Glendora officially hires Jerry Lewallen to succeed Todd Quinsey as head football coach

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  • reality

    To any that know: When you say that a public school signs a new head coach what do you mean, is it really a signing or just a verbal ok from the principal. Is there any guarantee that comes with this signing or are you working basically at the whim of the principal. Or by calling it a signing of somekind is it just a term that means to give the ok to coach any public school team until the principal changes (her,his)mind.

  • The way it was

    @reality it is my belief that a head coach is hired by the district with the recommendation from the principal with yearly evaluations at the end of each season by the Principle himself or herself. I don’t believe there is an actual said termed contract for a certain amount of years.
    Too bad Glendora couldn’t go outside and get someone other than Jerry Lewallen.I understand their hands were kind of tied.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    HS coaching is often such a joke. It’s rare to have a coach stay long for one reason or another. For every Lou Farrar or Bob Johnson, there’s literally hundreds of 3 or 4 and done’s. It’s total garbage, no continuity. More often than not, you have power hungry fools in the Principal’s office and they are more than happy to hire and fire on a whim to put THEIR finger print on an athletic program. Take that principal over at Ayala… a couple years back the program had a Baskeball coach that was moving the program in the right direction. Well, some mommies and daddies were not happy that their little MJ’s were not playing enough or some such nonsense… BOOM! No warning, not consultation with the AD, just fired the guy. Well she had to eat some crow and hire him back, but as soon as he could get outta Dodge he bailed from that nut house. She had personality conflicts with the former Head Football Coach(not uncommon, I heard you either loved him or hated him) and conveniently didn’t have room for him anymore because of “budget cuts”. Yeah sure lady, whatever you say. This kind of garbage goes on all over the place and it’s the athletes that suffer, the kids training day in and day out, trying to hone their craft and then some schmuck in an office pulls the rug from out under these kids. Of course there are times when it’s time for a coach to move on, but it’s certainly not a decision that should be made on a whim, or just because you don’t get along. Grow the hell up! Get over your differences and move things forward.

    I think it’s time for my blood pressure medication now.

    Oh, in all seriousness, good luck with your new Coach. Hopefully he’s a good fit. Hoping my favorite High School can hang onto a coach for a bit.

  • reality

    Again I find the term hired interesting. I understand their is no salary for coaching only stipends paid by booster organizations right. So named or picked might be more a accurate term for coaches.

  • Aaron

    Very few coaches coach for free. They sign a contract and contract are year to year in public school systems…although what they’re coaching stipend is literally gas money at best and pennies on the hour if we’re being real. Boosters may augment that salary but I’m not so sure.

  • My Pal Joey

    This one might get me in trouble but what else is new?

    Most High School Head Coaches are pretty special individuals. I’ve known some incredible indviduals who changed lives on a daily basis and made such a personal impact on their school’s student body across the board that players and non players alike feel a bond with these individuals. When you see them on campus they are always shaking hands, offering words of encouragement or just sharing some of their “magic”. Yes they can be hard headed, stubborn or extremely demanding but even then, you know where you stand and they are true to their nature. Years after you play for them or had them in the class room you still stick out your chest when ever their name comes up.

    Notice I haven’t talked about wins or loses, Championships, League Titles or D1 commits? The best coaches do win their fair share but in truth some barely have .500 records and never get a ring yet still measure up just fine,in my opinion.

    My biggest complaint has always been those few individuals who get into coaching for all the wrong reasons and end up destroying rather than building up the kids, the student body and the school. Again I didn’t mention wins or loses did I?

    Trust me I like to win as much as the next guy but I’m not willing to sell my soul to get there.

    Glendora had a great individual coaching there. A man who had won COY at two different schools and produced great players at every stop yet he was always second guessed for issues that never seemed to make sense to me. I never heard he played favorites, abused the kids, made promises he wouldn’t keep or hired imbeciles to destroy the kids in the program. Across the board he was regarded as a stand up guy with a strong work ethic by coaches, ADs and writers who had seen plenty before him.

    From my experiences as a player I know the better the HC, the better the assistants. MOst great HCs don’t tolerate fools lightly. I do think at some level the ADs today control the landscape of high school sports as never before. And that’s where all problems begin and end. Ayala is a great example of stupidity, nepotism and arrogance ruining careers, players and reputations. Talk about a rotten basket of fruit, incredible!

    As the Penn State and Syracuse fiascos have shown, although not in “THAT” regard, most “bad” coaches do their dirty work out in the open with impunity as every one watches. Why? Simple, every one is looking with their egos (W/L) rather than their eyes. Open your eyes gentlemen and turn off those Saturday “film sessions” that only prove you didn’t know what you were watching in “real time” in the first place.

    Print. …lol

  • Amen Brother

    Kudos to the postings about Ayala. I couldn’t agree more. From what ive heard, the football coach would still be there if he focused more on football and less on sneaking around with married football moms and married faculty members.

  • Take One For The Team

    Amen Brother

    What no names? LOL

    I keep reading about the hoochie mommies at Ayala but no names. Disappointing to say the least!

