Sunday Tribbin: Now that West Covina and Monrovia have won back-to-back titles, what next? Plus final Tribune and MaxPreps rankings

The CIF-Southern Section playoff divisions will be reconfigured for the 2012 and ’13 cycle, so the question is do you leave things the way they’re, with West Covina and Monrovia dominating so thoroughly and stacked for the next two years what will stop them from winning their third and fourth consecutive titles? Or do you shake things up and how do you shake things up. I would immediately switch the Del Rio and Rio Hondo, sending the Rio Hondo to the Southeast and Del Rio to the Mid-Valley. I think most would agree putting Monrovia and West Covina in the same playoff division is a first step in the short term. What do you do with the Sierra League? They should move down, not all the way to Southeast, but the Central is a start. Re-leaguing won’t start until the 2014 season, so Charter Oak and South Hills are stuck in the Sierra and will have to continue to watch other area teams win titles while they wonder what might have been had they been in the same playoff divisions with neighboring schools that voted them out of the Fishbowl to face the best-of-the-best in the Inland Empire.

Final Tribune Rankings
1. West Covina (13-1)
2. Charter Oak (10-2)
3. Bishop Amat (6-5)
4. Covina (11-2)
5. Damien (7-4)
6. Chino Hills (6-5)
7. Los Altos (8-4)
8. San Dimas (10-3)
9. Arroyo (10-2)
10. Azusa (8-4)

Final MaxPreps Rankings
1. Charter Oak (10-2)
2. West Covina (13-1)
3. Bishop Amat (6-5)
4. Chino Hills (6-5)
5. Damien (7-4)
6. Monrovia (11-3)*
7. Covina (11-2_
8. Glendora (3-7)
9. Claremont (6-4)
10. Bonita (6-5)
* Only Star-News team included to show how it stacks up against Trib teams in a computer poll.

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  • Steve Ramirez

    For some reason, Fred is always forgetting the Whittier area. I glanced at the list and included some other omissions. Either it looks like a great list and with the top eight would make a great tournament. But based on the computer rankings, Monrovia is not even in the top eight. I guess this is why the BCS doesn’t rely solely on computer rankings (actual Max Preps CIF-SS computer ranks in parentheses):
    SGVN Rankings
    1. Charter Oak (25)
    2. West Covina (34)
    3. Bishop Amat (37)
    4. St. Francis (48)
    5. La Habra (53)
    6. Chino Hills (58)
    7. Damien (65)
    8. St. Paul (68)
    9. Monrovia (80)
    10. Arcadia (83)

  • Aaron

    He didn’t forget to mention the WDN teams.

    The truth is that the Southeast needs to be beefed up further and not weaken it by moving the Hacienda out. I also wouldn’t remove the Del Rio since they just had a team go to the finals when they weren’t loaded, as they were loaded the year before and went to the semi-finals. If you take the RHL out of the MidValley I think we’re looking at the Olympic dominating.

  • Pay Attention Steve!

    If you would pay attention closely steve, Fred put Final “Tribune” Rankings, Not Final “All-Compassing” Rankings, He covers his area, you cover yours!

  • Steve Ramirez

    I was referring to the inclusion of Monrovia in the MaxPreps SGVN top 10. No reason to get mad, just having some fun. Remember, the sports is the sandbox of life.

  • Aaron

    I’d hazard the reasoning behind him including Monrovia was that they won a title.

  • The Chef


    I believe that you may be a little hasty with your suggestion to move the DRL to the Mid Valley. In fact my Maxpreps research (you do remember research Fred)reveals the DRL was 6-6 vs other non-league Division VII opponent including playoff games in 2011. The DRL was also 3-4 against all Hacienda League Opponents for 2011. Compare their record to the Suburban 4-6, Pacific 4-5 and the Hacienda 8-5 for D-VII non league. The Hacienda League without West Covina was only 3-5. So minus West Covina DRL was the best head to head in D-VII. It seems to me to still be a question of “what to do with West Covina” and it would appear that moving them to the Sierra and D-II is the logical answer.

