Recruting: Chris Solomon, Travis Santiago, Jamie Canada, Justin Meaders among those looking to play football at the next level

By Aram Tolegian
Several of the area’s top football recruits have turned their attention on securing a place to play next season. West Covina’s Chris Solomon, the Tribune’s Player of the Year in 2010, has offers from Colorado, Arizona State, Arizona, Nevada and possibly Oregon State. Bulldogs head coach Mike Maggiore also believes UCLA and Washington are close to making offers.

Maggiore said Solomon will take his recruiting visits in the coming weeks.

West Covina has several other players whose stock is on the rise. Defensive end Justen Meaders has no official offers yet, but Maggiore said Montana is very interested along with Eastern Washington and San Jose State.

Linebacker Dorrin Turner broke the Bulldogs’ record for tackles in a season and, along with running back Jimmy Frazier, is catching the eyes of recruiters.

Jamel Hart and receiver/defensive back Jamie Canada, but Huskies head coach Steve Bogan expects that to change soon.

“Both will sign somewhere,” Bogan said. “Both are qualifiers. There should be no glitches there. Arizona State was high on both of them, but all that went into flux when they fired their coach. We have phone calls and guys coming to look at films, like San Diego State and San Jose State.”

Canada was hurt by missing his all-important junior season because of injury. But he had a dynamite senior year at receiver and caught 50 passes for 1,019 yards and 12 touchdowns. Hart rushed for 1,315 yards and 16 touchdowns.

Canada’s older brother Jordan is playing at Montana and is trying to lure his brother to join him, Bogan said. Villanova is another school of interest for Canada.

Charter Oak annually sends out a nice group of next-level talents. This year should be no different.

Quarterback Travis Santiago’s outstanding senior season has attracted the interest of UCLA interim head coach Michael Johnson, who played locally at Baldwin Park. But with UCLA recently hiring Jim L. Mora as its new head coach, Johnson’s status at the school is up in the air.

Plus, he’s in the running to be the next head coach at Akron where he played his college ball.

“He’s told Travis he’s taking him with him wherever he goes,” Charter Oak head coach Lou Farrar said of Johnson. “So, we’ll see what happens. Travis might have a good baseball season and get drafted. He wants to go to UCLA and he’s doing everything he can to go there.”

Other schools that have expressed in Santiago are Azusa Pacific, Sacramento State, Colorado, Western New Mexico, Idaho, Portland State, Fresno State and Montana State

Farrar reported 6-foot-5 receiver Chris Gilchrist has an offer from Sacramento State and interest “from everywhere,” including Iowa State, Colorado State and Idaho.

Jonathan Thropay’s impressive season at safety for the Chargers is garnering plenty of recruiting looks. Farrar said Navy looks like the favorite, but Colgate is in the mix. Farrar expects even more interest in Thropay in the coming weeks.

Chargers lineman Louis Oliva has interest from APU and University of La Verne, among others. Meanwhile, fellow Charger Daniel Johnson is getting looks from Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo, Sacramento State and UC Davis.

Diamond Ranch all-purpose standout Andrew Fischer suffered through an injury plagued senior season but was impressive when healthy.

Because of Fischer’s academic prowess, he’s likely headed for Harvard.

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  • Bulldogs have bite

    I wish nothing but the best of luck to all these players and will enjoy following them on Saturdays wherever they go!

    Also, my inside sources have informed me that West Covina RB Jimmy Frazier has been contacted this week by the University of Texas Longhorns! Go smoking Jimmy, Solo, Meaders, Turner and Barnett!

  • Nelson’s visits

    JR Nelson has already visited CU, NAU, Cal Poly SLO, and APU. Official visits in January are Nevada, UNLV, Colorado St, and APU again.

    Good for Andrew, you need a 1900 SAT to be considered for Harvard, greta job in the classroom

  • What’s Going On

    Wait a minute! I thought according to the Guru, Canada was the #1 kid in the valley? NO OFFERS WOW! Hey does’nt Diamond Ranch have a safety committed to Oregon State?

  • CoViNa

    Where are any of the Covina Kids going to school at next year, anyone know?

  • CoViNa

    Padilla, Hynes, Romano, Flores, Vinegas, Carillo, Livingston, ainswerth? All these kids ahould be playing at the next level for someone.

