Fox Sports showing all 13 CIF-SS football championships games on TV or web

Fox Sports’ Prep Zone is showing all 13 CIF-SS football championship games. The Southeast championship between West Covina and La Serna will be shown on Friday, and the Mid-Valley Division on Saturday between Monrovia and San Gabriel. Both games will be shown live on and are scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m.

Note: West Covina and La Serna still deciding on the site for the championship game. La Serna wanted to play at Cal Hi, but the Bulldogs want the game moved. It appears that either La Mirada or Fulleton High School will host the game.

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  • Bulldogs have bite


    I was just about to post this but you beat me to the punch. That’s why you’re the man. Always on top of your game!

    You may want to edit your post, West Covina will be playing La Serna for the Championship and not La Mirada. Understandable mistake but we don’t need to get the Lancers more fuel for their fire!

    Other Bulldog news, West Covina made the ESPN/ top 25 for the first time ever this week at #24! Charter Oak and Bishop Amat have also been on that list earlier this season but has since been dropped out of their top 25. Great representation for the SGV by all three schools!

    Go Bulldogs!

  • 12th man

    This thread is wrong!! It says West Covina vs La Mirada..they played last should be vs La Serna~

  • 12th man

    Where is the WC game going to be? La Serna? or will they find another venue?

  • Dan

    12th man,
    La Serna doesn’t have a stadium but plays their home games at Cal Hi. WC has the right to ask for another venue and I hope they do because Cal Hi is too small a stadium for this game.

  • 12th man

    Thanks Dan~

  • loves hs football

    Calhi is much too small of a stadium to host a championship game and the field is in terrible condition- I would suggest CS Fullerton or Cerritos College- maybe even La Mirada HS- AND A BIG NO TO WHITTIER COLLEGE- they only have seating on one side and a terrible parking problem.

  • why

    can someone tell me why can’t the game be at West Covina the field is great and the stadium is some-what big

  • just sayin’

    kids playing in a championship game deserve a special venue (home depot, college, JC, ect)

  • 12th man

    why said,
    The game cant be played at West Covina because they lost the coin flip & are now the visiting team (La Serna will host meaning “Home Team”)

  • Fred Robledo

    The rumor is this game will be moved to either La Mirada or Fulleton High School. If La Serna has to move the game from Cal Hi, they would like Fullerton. The reason is, they want to play West Covina on a grass surface, not an artificial one.


    It really doesn’t matter what type of surface we play on…real grass or artificial…WEST COVINA BULLDOGS ARE STILL GOING TO SPANK DAT ASS!! Jus sayin..

  • Lancer

    @Bulldog TIA

    Why don’t you go through back a couple more shots of Cazadores and get back to work. You have a couple of client that want you to spank that ass… Jus sayin

  • Bulldogs have bite


    What does it matter if they play us on grass or artificial surface? If it is an attempt to slow down the speed of the Bulldogs, it would also make them even slower also right? Los Altos is a grass field, ask them if it it made a difference. It’s about the fans, we need a facility that will be able to handle the amount of fans to view the game comfortably. If the Lancers want to play this silly game of choosing what would give them the best advantage, the best advantage for them would be to stay on their bus! This just may anger the Bulldog staff. Again, we just want a suitable stadium to accomadate the fans, and these hacks from La Serna want to gain an advantage? Had respect for LS before, but if this is the case. I smell running clock on La Serna in a Championship game!Lancer, you get back to work and mow that field you want us to play us on!

  • Monrovia Hammer

    Does this mean I can stay home watch this on my big screen vis wireless connection and a apple tv?
    I am dong it if so!

  • Lancer

    @Bulldogs have Bite

    First you manufacture your own reason that you do not have a clue is true for an administration venue selection that you have absolutely no idea is correct and you are going on and on as if you were part of the decision. Now you have worked your self up to such an idiotic level with your little imaginarium that you are sure that whatever decision LS makes it will be to screw you personally. Dude give it a rest until you actually know where the game will be held before you start crying about how hard the benches are and how bad the field is. With all your whining you sound like your old TIA working on Cameron.

  • Monrovia Hammer

    Fred for the Monrovia game can you give more information:

    Do I have to become a member?
    Is there a link or tab to find the game?
    I went to the site but cannot find a listing….Please post

  • Soccer?!?!

    Hey Fred,

    Really enjoying your coverage of soccer this year. Like that awesome girls game between……..ummm…. Well there was that amazing story you did on the boys preseason matchup……oh wait. I’m sure glad I cancelled my Tribune subscription after football season. Seems like with all the energy you guys have put into basketball these past couple weeks you could have at least written ONE story on soccer. No preview, no story, no game highlights, no stats, no NOTHING! Thanks Fred. You’re doing a bang up job buddy!

    My daughter plays for Amat. The girls soccer team is probably the best program a that school but since it’s not football, the Trib pays no attention. You guys are supposed to be journalists reporting on high school sports! ALL SPORTS! You did a freakin story on Tennis for Pete’s sake! You can’t find a spare 5 minutes to put up a blog post regarding SGV soccer? Get our input? NOTHING? Shame on you Fred Robledo! These kids deserve better than this!!!

  • 12th man

    My lil johnny had a chess tournament & got no coverage..Whats going on? Cant you guys send someone to do a story on the Hop-Scotch Championship..or the Dodgeball semi-finals? The Tribune is slacking..For a minute there i thought you guys could cover every imaginable sport..

  • Soccer?!?!