  • The Chef


    Sorry I did not address the What to do about Monrovia question. Once you move West Covina to D-II You move the worst preforming division to the Mid-Valley, and without West Covina that would be the Hacienda, and you move the Rio Hondo to the Southeast. Now the Southeast would be made up of 2 Whittier Area Leagues and 2 Pasadena Area Leagues while the Mid-Valley would largely be less successful SGV teams while the more successful teams would be in the Inland D-II.

  • The Chef


    1 last advantage that I forgot to mention is that when Monrovia plays La Serna next year for the realigned Southeast championship, The CIF will have a 7,000 seat Cal High stadium or a 4,000 seat Monrovia High stadium to choose from. The only one that loses is the Trib without the 250 Blog hits complaining about the venue. Jus Sayin

  • Mtown all midvalley, all Area, and so on …..

    **Deshawn Ramirez-All purpose++
    **Marquis Bias-RB
    **Luke Williams-WR
    Blake Heyworth-QB
    **George Frazier-LB/DL
    **Anthony Craft-DB
    **Mason Bryant-DB/K(All Area Kicker)
    **Ellis McCarthy-DL++ All state, All American
    **Lorenzo Casas-DL
    **Kevin Spencer-OL

    **Brett Walsh- Midvalley Def player of Year++

    **all star news area as well**

    ++ All Encompassing Team++

  • New York

    Great topic. No question WestCo and Monrovia are not in the correct playoff groupings. Monrovia has a lot of important positions returning and would be well positioned to compete for a Southeast title, not just Mid-Valley Division.

    My point of view is purely football regarding the divisional or league reallignments. I would like to see Monrovia in the Southeast, whether or not WestCo gets moved out. We can achieve this through joining the Pacific League. Simply swapping the Rio Hondo and Del Rio has pros and cons. Pros: Monrovia gets better playoff competition. The MVD becomes more balanced. 3 RHL teams are guaranteed a playoff spot. Cons: 1) RHL league play hinders Monrovia’s prep for a Southeast playoff run. 2) Other RHL teams have not done well recently in MVD playoffs. Also, South Hills and WestCo should be in the same league, whether that is the Sierra or the Hacienda. That rivalry should have league implications. Plus, South Hills got moved up even though they were not really in the running for a football title. I like the Sierra moving to the Central or Southwest, whichever makes most geographical sense.

    Charter Oak outgrew the Southeast. How would Charter Oak have done against WestCo the past couple years? CO likely would have done darn well this year, given that CO dominated the Sierra as well as their first round opponent. CO may have scored 120 against La Serna…last year might have been the year for WestCo to beat CO.

    It is not that Charter Oak is stuck in the Sierra, rather that the Sierra is stuck in the Inland. It seems doubtful that Upland and Rancho Cucamonga can even win CIF titles in that division so long as the outliers of that division remain. Centennial and VM seem to have replaced the old Fontana and IKE and CIF should consider having IE representation in the Pac-5 super division.

    The Baseline ruled the Central division a couple years ago. Give the Sierra a shot in the Central and move Glendora and WestCo into the Sierra. Let Damien beef up and join the Baseline like they were in the 1990’s. Chino Hills has a big enrollment. Put them into the Baseline as well.

  • Dan

    Here comes a can of worms, but oh well.
    New York,
    The first half of the season I can agree with your view, CO would have probably beaten WC, maybe by a couple TDs. We had a brand new O-line, new QB, plus an injured Solomon. On top of that we were making defensive mistakes and turning over the ball on offense. The last third of the season, different story. Especially during playoffs. Solomon was fully recoverd and at full game speed, the triple threat of him and Frazier and Salgado was in full bore, not just on offense but on defense too. The O-line which was brand new at the beginning of the season was in full mesh by mid season, it was impressive how they dominated every defensive front that stood in front of them. La Mirada was huge, 6’2″/6’3″ across both lines. They had a very good front 7, pretty much stopped their opponents run game all year, WC scored on every possesion in that game except one. They would have score more but the refs were doing everything they could to keep our offense off the field.
    Another big factor is by playoff time our qb was managing a good game. It was a different WC team than early in the season. I saw the Monrovia /San Gabriel title game, no offense ment to Monrovia fans but the physicallity wasn’t close, even with big McCarthy. WC would have ran thru either one of those teams. CO and WC late in the season would have been a great game, but by weeks 11 thru 14 the Bulldogs win that game too. By the way, you said that you think CO would have put 120 on La Serna, I didn’t like seeing 84 being put on them, but what do you think would have happened if Maggiore didn’t start pulling the offense in mid third quarter.
    OK bloggers, start slinging away, we need something to get us through this off season.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    All I know is Ayala and South Hills need to get the heck out of dodge! Ayala looses too many players due to transfer to Chino Hills and Damien. South Hills probably looses too many players to (this is just a guess so if I’m wrong please correct me) Charter Oak, West Covina, and Amat.

