West Covina finishes one of most dominating postseason runs ever with 84-21 blowout to win its second straight Southeast Division title

West Covina finished one of the most dominating playoff runs in history with a CIF-Southern Section record 84 points — the most ever in an (11-man) championship game by beating helpless La Serna 84-21. And the field was supposed to slow them down? Chris Solomon and Jimmy Frazier each scored three touchdowns for the back-to-back champions, who almost certainly will probably be moved from the Southeast Division after this. Think about it, West Covina won its four playoff games by 30, 43, 39 and 63 points, and averaged 60 points a game in the playoffs! What made tonight’s 84 points so incredible is that the Bulldogs did it with only three pass plays and a running clock in the fourth. Just insane. Like I told Aram, have never seen a team this dominant in the playoffs from start to finish. And I bet if you go back in the history books, it could be the most dominant start-to-finish playoff performance ever. Check back in the morning for the Inland Insider’s highlights and postgame interviews.

Aram’s Column: Dominant isn’t a strong enough word to describe it. In fact, rather than use words, how about I suggest you think of the image of a lion hunting down a three-legged gazelle to eat for dinner.

West Covina championship photo gallery

Game Story
By Steve Ramirez, staff writer
— La Serna High School, after advancing to the CIF-Southern Section finals for the first time since 1968, is considered to be the Cinderella team of the Southeast Division football playoffs. The clock struck midnight on Friday.

Chris Solomon rushed for 99 yards and three touchdowns and Jimmy Frazier had 83 and scored three touchdowns, including a 86-yard kickoff return and West Covina won the division title for the second consecutive season with an 84-21 victory over the Lancers at
California High School.

The Bulldogs (13-1), which had seven touchdown plays of 40 yards or more, scored the most points in an 11-man CIF-SS divisional final, eclipsing J.W. North, which had 67 in the Eastern Division championship game in 2007. Black Fox scored 94 points in six-man football in 1966.

La Serna, which received 140 yards passing and a touchdown from sophomore Frankie Palmer, finished 10-4.

“We came out hard and got on the board fast,” said West Covina coach Mike Maggiore, who won his third CIF-SS title after wins by the Bulldogs last season and in 2004. “Our defense was flying around, they made a couple of mistakes and we capitalized.

“We’ve been getting better as a football team all year. We wanted toplay our best in the last game of the year, and we did.”

Fox Sports Replay of the Southeast Championship….

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  • WHAT???


  • Steely Don

    That’s right, guy, no COVERIT. That’s because there’s no press box at Cal High. There’s also no provision for seating the people who want to attend, and no guarantee of safety for those who find seats.

    That’s because the Lancers have NO CLASS.

  • My final comment regarding the poor decision by La Serna and CIF to host this game at Cal. High.

    Unfortunately, we will never really know how many people would have attended this game. Due to the potential problems regarding seating, many fans may forgo attending thinking they may not be able to even secure a seat. Especially fans that cannot get there early.

    Thanks to the Tribune Reporters for allowing this debate to be heard on the various blogs.

    Of course I am rooting for the Bulldogs, but good luck and congratulations to all the players tonight.

  • Fred Robledo

    No Coveritlive because there is no place to do it. Even if I asked Mike the Cousin to do it from the stands, there is no place to plug in and not sure his battery will last until the end, which would be a disaster if he couldn’t finish. Plus, I’m not asking him to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with fans trying to do this, that’s unacceptable. So, we’ll go old-school twitter in the old-school set up at Cal. Tomorrow, Coveritlive is back at Monrovia.

  • Conspiracy

    CIF probably did this on purpose, in order to improve hitcounts on Foxsports, they don’t want Coveritlive there. everyone would have followed the Cousin.

  • reality

    I’m no usher but last years W.C.-Bohi title match was way more than 5,000. Standing room only,great friendly crowd, handled in a way both teams could be proud of for the rest of their lives. I hope for the same result tonite but so far we are off to a poor start. Heard fox may have trouble because of no press box and very poor lighting. To sad. Either way there is gonna by alot of ridicule after this fiasco.

  • Lancer


    particularly if West Covina loses… jus sayin…

  • Don

    CalHi’s field is an ankle breaking dump and little different than it was 40 years ago. It’s been re-sodded and re-crowned a few times but nothing can stand up to the pounding it takes every year.

    That said, it doesn’t matter where they play because WesCo has way too much for the Lancers. Remember, this is a La Serna team that barely managed a one point win over poor little Bonita in week three. Playing on their home turf is the only victory LSHS will have tonight.

    Nah, it’s gonna get hairy on Hawes. La Serna could have Harry Robinson and Ken LaVigne on the sidelines coaching Dave Dalby, CJ Bernal and Jerry AND Kenny Maiques and it wouldn’t matter. Bulldoggies by three td’s.

  • Colt74

    “Remember, this is a La Serna team that barely managed a one point win over poor little (6-5 ) Bonita in week three.”

