Former San Marino coach Mike Mooney due in court on felony charges of grand theft and embezzlement

Former San Marino High School football coach Mike Mooney is due in court on Dec. 15 to be arraigned on a felony charge of grand theft by embezzlement, officials said Monday. The former San Marino High School assistant principal and football coach – who was placed on administrative leave half way through the 2010 season – declined to comment on Monday. The felony complaint was filed on Nov. 22, and according to the complaint, with the alleged embezzlement occurring during a two-year period from October 2008 to October 2010.

The funds allegedly stolen by Mooney were embezzled from the Titan Football Boosters club.

Officials from the club declined to comment on Monday.

Mooney has not been booked, but has promised to appear in court, said Matt Krasnowski, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office spokesman.

“The booking will come when he is brought in on the 15th for arraignment,” Krasnowski said. “He is definitely going to report in.”

When asked why authorities have not booked Mooney, Krasnowski said: “sometimes that happens in some cases.”

Mooney began his second stint with San Marino High School football coaching staff as an assistant in 2009. In his first campaign, he helped the Titans to a 9-3 record, which included a playoff victory against the favored Rosemead High School Panthers.

Mooney became head coach in 2010, but resigned from his position in October 2010 after being placed on administrative leave.

He was also suspended from his his post as assistant principal in charge of discipline and attendance during the controversy.

At the time of his suspension, San Marino was 2-4 and just lost its Rio Hondo League opener to Temple City.

San Marino Unified District officials did not return phone calls seeking comment Monday, but at the time of Mooney’s suspension district officials said neither the the team’s performance nor complaints from the parents of the players led to the disciplinary actions.

Mooney’s connections to San Marino High football stretch back to the 1990s. He began his first stint as head coach in 1996, before leaving the program in 1998 to become head football coach at Temple City High School.

Mooney left Temple City in 2007 to return to San Marino, where he was given the option to both coach and work as an assistant principal, something not afforded to Mooney at Temple City High School.

Star-News staff writer Miguel Melendez contributed to this report.

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