  • Justsayin’




    Citrus has a great football going on now. Yes they should go play there and something good will happen depending on how they play. Citrus will have quiet a few players receiving offers very soon. Citrus was the unofficial conference champions and have a great coaching staff right now, who encourage and help the players achieve that goal!





  • What does that mean?

    @Aztec pride
    What does “unofficial” conference champion mean? They either won the championship, tied for the championship, or didn’t win the championship at all.


    Do some investigating and you’ll find out! Here’s a hint and does the word INELGIBLE mean anything TO YOU…




    DOC HOLIDY, futbol???hahahah… good one,TURD HOLIDAY!

  • where you at.

    Bishop Where are your outstanding Players? This article Alone is evidence that the best talent in the SGV is not going to BA. That’s the first step, the next step will be losing games to lower Division teams…It’s coming. I was surprised to see Jaylen Moore on this list. He is a good back. WC, CO, and Mtown Seem to have a lot more D1 players.

  • Remember, APU will be Div II next year

    APU will be signing about 18 athletes as they enter NCAA Div II, the only Div II within hundreds of miles from here, several of those listed here have been there and met with the coaches

  • SGV Fan

    I hope all the kids mentioned in the story have the grades and dont end up like the kid from Walnut last year. All the hype the kid was getting and then reality hit grades…kids it’s all about taking the right 18 core classes, GPA and SAT score.

  • SGV fan

    Sorry I meant 16 core classes not 18.

  • sgvpride

    Takes a lot to play D1, some of these guys will find out real fast. Don’t chase the rainbow, go where you will play fellas!

  • SGV Class

    To: Where you at,

    Dude, really? You can’t show a little class and make this about the good these other kids are showing by getting offers. You have to go to the hate card and make your idiotic comments?

    My boys graduated from WC 2 years ago, and I was always happy to see any player from the SGV get offers. There is no need to be classless as you prove to be.

    By the way, BA has a kid that has had a scholarship to USC since he was a freshman, and might be the 1st pick in the MLB draft next June.


  • where you at.

    SGV Class, whatever…get some tissue! I said Jaylen Moore was a good back. I am surprised he does not have any offers. Not My fault Bishop Don’t have players anymore. I did not diss any particular kid. Just wondering where and why Bishop is not putting out college players this year. Normally they have a 1-2. That’s all. It’s still early, so get your Kleenex, and dry your eyes. You can’t say anything on this blog without someone crying. Gessh. I have seen far worse comments.


    I agree with you,100% WHERE YOU AT. FOOLISHNESS!!!

  • sgv football fan

    Heard from a BA coach Jalen Moore has 2 recruiting trips set for Jan and is getting looks from Villanova, Colorado, San Jose st, Eastern Washington, Montana, New Mexico State, Portland name a few. Also J.Moore and Ajee Montes have been invited to play in an all catholic all- star game in jan.

  • where you at?

    Well, when bishop talks bad about the lower level schools on the other threads, discrediting their lower division titles, is that not foolishness? Not getting off the hook on this one. Fred is a Bishop Amat guy, I know he would have mention at least one player getting interest. All those games against Pac 5 opponents, all those scouts in attendance. I don’t know. We Watched local kids leave the area for Bishop, In hope of a better education, and a more visible athletic program, and I’ve seen parents turn their noses up at the “public” school experience. Then get upset, when someone asks the question “Where you at”? I congratulate all the players receiving offers and interest. The ones who are not should be making their own phone calls, sending out their own tapes at this point. A d1 scholarship doesn’t fall in your lap. I hope that all of the young men at every school get the chance to experience the “next level”. Whether it be D1,D2,D3, Naia or JC. If it’s JC, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. But here is the thing, all those parents who pay for their kids to go to private school sometimes have a problem with their kid going to a JC after 4 years of expensive tuition. They would rather see them at a 4 year. Even if they can’t make the team. I exchanged words with Nunez from last years Azusa team at the SGV shootout in the summer. He was proud to play for any school. When He said Citrus. I congratulated the kid. In this article it seems like the other coaches are busy. I am not saying Bishop coaches are not, I just did not read it here. I know they have contacts and people in the college football world, because they have put out players in the past. If they have no receiving offers, Write about it. You never know who’s reading. Put your players names in the paper for people to see. You never know what could come from that. I did write with a malicious tone, but hey BA kind of piss me off on another thread. I can’t believe the areas best team does not have anything going on. I just won’t believe that. I am pulling for Jaylen Moore like I said.

