice. As far as Aram calling out Garrison’s moves a peculiar, again it happens in coaching circles from time to time and usually involves coaches with tons of experience or a “bond” with their former schools or staff members.

    I knew a coach who would scout or game plan for at least two or three schools while he was “retired”. Same thing happened at Damien during Morrison’s tenure, if the rumors are to believed. I for myself seen an “individual” with game time head set in the bird who wasn’t visible on staff at practice….so it does happen.

    I seen Garrison at Damien and thought he did a great job BUT he had his ways and obviously, as a former HC, maybe it was never going to work. As far as I know he was a very hard working coach and extremely positive to parents and players, so I wish him nothing but the best.

    Aram you really do need to get out more.

  • New York

    Freddy: Garrison went to three title games, the Buffalo Bills went to four. You’ve bought into your own punchlines.

    Regarding ethics: It is not as if Garrison were a Covina insider bringing over secrets. It would be unethical if Northview were about to play Monrovia and then he jumps over to Monrovia and discloses Northiview’s secrets. Furthermore, he is coming from a team that Covina beats all the time. I don’t see the advantage. Anyone who knows coaching also realizes that it is a fraternity. Coaches trade ideas and strategies with each other all the time.

    I do agree that this seems a bit peculiar. Although, I played all four years for Garrison, and during those times he brought a lot of great enthusiasm to the locker room.

    Coach Maddox is very secure in himself. With Garrison on his staff, Maddox is welcoming in his predecessor. This comes after Maddox already welcomed in his biggest competition for that job to begin with. Not too many people would be comfortable doing either. I have to trust Maddox in this decision and his overall judgement. The only thing I have disagreed with him on is the color of his coaching shirts…they don’t have any trace of our school colors…

  • Fred Robledo

    I don’t know how “often” this happens, but it shouldn’t. You have all these restrictions for kids when they change schools, yet a coach can jump ship the second the season is over and go to a championship contender in the same division? I don’t fault Monrovia, they didn’t break any rules. But I fault the system, because it should not happen, especially when you have a system that is so big on curbing “athletically motivated,” transfers. Teams should not be able to have “athletically motivated coaching advantages,” by hiring assistants that already received a stipend for coaching elsewhere in the same football season. Bottom line is that coaching changes should occur in the offseason, not when you start the playoffs.

  • New York

    By raising the ethics issue you are effectively questioning Garrison’s, Maddox’ and Monrovia’s integrity. Be careful. Maddox doesn’t win at all costs. Otherwise, he would not bench the star players that he has in the past.

    Doesn’t Garrison still teach at Monrovia? Didn’t Northview’s season end? I don’t think Garrison ever left campus. It would be unethical for a Monrovia teacher to spy on his school’s team and then go coach against them (i.e. if Garrison were telling Monrovia secrets to Arcadia/Covina, etc). It also would have been bad if Garrison did not finish his season committment to Northview.

  • Fred Robledo

    New York, it’s a fair question isn’t it? Like I said, I don’t fault Monrovia, but it’s a fair question to ask whether this is something that should be encouraged going forward when CIF writes its rules into law. I’m of the opinion I don’t like it, that’s all. And I do realize Garrison is still a teacher at Monrovia, he never left, even while at Damien and Northview, he still was a Monrovia teacher. But if you choose to coach at a school and you’re there the entire season, your season should end when your season is over, just like the kids. If Monrovia wins, does Garrison get a ring? I’m sorry, I love Garrison, it just doesn’t sit right.

  • Trojan Man

    Garrison IS A CLASS ACT.vy

    What he’s doing has been done & WILL be done for years.Some coaches just stay behind the scenes vs. just being out in the open, as in this case .

    The bottom line is THE PLAYERS still strap up & play between whistles . Best of luck to both programs , I REALLY LIKE both programs.

    Fight On

  • ?????????


  • Fred Robledo

    I’m going to repeat for the last time, I do not fault coach Maddox or Garrison one bit, but I do believe this is something that should not occur and needs to be written into rule. If you’re going to write in rules that are tough on kids for allegedly making athletically motivated transfers, why not do the same for coaches in instances such as this.

