Hacienda All-League Football: West Covina’s Chris Solomon earns player of the year

Above: West Covina’s Chris Solomon earned Hacienda player of the year award.

Hacienda All-League Football Team
Player of the year: Chris Solomon (West Covina)
Offensive player of the year: Jimmy Frazier (West Covina)
Defensive player of the year: Garrett Horine (Bonita)
First Team Offense
QB: Shane Virnala (Los Altos)
QB: Henry Omana (Diamond Bar)
RB: Justin Fa’aola (Los Altos)
RB: Aaron Salgado (West Covina)
RB: Cameron Griffin (Bonita)
RB: Terry Ford (Rowland)
TE: Ryan Ramirez (Bonita)
WR: George Katrib (Diamond Bar)
WR: Cody Lepp (Walnut)
WR: Austin Venegas (Bonita)
OL: Raul Gomez (West Covina)
OL: Ray Amaya (West Covina)
OL: George Castro (West Covina)
OL: Tony Hunyh (West Covina)
OL: Paul Ortega (Los Altos)
PK: Brian Drulias (Diamond Bar)

First Team Defense
DL: Justen Meaders (West Covina)
DL: Ryan Ramirez (Bonita)
DL: David Chatman (Diamond Ranch)
DL: George Castro (West Covina)
DL: James Hernandez (West Covina)
LB: Nick Pichotta (Bonita)
LB: Jacob Ardron (Diamond Ranch)
LB: Justin Fa’aola (Los Altos)
LB: Bradley Ojala (West Covina)
LB: Nick Todorvich (Bonita)
DB: George Katrib (Diamond Bar)
DB: Cody Lepp (Walnut)
DB: Gus Vilchis (West Covina)
DB: Terry Ford (Rowland)
DB: Austin Venegas (Bonita)

Second Team Offense
QB: Chris Mendez (Walnut)
RB: Reggie Turner (Bonita), Devin Brown (Walnut), Austin Szulczewski (Diaond Bar), Nick Gibson (Diamond Ranch).
WR: Scott Tibbs (Los Altos), Andrew Fischer (Diamond Ranch), Kyle Parisi (Walnut)
PK: Brandt Davis (Bonita)
TE: Davis Morgan (Diamond Bar)
OL: Moises Morales (Los Altos), Steven Chen (Los Altos), Chris Carrera (Diamond Bar), Blake Benjamin (Diamond Ranch), D.J. Theard (Bonita).
Second Team Defense
DL: Matt Carillo (Diamond Bar), Alan Jiminez (Los Altos), Adam Romero (West Covina), Sean Kroah (Bonita), Chris Powell (Diamond Ranch), Francisco Oritiz (Los Altos).
LB: Dorrin Turner (West Covina), Menandro Gelua (Diamond Bar), Robert Herrera (Walnut), Kennedy Brown (Diamond Bar), Victor Haro (Los Altos), Daniel Garcia (Walnut).
DB: Lonzell Barnett (West Covina), Chris Miller (Diamond Ranch), Gabe Lopez (Diamond Bar), Muleck Henderson (West Covina).

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  • Jim Garrison

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but this reeks of a conspiracy. Dorrin Turner sets a West Covina record for most tackles in a season, is the team’s defensive player of the year and on the Tribune’s All Valley squad. He is only the sixth best linebacker in the Hacienda League?

  • Bulldoggy

    I agree. What does it take for someone to make All-League anyway?? Please answer me that. I see a kid on here who I KNOW only played in 1-1/2 Hacienda league games before getting injured. How the HELL did other schools get more linebackers on this team than West Co??

  • PantherPride

    You need to bury your nose as deep as you can in the coaches behinds. We have had a problem with that at our school and I can tell you that the majority of us are SO happy to see those people finally move on. Not putting down any kids, but some of those parents are just too much.