  • 12th man

    All these crazy comments about Bishop Amat has no tallent that West Covina & Charter Oak can beat them lol…Obviously none of the bloggers understand High School Football & the different divisions or the level of play~Its not even worth explaining you will always have your doubts & your lack of knowledge for the game~ If BA would have played in the Southeast Div. or any other lower Division for that matter..Half the team would have offers to play at the next level..Now if you move some of these lower teams up into the Pac5 I would say its possible 1 player from each school(WC,CO) gets a D1 offer?

  • Dan

    Thats funny 12th man,
    Now it’s easier to get a scholarship out of the public schools?, I’ve been reading for years on these blogs that kids won’t get the scouting looks at our lower level schools because we play nobody. Now that we’ve gotten the offers it’s because it’s easier to get offers at the lower level schools? Which is it?

  • next level

    First Of all I would like to say to the guys who have offers and for those who don’t, keep working for it! I do not want to talk down any kids, but I saw a lot of sgv players this year, and I would like to speak on what I saw, and what recruiters may have seen. I’ll go down the list.

    Ellis McCarthy- His size and speed combination alone is enough to have colleges coming in droves. He has quick hands and feet, and is very hard to block. When he hits you lights out. He needs to improve his conditioning and lower his pad level, but his upside is phenomenal. BCS school all the way.

    Kevon Seymour-Explosive player. Nice Size, Great speed, Ball skills, Vision and instinct. He has a wonderful break as a corner. He can return punts, Kickoffs and plays wide out. He is a very high value pick up. He will need to bulk up to make strong tackles on the next level. BCS school All the way.

    Chris Solomon-Great size and speed combo. I think He will play DB on the next level. He is strong, fast, and delivers a blow whether he is running the ball or hitting the ball carrier. He will need to improve on his hips and back pedal, but he does have a great break to the ball He just needs to ensure tight coverage on the next level. BSC school All the way.

    Travis Santiago-Lacks ideal size, but has a strong and Accurate arm. He alludes pressure well and throws a tight spiral. Travis is extremely athletic, and could possibly be a WR/DB on the next level, if wants to do that. The only issue he may have is passing up smaller schools in hope of UCLA. Don’t miss out for that reason. D1(possibly) D1AA for sure.

    Jaylen Moore-Is a tough back. Great hands, He is more quick than fast. He gets tough yards, secures the ball, and has great vision and some how squeezes and finds creases. He reminds me of a Emmitt Smith. He will need to improve speed to lengthen his runs on the next level. D1(possibly) D1AA for sure.

    Jamel Hart-One of the unsung talents in the area. He has good size and can get bigger. He is very hard runner. Good speed, good hands, gets the tough yards. He will get you 3-4 all night. He can improve on his speed, and needs to advertise himself. D1(possibly late) D1AA

    Jimmy Frazier-He was not the “Robin” of the duo with him and Solomon. It was more like Batman and Batman. He is smooth, and fluid with his running style. He has decent speed, but his vision and cutting ability makes up for it. He will need to bulk up, and get a tad bit faster. Run Track Jimmy, if you don’t already.
    D1(late possibly) D1AA for sure.

    Chris GilChrist- Tall Rangy WR. Good speed, great hands, and D1 Frame. He will need to improve route running, and get his routes More precise, and use his frame to it’s full potential. He also needs to play with a chip on his shoulder. With his Size, he should be bullying DB’s. I can’t see mid major D1’s missing out on his attributes. D1(late offers) D1AA for sure.

    Jamie Canada-Jamie is highly skilled. He is fast, Has all the moves, runs great routes and has great hands. He can play WR or DB on the next level I think coaches are concerned with his stability of that knee after missing a year, but 1000 yrds is very good. He will need to keep the knee healthy and get his tape out. D1(Possibly late) D1AA for sure.

    Justin Meaders-Undersized as a DE, but not as a outside LB. He looks like he likes to work out. He has a great get off, hits hard, and has a motor. With his pass rushing skills, he will make a great blitzing LB. He will need to work on his pass drops, and coverage, and get use to playing upright instead of 3 point.