  • New York

    Garrison is likely not getting paid a dime for whatever he is doing with Monrovia football. So, this is community service. Should we place limits on how many service projects people taken on?

    Getting a ring? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves…you have us losing to Covina, remember?i

  • Fred Robledo

    New York
    It’s not about money or community service, it’s about asking if this kind of competitive advantage should be allowed. Or maybe I’m wrong, maybe you don’t think it’s a competitive advantage. My opinion is my opinion, it doesn’t make me right.

  • Laissez faire Journalism by Paul Revere

    Coaching is a job…CIF can not Restrict where people decide to work at…How about this CIF Has not put a restriction on “Full time Coaches” who don’t teach…Is that not a advantage for private schools, who can afford to pay coaches whatever they want? I am sure that, Coaches get help from the buddy’s if they have some information that can help them. If he is not coaching for Northview, then Garrison is free to work ASAP. I mean what is this…The tribune calls out everything, but they will never and I mean never write a story about How CO has a racket on transfers…They can get anyone they want, from anywhere,…why do their players get cleared so easily, umm maybe because they got their boy down at CIF… Garrison could call Maddox in private, and tell him everything he wants to tell him and no one would know…Now you see him on the sidelines, and its some conspiracy and CIF should make a rule….The Tribune wrote a letter to CIF regarding Midvalley seedings, which is unheard of and now this …come on talk about Political motives….
    If Covina is good enough they will win it on the field, stop trying to have your hands on everything that goes on in the Midvalley division…Last time I check it was the CIF SS not Tribune SS. “Hands Off” Tribune please. And you owe Monrovia an explanation, on Why you have “Big Bob” as our Official spokesperson. Why Not have Maddox and Garrison on the Show Tuesday, and clear this up…Why don’t you have Kevon Seymour and Tarien Owens on the show they are the best players in the Area and their winning……Or Ellis McCarthy and G5 on the show..This is getting Ridiculous….The WildCat Nation is fired up…

  • Joe Amat

    Freddie & NY,

    As stated, there is nothing “illegal” in this arangement and it does happen (albiet on a little less “official” capacity) quite often. It certainly is an advantage in having game planned for these potential opponents AND seeing the results of that game-plan. There will be a little less “speculation” involved in some decisions because Garrison has some ntel on how the Valle Vista schools might counter those offensive or defensive strategies.

    Coaches do share tidbits all the time, but the line is *usually* drawn when it comes to sharing information on league teams. Some leagues it is the “unwritten rule” and some leagues make it more official by addressing it in league meetings and/or by-laws. That is generally used to regulate tape-exchange, but could govern scouting reports to.

    That being said (and usually after that statement comes the contradiction – right?) freindships typically trump league loyalties. i’m certain Amat can take a small amount of credit in Mark Parades and JW North beating Alemany this year, whether it was official info or just conversation/suggesstions.

    Garrisons position as a teacher at Monrovia muddies the water a bit, but I’m certain he’s making no friends in the Valle Vista League. And he knows as well as anybody that what goes around comes around in this profession and it will be open season on sharing intel on Garrison teams in the future.

  • New York

    Competitive advantage? Garrison-gate? I don’t think so. Garrison isn’t stealing signals from Thomas to Livingston. Gruden had an advantage when he coached against Gannon in the Superbowl. Is there a secret to beating Covina? Why would you think Northview has that secret? Maggiorie has probably already shared his notes with Maddox. There is no secret.

    Do people really think Maddox is nervous and seeking additional help. Give me a break. This is his fourth consecutive trip to the semis. We went up to Palmdale and beat the defending champs, Paraclete, two years ago in the quarters. We beat down San Dimas and their “mental ownership” on their home field last year in the semis.

    My guess is that Garrison missed Monrovia football and volunteered to do whatever he can. Garrison has taught and coached at Monrovia since 1985…he needed a respite and now he misses Wildcat football. Maddox is a great guy and likely decided to give it a shot. There is no inherent conflict of interest because Northview is long gone.

    Should Nueheisel be allowed to assist another team who makes it into a bowl game?

