Two-Minute Drill: Monrovia vs. Covina; Mid-Valley powers meeting for the first time since 1959

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  • Colt74

    To The COLTS:


    It’s all out there on these blogs.
    Monrovia fans claim that you are the pseudo #1.
    Monrovia fans claim that they have better athletes than you.
    Monrovia fans claim that they have the better coaching staff.
    Monrovia fans even claim that Ellis McCarthy is going to hurt you and knock you out of the game..
    Monrovia fans demand your respect for who they are.

    They demand your respect. Last time I checked, respect was earned not demanded.

    Blog comments are what they are. Nothing more, nothing less, than a fans view or opinions. We all have our own opinions on every subject under the sun. But, lets explore those opinions from across the 605 for a few moments. I’m not even going to discuss the Ellis McCarthy claim because it does not deserve discussion. You do with that what you will.

    They want you to respect them like you respect your teammates.
    They want you to respect them like you respect your coaches.
    They want you to respect them like you respect your school.
    They want you to respect them like you respect your parents.


    Were they respecting you those many mornings you got up early for practice?
    Were they respecting you all those wind sprints?
    Were they respecting you all those reps in the weight room?
    Were they respecting you during the 100 degree plus heat?
    Were they respecting you those nights you went to bed with every muscle in your body screaming?

    Were they respecting your wins or dismissing them as being wins over” CUPCAKE” teams? Were they respecting you when they say that Pomona and Whittier Christian are better than you? They are STILL talking about your weak play over in Miguels blog…LOL! Don’t bring up their league or their losses. Those don’t count…LOL!

    If they want your respect make then earn it.

    Monrovia fans says they have better athletes than you.

    I can’t find one. Can you?

    They DO have a highly recruited and talented player. But better? And what is the definition of better? Bigger? Stronger? Faster, Smarter? Less Cavities? Or just 1 out of 5? 2 out of 5? etc…
    I don’t have an answer for that. Do you? They say DeShawn Ramirez is better than anyone we have running the ball. They boast of him scoring 4 touchdowns last week.
    How many did Mr. Vinegas score again last week? They claim that you can’t stop Marquis Bias. We shall see. You shut down Yabrough. They say THEIR lines are bigger and stronger than you. Again, we shall see. West Covina and South Hills had some good lines too.

    Monrovia fans says they have better coaches than you.

    I can’t find one. Can you? Coach Thomas already beat Coach Maddox head to head in the All-Star game. I’d take ANY Covina coach over ANY Monrovia coach ANY day of the week. They do have now one of Northviews coaches in the hope that he can help Monrovia do what he while with Northview could not. 3 more days till game time for them to bring in 3 more coaches. I don’t think it will help. Do you?

    Monrovia fans says that you are the pseudo #1.

    They are predicting that they beat you in a blowout! The only way to answer that is with the scoreboard. Numbers don’t lie.

    Come Saturday morning there won’t be a second chance to make that block or to catch that pass. No second chance to cut right instead of left. No second chance to be faster than that defender. No second chance to get that missed first down.

    All your hard work – dedication – sacrifices are again put to the test Friday night in YOUR house. Before the kickoff take a moment to look around and absorb it all. Look at every one of your coaches and players. Then look at your family, friends, and fans in the home stands. They are all there to support you and believe in you. Not just as a football player, but as a person. Let every moment of it soak in and enjoy it.

    Come Saturday morning there won’t be a second chance at Friday night.

  • Colt74

    The truth will set you free…

    Monrovia crying over Covinas first two playoff games?????


    Monrovia guys sure were not on these blogs crying like you are now, about who Monrovia played in their first two games of the playoffs last year. Why is that?

    Remember Gladstone in the first round? 5-5, with a -10.6 rating?

    And Schurr 7-4, with those convincing wins over 6-6 El Torro by 1. Beat 3-8 California by 5. Beat 4-6 Montebello by 1. Then beat 5-5 Baldwin Park in the first round.

    Yeah those teams were real powerhouses weren’t they?

    Again, no crying about THAT cupcake schedule.

    I wonder why?

    Oh, that’s right….Monrovia only cries about other teams schedules.

  • Observantcat

    Hey Colt74, you forget the most important one. Monrovia Over a Whittier Christian in the CIF final game 38-8 who beat a Covina 28-17 in the CIF Quarter final.

  • Colt74

    Again, typical Monrovia fan comeback. You guys cry because you say Covina got to play 2 cupcake teams in THESE playoffs and I show you where you got the same two first cupcake games LAST YEAR in the playoffs.
    So what is the next logical thing for a Monrovia fan to do? Ignore those facts and go on to bring up Whittier Christian, which has NOTHING to do with Monrovias whining claims.

    But I know, Monrovia fans rely on misdirection. They run from facts pertaining to THEIR arguments that discredit their views.
    Like you guys run from your losses to Arcadia, South Hills, and San Dimas. You guys want to discuss games and results as long as those games are not included. That is pretty pathetic actually. You guys try to twist facts and only use those that serve your purpose.

    You guys have ZERO credibility. You only want to pick and choose what you want to accept and believe. You want to ignore any facts that don’t back up your claims.

    You get the truth thrown in your face but you refuse to accept the truth. The truth is always the truth whether you choose to accept it or not.

    And again, that truth is that you guys in your arguments have ZERO credibility left.

  • Dog Town

    Good luck to our sister school Covina. Go out and represent Covina football like you have all year. We are Covinians!!! GO Colts, GO BULLDOGS!!!

  • Pomona

    Listening to Fred and Aram talk about Covina and Monrovia all I could do is laugh. You two are really clueless, you need to watch some film on this Monrovia team. I talked to a Whittier Christian parent he told me the only reason why they even scored was the refs. gave them three PI’s in a row.

    I feel we matched up with Monrovia better than Covina will. Covina’s style of offense which had issues with Whittier Christina last year, is going to have major issues with this Monrovia’s defense. Simple put Livingston isn’t going to have the time he is a custom to. Now what adjustments are the coaching going to make. Covina playing with or getting blowout by Monrovina is going to be all about coaching.

    Nothing against Covina they are a very good team, but that Monrovia defense is playing at a higher level than the Chino Hills team we played, much higher.