    Yeah buddy! WesCo’s week 3 win over 3-7 South Hills by 2 and their week 4 win over 3-7 Glendora by 1 ARE MUCH BETTER WINS! I mean , no comparison !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry….your logic just gave me a chuckle.

    Good Luck to BOTH teams tomorrow night although I have to be pulling for Dan and WesCo.

  • Colt74

    tonight…not tomorrow…..


  • Don


    Along the course of a season almost every team has a soft game or two.

    Maybe instead of pointing only at the BoHi game I should have said the Lancers got smoked by Santa Fe and La Mirada and beat El Rancho, CalHi, and Bonita by a TOTAL of five points.

    Hope that line of reasoning is more to your liking.

  • Don

    Forgot to add that the Bulldog’s “missteps” were in games against Inland Division teams; their only loss against a Pac-5 team, Loyola.

    The Lancer’s losses were all in conference, Southeast.

  • AMAT 73

    Good luck to the Bulldogs tonight and bring home the championship to the SGV . Also may the game be well played and injury free.

  • Colt74

    I see that you are one of the ” but our loss was a better loss ” types of fan.
    Whatever floats your boat!

    I keep looking for stats pages that list wins…losses…better losses/missteps…ties….

    …but for some reason I can’t find one.

    I guess Covina should be PROUD of our only two “missteps”, because they were BETTER “missteps”? If our only 2 “missteps” come at the hands of CIF champions in 2 different divisions I guess that means we were not REALLY watching from the stands this week?

    You can probably surmise that I am a loss/misstep is a loss/misstep kinda fan.


  • Jefe

    Pullin’ for La Serna tonight.

    Good luck to all California high school football teams playing tonight.

  • Big Dog

    OK boys, time to put up, or shut up! Good luck to both teams. Go West Co!!!!!!!!!

  • Steps n Missteps

    Colt74 & Don – is a 3.0 as a PE major the same as a 3.0 as an Engineering major? Or is a Cal Poly 3.0 PE major the same as a BioChem 3.0 at Stanford?
    Not all steps or missteps a created equal. Just like the MidValley, Southeast, Inland, and Pac 5 are not created equal.

  • Colt74

    1. 3 mins into first period 14-0 West Covina

    2. Steps and Missteps : They are the same. Sorry to burst your bubble. Now a question to you… If it takes a chicken and a half to lay an egg and a half..how much does a pound of butter weigh?

    Don’t hurt yourself on that. I mean I reread YOUR post…


  • Jefe

    Wow Lancers look TERRIFIED out there.

  • Colt74

    At this rate WesCo is on track to score 140-0…

  • Jefe

    Colt, they might hit 100.


  • Uosates

    Is this where we need to bs for updates? I want WC to win by 100!

  • Colt74

    WesCo may just crack the champagne at halftime…

    They look phenomenal.

  • fan

    Hope West Covina cracks 100. That would be great. Just getting in from Whittier Cal High. What a joke. La Serna is a joke NO PARKING FIELD STINKS JOKE!!!!! THE JOKE IS ON YOU LA SERNA!!!

  • Colt74

    I said before the season started that I thought the only way to stop Solomon is with a Bazooka….and then only if you lead him just right….

  • fan

    Colt, whats the MHS/San Gabriel score any clue?

  • La Serna pissed off West Covina by insisting the game be played at Cal Hi. Now they are paying the price.

  • Steely Don

    The best part of this West Covina Massacre of hapless La Serna is that the ‘mercy rule’ will kick-in during the 4th quarter, allowing the fine people of West Covina to avoid spending one minute more than necessary in the purgatory of Cal High stadium.

    As a member of the Del Rio league, let me formally apologize to the Bulldogs for the manner in which La Serna disgraced your championship game experience. Both teams deserved to have a classy outing tonight, and although I did my best to forewarn and forestall this regrettable occurence, it seems that the well-connected Friendly Hills crowd, in the manner of so many snobbish swine, couldn’t resist making asses of themselves. I am truly sorry.

  • coltfan97

    Fan your an idiot!!! That cheap shot on Colt74 tells me what kind person you are!!!! They weren’t even talking about the colts!!! Yes Covina lost but they’re still a great team who lost to an even greater team!!! Lets keep this blog about west covina they deserve that!!!

    As for West Covina La Serna CIF Final!!! Are the cheerleaders playing yet??? WOW PURE DOMINANCE!!!! Our we seeing a dynasty at West Covina!!!IMHO WE OUR SEEING A DYNASTY!!! It’s not the fact they’re winning it’s the way they’re winning!!!! Plus they got talent at the freshmen and j.v. level!!! Maggiore your a great COACH 3 CIF TITLES!!!!

  • Only An Observer

    Wow! Most pathetic Championship game I have ever witnessed and I am not talking about La Serna only. Lower Division football at its best. My apologize also go out to who ever gets offended by my comments.

  • Joker

    @ Only An Observer

    Loyola 35, West Covina 7

    Lower level football indeed…Watch as WC fans claim they got blasted by Loyola because they didn’t have Solomon. lol.

