Soccer Shocker: St. Lucy’s knocks off Flintridge Sacred Heart, ranked No. 1 in the country by ESPN

St. Lucy’s pulled off the shocker of the soccer season so far, beating ESPN’s No. 1 ranked team in the nation, Flintridge Sacred Heart, 1-0, at Occidental College on Saturday. The Regents’ Shannon Kent scored the lone goal in the 70th minute on a pass from Victoria Camaj. The Tologs were without starting defenders Alexa Montgomery and Katelyn Almeida for the first half of Saturday’s game because of missing practice, but even so, FSHA is so deep and talented that making excuses is meaningless. from what I hear St. Lucy’s had them rattled. FSHA had a red-card and some yellow’s to go with it. I don’t care who they were missing, FSHA has NINE players going D-1. Even if two starters didn’t start, they still field a stacked team of D-1 prospects. For St. Lucy’s, Camaj is a super player, she was injured last year but her return will mean great things for St. Lucy’s the rest of the way.

FSHA celebrating one of their many titles ..

Here is what ESPN wrote while tagging FSHA No. 1:
The stats are simply staggering. Flintridge-Sacred Heart returns almost its entire starting lineup from last year’s 22-2-2 team that came one win shy of a POWERADE FAB 50 national title. Nine players have already committed to NCAA Division I programs, highlighted by Katie Johnson (Southern Cal), Breanna Koemans (Northeastern), Tera Trujillo (New Mexico) and junior Kayla Mills (Southern Cal). Johnson, Mills and Trujillo have U.S. Youth National Team experience. Koemans was the local player of the year in 2009 and Johnson, following a 23-goal, 12-assist season, won the honor in 2010. To put this team’s talent in perspective, Flintridge-Sacred Heart will have more Division I signees in the starting lineup than the winter-playing states of Hawaii, Louisiana and Mississippi – combined! That said, three of those signees, including Johnson, who is recovering from an ACL injury, will be sidelined by injury to start the season.

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  • Cong ’76

    Good for the girls, not to many programs in any sport can brag about having beaten the number one team in the nation!

  • Not a fan, BUT….

    I don’t know soccer and don’t really like soccer, but I love local HS sports and happy for the Girls of St. Lucy! Way to go!



    Why do you have a pic of Flintridge Sacred Heart when your column starts with “St. Lucy’s pulled off the shocker of the soccer season so far”

    Shouldnt it be a picture of St Lucy instead of FSHA?

  • Fred Robledo

    Because we didn’t have a photographer there and I don’t have current file pictures of St. Lucy’s…

  • Soccer Dan


    The truth is that you didn’t have ANYONE at that game! No reporter, no photographer, NO ONE! Shame on you guys. How the fudge can you cover 20 football games in one night but can’t get a reporter or photographer out to games like this? Honestly, you’ve done such a piss-poor job of covering soccer this year it’s embarrassing! You heard about this score two days AFTER it happened and wrote a half-ass story about it. Couldn’t even get a quote or picture. Great job Fred…great job!

  • Fred Robledo

    If we could predict shocking upsets, we would be at a lot more games we’re supposed to. I thought the championship game of the Glendora basketball tournament took priority over a non-league girls soccer game at Occidental College. BTW, show me another daily newspaper publication that covers more soccer in the paper and blogs than we do???? We’re barely two weeks into the season and you think it’s championship week. Why don’t you wait until league before you start complaining about coverage.

  • Regents in the House

    First off I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to the St. Lucy’s Regents. That is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you guys. And the assist by Victoria was amazing. This is what she does. Victoria came on like a lightning bolt her freshman year with 1st team all CIF and then with her injury that was a setback. But like all great things, sometimes we have that step back to make the giant leap forward. I think Victoria has become a wiser player and a central unit to the St. Lucy’s Offensive game with great deliverance.

    Second, I have to say that I understand about the cutbacks and so on…However, the San Gabriel Valley houses some of the best “FEMALE” talent not just in SoCal but in the nation and deserves to be covered like the boys. Girls Sports has come a long, long way and I thought the SGVT was on track last year with profiling the up & coming talent but this year….Not so much with volleyball and so forth but we can bring it back for soccer & basketball.

    Come on Fred, you know we love you guys. Lets give these young ladies a front page story at least…Everyone loves a Cinderella story. An unranked St. Lucy’s team takes down ESPN’s #1 in the nation… I just love saying that…lol

    P.S. Congratulations to our Spartan men. Chris Reyes and the new freshmen on Varsity are amazing!

  • Soccer Dan


    That’s right…I forgot you only have ONE reporter at the trib. How could you possibly have covered a basketball game AND a soccer game at the same time??? How ridiculous of me!

    And it’s not about knowing it was going to be an upset Fred! St. Lucy’s was your #3 team last season and they were playing the #1 ranked team in the NATION! That didn’t register on your radar? Are you even making an effort to search out solid preseason soccer games?

    I know you’ll cover league matches because they tend to be on different days and times than basketball. See, that’s what bothers people. The trib ALWAYS seems to choose basketball over soccer. I understand it will outweigh soccer MOST of the time…but to miss a game like this was sad. Admit it Fred, you guys blew it!