    Jonathon Thropay-Great Size and speed combo. He can catch. He has the ability to turn into a backer. He flies around and hits. He plays with Passion. Very aggressive. He will need to learn to survey the field better, and play pass first. That’s why I like him to convert to LB.
    D1(Navy is a great spot for him) D1AA for sure.

    Dorian Turner-great ht, but at 180lbs, that might be tough to play LB on the next level. He could gain 40 lbs between now and rs frosh year, but why? He could easily play SS. He has speed, and hits. Pass Coverage may be a issue, but that is something that can be worked on. He will need to bulk up and hit the weight tough. D1AA

    Well I hope I’ve been gracious in my evaluation. I had a chance to see all of these players at least once in person, so I hope I was accurate. Let me know if I am on or off.

  • 12th man

    Which player if any would recieve an offer if WC played in the Serra League?..Would Santiago be looked at if he played in the Big V111 ?? All these players who had success in lower divisions would probbably not fare as well if they played tougher competition..Notice i said probbably because we will never know…

  • JMO


    Remember a couple of years ago when CO won back to back titles in your division and the front page of the sports section had four CO kids signing on the dotted line to play on. I see the same thing happening for a few of your boys this year, winning is winning and by the way those four are still in school and playing and making an impact. SGV must really suck.

  • 12th man

    next level,
    Great evaluation!! Good job!

  • Dan

    I thought I was done for the night but oh well,
    12th man,
    Your post struck me funny cause all these years I would read on here that If you want to get looks you have to play at the big schools, now I read your post saying the opposite, that it’s easier to get offers at the lower level public schools, so which is it? If it’s at our publics schools then thats great, more reason for our kids to stay home. As for which WC kids would get offers if they played in the Pac 5, your right we will never know, but why would you doubt the capabilities of Solomon, or Frazier, or Meaders, or Barnett or Turner? You don’t think they could succeed at the Pac 5 level?
    Too JMO,
    Great to hear that the CO boys are doing well, that was one sick back seven you guy’s had in 09.
    OK now I’m really done for the night.

  • valley fan

    Travis Santiago to UCLA????
    Please understand that Travis will never be cleared through the NCAA Clearinghouse for Division I nor would his grades get him into a four year school. He left South Hills after his first semester of his freshmen year with 5 “F’s and was mysteriously eligible for baseball second semester. Coach Lou needs to stop putting out false information about this kid. Junior college is his best bet and then transfer.


    What about

    Arroyo HS QB Steven Rivera 5’10” 180lbs
    Bonita HS WR/DB Garrett Horine 6’3″ 210lbs
    Diamond Bar QB Henry Omana 6’4″ 215lbs
    Los Altos RB Justin Faaola 6′ 250lbs


    I forgot Walnut HS #24 Lepp 6’3″ 200lbs WR/DB

    Good luck to all…

  • next level

    I will say this where you play matters, but not as much as it use to. Back in the day, getting seen was the hardest thing. No maxpreps, no epsn preps, no SGV-Pasadena blog. Being at a big time program meant being seen. Now days, you can be seen, followed and recruited with the click of a mouse. Football is football, whether you are playing for Rio hondo prep or Bishop Amat, If a kid has good size and can play, that’s all it takes. It may not be BCS football, but it’s the next level, and the majority of HS kids won’t get that chance. That includes JC ball too. I hate the public vs private argument. There is no advantage with either. There are more public lower level schools then there are private schools period. The Majority of College players come from mid level schools. The Long Beach Polys are far and few. If a college coach likes your talent, and you fit into their scheme, he will make a offer. He is not going to say “uh oh this kid played in D11”. If a Kid plays D1, the coach is not going to say “uh oh this kid played for servite automatic offer”. Sometimes playing at a BA or SM can hurt you. Your true ability may be masked, by other great players, scheme, and coaching. That’s why You still have to go to combines, camps and events and dominant regardless of where you from or where you play. Chris Solomon Did that, Ellis McCarthy did that, Kevon Seymour, Porter, all did that etc. Let’s just use this slogan. “If a kid can play, the kid can play”. They just don’t hand anyone 100-200k cash to everyone, bc that’s what scholarships are worth when you factor in food, housing, travel, gear etc…The kids that are getting look at are getting the attention because they are good.