  • Colt74

    Going to just throw this out there…don’t really know the answer so we will learn I guess.

    Doesn’t Monrovia and Covina exchange film before a game?
    Would not another coach coming in with other possible films from a game or games create an unfair film exchange situation?
    Is there a limit or accepted number of films that are exchanged between teams?

    What I’m getting at is if Covina and Monrovia exchange a film of their last game. And then a new coach comes in and POSSIBLY has media from OTHER that a fair exchange of information?

    Just something I was wondering.

  • 12th man

    Looks like the cat is out of the bag now~..After hearing of this what school in their rite mind would higher Garrison as a Head Coach? I for one would not believe a coach or his intentions who’s heart is in a different place or another school~ Coaches should wait out the season before helping other teams who are still playing.. unless its a All-star game or special tournament…Could you imagine Coach Troy Thomas teaming up with Bruce Rollinson every year before the playoffs…

  • Joe Amat


    At least Thomas and Rollo are in the same league. League rivals oftem pool there resources in the playofs to beat dommon opponents. This would be more like Troy Thomas showing up on Mission Viejo’s sidelines to help Bob Johnson beat Harry Welch and Santa Margarita (a league rival)

  • Observantcat

    Remember HUDL video’s, well if you are a good coach and want to see whoever,whenever, just go to Maxpreps and check out the players you have questions about and check out the defenses that you want to check out. The most important aspect of the game is to learn your position and learn it well. Films may give you some insight of how a team might try and operate but try stopping in realtime is the goal.

  • great for the sgv

    Film sharing is not uncommon. Depending on the contacts a coach has he can pick up a tape on any game he wants. Now the next question is, what can Monrovia possibly gain from an
    ex- Northview coach? Covina walked around them with a very simple game plan. Do you think covina’s offense or defense would prepare for both teams the same way?
    Question for you fred, why is he no longer at Northview? You put this coach on blast, and then say you are only questioning the rules. This story could’ve easily been written without mentioning any names if that was the case.

  • Fred Robledo

    How am I putting a coach on blast, by reporting that he is coaching at Monrovia after being at Northview? That’s a story regardless, he’s a former Monrovia legend back on the sidelines in the playoffs. That’s the straight story you’ll read in the paper tomorrow.

    The blog is where we ask questions and share opinions, and I reiterated over and over, I don’t blame or fault Garrison or Maddox one bit, like some of you said, it probably happens more than I know. The issue I have is with a system that allows coaches to switch schools during the same calendar season. But go ahead, continue telling yourself this is Robledo against Monrovia.

  • I think the question here is; should coaches follow the same “rules” that have been set for the players? If your answer is yes, then Garrison should not be on the sidelines for Monrovia.

    Garrison and Maddox may not have broken any “rules” but you must admit the perception of unfairness is certainly there.

    I can see Covina gaining some new fans from this (at least for this game, anyway).

  • X’s and O’s

    This is interesting…. Very interesting. It’s one thing to help a team scout or sit in the press box, but this is something different that I have never seen. I wonder how coach Perez at Northview feels about it.

  • life isn’t fair

    the Same information could be shared over coffee at lunch. Covina is the #1 team…I am sure they are not worried about this. If they are good as advertised, the should beat the cats at home…end of story….Covina scored on Northview with dives up the middle, and Streaks over the top..What did Garrison actually see ?

  • Colt74

    Covina only played Northview 2 weeks ago. Yes the Colts handled them easily.

    Would it be ok if Alhambras coach went to Monrovia 2 days after we played them?

    Where is the line of perception drawn between class and a rat abandoning a sinking ship?
    Or maybe better…good sportsmanship verses try to win at all costs?
    I’m NOT comparing Coach to a rat…just the circumstances.

    While Northview may not be playing during these playoffs we are still part of the active 2011 season.

    Like I said earlier…bring in all the coaches from all the teams we have played before. If we have you that worried. This shows with out any question that we do. Downplay it any way you want.

  • Monrovia Hammer

    I believe its just one coach helping another.Odd, maybe, kinda.
    It’s not like 3 sports reporters getting together and chatting about sports to sell more papers.
    Maddox is a good guy. I belive he would tell you strait up, if asked.