  • reality czech

    Soccer Dan – welcome to your choice of sports. read the LA times (or any paper in the nation, and tell me if women’s soccer gets more coverage than the local basketball team. Of course not. ~who gets more coverage…the Galaxy or the lakers…even the Clippers for crying out loud. ~where is the womens pro soccer coverage in LA – oh…that’s right…the league folded. Not enough fans (ie:readers!)

  • Fred Robledo

    Honestly, there was no way in the world I thought St. Lucy’s could play with FSHA. I covered St. Lucy’s loss to FSHA in the playoffs two years ago, and FSHA dominated St. Lucy’s every way imaginable, and this is a better FSHA team than that one. I thought this would be a 4-0 or 5-0 loss. Like I said, if we could predict upsets of this magnitude, we would never miss a thing. And BTW, we hardly ever cover non-league games in December, especially ones outside our coverage area, and especially ones on Saturday, when most of our reporters are off, leaving correspondents to cover games for us. I know you would love us to be available seven days a week, but that ain’t happening. How many times do you go to work on your day off?

  • Cmon Fred…..

    Really? I saw your comment about the lack of St. Lucy’s picture for the blog but in the paper too? Amat girls soccer LOSES 3 in a row in a tournament and you put a picture of an Amat girl in the paper? Victoria Camaj is a senior, you can’t tell me you don’t have any pictures of her from past years? Oh, that’s right, it’s St. Lucy’s…also why they didn’t make the front page…any Amat win makes front page headlines much less beating the #1 team in the nation and it was a local team…it’s ok, we’ll remain in the dark.

  • Fred Robledo

    Very simple, didn’t have a picture from Saturday’s game and our picture of Camaj is from her freshman season, so I wasn’t running that in the paper….You people need to relax.

  • Fred Robledo

    In case you noticed, the lead story was St. Lucy’s, they go the headline. It’s tough making you folks happy.

  • Rage

    This is embarrassing to say the least. St. Lucy’s doesn’t need their picture in the paper nor should someone be told how to run their columns. The team wouldn’t want this type of commenting, they believe in themselves and were not shocked they won. We have great talent and we have a lot of good soccer teams in front us. Don’t hang your hat on one game and I can tell you SGVT does a great job covering all girls athletics in the valley including soccer. Sitback, relax and enjoy the ride it’s the game that counts not the ink.

  • still waiting

    While you are blogging here, I’m still waiting for the San Dimas and Sierra Vista story. It does say, story to come. Any idea when?

  • Fred Robledo

    The San Dimas-Sierra Vista story is in the paper today, but we’re having technical difficulties getting it online….

  • Mojo


    Since you can’t say it, I will. They wonder why soccer never gets any press? After reading the comments from these whining fans, it kinda of reminds me of their bitch game. You know, the game where you star gets taken off the field on a stretcher, gets sprayed with the magic spray and WHAAAALA back in the game, as strong as ever. (This applies to Latin soccer only, the Euros are tough) You know, the game where flopping is encouraged. The game where the field is called a “pitch”.

    On a brighter note, congrats to the ladies at St. Lucy’s, that is a great win.

  • Richard Vaughn

    Hey Victoria

    Great job from Ari and I.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • SoccerLvr

    Thank you Fred, and for sending out a reporter to see the game on Monday. Must admit I was a little surprised when I heard someone from the Tribune was going to be there.

    and thanks for saying Sierra Vista is tough/power team! It feels good that the girls are finally getting some respect šŸ™‚

    Will you be at the Bishop/Sierra Vista game tonight?

  • MrMan

    Camaj played solid, but Kent was a wrecking crew. She narrowly missed scoring a second goal when she chipped the goalie and hit the crossbar. Additionally I would give major kudos to the SL defense! Lots of bending but not breaking to a very aggressive FSH offensive. Lanier was a wall and turned FSH forwards away on several occasion. Overall a big win for the regents and a much needed humbling experience for FSH.

  • get a clue

    Why don’t you mention that the Claremont Girl’s team is ranked #1 in the nation right now by Maxpreps? Oh that’s right, you don’t pay attention to Claremont sports because you don’t consider them SGV.

  • LA Futbol

    get a clue,

    Is that true? If so, CONGRATS to your girls!!

    But honestly, by what stretch of imagination is Claremont in the SGV?

  • look on a map

    @ get a clue

    Are you stupid?? Claremont is not part of the SGV. Harp on the Daily Bulletin, the paper that covers Pomona, Ontario, Montclair, Claremont…….and all the other IE schools. BTW, the ESPN poll is more credible than Maxpreps.

  • It’s the league idiot

    Look on a map,
    Of the 6 girl’s soccer teams in the Sierra League, only St. Lucy’s, Charter Oak and South Hills are actually located in the SGV. Or do you consider Chino Hills or Ayala in the SGV? Yet if you read Fred’s blog regularly, you would know that he frequently mentions Chino Hills football because of their talent and Sierra League connection. The fact that St. Lucy’s just beat the ESPN #1 ranked team and will meet another #1 ranked team (Claremont)at least twice this year during league, makes good copy and could have been mentioned. Your reference to one poll being more credible than another is irrelevant as is your reference to maps.

  • Look on a map

    You Claremont people are silly! Here is your blog.

    Btw, do you get the SGV Tribune delivered to your home or the Daily Bulletin?