  • try again

    12th man,
    that makes no sense at all. College football, especially D1 college football is much tougher than the top divisions in high school. With that said these players would not be getting recruited to these schools if they could not compete in them. College recruiters know what to look for in a player and know talent when they see it no matter what division the recruiters are watching.

  • try again

    12th man,
    that makes no sense at all. College football, especially D1 football is wayy tougher than top division high school. With that being said these kids would not be getting recruited unless they could compete at this level. College recruiters know what talent is no matter what level they are watching. It is there job.

  • Bonita Parent

    Garrett Horine is also receiving some interest from colleges.

  • Aaron

    There’s no mystery about being eligible, every high school student at least in public schools has an academic probation waiver(2) they may sign…it was goldenrod when I was in high school…some kids burned them as Freshman to play. So if we somehow find something mysterious…remember kids have a full year in which they can play with that.

  • Wow

    When Jalen Moore and Ajee Montes sign the letter of intent, Haggerty better not be there. That coach does nothing for them or the team. Sad but true. When there is no buzz around Amat in recruiting, something is wrong. They play in the best division around town and should have a couple of players move on to D1. Big props to West Covina, Charter Oak, and Covina coaches for exposing their talent to Colleges. Every knows in order to get a scholarship, you need exposure. Either Internet or sending out videos to Colleges. It’s this simple if a coach wants a kid to get recruited, they can make it happened. Talent or no talent a coach has that much power in high school football. Praying for the boys at Amat someone picks them up. Moore and Montes are playing in all star game next year with all the top Catholic High Schools. Sad that a All star game can get them a scholarship instead of your head coach making a phone call. Haggerty stop worrying about getting fired again and worry about helping your players get recruited.

  • Lancelot

    The reality of recruiting is that everything starts in the class room. Sure your a great athlete but unless you are one of the coaches “exceptions” that allows the academically challenged athletes to attend a school he would otherwise be ineligible to attend due to poor academics, you will not get a look at those big schools without grades (there’s only so many exceptions to go around). A lot of times kids fall short on the academic side of the equation and therefore they end up at a local JC despite having the atheletic ability to seemingly go anywhere. Good Luck to all athletes seeking to continue their athletic and academic careers…no matter where or at what level they do it!

  • Anonymous

    IN MY OPINION, D1 H.S football players talent is not on the same level as the lower divisions players, their linemen and a few QB’s are well above due to their size and expensive QB training. but D1 coaches runs a lot of schemes (i played d1 h.s football) so any average player with ok speed can and will survive in D1 (with Poly being the exception) But what im saying is i know a few players who came from top D1 football programs in H.S that cant play a lick of man defense or get off the line with burst against an athletic press corner. I’ve seen this with my own eyes for years at the JC’s. Lower level players got a different kind of hunger then D1 kids its like they have more to prove and much more heart. (at the skill positions) its like in D1 you just do your job and your team will be fine but in the lower divisions you have to do your job and sometimes the kid playing along side you job because he isnt that athletic or dont remember plays. But with D1 you have a lot of “average players” with very few selected major athletes, but lower division you have more major athletes then D1 some not athletic at all and a couple average on the field so the major athlete has to do more and work much harder and his athleticism shows much more then the major athlete on the D1 level who only has to do his job as if he’s not performing for a D1 scholarship.

  • next level

    Steven Rivera- I have seen his tape only. Not the Ideal size, however he is a crafty QB with great touch. He is highly accurate, and moves well in the pocket. He has a decent arm. He is a great DB. I think APU should give this guy a look for either Position. D2 Star!

    Garrett Horine-I saw this kid live. He is good. He can play SS,FS,LB, or WR on the next level. If washington took Lagace, he is every bit as good. he is fast, a big hitter, He covers the ball. Highly athletic, good hands. His issue will be settling into the right position. D1 Late D1AA for sure.

    Henry Omana-He has pro size at 6’4. I saw him at the SGV shoot out and he looked good. However He threw for 1600 yrd 16tds and 8 ints. I did not see him live, so I don’t know if that is attributed to him or his lack of WR. With those numbers I am not sure what will happen. Maybe he looks at La Verne, or APU works him out, His size should get him to that level. D1,(gamble) D1AA(Possible project) D2, NAIA for sure.