  • OMG

    The La Verne Lutheran basketball team couldn’t out score the Bulldogs! Wow, 84 points! Dear God

  • Conq’76

    If this game had been held at La Mirada or another appropriate venue the score would have been 48-21.

    But La Serna insisted…..

  • Rowland Raider

    So does West Co. get to go to state now or what?

  • Only An Observer

    @ Joker
    You might be right there, but Im not hear to hate on the kids that play for these teams Im just trying to have the adults that support these teams open their eyes and see the difference in the levels of play in each Division.

    I am upset at how classless the so called adults on the WC staff are 84 to 21 really? what does that prove? It puts a Sh!t stain on the championship trophy if you ask me. Wow you scored 84 points your awesome!!!

    WC welcome to the ranks of Charter Oak, and La Habra (winning champions in Divisions you should not be in) what an accomplishment.

    My apologies to all again. Good night.

  • Rowland Raider

    So does West Co. get to go to state now or what?

  • Colt74

    Don’t sweat it. If Monrovia wins tomorrow our only 2 losses will be to 2011 CIF Champions.

    Hey Aram ! If Covinas 14 point loss was a “laugher” what was La Sernas game tonight ?



    AND DAN!

  • @Only an observer

    Picture this the West Covina coach asked for another location because the players and the students along with their family members would like to see the game. La Serna believing they had an advantage told the West Covina’s coach to take a hike. La Serna had no class in this situation and now they just had 84 points dropped on them. Not the players fault I blame the coach.

  • coltfan97

    PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS!!!! A team is placed in a division by CIF!!!! The school has no control over what division they play in!!!!! Should West Covina move up to another division yes!!!! But please DO NOT knock West Covina for the division they play in,they have no control over it!!!!

  • dodgerblue


    Shut up and get a life

  • WTF

    This is a good example of how bad high school football is in the San Gabriel Valley. West Covina would spanked if the played any team in Orange County, The Valley or inland empire. SGV football sucks

  • coltfan97

    Great point Colt 74!!! I forgot about that!!! If your going to lose might as well lose to a champion!!!!

  • reality

    Observer; Would it have been less embaarassing for La Serna if W.C. played with one arm tied behind their back or blindfolded or with freshmen the whole game. The stain is directly on the L.S. coaching staff and admin where it belongs. Congrats W.C. on a great season. When you mess with a bulldog you get the fangs. Clearly Maggiore was sending a message, “Learn some class La Serna, we are not Pioneer”.

  • coltfan97


  • Yorba Linda Rising

    Hey Maggiore, you have a fine team. We get that. But hanging 84 on a team in the championship game? WTF, give ’em a break. Karma is a bitch…

  • Anonymous

    Only An Observer & joker
    why dont you two kissing ladies get off this blog who cares what you idiots think all WC know is they are champions can Loyola say that better yet can they even say they went to the playoffs? i help you HELL no get out of here oh and by the way div2 VM beat your D1 Loyola pretty bad and considering that Loyola is on the highest level they also lost to a lower level then them team. Wc is awesome and there is no excuses coming from their fans they didnt have any when they lost to Loyola they took it how it came like real champions. now you two go find a place where its real quiet and choke yourselves LOSERS…..

  • Colt74

    LOL! Looks like Charter Oak gets moved to the Hacienda and West Covina gets moved to the Sierra!

    Let the flaming begin!

  • the new guy

    colt 74
    Question how did Covina fare this year and do you really think they can hang with CO. And please be honest

  • Westcofan

    Really. Why are people that don’t know football commenting. Westco ran the ball all night, mostly up the middle. Maybe the bulldogs needed to stop running and throw themselves onthe ground so la Serna would tackle them. By running they keep the clock running. It’s not the bulldogs fault that they were stronger and faster than la serna.I personally coach maggiore, he is a class act. So all those complaining about the score, shut up and deal with it. You got beat by a well coached team.

  • Bulldog 4 Life

    ur a doosh bag man.. go worry bout ur team that probably isnt even in the final..

  • sdbob

    Only an Observer…get a life. Did you watch the game? La Serna was coughing up the ball like a baby with colic. Fumbles, interceptions you name it and they tackled like nursery school kids. WCHS pulled their starters with 8 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter. Remember that they had 3 TDs called back or the score would have been 100.
    Look, La Serna had NO business in that game but that is how the schedule worked. La Serna was looking for a little bit of history tonight well they got it as the worst beating ever in a CIF game.

  • Joe Amat

    Congratulations to Coach Maggiore and the West Covina Bulldogs. For those who a just looking at the score and making assumptions, I watched most of the game.West Covina handled this blowout exceptionally well while Maggiore, and especially the players, deserve some special commendations.

    Maggiore did a nice job getting a lot of his players in the game, kept the ball on the ground, and the players were very respectful throughout the game. Often in routs like this the winner gets a little excessive in their celebration and I did not see that one time.

    On every touchdown the players ran their hardest across the goal line and handed or tossed the ball to an official. Didn’t see any sack dances or players clowning on the sidelines. No coaches laughing and high fiving in celebration.