  • Joe Amat

    I didn’t see any of those Northview games, but more often than not you learn more from what didn’t work than what did. That info would help anyone.

    Legendary USC baseball coach, the late Rod Deadeaux, used to say, “Don’t make the same mistake ONCE!” He wanted you to learn from OTHER peoples mistakes so you don’t make them.

    Maybe Garrison can keep Monrovia from making the some mistakes they made at Nortview that they thought might work, and didn’t.

  • great for the sgv

    Robledo vs Monrovia, game of the week?
    I guess we have to wait and see what tomorrow’s paper says. Hopefully it’s not like some sports talk shows where they question/criticize a player/coach, then when they have them on the air they treat them with kid gloves. We will wait and see.

    I get your point Joe.

  • New York

    This would be similar to Coach/Doctor Sheahan coaching one season as offensive line coach at Temple City, then joining the Covina staff during the playoffs two weeks ago. Is that wrong? I don’t think so. He has a strong tie to the school and has free time on his hands.

    It would be wrong for Coach Thomas to join Monrovia’s staff next week and help us prepare for San Dimas, because Thomas has beaten San Dimas this year. It would be less wrong for Whittier Christian’s coach to join Covina’s staff this week, because WC wasn’t even in the game.

    Remember folks, Garrison was a commuting assistant coach. Was he even a coordinator? I’m not sure about a rat jumping ship…he left Damien after they were turning things around. He is probably just struggling to find a good fit for a former head coach. I’m not sure Monrovia will be the right fit, but we will see.

  • paul revere on The Tribune Charter Oak West Covina Covina Newspaper.

    1st the Tribune Wrote a open letter to Cif telling them how to seed the playoff teams. Making Arroyo, a #2 lol come. Now look at the brackets…Monrovia and Covina should be playing the title game…Now that’s what The tribune is say..”This is the Midvalley Title game” . If you would have kept your nose out of the Midvalley seeding process, Maybe the brackets would be different. But the dream of a All VVL title game was too tempting…They want it like the Bonita vs Wesco game from last year. Now, they are accusing Maddox and Garrision of some how committing a Moral foul. Garrison presence gives Monrovia no advantage. I Still don’t get How Charter Oak gets a free pass after one of their Cronnies lands a position as the ” Man at Cif”. Honestly, I can’t remember a transfer they couldn’t get cleared…I may be wrong, But They will be getting one of bishop’s lineman who played this year at Bishop, and will be able to play Next year at Charter Oak…When CIF does crack down on player Transfers…which team in the SGV do you think is going be hurt By this? Stop Whipping CO’s @$$, they got smoked and u sugar coated 5 non ranked inland and 2 lower divisions schools played Upland Close…but yet When Monrovia lost to San Dimas this year 31 to 14 you used the terms Route, Destroyed…etc… Hmmmm despite your thorough coverage, there is a huge bias in your reporting, you don’t articulate things the same way, when it’s one of your favorites…

  • coltfan97

    Do I think Garrison should be coaching Monrovia??? No, it does set a bad precedent!!!!! I want to know why this story is coming out now????? Why wasn’t anything said when Monrovia was playing Pomona??? Garrison was coaching Monrovia since they made the playoff so why wasn’t anything said two weeks ago??? I hope their isn’t a motive here!!!!

    I do think it’s wrong to coach two teams in the same season!!!!! Players can’t do it, neither should the coaches!!!!

  • Colt74

    New York,
    first, your scenario of coach Sheahan is not even close to what we have here.
    Second, your scenario of coach Thomas is fantasy because Monrovia will not be playing San Dimas. They may be watching us play them.
    Bank on it.

  • paul revere on The Tribune Charter Oak West Covina Covina Newspaper.