    I watched the Ayala vs. CHHS freshman game on film… 100-ish players on CHHS’ sidelines and about 40 on Ayala’s sidelines… Real tough to compete against that. Not sure what the comparisons are for South Hills.

    Ayala, South Hills, and Glendora should probably be in the same league somewhere… and it’s NOT in the IE that’s for sure. Those three are about as evenly matched as you could ask for numbers-wise. There will never be a perfect re-alignment scheme but it can be improved. If CIF were to just open transfers up without restriction, it would take a few years but eventually, things would work themselves out, and you could then build leagues that were more competitively balanced which is better for everyone in the long run.

    Just My Humble Opinion…

  • Joe Amat


    This releaguing ia started with a blog post by “CDawg” on Migels blog, then I responded. This was the result, (just for kicks):

    Taking CDawgs releaguing ideas and putting them into 2,3, or 4 league conferences would look something like this. The idea is if a team comes in last for two years in a row *in that sport* they can petition the league to move _down_and be relegated to the lower league, and maybe in a lower playoff classification. If a team wins league twice in a row they are eligible to move up – if there is a qualifying team to move down … in that sport.

    This allows for some flexibility with schools who are good in one sport and not in another. And for leagues to remain, relatively, the same.


    1- Rio Hondo League: (SOUTHEAST)
    2- Mission Valley League: (MID VALLEY)
    South El Monte
    El Monte
    Mountain View
    South Pasadena
    San Marino

    1- Verdugo League* (SOUTHEAST)
    La Canada
    Crescenta Valley
    2- Almont League: (MID VALLEY)
    San Gabriel
    Bell Gardens
    Temple City


    Baseline League: (INLAND)
    Rancho Cucamonga
    Los Osos
    Alta Loma
    Mountain League*(CENTRAL)
    Chino Hills
    Don Lugo
    Diamond Ranch
    Corridor League* (SOUTHEAST)

    1- San Antonio League**(CENTRAL)
    South Hills
    West Covina
    Charter Oak
    2-Hacienda League:((SOUTHEAST)
    Los Altos
    Diamond Bar
    3- Valle Vista League* (MID VALLEY)
    Baldwin Park
    San Dimas
    4- Montview League: (MID VALLEY)
    Sierra Vista
    La Puente

  • Joe Amat

    …and since Dan. Opened his “can of worms”, I”ll post the final “Joe Amat Fish Bowl Power Ranking”. This is based on who would beat the teams below them, rather than somec imaginary, arbitrary “how they did in their world … in which case Rio Hondo Prep should be ALL of our #1’s if you’re using that measure and being consistent at all.

    1. Bishop Amat 2. West Covina
    (this could be a much better game than either of the 2 during Amat’s last sweep of the Bulldogs)
    3. Charter Oak
    4. Chino Hills
    5. Damien
    6. Covina
    7. Glendora
    8. Claremont
    9. South Hills
    10. Bonita
    11. Los altos
    12. San Dimas
    13. Ayala
    14. Pomona
    15. Arroyo

    As Dan said, “start slinging away”

  • Close but no cigar

    You have Pomona down twice, both in the Corridor league and the San Antonio league. You should also move Amat into the Baseline league, their just not strong enough to compete in the Pac-5 any longer. However, the Baseline might be a little too tough for both Amat and Damien, so you may end up having to move both of them into the San Antonio league with the other top SGV teams.