    Justin Faaola- I saw tape on him. Anyone with the name Faaola, just has to be a bruiser. At 250 he should be able to be a fullback/blocking back on the next level. He will have to improve on footwork to increase carries. maybe he drops about 10lbs, for quickness sake. Maybe a Fresno or some down hill running school takes a look at him. D1(possibly) D1AA for sure.

    Tyler Marona-This St Francis kid is a sleeper. He looks good on film 6’4 235 DL. He has a frame to build on. He is sleek and can run. Great first step, fights across his face well, and gets to the QB. He racked up 11 sacks this year. He just has to improve his quickness, and gane 45 lbs, but he has the frame to handle the weight. D1(possibly) D1AA for sure.

    Alex Villalobos- I saw this kid live.He does not have the size, but he has the game. He has decent speed, but runs excellent routes. Excellent hands and is not afraid to go across the middle. He has great concentration. He will have to bulk up and develop a tad bit more breakaway. Apu should offer him today.
    D1AA(possibly) D2 Star!

  • next level

    Anonymous I agree with you 100%..I wrote the same thing lol.

    “Sometimes playing at a BA or SM can hurt you. Your true ability may be masked, by other great players, scheme, and coaching. That’s why You still have to go to combines, camps and events and dominant regardless of where you from or where you play. Chris Solomon Did that, Ellis McCarthy did that, Kevon Seymour, Porter, all did that etc. Let’s just use this slogan. “If a kid can play, the kid can play”.

    These All Americans all came from lower schools, and If they walk on any campus in America. They start!

  • So I heard

    recruits are hot at CH: I heard there has been recruits at CH daily, can someone help us out here?

  • The responses to my article have been great and I will talk with Fred about doing more of this in the coming weeks. Maybe one a week?

    I have no clue about Jalen Moore’s recruiting situation because calls and texts to Coach Hagerty were not returned. But when I see Jalen tomorrow at the All-Area photo shoot, I will ask him.

    We will branch out a bit and I will even use some contacts in the scouting world to get some opinion on the guys in our area.

    Any coaches who want to tell me about their players and their recruiting situation, please feel free to drop me a line.

    About Turner and Frazier, they both have the height and once they get in a college speed/conditioning program, LOOK OUT!

  • Next level “expert”

    Next level you “know they’ll start” without seeing their competition. Yup you’re credible !

  • the truth

    the hype: why is it that everyone wanting to play at the next level has a highlight reel and it has their SA T and GPA on except #2 from CO? Did Lou add 2 grades or a couple points to it like he added 3 inches to his height ? CO = VARSITY BLUES

  • next level

    Next level Expert. They went to all the camps and were the best. That’s why 2 of the players named are All American, and the other are best in the west. So are you saying out of 22 position on the football field, Ellis McCarthy, Kevon seymour, Porter, and Chris solomon, would be on the bench? Yeah right ….these kids are the top players in America. They would start at any high school.

  • Sierra League Fan

    So I Hear,
    Yes, there have been many recruiters coming to CH the last couple of weeks. CH has a good reputation with recruiters because their kids are already cleared through the NCAA clearing house and the kids are good students. The kids they are coming by to look at are:

    Nick Enriquez Sr. – 6’5″ 270 OL – First team all league last 2 years and 1st team all cif last year… 3.9 GPA

    Naim Colbert Sr. – 6’1″ 230 LB – Sierra League Defensive MVP (I’ve been told), great student athlete

    Andrew Chavez Sr.- 6’1″ 210 QB – Lot’s of Big Sky Schools interested … great grades

    Jack Austin Jr. – 6’3 225 WR – Big Time attention from many BCS schools including Oregon and Boise st. Will have many offers before his senior year.

    Carlos Palafox Sr. – 6’3 310 OL – Has the size and strength, but grades are borderline…..will probably go the JC route

  • anonymous

    Yes, DRanch has a kid committed to Oregon State. Say what you want about Coach Roddy Layton, he has to be one of the hardest working coaches around when it comes to getting kids to the next level…visit the campus sometime and see how many college recruiters he has up there.