    Please don’t judge West Covina just by the score. It was a HUGE mismatch nd they did everything a great competitor should do in winning back-to-back titles. The Bulldogs kind of do it the right way. Congrats.



  • Joe Amat

    Anonymous – BTW…Loyola never played Vista Murrietta. but let’s not talk about that here.. congrats to the Bulldogs

  • Colt74

    the new guy,

    I’ll play along.

    Covina lost in the semi-finals by 14. Our two losses look like they are going to be to 2011 CIF Champions. We lost 2 games by a total of 20 points. Charter Oak went out in the quarter finals (Upland (CA) 51 Charter Oak (Covina, CA) 13). The team that beat us is playing for the championship. The team that beat you lost their next game by a score of 39-18.
    And what I think about playing Charter Oak does not matter since you clearly would not agree anyway. But ask them how we did in the passing league against them. Or anyone else who was there.
    And I don’t give a rats ass what anyone THINKS would happen if they played because they didn’t play and until then it’s all talk. But I would have liked to see it. And I have said that since before the season started.

    But I humored you. You already knew what I was going to say. Did I disappoint?

    Oh, and West Covina deserves the final season #1 rating. Not Charter Oak. They scored 84 points WITHOUT TRYING to run up the score. Unlike Charter Oak.

  • coltfan97

    Come on people!!! For those people out there that believe wesco ran up the score tells me you know nothing about football!!!! IT’S A CHAMPIONSHIP GAME, THEIR IS NO HOLDING BACK!!!!

  • sdbob

    Yeah but they did hold back. This score could have been well over 100 points. I watched the whole game and La Serna was SO over matched. As I said, Maggiore showed a lot of class in trying to keep the game respectable but it was so mismatched that La Serna really couldn’t do anything except what they did and when you pass and trail by a lot then INTs happen. Let’s look at the results and forget the score.


    West Covina, all I can say is wow! I love the score and did not expect any less from you guys. Way to represent the SGV. Enjoy the plaque and rings!


    Are you still lost in the parking lot of Covina District Field where Monrovia went to town on you guys! I cant believe you are still bringing up a passing league match between CO & Covina!!!! LOL you covina fans are too much…………… HAHAHAHAHA

    You know the funny thing is that you guys will continue to play in the mid valley with Azusa and Gladstone while Monrovia gets the boot and goes to the southeast.

  • Colt74

    Anyone watching that game knows that the score could have been a lot worse. I SERIOUSLY have to give credit to Coach Maggiore for not putting up 100 or more. He ran up the middle a lot and the holes were just there.

    84 points. One point for each blade of grass….

  • Before anybody goes on thinking Coach Maggiore ran it up or West Covina has no class, please note West Covina attempted THREE PASSES in the game and the fourth quarter was running clock.

  • Fred Robledo

    Yeah, this was not a run-up game at all. There were turnovers in the second half, easy field position, it was set up for a blowout.

  • Colt74

    I was not lost out there in the parking lot…I was with your old lady. She didn’t get home too late did she? And 14 points is “went to town?” Really?

    So 63 points tonight was what? Went to Uranus?

    I can do this with you for the next month if that is what you want? Someone asked me a question and I answered it. Don’t like it? Too bad.

  • Bosshawg

    Congrats to WC! Maggiore would never run up the score, but he also would nvr have his guys quit playing hard. If La Serna couldn’t stop them when they’re running basic plays , that’s on them not WC.

    Colts fans better have a good memory of this season because it’s their last good one for awhile! They won’t win 6 games next year…..and that may be all levels combined!

  • Colt74

    Vista Murrieta

  • over rated over rated

    la serna was so over rated, west covina (nice game) I will sleep good tonite.

    wc did all but wipe their a** with la serna.was this even a championship caliber game? dont really think so. the score tells all
    ugly ugly game. la serna should be damn embarrased. for reals they suck man!!

  • over rated over rated

    la serna was so over rated, west covina (nice game) I will sleep good tonite.

    wc did all but wipe their a** with la serna.was this even a championship caliber game? dont really think so. the score tells all
    ugly ugly game. la serna should be damn embarrased. for reals they suck man!!

  • over rated over rated

    la serna was so over rated, west covina (nice game) I will sleep good tonite.

    wc did all but wipe their a** with la serna.was this even a championship caliber game? dont really think so. the score tells all
    ugly ugly game. la serna should be damn embarrased. for reals they suck man!!

  • Anonymous

    WC CONGRATS LS was in over there heads. LS great season but man what a way to end it kind of take away what you accomplished a little but you made it and thats a goal accomplished GOOD JOB.


    Joe Amat
    your right i meant to say Upland, but were not going to talk about that because you said so. Even though those two douche bags came on an SGV blog and talk down on the whole SGV, but your worried about my mistake get real. but i do understand why you did it, your screen name says it all.

