Merry Christmas, Tribune All-Area football team unveiled on Saturday, Christmas Eve

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune football all-area team will run on Christmas Eve (Saturday). Last year we experimented with combining it with the Star-News as part of the PrepXtra Magazine, but I got the feeling most loved the all-area team in the newspaper and our tradition of producing on or near Christmas. The All-Area team will include a player of the year, coach of the year and offensive and defensive players of the year.

Below: Check out this 2007 all-area team, led by South Hills’ player of the year, Dorian Wells.

Tribune players of the Year (1969-present)

1969 Fred McNeil, Baldwin Park RB
1970 Pat Haden, Bishop Amat QB and John McKay Jr., Bishop Amat WR
1971 Mike Vicino, Royal Oak RB
1972 Rob Hertel, Los Altos QB and Ron Himes, Walnut QB
1973 Dennis Sproul, Los Altos QB
1974 Brian Bethke, South Hills QB
1975 Richard Nyden, Azusa QB
and John Van Vuren, South Hills RB
1976 Bob Epps, West Covina DL
1977 Don Roberts, Temple City RB
1978 Ron Stivers, West Covina RB
1979 Ray McNeill, El Monte WR
and Danny Trejo, Baldwin Park WR
1980 Bill Stone, Charter Oak RB
1981 Blake Smith, Los AltosQB
and Steve Lauter, Los Altos WR
1982 Mike Smith, Los Altos QB
1983 Randy Tanner, Bishop Amat; Paul Hewitt, Monrovia
1984 Michael Johnson, Baldwin Park QB
1985 Eric Bieniemy, Bishop AmatRB
1986 Eric Bieniemy, Bishop Amat RB
1987 Bill Gallis, Northview QB
1988 Jason Martin, Los Altos TE/DB
1989 Marshawn Thompson, Bassett RB
1990 Jason Patterson, Bishop Amat FB/DE
1991 Marc Ruiz, Baldwin ParkQB
1992 Lawrence Phillips, Baldwin Park RB-DB
1993 Miguel Meriwether, West Covina QB/DB
1994 Daylon McCutcheon, Bishop Amat RB/FS
1995 Oscar Interiano, Sierra Vista RB
1996 Oscar Arzu, Sierra Vista RB
1997 Nick Covarrubias, Covina QB/DB
1998 Steve Stevenson, Charter Oak WR/RB/DB
1999 Jason Wright, Diamond Bar, RB/DB
2000 – Felipe Aguilar, Los Altos, QB
2001 – Donnie McCleskey, Bishop Amat RB
2002 – Daniel Drayton, Randall Brown, Los Altos RBs/DBs
2003 – Brigham Harwell, Los Altos DE
2004 – William Wagner, Bishop Amat RB
2005 – Mike McDonough, Covina QB
2006 – Mike McDonough, Covina QB
2007 – Dorian Wells, South Hills, RB
2008 – Chris Allen, Charter Oak, RB
2009 – Adam Muema, Charter Oak, RB
2010 – Chris Solomon, West Covina, RB

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  • socalfootball fan

    Congrats to former brahma football ball player Colin Lockett who caught 3 td’s passes in this weekend’s bowl game for SDSU. Some thought the aztecs wasted a scholarship on Lockett younger brother of Bret(UCLA-Patriots).

  • Joe Amat


    1980 Bill Stone, ROYAL Oak … again

    (unless of course you want to expunge all of Edgewood’s baseball POYs, COYs, and Championships so that West Covina can adopt them šŸ™‚

  • My Pal Joey

    I never like the selections for ALL AREA and POY AND COY. Most of the time it’s a bit of spreading of the wealth or a publicity contest and nothing more.

    Joey how many Bishop Amat linemen win each year? I my mind NOT ENOUGH!!!!

    Going up against PAC 5 monsters in league while being out weighed by 60 lbs and sometimes 8 inches is unbelieveable.

    People love to say teh Lancers lack size and speed but when you see them up close it’s incredible what they get done.

    I’m not a big time Lancer homer but having played the position I know the best linemen rarely, if ever, get their due. It’s easy to say Solomon’s linemen are best but that’s not necessarily the truth.

    No disrespect to any team but I saw no line play better than Amat’s given their task.

  • Delusional

    Joe Amat, your starting to sound like Amat Bully. Everything that came out of his mouth was Amat. While lately everything out of your mouth is Charter oak aka Royal Oak.

  • Dan

    My Pal Joey,
    I agree with you about Amat Linemen, I didn’t see them this year but year in and year out they are some of the best in the area. I know three over here at WC, Raymond Amaya, George Castro, and Justin Meaders certainly belong on that list.

  • just askin’

    Delusional – is it bad for someone to ask that a player be listed by the high school they actually attended?

