Two-Minute Drills: San Gabriel vs. Monrovia

Saturday’s Mid-Valley Division title prediction
San Gabriel at Monrovia, 7:30 p.m., Robledo (Mon); Tolegian (Mon)

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  • Dan

    Early season losses mean zero, even if it was a blowout. La Serna is not the same team as they were earlier, to beat Muir 28 to 3, tells me they’ve gotta be playing at another level. I did not see the Muir/La Serna game but I doubt it was Muir beating Muir as you say Aram, I’m pretty sure La Serna’s team discipline, heart, and physical play had a lot more to do with it.
    The wing T just might give La Serna a better angle [no pun intended]than a finness offense might. It’s hard to stop when run the right way, and the ball control style can keep an opponents offense off the field. One of my bigger concerns going into this game is that La Serna runs the wing T. Glendora gave us fits with that system, although we helped them out in that game. I remember a coach telling me a while ago that many times at the highschool level, finness teams will suffer on defense because the spread systems take so much practice time to perfect, as a result the defense may not get the needed reps to be as good as they should be.
    This is a championship game and both teams deserve their props, and respect, just due to the fact they both got here. La Serna has risen up in the playoffs and beaten some teams most thought they wouldn’t. Anything can happen in a game, who would have thought San Dimas would lose to San Gabriel after the thrashing the Saints gave the Matadors in preseason[50 to 6]. This was definitely a different San Gabriel this time around, I’m positive this isn’t the same La Serna team that lost to La Mirada back in preseason too. Coach Maggiore keeps the team grounded and respectful of their opponents and rightly so. The Bulldogs will not take La Serna as lightly as you guy’s, but I understand cause your SGV homers, hey so am I.

  • New York

    This type of consensus among the sportswriters is NOT GOOD for my team!

    Dan, I will be at your game. Good luck to you guys.

  • Dan

    New York,
    Always enjoy reading your eloquent post, good luck to your Wildcats this week, hope both the West and the East SGV will have back to back Champions after this Friday, say hi to coach Maddox for me if you cross his path, didn’t I tell you guy’s back in 07 you were getting a Diamond in the rough?
    PS, O-Cat, Kennedy B. and all the rest of you crazy MTown bloggers, enjoy your championship game this Friday, Good luck to your Wildcats!

  • Hoss Cartwright

    Being a Mtown fan, we have a special respect for the West Covina program, because that is where Maddox came from. All year we have been pulling for West covina Football. However it’s always fun to speculate match ups.

    Based upon the fact that West Co senior lead team, it would be hard for Monrovia to beat them this season. However Different teams create different pressures and problems when matched up. If these two teams played it would be no confusion about who the Favorite would be. If the game was played, I am not completely sure who would win. I know the Trib and SGv would have West Co all the way. If Monrovia was in the southeast, and played them Later In the year, let’s say if Monrovia and West Covina were playing tonight at Citrus. That would be a great game. The story would be Dogs vs Cats, Student vs teacher, ground and pound smash mouth vs High flying, passing team. McCarthy vs Solomon. Barnett vs Ramirez, Walsh vs Frazier and so on. Which team is going “Back to Back”. hahaha.

    West Co would have a hard time blocking McCarthy and Spencer, who are far bigger than any of their lineman. Monrovia would have a hard time blocking Meaders on the D ends for west covina. Monrovia’s DB’s would have a tough time bringing down Solomon, Salgado and Frazier. West Covina’s DB would have a hard time covering Monrovia’s 5-6 WR’s. Either way, it would be a close game or at least closer then the South east upper Bracket scores. After watching Covina, Glendora, and south hills play west co tough, I think Monrovia is better than all of those teams and could do better against them then they did. I don’t know if that game will happen. Maddox would have a advantage being that he know’s West co’s playbook, but they don’t know Monrovia’s. Either way, it would be a good game. I think Next Season Monrovia would have the advantage if they played….But West Co is going to be good with Hull, Love, Hornsby and which ever other RB’s and players they have coming up. I know they have some. Well it’s fun to speculate and keep the thread rolling. Most don’t think either of these games are going to be close. I’ll play devils advocate…I know Solomon was out early, but La Serna has a chance, to play Wesco as tough as Covina, Glendora, or South Hills. Especially in a championship Atmosphere. I know West Co will Win, but it won’t be by more then 10-14 in this one. Monrovia wins big, but it’s only because San Gabriel is no where as good as La Serna, which routed Muir. Muir Routed San Gabriel. So we will see… Good luck tonight.

    New York, keep a eye out for Hoss tonight Wink Wink.

    Good luck to Both teams let’s support each other.



    I’m pulling for you Schuster, from Monrovia. Coach Schuster was the head for AZUSA several years back and I respect him for the person he is! Loves the game of Football and teaches his players well!

    Good luck to you!


  • Cal Fan

    As always, enjoy your assessment of the games Dan. I know you hate, when the so called “experts” are already sizing your boy’s for their rings but, I think WC has better athletes all around. The Palmer kid is a special athlete and can will himself at times. His composure is impressive, for only being a sophomore. As long as you stop him, there should be no problem for you guys tonight.

    I understand the WC nation’s concerns regarding our stadium and the chance to play at a big venue but, standing room only, is an exciting atmosphere for all. I was at your finals last year and it was electric, in most part due to a fantastic game, not necessarily due to the crowded atmosphere. Let’s hope for another good one. Good luck to both teams.

    Congratulations La Serna, props to your kids and staff, for the opportunity to play for the championship tonight. Represent!

    BTW “Bulldogs have bite”, our stadium said F you. Couldn’t resist.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    I just wanted to say thanks for another good season cannot believe its almost over. Im sure Ill go thru my withdrawals. I also want to take this time be the first to say if I offended anyone it was never my intent. From Saints4real to the Colts guys we all know this is a blog and most of what is said here is for FUN and shouldnt be taken personal. So repeating I hope none of you take these barbs here on the blog personal its for and banter.

    Win or lose tomorrow night Ill be back as my son is only a junior. So, New York, Hoss (aka Paul Revere). Ill Holla see you both on Sat Night.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Cal fan,

    It figures that if your stadium could talk it would have a potty mouth. The pace is a toilet!

  • Cal Fan

    I knew you couldn’t resist Bulldog. Good luck tonight. Bring your toilet paper!

  • Big Dog

    Looks like football weather to me tonight!Can San Gabriel play with the Big Dogs? It might turn out to be like Boise State vs Oklahoma a few years back,I like the underdog in this one. Play hard boys and leave in all out on the field tonight.