  • Anonymous

    just found out they play tomorrow…

  • alex

    Coach looks ripped in that photo of him holding up the plaque! congrats to west co

  • reality

    Did anyone watch on the internet.? My cheap laptop could’nt seem to load it.

  • oldschool

    where would they move west covina? i guess they can put them in the sierra with charter oak and put south hills in the hacienda.what does it take for west covina to get in to a state bowl in division 3? the san diego county teams seem to always get in. maybe west covina should schedule helix to make there case next year .

  • football jones

    Crutchfields Reincarnation

    I like WCHS and have attended their games, but 84 points on a group of high school kids is embarrassing…for the winner.

    Mean-spirited, undignified, tasteless, cold, and heartless.

    What lesson does this teach our future leaders?

  • All I Know

    All I know is Beltran should resign for flunking the home field in vain hope of slowing wes co down keepin dem off astroturf (wuc wuc wuc wolll ;PPP) and that I’m jumpin on thwe West Covina bandwagon. WEST CO DOGS FIELDTURF S***TY FIELD OR COME HELL HIGH WATER WELL PLAY YAW ANYWERE BEAT YAW ANYWHERE!

  • Bulldogs have bite

    football jones,

    Please before accusing WC of running it up, just log onto foxsportswest.com and watch the game for yourself and see what actualy transpired.

    La Serna played probably their poorest game of the season at the same time WC played their finest. Turnovers, blocked punt, kick off return and pic six all part of what transpired. LS was also tackling very poorly and it shows they have not played a team with the speed of WC all season because their pursuit angles were way off.

    Many of our TD’s came on long runs from scrimmage, only three passes attempted the whole game. Are we supposed to teach our players to take a knee once they break into the open field? Maybe they should stop at the one yard line and turn around and head the other way? The score would not have been so lopsided if not for the endzone always getting in their way!

    La Serna kept on playing tough, so hats off to them and congrats on a fantastic season.

    Congratulations to the Bulldogs! Back 2 back! Thank you for another memorable season!

  • Football Fan

    For all the people who are “upset” by such a high number of points scored obviously weren’t there. But yeanno what? You win by too much your heartless. You win by barley anything you got lucky. So it’s obvious you can’t please everyone. But la Serna was obviously over matched, over powered and out of their league. Good job to the bulldogs for winning Another title! Can’t wait for next year. And don’t let these blog haters ruin your celebrations you deserve every bit of it!

  • socalfootball fan

    Time for West Covina to join the sierra league and play in the man’s division the Inland Valley. They could move Ayala or Claremont into the Hacienda league. No honor in winning this weak division year after year. West Covina if they want to play in the state games should schedule Corona Centennial,Vista Murrieta,Upland or some Trinity league teams.

  • oldschool

    @so cal football fan.they should not need to schedule division 1 power houses to get a division 3 state game. maybe schedule those top san diego schools like helix and oceanside.those are the teams that are always top d3 teams.they would get crushed playing the teams you mentioned. they could probably beat the last place team in the trinity league,but not the rest of the teams.you would think that this playoff performance would be good enough . they where talking about monrovia having a chance. why not west covina who was more dominant this year


    Congratulations to the Bulldogs! La Serna; congratulations on making it to CIF finals too this year. Your team played with alot of heart to the very end & your fans were very spirited. I actually liked your “first down” chant. Both teams should be very proud. WCHS BACK-TO-BACK CIF CHAMPS! Yee buddy!

  • Big Mo

    I went to see a football game and a basketball game broke out!!! What another boring lopsided game I have ever witnessed in my life!

  • LS Fan

    I first want to congratulate both teams on great seasons.
    Wow! They are fast. West Covina outdid everything u could to la serna last night and needless to say the score showed it.
    I as much as I would like to say they did w Covina didn’t run up the score. La serna played the worst they played all season and they did it in the final against a great team. In the firstt half it was 50/50 who would score when la serna was on offense. West Covina got all the breaks on la serna fumbles and their fumbles but they didn’t need any help. They’re a great team and la serna found that out first hand.
    I hope west Covina fans don’t want that guy wearing the #24 USC jersey representing their program. Running around the la serna players with the bulldog flag I mean they are just kids c’mon show some class in winning there was no need for that.
    I am proud of the kids out there and they will be back nxt year with a lot of underclassmen starting this year. My hats off to w co for another title.


    Coach Maggiore.

    Kharma is a 9 headed bitch with a ferocious appetite. My she suckle from the tortured soul of your bloated ego and grow fat from your misfortunes. A coach is first and foremost a teacher. What did you teach your group of kids out there last night and what did you teach the other group of kids. Yes a teacher is responsible for all the lessons that he teaches and you obviously have many lessons. I only hope that Kharma is your teacher. Oh and the guys that say Maggiore is too classy to run up the score, you are wrong, dead wrong. He’s as ass…


    CONGRATULATIONS….West Covina Bulldogs!

    You are a CIF CHAMPION…!

    The entire SGV is very proud of you!

    Sin Nada Desde Mil Novecientos Noventa y Cinco!

