Rumors: Could Big VIII be leaving the Inland? Could the Serra leave the Pac-5?

I asked a Sierra League athletic director what the chances are of the Sierra League leaving the Inland Division and he indicated the Sierra would likely stay where it is, and that the Big VIII could be moving on, say the Pac-5? I’m not sure how the dominoes would fall or who would leave the Pac-5 to make that happen, but that’s one of the rumors floating out there. CIF is expected to announce the new 2012-13 playoff divisions this spring. CIF re-aligns its playoff divisions every two years.

More Rumors: 20 minutes after posting this, another source in the know says the Sunset League would be the team to leave the Pac-5. The source also suggested that possibly the Marmonte could go to the Pac-5 too, which could drop the Serra and Bishop Amat … Interesting times.

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  • New York

    That would be a nice gift to the Baseline League.



    How does that work? Would individual teams move up or the entire league would move for the playoff division realignment?

  • Fred Robledo

    Only leagues move, teams do not change leagues for two more years.

  • Norco

    BigVIII is no longer the BIGVIII…the league will consist of CC, Norco, Corona Santiago, Roosevelt and King…North & Poly are gone…both schools wanted out and where vocal about it the last few years…It seemed like King got stick because of its enrollment and is very competitive in other sports.

  • hs football fan

    Fred, what will happen in the Southeast Division?/ do you think WC and its league will move up?? I think it would be a good idea for the Pacific league to be placed in the Western Division with the SG VLY. league going into the Southeast. or maybe have the Del Rio be moved down to the Mid Valley Division with maybe the Valle Vista being moved to the Southeast??

  • oldschool

    the marmonte league has to go to the pac 5. semifinals in the north division was all marmonte league teams.

  • Big questions

    do you think amat would benefit going down a division?

  • coltfan97

    People CIF doesn’t re-league until 2014!!!! So if a team moves up in another division the whole league will move up!!!! This is why I predict Monrovia to stay in the Mid-Valley Division because you cant move the whole league up it’s too weak!!!!

    You notice the rumor is the whole Big VIII might move up just not one team!!!!

  • Dawgs

    So West Co won’t be able to move up divisions unless the whole Hacienda league moves up?

  • coltfan97

    Yes Dawg, if West Covina moves up a couple of divisions so will the Hacienda League!!!! Sucks doesn’t it!!!! I wish CIF would realign the leagues every two years!!!!

  • COChargerfan

    Why move the Big VIII when the only dominant team over the years in that league is CC? And, Vista Murrieta won the Inland and they are in the Southwestern.

    Coltfan97 hit the nail on the head…there can’t be any wholesale realignment for two more years and the only tweak is to move whole leagues…so folks, don’t expect any changes.

    This lack of flexibility is the glaring truth that exposes the incompetence of the CIF…the fact that they can’t sucessfully deal with this simple athletics structuring answers the question as to why the education system is so broken. If these folks had a clue, they’d listen to Joe Amat, or better yet, hire him and turn over the reigns to fix this mess…which starts by taking complete control over the process and leaguing individual sports by competitve equity.

    Hey CIF, if you don’t want to spend the money for a professional service, then buy yourself Excel and find someone with a 6th grade education to load the records of each school’s team records and to steal their rankings from Maxpreps and wallah, you’ve joined the big boy club.

  • FredJ

    FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH, here’s an anonymous email I got this morning…..

    Fred, Iknow a few AD`s in the BIGVIII…A vote was taken and CC, Norco, Corona Santiago & Roosevelt all voted to go to the PAC5 if the option was there. CIF approached the schools around a month ago to garner their interest. They were told the Sunset wants out of the PAC5

  • How about this

    I wish CIF would create an open division in the Southern Section. The best 16 teams would be invited into the open Div. at the end of the regular season. Open bracket spots in any division (from where the team came from) would be filled by the next team in line from one of leagues (with in that div) to replace the team that went to the Open Division. With an Open Division this years bracket would have had: Upland, CC, Vista, REV, St. Bonnies, Oaks, Westlake, Servite, Santa Margarita, San Clem, Mission Viejo, Edison, LB Poly, Loyola, Alemany, J Bosco. There would be no Automatic qualifiers in this division, it would be an invite only division.