Now, about the venue ….

First, Cal Hi turned out to be a great atmosphere for Friday’s Southeast championship game, but then again, I got to enjoy it from the field with my press pass, far different than the experience of paid customers. Cal Hi simply wasn’t big enough and the parking was absolutely terrible for a championship event. Fans parked as far a mile away, and there were hundreds of fans who had to stand along the fences near both end zones because there weren’t enough seats. If I were to guess, this was a 5,500 seat stadium that crammed at least 7,000 inside the gates. If you’re going to sell that many tickets, you should have seats available for everyone. We thought it was a mistake for CIF to allow the game to be played there for all these reasons, and we were absolutely right.

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  • New York

    Great atmosphers, yes. But no press box, which meant scissor lifts blocking views. The small stadium left many people without the opportunity to buy tickets. Thankfully I still made it onto the sideline. It was a bit insulting to jam the defending champs into such small bleechers. They could have put sizable temp bleachers into the far endzone. This was a missed revenue opportunity.

    I am afraid we might see a similar senario tonight at Monrovia. It will be an amazing atmosphere, but we will probably be short on seats if San Gabriel brings anyone.

  • Bulldogs have bite


    All the blame should not be directed at just the CIF. La Serna coaches and officials should shoulder the majority of the blame. I can understand their want and need to play this game at their home stadium because of all the comfort and advantages it brings. But out of just plain ole’ sportsmanship they should have atleast considered the request of West Covina in moving to another venue.

    Did the playing surface impact our speed? 84-21, with 7 plays of 40 yards or more. You tell me. I say emphatically no.

    Was the venue as horrible as I thought it would be? No. The atmosphere was fantastic and both groups of fans deserve a pat on the back for the enthusiasm they provided despite the logistical nightmare just to find parking and seating etc. Even on the ugly side of a lop sided game the LS fans kept their support and energy up through out the contest. Good job LS fans.

    Still the oppurtunity was presented for La Serna to have the game moved to a more Championship worthy venue. This is the High School equalivent of the Superbowl for these teams and not all Superbowls get to be played at the home stadium for the home team. Hopefully if LS officials ever get another chance to host another Title game they will see why moving the game was not an unreasonable request. But a request that would have benefited both teams, both fanbases and lastly the media who do nothing but inform the public and generate interest in High School Athletics!

    In parting, I would like to thank yoou Fred, Aram, Steve, Miguel, Tyler, Mike the cousin, Tom and Dylan Kiss and miss Ponce and the rest of the San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group (SGVN) for the top notch covergage of another memorable HS football season! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    Go Bulldogs! Back to back Southeast Division Champions!

  • Henry Rubio

    Regarding game played at cal hi… CIF needs to rethink the fact that a finals game should be played at a site large enough both seating and parking wise for the families and fans no matter who has won a coin flip or has home advantage. Talk about an injustice to all those people paying the same price for a ticket and not having a seat to sit at. Like fire codes in bldgs. it seems unsafe to put so many in a venue that clearly isn’t suited for that many people.
    Hopefully enough will voice concerns and hopefully CIF will wake up to the issues mentioned. No capping the amount of tickets per school isn’t the way to go either.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Fred and everyone else understands how I feel about this issue. It’s obvious to me – with nine of the 13 championship games at home sites – that CIF-SS wants these games, outside of the Pac-5 and Southwest, which is the OC’s top division, at home sites, which is why they gave Cal High the thumbs up. My belief has nothing to me picking sides, because I don’t. I felt the same way in 2002 when South Hills wanted to host its Division 7 game at Covina District Field. But Walnut balked, and the game was switched to Cal State Fullerton, which proved to be too big, and the atmosphere wasn’t even close to last night. I can think of worst parking situations than Cal High. I can remember when Diamond Bar, coached by Terry Roche, played Chaminade, I believe, at Moorpark College, which was a small venue for a college stadium, and even the media, me included had to park about a mile or so away. I think CIF-SS has decided this because most of these divisions outside of Pac-5, are regional.

  • anonymous

    Just so you know, bringing in bleachers cost more than having it at say la mirada. If I heard numbers correct the bleachers were twice as much as hosting at another hs site and probably equal to cost of jc site. But la serna got their home game ans steve I don’t think you’re correct. Cif wants BOTH schools to come to an agreement on their own where to host. Most of the schools in the finals have stadiums that can host. Those that don’t get somehwere else. Upland reserved citrus in case they won. Good decision. Cal st fullerton would not have been a good choice last night but la mirada would have been.


    we were like the third ones in line to get in thank God so we were able to get seats but only because we were in line before 430pm. sad to say many fans were turned away because it sold out. not cool…i felt bad seeing fans watching from the fence on the outside(whatever they could see)