  • The Ranking Expert

    The San Gabriel Valley Top 5 Teams are

    #1. West Covina – CIF Champions
    #2 Charter Oak – Siera League Champions and 10- 2 record
    #3 Monrovia
    #4. San Dimas
    #5 Covina

    And then the rest…

  • Bulldog1

    The DROUGHT is over; we havent won a CIF Football championship in a whole year!
    At least the lowly Bearkittens gave us a game last year.
    As I always have said; we win with class and humility always!
    Just like last year we will continue to roll in all sports, Basketball, wrestling, softball and yes, baseball. Our boys carry big sticks!
    After putting our leagues nose in it, we just kicked the ever loving crap out of La Serna.
    Were just the best! Winning our first CIF championship this year wasEASY!
    Fred, its ok to name us SGVTs HIGH SCHOOL of the decade, just do it now!
    This year we are getting bigger rings because we, like all gracious winners, have concern for the people who are worthy enough to Kiss the Ring
    Bulldog Fever

  • Bulldog#1 Sucks

    Hey dumb a$$ Dog #1

    Win with grace, Dip Sh*t!

    Enjoy the victory but don’t help the haters hate even more! Especially if you’re just that fat guy sitting in the bleachers cheering on the cheerleaders!

    Amat is waitiing for anything just to remind us all of how powerful they are in that weak a$$ Sierra league. Of how there 6 – 5 record is better than you! Fred loves reading that crap! Don’t help them out!

    Great job WC!

  • Bonita fan

    Bulldogs a big congratulations! It was an impressive win. Thanks for a great year on the blog see you next year.

  • Bad Sign !!

    Congrats to West Covina. I watch some of the game on the internet and their running backs just had a different speed. It would be nice if Wesco go into a State Championship game but there’s a lot of good teams out there.Last night the Bulldog’s out scored Kobe !

  • Fred Robledo

    I don’t know if the West Covina basketball team will score 84 in a game this season…BTW, next year West Covina plays Loyola at home, and Chino Hills on the road….not bad.

  • 5fdp

    La Serna what a joke what in the world were you doing in this game anyway terrible effort what a joke.

  • Joe Amat


    I just felt last night was the time to congratulate West Covina, that’s all.After trying to read your ramblin and incoherant post, you ally weren’t helping their cause.

    And BTW, your name says it all.

  • bobbradstreet

    Dan and I are going to the Monrovia game tonight. We really like Ryan Maddox and his team.
    Congrats to the BULLDOGS FOR A GREAT SEASON.
    By the way, it wasn’t only Chris Solomon who was out. Frazier and Salgado and Fraklin were in and out. Loyola is a class team, but we can.
    By the way, congrats to LaSerna for a great season and a lot of guts. You’re allright kids.

  • football jones

    Bulldogs have bite ,

    I admit I didn’t watch this game, but 84 points?

    That’s hard to defend in HS football.

    Congratulations on an excellent season anyways.

  • New York

    Congratulations, Bulldogs. You guys scored fast and often. This game was not even a game. It left me wondering how these two teams were in the same division. I’m not sure what the solution is, but maybe it looks like this: WestCo and Glendora into the Sierra and move the Sierra into the Central Division. Or maybe even drop the Del Rio into the MidValley. Everyone one of their playoff teams got dominated in their final games. Put Monrovia into the Southeast, whether that entails putting Monrovia into the Pacific League or putting Monrovia into the Valle Vista and moving the Valle Vista into the Southeast. Either way, West Covina needs more competition.

    Dan, I hope you are not the guy who was running around with the big Bulldog flag on the field as the teams were shaking hands…

    Regarding the score: The only questionable call, IMHO, was the half-back pass. BUT, that was mid-second quarter and the game not yet reached a 42-point spread. As for the rest of the points: La Serna’s coach could have opted for a running clock earlier than he did. The only thing WestCo could have done earlier is pull their Seniors out of the game….Would that have been fair to the seniors who are playing the final minutes of their high school career?

  • Colt 97,
    Hard to defend a guy anymore when he talks like that,is’nt it.
    West Covina – congrates

  • AMAT 73

    WOW 84 points is amazine . Great job all season by the number 1 team in the SGV this season no doubt since all is said and done . Congratulations to the Bulldogs on winning the CIF championship and bringing it home once again to the SGV. I am pretty sure WC Dan is enjoying this very much as he should , it was a great win and season. Don’t know if they have a chance at a state bowl game but they would sure give it a great run if they get in . Very polished team with great execution and just classy all the way around . Great job Bulldogs. There is no doubt who the big dogs of Cameron truely are now.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Amat 73,

    At the last state bow rankings poll West Covina was ranked 7th in the Divison II South state bowl rankings. Not sure we would move all the way up to 1st as last season we finished 5th in the same poll. D II has always been the bone thrown to the San Diego area teams by CIF and it looks like either Helix or Oceanside will get the South bid.