    This years potentials/commits – Harvard, Oregon State, Penn, Navy, and the list goes on.

    Thank you Roddy!

  • JMO

    valley fan sounds like bitter SH fan.

  • Rumor is…

    Rumor is Layton was let go or resigned yesterday and did not return to class for 6th period football. Obviously those recruiters don’t impress the administration at DR. You can now bring your sons to DB and play at the REAL Diamond Bar school.

  • anonymous

    @ Rumor is…a hater

    Let rumors lay still and facts move you forward.

    Fact is I haven’t heard any buzz about players from DBar going to the next level. Maine will be good, but right now Roddy is 10x the coach he is when it comes to getting kids to the next level, it’s not even comparing apples to apples.

    Stop talkin’ out your a$$.

  • aram,

    any word on-
    justin faaola 6 250lb lb/ fb

    has size, power , and some amazing balance
    division 1 for sure

    im suprised i havent heard his name being mentioned more


  • CM

    Whether it was Layton, who just had a grandson born, who stepped down or the administration (or one particular administrator) who asked him to step down Layton did a lot for the community and I am thankful that he coached my son. Thank you Roddy for all that you did for our boys.

  • M-town has talent!

    Monrovia was not just Ellis McCarthy, he just brought all the scouts there. While they were there they saw a lot of other D1 talent. Mtown has seniors being looked at and jrs as well. We are proud to announce,

    Monrovia Jr’s Anthony Craft, and George Frazier have received their First Scholarship Offers Both From San Jose State. These are just the first Of many more offers. After Summer Camps they should come Rolling In. We have a few More jrs getting interest from D1 Schools as well, but won’t drop names until offers are officially made. Maddox and Staff are doing their jobs. Let’s go m-town! Midvalley Sports just dropped the story today!

  • Spartan

    damien’s alex arevalo might play at harvard

  • really?

    im surprised monrovia has so much D1 talent considering they play D12 and lost to south hills, who went 0-5 in the sierra

  • Tri School Model ROCKS!!!!

    I thought Alex Arevalo already got in? At Damien it’s been a long held tradition that seniors only wear T-shirts of universities they’ve been accepted at. His brother Eric ’08 just started Harvard Med and Chase Sipple ’09 is also on the Football team. Damien blows every school out of the park in terms of student athletes. Combined with St.Lucy’s and Pomona Catholic the numbers of Ivy league, Military Academy and Top Ten University student athletes getting academic scholarships it’s extremely impressive.

    When recruiters look at Damien/SL/PC student athletes one thing is certain, their grades are never a problem.

  • The M has talent.

    @at really, yeah it’s all true. Teams lose sometimes. Nevertheless, that’s what’s going on. Great news.

  • Give it a rest


    Yku need to give Faaola a rest. The kid is to slow, out of shape, and doesn’t have.grades or test scores. His best beat is MT. SAC. if he can make

    If the kid had any heart he wouldn’t have quit on the team that whole second half of that semi game, cost you a trip to the finals.

    You could have been good if you made the right decision, learn from your dads mistakes.

  • Crusader

    To: Give it a rest

    Funny you should say that about Justin Faaola, being slow, bad grades and giving up on the team for the finals. Last I checked, was it not Justin that pushed his high school team out of obscurity into a regional power house over night? It’s a pity shame that people like you are quick to the draw, but, slow to talent. They said the same thing about Justin’s uncle, Nu’u Faaola, while at Farrington H.S. in Honolulu, Hawaii. The critics continued their shameless remarks when he bulldozed his way through the University of Hawaii and was drafted as a fullback and special teams with the New York Jets in the mid-80’s. Guess what? Nu’u’s stats were much less than Justin in high school, a lot slower, and at least 10-15 pounds smaller than Justin. I for one don’t take much stock in stats, it’s the raw determination and sheer force performance of the kid that fascinates me. The Samoan athletes, mostly from the islands, are at a sheer disadvantage due to proper training, equipment and the right coaches. Of all the pro-athletes in every sport, the Samoans are by far the smallest, per capita, percentage of professional players in the NFL and college level. As a matter of fact, I know of many powerhouse colleges that would trade 5 outstanding high school players for 1 of Justin’s caliber. Don’t judge a bee from it’s size, judge it from it’s sting. Ciao.