    Well apparently the Ayala Dads are giving new meaning to the old saying..”take one for the team” !

  • Amen Brother

    Ask around, some of the names are already out there. Some of the husbands may not be aware. All I can say to all husbands in the area is if your wife is friends with this guy, monitor her closely because your wife may be one of them.

  • reality

    Did you Ayala husbands take this thread in a weird direction or what. To comment about your personal problems and you are not even in this area is sad. You guys over there don,t need a coach you need Dr. Phil and he loves the drama.

  • Ayala Moms Got Game


    Give a guy a break here ! Amen Brother is just trying to keep families intact. Besides if the Ayala mommies have extra needs that have to be met wouldn’t it be better served that they indeed get “serviced” by individuals who have no impact on playing time.

    Not every parent is willing to “take one for the team” and like steriods that gives some players an unfair advantage.

    I say “PREACH” Amen Brother! Okay, give me a hint. Snack Bar, Ticket Booth or Booster Club? Where should I hang out at?

    LOL. Amen Brother thanks for the early Christmas present. Too funny!

  • Amen Brother

    Contact the previous coach for a list of easy wives hes involved with.
    The Bulldog Way = Do as I say and not as I do

  • Mike the Clone


    I Am Mike The Clone…

    And your ARE NOT!!!

    Kind of pathetic what level “Bagpiper U” has come too. Back in the day if I were to question the great and powerful Mark “Marty Schottenheimer” Pasquarella people would want to tar and feather my butt out of Glendora…….

    Now the post are about some “Heffner” at Ayala and the “Bimbo’s” (not the pandulce by the way”) he has in his stable.

    Yes GHigh it has come to this!!! Get your act together!!!!!!!


    Mike the Clone

  • My Blowhard Friend Mikey The Clown Strikes Again

    My blowhard friend Mikey never disappoints, NEVER! The man “get’s it” like no other. I mean who else gets a couple of Glendora Dads together and watches high school film on Saturday to show how brilliant and awesome he once was. I’d call him a douche bag but douche bags actually serve a monthly service whereas Mikey is a one note “special” tool, and always will be.

    To say Pasquerella’s three straight Sierra League titles are nothing more than AYSO “trophies” only goes to show Mikey’s need to be the one and only BMOC long after his playing days have faded from memory. Pasquerella’s two (dos) Coach Of The Year Awards don’t really tell the story do they Mikey? How about the fact that Pasky is the last “local” coach to actually beat the mighty Lancers, at home to boot, 10 years ago? Hey if it’s so easy why has it been 10 years and counting!

    Mikey must be nice to look at your son’s much decorated Glendora Lettermen jacket and giggle as he somehow finds pride in “his” team’s accomplishments and his own All League patches and 3 SL Championship pathces, heck that seems like a nice “trophy”

    Today Upland is a force and the last time Pasquerella was at the helm the GHS vs UHS games were wars,so who was coaching those games? I find it odd that Pasquerella has coached some pretty remarkable players from QBs to RBs to WRs To LBs to OL to DBs that would make any coach proud, but not my Mikey. No he has loftier goals than the NFL or the BSC…something along the lines of CIF Championship like “his” lettermen jacket has.

    Besides being an all around nice guy and universally acknowledged as a very skilled coach by area coaches and all three Tribune writers it still baffles the mind that my buddy Mikey takes the time to dump on Mark.

    Dude let it go. Count your blessings that Coach Pasquerella never once took your comments out on your kid as has been known to happen at other schools with less honorable men in charge.

    I will concede that Glendora has a wealth of potential but the problem isn’t on the field or on the sidelines or in the ADs office it’s in the stands or in those 40k trucks in the parking lots where BS kills all the hard work the “Bag Piper” Booster put in. Glendora’s a great school with infinite resource, cut a check Mikey or join the staff if it’ll help but please stop being such a blow hard!

    Here’s food for thought Mikey. After Mark left Damien we went from almost beating Harry Welch and Canyon Country in the quarters to 2-8 in two years!!! Sound familiar? I’ll concede blog personas don’t match up to real life so I’m sure you’re a great guy in person. BTW you still having those Saturday flim sessions? Now that’s rich !

    BTW, did I mention my son’s Stanford scholarship? Too bad he won’t take a Varsity jacket there. Oh well…

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    Some of you guys are something else… Hopefully some day your dirty laundry (true or not) gets aired on the internet. Would serve you right.

  • half cab no cab

    Well was I right or what, Hired from within, Heck I even called Lewallen, I mean the guy had about 200 tackles a season when he played LB there , or was that his brother, I can’t remember but they both were studs. This is temporary, just 1-3 seasons, til someone else comes to be the bright and shining prince. Glendora will just have to be basketball fans once again. I like the move, I like the guy, I still don’t like the administration, but they made the best choice they could have. Good luck Tartans and I hope the boosters and the school district puts some pressure on the Principles, VPs and Deans, to clean house in the next few years.