Monrovia pulls away in second half to win second straight Mid-Valley Division title

Game Story: The first 24 minutes was a heavyweight bout that featured an overwhelming underdog doing everything but take a physical beating.

In the midst of its first finals run since 2003, the San Gabriel High School football team traded punches with defending Mid-Valley Division champion Monrovia in an epic battle Saturday that ultimately proved short-lived.

Perhaps it was only fitting that, after rolling through opponents the last three weeks with strong second-half surges, the Wildcats scored 39 consecutive points in the second half en route to a 53-14 win and back-to-back CIF-Southern Section division championships.

Inland Insider Tom Kiss and crew’s postgame highlights and interviews

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  • Frank Feliz

    Where is the Monrovia game being played?

  • Fred Robledo

    Monrovia High school, 7:30

  • Daniel
  • AmatSGV

    Everyone failed to mention the stingy DEFENSE of the San Gabriel High School Football Team… I’ve been a believer since they beat overrated arroyo. if they keep it up, they will continue to frustrate monrovia and win the Championship! GO MATS!!

  • oldschool

    santa maegarita wins the pac 5. westlake will get the open state bowl game,but the division 1 game will be a hard one to is undefeated on the field but they had to forfeit 5 games,so technically they have 5 losses. santa margarita has 2 losses but might get in because of vistas forfeits.lets see what cif decides. both teams are good choices to represent the south.

  • cov80

    fred i would THANK YOU! u did a great job reporting this year.hope to see u at our baseball games.C TOWN out

  • P-Town

    P-Town gave up 24 to The “M”,…..Whtr.C. gave up 67,…… ChokeVina gave up 41 “and finishes ranked higher than “M” go figure” S.G. gave up 53….. Pomona was in game til the end of the 3rd and a redzone fumble changed the momentum towards “M”.. ChokeVina very easily would have given up 50 hadn’t “M” took their foot off the gas….. So its obvious that the Division title was really week 1

  • you are right

    Ptown, If Pomona had a slightly better Coaching, and wins one of the close games between San Dimas and Covina, Ptown gets into the bottom half of the bracket, and makes a run. In My humble opinion, Pomona was the only team that had the athletes to beat Monrovia. I am still unhappy regarding the seeding and placing of teams in the midvalley. There were some political placings, hoping certain Teams would win, and certain teams would lose. No way Monrovia, Covina, Pomona, and Whittier Christian should have been in the same bracket. There is no way Arroyo should have been a 3 seed, and San Dimas a 2 seed. When teams are not truthfully evaluated, lopsided championship games get played. SG was tough, but if their bracket has one more tough team like Pomona, Things change. You put ptown on that side, and Pomona would have had a chance to make a run. Well it’s all history now. But I agree with you.

  • CoViNa

    Pomona fans,

    1- when was the last time you guys beat Covina?

    2- when was the last time u won a game that mattered?

    3- when was the last time you guys made playoffs outright without being a “wildcard”

    Every year we hear how big, athletic and strong you guys are, but every year you guys seem to not be a factor anywhere. sure, you guys play teams tough, but how bout u guys win some of those games.

    almost, almost, almost, that seems to be good enough for you guys.

    next year, next year, next year, thats all we hear every year. you guys will never be a Major player anywhere, so enjoy being the almost team.

    stop trying to be a topic on these blogs, we might as well talk about Duarte, they “almost” made playoffs.

    You guys are a joke and will always be a joke.

    Hey u guys “almost” beat Monrovia, san dimas, Covina, bloomington… Be Happy.

  • Philly B

    Heard a rumor that ainsworth from covina is coming to monrovia…any truth from that????

  • Monrovia Alum

    Idont know about Scoby to Monrovia, but heard from a few of the Monrovia players during the week that Ainswerth from Covina is headed this way. That would make sense also since the family is from Monrovia.

  • coltfan97

    PTown is an idiot, he is trying to get too Covina bloggers!!!! It won’t WORK!!! Covina beat you pomona!!! It doesn’t does is it ptown we still lost!!!!! Ptown trying to pick a fight!!!! You say Covina choked ummmm we got farther than your pomona team did!!!! We heard it all this year POMONA THIS POMONA THAT IT EQUALED AN EARLY ROUND EXIT!!!! A flash in pants!!! All hype!!!!!