  • Games determine the best not reputations, stats or next level pub

    The other day former Raider Jay Schoeder was doing work for a high school game and he said this about Santa Margarita’s offensive line, “there are NFL teams that don’t have linemen that big”. Couple that with the fact that Harry Welch is so well respected his team was awarded a STATE BOWL game, which he won… with TWO LOSES, what does that sayabout the Lancers first round opponent?

    I see the same thing with those that say stupid things about Coach Gano and Coach Fair. Damien in Gano first three years has lost to two CIF Champions in the first round, Upland and Vista Murietta who ironically many thought were worthy of playing De La Salle in the Open STATE BOWL Game essentially going 14-0! Time Warner commentators also said they thought VM was better suited than Westlake to face DLS.

    I love when bloggers complain about a lack of size or speed on teams and then when you see D1 linemen you really understand what’s going on here,pure hateration.

    A few years ago the Lancers started Alberico who was 5″9″ 190 and Prieto who was listed at 6’and 205 as their defensive ends (he later player SAFETY at Citrus I believe). At the Loyola game that year Loyola tackles were 6’6 295 and 6’7″ 295 and their “RB” was 6’4″ 240 (all D1 players.

    At the same time the staring NG for the Lancers was 5’7″ 255 and was a flat out stud, who should have made ALL AREA but of course wasn’t on any sportswriter’s radar. The Guards and Centers he battled were all over 6’2 and 265 and mobile.

    Tough to argue with that kind of skill, mental toughness and off season preparation it takes do do that play after play, to say nothiong of the fact they earned their starting spots on the team.

    The point is ALL AREA really needs to acknowledge players for their skill in games, their performances in matchups and their work ethic and leadership ON THE FIELD and not just some other criteria that doesn’t really say “who’s BEST”.

    It’s always easy to add up the stats and imput players, always easy to go by team records but the truth is the “BEST” linemen NEVER GET THE RESPECT THEY DESERVE…NEVER!

    Always a tough nut Fred…maybe you could start a thread just for players who would nominate players by saying who their toughest opponent were. Just a thought.

    If players really do read the blog now’s your chance to nominate players you respect or please don’t cry after wards when some one gets slighted.

  • Lancelot

    That’s not how it’s done in our “corner of the world”.

  • Cong ’76

    In 75, 79 and 81 we had co-poy. Why not add Cody to Aguilar in 2000? After-all, Cody was voted top player in the country according to USA Today yet not the top player in is own local area?

  • Cong ’76

    looking closer, there were several other years with co-poy recognitons…

  • Steve Ramirez

    Conq: Cody was USA Today Defensive Player of the Year, not USA Today Player of the Year, or MVP. I stand by my selection, based on Aguilar’s 42 TD passes, which equaled Pat Haden’s area record, and has yet to be matched. I measured Aguilar’s 42 TD passes vs. Cody’s 22 sacks. All three parties – Cody, Aguilar and coach Gano were OK with the choice.

  • New York

    42 TDs is a lot. Did Aguilar have a presence on defense as well? We know Cody carried a lot on offense, literally carrying Charter Oak defenders on his back in the championship game. In other words, Cody was a force on offense during their biggest game, as well as superman on Defense.

  • Joe Amat


    I’m with you on this one.

    Replace Felipe with another pretty good HS quarterback and Los Altos is still pretty darn good, and maybe they even still win. Take Cody off that team and there is a HUGE dropoff.

  • Cong ’76

    I appreciate that Steve, and if there had been no precedence for Co-Poy I would absolutely agree. However Cody’s accomplishments that year were at least equal to that of previous Co-POY’s and I am sure Coach Gano and Aguilar would have found that perfectly acceptable as well.

  • Cong ’76

    New York,

    I was at that championship game and yes, the first half was CO’s. If Gano had not gone to an “all Cody all the time” strategy in the second, LA would have lost, in my opinion.

    He quite literally carried CO defenders on just about every play.

  • New York

    Cong ’76 ,

    From what I understand, Cody did not give Gano a choice in the matter. The manchild took things into his own hands and decided what the second half strategy would be.

    Steve should have asked Coach Farrar who the POY was that year.

  • Cong ’76

    New York, hadn’t heard that but certainly sounds plausible. I would be willing to bet Coach Farrar would have opted for Shaun…

    My Bro-in law played center to Gano’s QB while they were both at either MSAC or APU, (not sure which) and has always said one of Gano’s strengths is that he doesn’t always have to be the man with all the answers.

    Some may see this as a weakness, I happen to think it demonstrates wisdom on his part.

  • always right

    Player of the year clearly goes to steven rivera best player this valley has ever had! Yeahyeahyeah chris soloman was goood but that west co squad is pack deep, even when he was out frazier beast mode it, but this kid is a beast! My votes to him!

  • New York

    That sounds like a strength to me.