    For the record…I stand corrected. You did post scores !!! Back on 12/1 you posted about 4 soccer scores with giant one sentence write ups and they were buried deep in the “preps round up” post! Sure glad we had time to write like 7 different football threads and 5 basketball threads so far this month though! Who gives a flying squirrel’s butthole about the worlds most popular and nations fastest growing sport!

    You know whats funny…you and Aram talk about how you don’t compete with the MVN and how your real competition are he ESPNs and FSNs of the world. Have you noticed that Both of those networks have INCREASED their coverage of soccer while you bozos have decreased? ESPN has started airing Champions League and Premiership games while FSN has their own freakin soccer network for crying out loud! You guys really want to compete with the big boys??? Quit TALKING like it and start ACTING like it!

  • Bulldogs have bite


    It was Fred who suggested that LS wanted to play on a grass field. But since you resort to classless name calling in your posts, I didn’t expect you to be able to follow along with the thread. The La Serna coaches still cannot figure out a place to play the game. It’s Monday evening and we are still waiting.

    It sounds like it’s La Serna that has things all worked up in their imagination with all this scheming on what surface the game should be played on. Oh, and Cameron ave. is a nice area for your information.

  • Soccer?!?!

    Hey 12th man…

    Two questions for your ignorant ass…

    A) theyve always covered it in the past, what’s changed this year?
    B) the two biggest winter sports are basketball and soccer. There’s really nothing else. Should our standards of our local rag really be so low as to not expect them to be able to cover TWO major sports??? Hey do it in Fall with football and volleyball, in Spring with Baseball and softball. Why should we expect less in Winter??? But you keep making your hopscotch or board game comments. Makes you sound real cool. I’m not asking him to cover everything dick…..but two weeks into a major sport and not even a single post? No preview?

  • Bulldogs have bite


    There are other avenues to contact Fred on this issue. This is a football topic and I don’t expect much sympathy here for your cause. Soccer will get it’s pub once football is over. Facts are is that football is still the overwhelmingly most popular sport on all levels here in the United States. Here on the blogs, it generates hits which brings in advertisers, money that is very much welcomed in the dying Newspaper industry.

    Fred loves soccer and will be covering a whole bunch of it soon enough. There are other sports that get the same lack of coverage.There is just not enough time in a day or staff at the Trib to give comprehensive coverage of all sports. With such a large football following in the SGV, the needs of the many outwheigh the needs of the few.

  • Soccer?!?!


    I agree with almost everything you said! I get it man…football is KING! I get the money issue and the sponsor issue. I’m not asking for sympathy from any football folks and would gladly post this on the soccer thread…..if there WAS a soccer thread! If it bugs you that I’m on here then maybe YOU should be asking Fred to start a separate thread, huh?

    Nothing you wrote addresses the two questions I posed earlier. A) What’s changed from the past years? and B) Why can they cover two sports in every other season but not Winter?

  • Just sayin’

    Hey Soccer?!?! – I suggest you find your way into the gym and cjheck out somm eagirls State Championship banners before you start claiming Girls Soccer is teh best program on campus. that girls basketball team that plays in your gym is probably the best sports program in the valley – any sport – boys or girls

  • Still Laughing

    @ Soccer?!?!
    In case you haven’t noticed, these blogs and comment sections all but DIE once the football season is over. Nobody cares about any other sport to bother reading the articles or even comment on them. Poke around and see for yourself. Even when baseball season rolls around and Amat is playing for a national title, no one seems to care about any other sport outside of football. Take a gander at the comment counts for football and then look at the comment counts on ANY other sport and tell me what you see…



  • Bonita

    Too bad none will be as exciting as the west co bohi game last year was, Garrett Pendleton put on a performance one for the ages should have gotten a ring.

  • Ipuds

    Monrovia Hammer

    An Apple tv? Seriously?

    Haha, even Steve Jobs is ROFL in his grave that anyone bought one of those.

  • Lancer

    @ Bulldogs have bite

    The real classless ass in this situation is YOU. You do not even know where the game will be held yet you assume it will be the wrong decision, that your fans will not get a seat, that the La Serna Administration is inept or worse making a bad decision simply to gain an imagined advantage and that you with all of your experience in school administration experience could make a much better decision. Oh let’s not forget how the Bulldogs Coaches are going to punish the poor Lancers for the unfortunate decisions of the administration by beating them by 60 points. All of your BS based on what you “heard”. Again why don’t you wait until they actually screw up before you start your crying.You can’t influence the decision and all the tears are making your make up run… jus sayin…

  • Bulldogs have bite

    My inside sources has just informed me that La Serna is going to host this game at Cal Hi. They are going to add in a set of bleachers that will increase visitor seating to only about 3000 guests. I hope my source is wrong but it is a pretty reliable one, so I feel this is the real situation. It is what it is, Beltran insisted on playing on a grass field. So we will play where ever they want. They are hosting this on the cheap, just like I said they would.


    Call me all the names you want because just like your Lancers, they are useless and uneffective.

  • L.A.

    I can confirm: the La Serna home game will be played at the La Serna home field. Not sure why that should be the subject for criticism, but anyway the home game will be on the home team’s field.

  • Championship?

    …because it’s a championship game and there should be higher standards than a regular season game?

  • Junior

    It’s unfortunate but, the truth is, the district wants the $$$$$ from the draw. They’re not about to let those dollars get away and it’s a sign of the economic times.

    Remember teachers and administrators, “it’s all about the kids” right? Yea, sure it is. The kids deserve a big venue.


    @Lancer, I think the only “make-up” that is going to be running is yours after we “spank you” and then I will be celebrating by “taking my shots of Cazadores!” …jus sayin…ahahaha