  • New York

    My assumption about Charter Oak is based on: the scores they put up this year in the Sierra and in the first round as well as recognizing that the Southeast belonged to Charter Oak before reallignment.

    I had the good fortune of standing on the sideline at Cal Hi as well as at MHS, able to walk past all the players and size them up. Monrovia has much better looking bodies overall than WC, not in every position but overall. Our linemen are bigger than yours. Your running backs are bigger than ours. I’ll take George Frazier over your ends. I’ll take McCarthy and #77 over your D-tackles.

    Your offense is a great system for talented backs with smaller linemen who gain angles and are able to run the bigger, penatrating defensive linemen out of the picture. Our defensive line would really need to play laterally and maybe have our nose tackle destroy your center and disrupt the pulling guards. The Monrovia game you watched Saturday was MHS playing defense against, essentially, a 7-on-7 offensive scheme. Our guys really did not have a chance to be physical. Frazier #5 would blow up any of your pulling guards if given the chance. My biggest concern would be our inside linebackers matched up on your running backs. However, with McCarthy at noseguard your inside runs would be slowed down, unlike the swiss cheese front presented by La Serna. You have a valid point about your success with La Mirada. Hey, I’m not saying we would shut you out!!! No question your backs would get yards, but they would not have the long breaks against our secondary. I have no idea how good your QB is because he only threw two passes on Friday. La Serna’s sophomore QB was like a deer in the headlights, putting the ball on the ground and up for grabs. I’m curious just what exactly they were trying to establish. One thing is certain, they were small and less than fast. The entire Del Rio League got exposed. Each one of their defenses gave up a lot of points during the playoff exits.

    Monrovia is talented enough to run multiple offenses. In the semis, our pocket QB torched Covina’s secondary. (It would have been much worse, but our coaches wanted to work on other packages such as the Wildcat with Ramirez at QB.) Then in the Finals we decided to be a rushing team and collected almost 400 yards on the ground. Our Versatility would allow our coaches to exploit whatever chinks they would find in West Covina’s armour. Covina went deep on you guys and I think we would as well.

    Regardless, I don’t know why these teams have not played since 2006. Maybe it would not be fair with Maddox knowing WestCo’s playbook….

  • guest bulldog

    @new york
    cmon do you really think Monrovia would beat West covina .

    The way the bulldogs machine is rolling
    just a hint when WC was playing SH and Glendora they were playing hurt and they still beatthose teams .

    Monrovia is a good team but you still play with the small boys

    I think Charter Oak is a good football team but the inland div with Vista Murietta beating Centenial is comparable to PAC5 ball .

    Monrovia if you want to be considered a powerhouse u have to step up your non leauge schedule

    West Covina cream of the crop in the SGV
    Then CO
    BA then Monrovia

  • New York

    Yes, and I already provided the tangible reasons below. Monrovia was also injured earlier in the season. Monrovia has beaten West Covina when we were less organized and not as well coached in fundamentals as we are now.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Here is my recommendation for 2012 league re-alignment, until this season both Muir and PHS were not doing too well in the Pacific. Just a thought.

    Rio Hondo League:

    1) Blair
    2) PHS
    3) Muir
    4) South Pasadena
    5) Hoover
    6) Temple City
    7) Glendale

    Pacific League:

    1) Arcadia
    2) Monrovia
    3) San Marino
    4) Crescenta Valley
    5) Burroughs
    6) Burbank
    7) La Canada