  • boomer sooner

    Enjoy it now while you can Bulldogs. The more you command your league and division, the better chance you have of moving to a different league and division. Remember South Hills’ dominance in the lower divisions. Time will tell…

  • Anonymous

    Joe Amat
    Shut up dude those two idiots were on here disrespecting WC and the SGV it was WC night so i took the initiative to address the two idiots and Congratulate WC in their GREAT victory. But NO mighty Joe Amat wants to address me in my mistake because i said they played VM instead of upland. Your a joke you only sided with those two idiots because they mentioned Loyola who’s in your league SHUT UP its about WC and any other SGV champion, get off your high horse and humble yourself before you truly embarrass yourself and the program you represent.

  • Dan

    Ha ha, Real funny New York,
    No that wasn’t me, not my style. I didn’t make it onto the field last night. I just want to say to the Lancer players, congratulations on your successful playoff run, you were the second to the last team standing in this division, no shame in that. The Lancer players never quit in that game they were just overmatched. Frankie Palmer the sophomore QB for La Serna played with guts and heart, he is going to be a great qb for the Whittier area, O.J. Medina also had an outstanding game and ran the ball hard.
    From what I understand, this La Serna team will pretty much all be back next year except for a couple of players, I believe their freshman team from last year was 10 and 0 and one of their wins included a win over La Habra, a good sign of things to come.
    As for the big score, the only thing WC could of done was to ask their players to take a knee as soon as they hit open field, but that would have been an insult to the Lancers, the WC line’s were just that dominant. Lots of quick scoring big play runs in this game, also there were several short fields that resulted in quick scores. I believe there was also a pick six or two and I also remember a fumble being recovered in the endzone by the reserves.
    Congratulations to the Bulldogs on your incredible two year run. Thank you to all you seniors for your hard work and dedication to the program, good luck in your future years as you make your journey in this world. To all our underclassmen, I look forward to a bright future, have a great offseason, and it’s most important to get the job done in the classroom so that you have the opportunnity to get it done in the weightroom and on the field.
    Fred, Aram, Mike the cousin, thanks again for this outlet you guy’s provide for us rabid fans.
    CIF, I suggest with that 60% gate you guy’s get from round 1 on thru the championship game from all 13 divisions, maybe you can find a way to provide siutable venues for these title games so that people won’t be turned away like they were last night.
    After this impressive two year run the bulldogs have had it’s time to put us in the Sierra league, and ship the Sierra into either the Southwest division or the Central division. Not the Inland though, we’re not quite ready for the CC’s or the Vista Murietta’s, nor is the current Sierra league.

  • Get A Life

    Noticed Covina bloggers commenting on their two losses. This West Covina team isn’t close to the West Covina team that you played week 0. On the Monrovia lost, you got blown out by them. You must have had the softest non-league schedule possible, less West Covina. I don’t doubt that Coach Thomas would have scheduled some 8-man teams if it was possible. Please give it a rest, you lost, game over. By the way Pomona does have a valid point they played with Monrovia all game while you guys were blown out before halftime. It’s not how you start the season it is how you finish. All the hype on your Covina team and you could even give Monrovia a game, what a joke your porgram is.

  • Realignment


    Very interesting comment, and expected from you. For some reason you feel that it is West Covina’s god given right to compete for a CIF championship every year.

    Your recommendations is,

    “bulldogs have had it’s time to put us in the Sierra league, and ship the Sierra into either the Southwest division or the Central division”

    Let me get this right you want to go into a different league same division or a league in the Central division. The league you would go into in the Central division is a league that Pomona beat the top team in that league, are you for real.

    Based on my conversation with a un-named CIF offical that win yesterday sealed the deal, and it isn’t the Central division. You will be in the same league as South Hills, Damien, and Charter Oak.

    Personally the Central division is a better fit, the league isn’t.

  • U.R. Foolish

    Anonymous – read what was written before you make an even bigger ass out of yourself. JA did nothing but pile praise on West Covina. Go back and have someone read it to you and you’ll understand

  • Dan

    Read carefuly, concentrate hard and try to comprehend what I said before you drivel too much nonsense. I said move WC into the Sierra and move the Sierra into the Southwest or Central division.
    The Southwest division is not the Southeast. La Habra, El Toro, Tustin, Cypess, Brea O linda, Foothill, Villa Park are all quality teams that are in the Southwest division. If you knew anything about those teams you would know the Sierra teams and West Covina would be a nice fit for that division. Central division powers are Rancho Verde and Palm Springs, both are much better than the team Pomona beat, when I wrote my previous post I was also thinking teams like Kaiser, Summit, and Heritage were in the Central but they are in the Eastern division, so maybe scratch the Central.
    Just curious, why you think West Co wouldn’t be a nice fit for the Sierra, Bulldogs too good?

  • Colt74

    Get a life:
    If 14 points is your idea of a blow-out then it is clear why you were butt hurt and could not understand why with your IQ of 60 you were not accepted into Mensa. And the only “point” you made about Pomonas argument was on your head.
    And dumas it’s loss…not lost. Or is lost what you did with your normal Pomona log on?