    Hey Coltfan97 At least you are honest…why didn’t this story come out verses Pomona or before the whittier Christian game…Northview played Pomona too…Maybe bc the trib didn’t think Monrovia would actually make it this far… Or maybe It was not confirmed. Either way the timing is impeccable. Either way fred pick Covina to win, so this is a mute point or is it? Maybe this is a back story, just in case covina does lose. Despite all the trash talking that I do…if covina wins I will give them props…and won’t make excuses. But as I have stated, they should be just as hard on CO when issue arise, and I don’t see that here…Once you are their Favorites, you can do no wrong…But everytime Monrovia, or Muir, Or Pomona has a issue…no one is considerate, everything Is put under the microscope….Etc…I Have not heard anything regarding Money laundering Moody over there at San Marino…But the link to The Derrick Johnson incident is still posted over a year later, and he is no longer a part of the program… No follow new information. People who see the head line don’t read the story may think this is a recent incident. Either Way…SGV readers are used to this. It’s nothing new. You just vent, take it with a grain of salt and move on.

  • coltfan97

    Paul Revere,

    I will do the samething, I will give Monrovia a shout out if they win!!!!

  • Candy

    Cmon lets brand this for what it REALLY is….BANDWAGONING!!! Candy outtttt

  • Garrison Fan

    Fred the coaches asked for the player transfer rules not CIF. CIF enforces the rule coaches and ADs ask for. It’s been said so many time by every one up the chain of command so why the comparison? What I don’t understand Fred is how you’re not putting Garrison on blast, and he’s one of your self proclaimed “besties”…wow.

    You want to talk fair, how about the talk about transfers when Ryan Longoria tansferred to Cathedral and all that nonsense and the ended up transferring right after football season to graduate with his buddies. Are these the unfair rules you’re talking about…three schools in less than 7 months? Where was the reporting f his transfer? And people wonder why CIF gets it wrong all the time.

    This move by Morrison should be applauded for being out in the open, for Maddox extending a hand out to the former HC and for the players being fine with the decision. It’s already been said it happens all the time, except in this case he’s not behind some bush hiding.

    Fred I’m disappointed you didn’t get the facts from Garrison, Maddox and maybe even the Northview HC..wait that would be real journalism. Something I’m sure you learned back at UCLA. Sometimes I confuse you with Aram…this would be one of those times.

  • New York

    That was a stern response. I’m glad I struck a nerve. The Sheahan hypothetical senario is the closest to make it relevant to you, except that Garrison’s situation is more tolerable because he has never left Monrovia’s campus! Sheahan is in Glendale.

  • MonroVian

    Oh man REALLY!!!!!! WA,Wa, Wa,wa,wa……..
    You guys are all a bunch of Crying titty babys!
    You guys act like Coach G is strapping up Friday Night! He is a coach not a miracle worker….. The players will determine who wins the game not the Coaches. And why do you have Big Bob on the show, why not some of the MonroVia Senior players?

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Garrrison coaching is ‘much to do about nothing”. By the way if you need insight for your show I’m available after 5:30. Ill keep it clean honest and call it like I see MHS BIG OVER COVINA NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

  • Colt74

    New York,

    Sorry to disappoint you, but you struck no nerve. Anything I said in my post to you I have said to other Monrovia fans, in other threads, on our playing many times.

  • Fred Robledo

    This didn’t come out until now because it was the first we heard of it. It would have been great if we got a call two weeks ago that alerted us that Steve Garrison was returning, but this obviously was kept close to the vest, I don’t know why. If it was not a big deal why not call the paper and let them know one of the great ones is back. As it is, once we learned he was back, it was a news story. And those saying we didn’t have all the facts or call the coaches is not true, I posted this after speaking with Miguel, who confirmed everything with coach Maddox. Read the story I linked above, it’s all there. Like I said probably a dozen times on this thread, I don’t fault Maddox or Garrison, I said I don’t like a system that allows for coaches to switch schools while the season is still ongoing. To keep saying we’re throwing Garrison under the bus is ridiculous. For what? Reporting that he’s at Monrovia again?

  • New York

    It was a much bigger deal when Lujan left (for career reasons and time constraints) following the Glendora game. That left our young offensive line without their tremendous coach/teacher right when the schedule got tough (Arcadia, San Dimas, South Hills) and we were still choosing between two inexperienced QBs.