  • coltfan97

    PTown is an idiot, he is trying to get too Covina bloggers!!!! It won’t WORK!!! Covina beat you pomona!!! It doesn’t does is it ptown we still lost!!!!! Ptown trying to pick a fight!!!! You say Covina choked ummmm we got farther than your pomona team did!!!! We heard it all this year POMONA THIS POMONA THAT IT EQUALED AN EARLY ROUND EXIT!!!! A flash in pants!!! All hype!!!!!

  • VVL

    P-Town is right, look at the Covina blogger comments. Can we not apply those same comments to your team. The only difference is Covina was the Tribune projected heavy favorite. Is not your loss and the way you loss a bigger flop that any loss of Pomona’s. It was very clear Pomona played with Monrovia something that really no other team did, espically Covina.

    Pomona cleared was the only team talent wise that could compete with Monrovia but their one weakness was exposed in that game, their offensive line.

    I also noticed that Aram once again gave Pomona no credit for what they accomplished.

  • CoViNa

    What did Pomona accomplish? 6-5 overall.

    Uummm, CONGRATS????

  • coltfan97

    Pomona had a weak offense that only scored 14 against Covina, and 7 against Monrovia!!! Sorry 7 points doesn’t cut it!!!! It’s very clear that Pomona’s offense was inept!!!!! In addition, is it Covina’s fault that the tribune hype them up? No!!!! Covina had no control over that!!!!!

    We won’t be talking about this next year because the VVL will have a down year!!!!! I heard a lot of rumors about some coaches and if their true the VVL will be hurting!!!!

  • coltfan97

    I am tired of Pomona bloggers saying they have talent!!!! Really?????? Look at where this so called talent took Pomona a third place finish in the VVL and a 1st round playoff exit!!!!! SO WHERE IS THE TALENT???????

  • cov80

    pomona u SUCK u had your chance you LOST SCOREBOARD

  • Attention Covina Bloggers

    Before you comment about talent do you realize your own bloggers have stated that Pomona has more talent than Covina. They stated Covina has a better team, but Pomona has more talent. I saw Pomona and Covina both play Monrovia. Pomona is the only team that gave Monrovia game how can you question that statement. I think you Covina bloggers are also caught up in this Tribune Covina hype.

  • P-Town

    I’m an idiot?????? Your a re@ard…. If u say Pomona has no talent then hands down SirDarius (pomona) is RB of the year. Most yards and YPC in the Valley with what u call a team that sucks with b talent, oh yeah that would go for our receiver as well…. D@ckHe@d….

  • CoViNa

    So P-Town, what is the problem at Pomona than, since u know have your dream coach, and you have “all this talent”, whats the problem? You tell us.

  • coltfan97

    By the way pomona I said that comment to get a rise out of you and it worked!!!! Why did Yabrough only gain 70 yards against Covina? hmmmm great defense maybe!!!!You never give Covina credit at all!!!! Pomona had five so called “step up games” against Chino, Chino Hills, Covina, San Dimas, and Monrovia and guess what their record was 1-4 not good!!!!

  • Pomona

    Since I’m making all these comments I might as well chime in.

    Pomona does have more talent than Covina that is a no-brainer. The comment was made by just about every coach in the VVL. We already got one D1 kid and multi visits by UCLA and many other D1 schools to our campus and our games. I think that speaks volumes as to where the talent is.

    Pomona didn’t do well against quality teams because of their poor offensive line. Covina had a much better offensive line than Pomona I will give you that.

    Did Pomona play Monrovia better than any other team in the playoffs, yes once again a no brainer. As P-Town put it Monrovia took there foot off the gas toward the end of your game. Where as they didn’t pulled away until the end of our game. Does that mean that Pomona is a better team than Covina, no. All that means is we matched up better to Monrovia than Covina.

    Either way neither team meet there goals.

  • P-Town

    Problem with Pomona was that plays were not used all season long and perfected such as Covina did.. C- Is a very well coached team. P- tried to save plays instead of perfecting them all season. they didn’t use counters, fakes or mis direction nearly enough.

  • CoViNa


    so what your saying, without saying, is that you guys are not coached up very well… Or U should be on staff… Which one??

  • VVL


    I sat on the Covina side during that Monrovia game, do you really want to go there. The comments your parents made at your coast hing staff.

  • coltfan97