  • the new guy

    Good Job WC now its time to move up. If you wanna know how that feels then just ask CO it aint easy and its irritating to not be the best in the division anymore but CO will eventually reach domination again as well as WC when you guys get your feet wet.


  • Facts


    Please be real, you were down by 21 or 28. You made the score look respectfully during garbage time when Monrovia took their foot off the gas.

  • Aaron

    Get rid of Divisions 11-13. Make all lower 5 divisions based on the Mid Valley format, and the Upper five divisions two teams per league only…if you have to have them based on geography it can still be done.

  • Pomona


    Everytime I read this blog and someone is talking crap about Covina, it is somehow always Pomona.

    I realize the Tribune has been on your teams jock strap all year and now they look just as stupid as the Covina bloggers that already had those CIF Championship shirts printed.

    I guess you write in “West” and donate them to “West” Covina.

    By the way congratulations to WEST Covina.

  • an observer

    Wow! What a fine example of lack of class West Covina showed. 84 points. Really? This is one reason I always laugh at the jerks who claim sports builds character. This is character? way to go coach. Show the kids how to be compensate for their lack of size in other areas.

  • Reality

    Observer – apparently you didn’t “observe” the game and are just looking at he score. Their was no poor sportsmanship here. Go hug another tree

  • BB

    To: an observer:
    If there was one coach in the SGV that would never run the score up on someone, it’s WC coach Mike Maggiore. You can’t just stop scoring when the end zone is in sight. It wasn’t like they threw the ball or had trick plays after getting a huge lead.

    You sound like someone who never got any and spent your weekend’s at Star Trek conventions while everyone else was with girls. I agree that you should go hug your tree and occupy things you don’t like, because you obviously weren’t good enough to make your high school team.

    Sports and the relationships within those teams have changed way more lives in the right direction, so in the words of Triple H, “suck it.”

  • fan


    I am terribly sorry for posting about the Monrovia score…I was looking for that game and thought I would ask you. A devoted football fan. I had no idea the game was being played on Saturday. Sorry for the brain fart and no disrespect to the Colts who should be proud of a great season. SORRY

  • The Chef

    I believe that it may be a little hasty with suggestions to move the DRL to the Mid Valley. In fact my Maxpreps research reveals the DRL was 6-6 vs other non-league Division VII opponent including playoff games in 2011. The DRL was also 3-4 against all Hacienda League Opponents for 2011. Compare their record to the Suburban 4-6, Pacific 4-5 and the Hacienda 8-5 for D-VII inter-league games. The Hacienda League without West Covina was only 3-5. So minus West Covina DRL was the best head to head in D-VII. It seems to me to still be a question of “what to do with West Covina” and it would appear that moving them to the Sierra and D-II is the logical answer.

    To address the “What to do about Monrovia” question. Once you move West Covina to D-II You move the worst preforming division to the Mid-Valley, and without West Covina that would be the Hacienda, and you move the Rio Hondo to the Southeast. Now the Southeast would be made up of 2 Whittier Area Leagues and 2 Pasadena Area Leagues while the Mid-Valley would largely be less successful SGV teams while the more successful teams would be in the Inland D-II.

    1 last advantage that I forgot to mention is that when Monrovia plays La Serna next year for the realigned Southeast championship, The CIF will have a 7,000 seat Cal High stadium or a 4,000 seat Monrovia High stadium to choose from. The only one that loses is the Trib without the 250 Blog hits complaining about the venue. Jus Sayin

  • P-Town

    P-Town gave up 24 to The “M”,…..Whtr.C. gave up 67,…… ChokeVina gave up 41 “and finishes ranked higher than “M” go figure” S.G. gave up 53….. Pomona was in game til the end of the 3rd and a redzone fumble changed the momentum towards “M”.. ChokeVina very easily would have given up 50 hadn’t “M” took their foot off the gas….. So its obvious that the Division title was really week 1

  • An Observer

    To BB and Reality: Hug a tree? Are you the same person writing under different names? What a random statement. FYI I played football and baseball in high school. So, yes I observed the coddling that the jocks received. I’m not talking about student-athletes here, I’m talking about the standard dumb jock (i.e. BB and reality). Yes, the coach ran up the score. Made him feel like a big man. Total lack of class.

  • Speaking of Lack of Class

    To An Observer
    Do you feel that the La Serna Coaches are classless as well? They beat Pioneer High 60 to 14…. That is over excessive don’t you think? I mean 46 points over another team, pretty classless.

  • mars

    La Serna rolled over, tapped out and plain gave up after the first 4 TDs. What was WC supposed to do, stop playing, sit on the grass and let the lancers catch up to make it a real CIF Championship game. This is the game they are to leave it all on the field, and WC did just that, LS just left it at home. NO CLASS chosing such a horrible venue to have the edge NO CLASS making excuses for a LS team that rolled over and played dead. Now have some class and let it rest people, WC dominated LS and nothing will change that or the amzing season they had. They did they same to LM and they didnt cry about it, LM just kept playing and scored 38 points.