  • My take

    New York and Bulldog fans,

    Any way you look at it, based on performances, Amat beats all three teams – WC, CO, and MHS. Y’all talk about the injuries you had when you lost, but aamat had injuries too. we hear things would be differnt in the Loyola game if they had Soloman and afrazier. Well maybe things would be differnt in the Amat game if they had their starting QB/Safety. Their #2 threat , Say, was out for much of the year as was their stud Db, Alcantara. Injuries are part of the game so don’t use those as an excuse. Besides, Loyola dropped 35 on the Bulldogs and Soloman/Frazier wouldn’t have made that much differnce from the secondary, as it was the run game that pounded WC. Amats ability to stop the run would have slowed down WC enough that those two guys wouldn’t have the breakaway TDs untouched like they did in the Southeast. And Amat faces athletes like Monrovia all the time, so that wouldn’t be an issue. I think Moore still gets his yards as Amat out toughs MHS. We’ve seen what happens when CO faces teams like Rancho and Upland. Pretty sure they can’t hang with the Lancers either. That “unstoppable offense” looked pretty stoppable on Fox to the nation. amat has faced much betterr receivers than Vaughns and Gilccrest this year and done well. If we’re talking who would beat who it’s Amat and the other 3 fighting for second.

  • New York

    My Take,
    I’ve always felt Amat was better than any local team in a head to head, including my Wildcats. I think several Monrovia players, though, would easily start at Amat. Even though Amat no longer gets the calliber of players that it needs to, they have a deep coaching staff and players who are accustom to pushing themselves in every game because they have to just to keep the scores respectable. At Amat, players can not afford to be lazy because there is someone else waiting to take their spot. I still think that Charter Oak blew threw their league this year, suggesting that this could have been the year that they would have beaten Amat.

    Going back several years, Amat has not gotten the players that it needs in order to get back to prominence…state and national prominence. Starting back in the late 1990’s, the school must have made a pivotal decision. They once attracted the Minors, McCutcheons and Browns. Heck, Huma was the “other linebacker…” I remember talking with DiFiori and he pointed out that once the kids like Cody stopped coming to Amat things were not looking so good.

  • WTF

    This is all great but if you look around the San Gabriel Valley produces some of the worst champions in all of southern California. Not one team in this area has been selected to play in the state championship. Everyone knows that the football in San Gabriel is bad except the football fans fools in this area. In other words Queen of the pigs

  • WTF

    This is all great but if you look around the San Gabriel Valley produces some of the worst champions in all of southern California. Not one team in this area has ever!!!! been selected to play in the state championship. Everyone knows that the football in San Gabriel is bad except the football fans fools in this area. In other words Queen of the pigs

  • Dan

    New York,
    Those are valid points, although opinions just as mine are. CO had some impressive
    scores over some name schools this year, those schools were in a down year but CO was impressive never the less. The last 4 or 5 weeks of the season I think West Co would have done the same with those teams, but as I said thats just my opinion.
    As for better looking bodies, I
    don’t think that will get you much once the game clock starts. Skill, technique, tenacity, toughness and meanness, are in abundance on this West Co team.
    George Frazier is a big physical linebacker, however we have two of the best guards in the SGV, Ray Amaya and George Castro, they may not look impressive but they are coached up and use their technique with discipline, they get the lanes clear, and our backs only need a sliver of daylight. By the way, something that goes unnoticed by many is our runningbacks block extremely well, in addition to our linemen, all three of them. We wouldn’t need to run at Ellis most of the game, but when we do we could do it with a double team. I saw SG doing it with up the middle runs. He will be a beast in the future, but at this level he is blockable. The Covina deep passes were a couple of coverage break downs, not so much our guy’s getting beat deep, On one of those long td passes our linebacker didn’t hear the defensive call. Before that our boys actually had solid coverage for most of that game, with several key knocked down pass attempts during the game. The score was 21 to 7 going into the 4th quarter, that was with a new O line that wasn’t yet clicking and no Solomon. Not many people give us credit for this but our db’s are some of the best in the area in coverage and coming up for the run. You may have passed on us here and there but if you kept at it you would eventually ended up paying the price with a pick or two, especially as you got closer to our redzone.
    The long runs happened in every game that Solomon and Frazier played in this year, even with teams that had speed in the secondary. Pasadena, Norwalk, Bonita, Diamond Ranch all had athletes, we still had the long td’s. Last year Venice was every bit and more athletic as Monrovia is this year, they also were as big on the line and at linebacker as Monrovia is now, we still had the long td’s against them.
    These boys on the line are coached to the tee by Maggiore and Murphy, I believe two of the best line coaches in the area, combine that with the runningbacks we have along with the overall team athleticism and toughness, well I’ll just leave it at that.