    Colt 74,
    I like most of your posts because they tend to be substantive. I was not referring to your consistent claim about Monrovia vs. Covina. I was referring to your quick dismissal, without explanation, of the Sheahan hypothetical.

  • Fred Robledo

    As far as Revere mentioning the Mooney story, we read the San Marino Tribune story over the weekend that said Mooney intended to plead guilty to felony grand theft charges, but the story did not source anyone, not an attorney, police, DA, or Mooney. It was an odd story. I posted above the story we ran today that Mooney faces these charges, but as far as we know, he hasn’t agreed to plead guilty to anything. He might have, but unless we can source it through an attorney, we’ll wait until the arraignment date to report what happens.

  • paul revere

    Fair enough!

  • Garrison Fan

    Gee Fred….did you talk to Northview’s HC or Northview’s AD or Northview’s Principal or CIF to get some sort of facts regarding the nature of this obviously professional quagmire. I’ll wait for your yes/no response and will probably get…”I didn’t think it was necessary”.

    Journalism 101 dictates you answer all the potential angles…or at least it did when I wrote for my High School Newspaper back when typewriters were the norm.

    Seems fair to question your methods if you’re questioning others don’t you think?

  • Fred Robledo

    Garrison fan, what am I trying to uncover, there is nothing illegal that happened, so we reported the facts, that Garrison is now at Monrovia after coaching at Northview. And just to make sure this was a legal maneuver, I did make a cursory call to CIF. What I posted on this thread was MY OPINION on these type of coaching changes during the same calendar season. Why is that so hard to understand? Go ahead, tell me more about Journalism 101…Why don’t you pose the same question to the San Marino Tribune or Mid-Valley news for reporting that Mike Mooney will plead guilty to felony grand theft without attributing it to anyone, not an attorney, DA, Mooney, anyone.

  • Garrison Fan

    Did you call the Northview individuals I mentioned (Yes or No)…and what were their answers?

    The floor is yours or as they say in Journalism 101…” Let’s hear it”..

    Don’t you guys have Editors? I’d send you back before I printed that “near” effort.

  • Fred Robledo

    Why would we call the Northview coaches, to confirm what we already know as fact, that Garrison is at Monrovia? You continue to misunderstand, the story in the newspaper wasn’t an editorial and we weren’t stirring up controversy, we simply reported that Garrison is now at Monrovia, and got reaction from Monrovia, a team still playing football. What I wrote on the blog was my opinion on a coaching switch during the middle of the season. Do you understand the difference, or do you have a Robledo vs. Monrovia obsession you’re trying to justify?

  • New York

    Your original blog post suggested that Garrison and therefore Maddox and Monrovia was acting unethically. You can be legal but still unethical. I get it. Even in your last posting you phrase this as “in the middle of the season.” Freddy, Garrison left at the END of Northview’s season. I wonder how many other ASSISTANT coaches around do something a little bit similar. Garrison is just higher profile.

  • Fred Robledo

    New York, I have no problem with you having no problem with it, or anyone else that disagrees with me, that’s why it’s a discussion. I think rules should be in place preventing coaching changes in circumstances such as this, and you don’t. We have different views, what’s the big deal?

  • New York

    The big deal is the character accusation of acting unethically.

    It would be unethical to leave Northview for a Northview competitor and coach right away. Hey, didn’t Zernikow leave Northview and Coach San Dimas, a Northview competitor? Zernikow had INSIDE knowledge of all the Northview returners. Zernikow had more of an advantage (even though it was 11 months later) than Garrison could dream of. He knew all the returners true weaknesses that only their own coach would know.

    I would never consider what Zernikow did to be unethical, even though he had a huge advantage on Northview during the following season.

  • Fred Robledo

    New York, I never wrote anything about anyone’s character or that anyone acted unethically? I asked if commenters thought it was ethical, a fair question given people have differing opinions on stuff like this. Look what you just wrote, you gave an opinion on what you think is ethical and not ethical. Can’t others do the same?

  • No Big Deal

    I don’t think Garrison will offer much of anything to Monrovia. Did you see Northview’s O line play this year? Awful! He was the O line coach. Covina be thankful they have him. Either way it’s no big deal. Should be a great game though.