  • Westco has 16

    West Covina has 16 players that are going to get a patch and some of their parents are still going to complain, figures, if u have aproblem talk to the coaches they were the ones there who decided

  • Bulldoggy

    @Westco has 16
    Not to sound too bold, but don’t you think with the team we had that West Co should probably have 22?? I can actually understand 21 because how can our QB have any chance of making ALL-League when we only pass 3 or 4 times a game (not putting him down because he was a great team player. Some recognition is still entitled there). The most DOMINANT playoff run topped off with an 84-point performance in the Championship game. Is that what you’re saying?? That OUR coaches are the ones who decided. I just don’t see how we only have 1 Linebacker on First Team and Bonita has 2 when Dorrin Turner has had a GREAT year. Also, we gave up less points than any other school. I see that Deandre Douglas (Rowland) was 4th in league receiving yardage yet he didn’t even make SECOND TEAM. Fisher from DRanch is on second team and he only played 1 or 2 league games. That Sanez (Bonita) kid was fifth in sacks and isn’t on the team either. WHAT THE HELL FRED?? Sounds like a popularity contest to me.

  • reality

    These picks were decided by Hacienda coaches during a league meeting for that purpose. It is really very informal with not much thought given to nominations and choices. If a staff is not fully engaged in the process and prepared to defend his kid that player will just be ignored. Some staffs feel these honors are important to their players and others don’t take it as seriously until the next day or week then wish they had done more. It is not a popularity contest but often it is how hard a staff fights for his kid. This very much is a reflection on the staff.

  • Don’t blame Fred or the Tribune for all-league voting. CIF and All-League voting are done by the coaches. No media involved. And both meetings are basically a concession process. “You put my kid here, we’ll put your kid there.”

    That’s why I’ve always said it’s best to take the all-league voting with a grain of salt. The legit stuff is the Tribune All-Area Team. Enjoy it this weekend!

  • Aram dont even try

    Aram dont even try to tell everyone about the almighty all area SGVT team, at least the coaches vote (imperferct as it is) in All league, and that means something, not your teacher’s pet team,

    dont even try to to make it legit, it is 3 or 4 peoples opinion who really dont matter, coaches voting at least really means something, albeit not perfect, not some media guys who “know everything” kind of team

  • Aram, salt shakers are cheap at discount stores

    since the All league voting should be taken with a grain of salt, you can buy players like Solomon, Frazier, Faaola, Livingston, Venegas, Nelson, Yabrough, et al, salt shakers, sign them with permanent marker, and pass out at their respective banquets, and someday they might become very valuable, just a thought

  • Kan B’alam Son of Pakal

    I don’t know why any team in the hacienda is complaining. West Covina dominated every aspect of every game in Hacienda play. On both sides of the ball to be exact. With the exception of QB, Wr, and Pk(which their kicker kick a obscene amount of extra points), they should have 16 or maybe more. That is what second team and Honorable mention is for. How do explain. Dorian Turner is 2nd Team??? Gimme a break. Their are not many leagues that were dominated like The Hacienda and Rio hondo. It’s hard to tell kid he is not all league, when he dominated or outplayed another kid on the list. It’s political, a wheel and deal situation. Coaches have to compromise. But The whole starting 22 should have been first team for west Covina.

  • Yeah, you naysayers ask any of the kids which team they’d rather be on. What’s the bigger honor?

    We don’t make any concessions at the Tribune. There is no tit for tat.

    Everybody knows I’m right, whether they want to admit or don’t want to admit it … but know it deep down.

    Let FC and MS have their fun with that one.

  • Huh??


    How do you believe the tribs picks are any better, when we all know that you didn’t even see all the teams play this past year???

    I agree the coaches picks can be bad also. But at least they saw film, and actually saw all the players live.

    Just wondering…

  • The coaches didn’t see all the teams in the area. They saw all the teams in their league. I would be willing to bet that between Fred and I, we saw every MEANINGFUL team in the area.

    I saw:

    West Covina
    Diamond Bar
    El Monte
    South El Monte
    La Puente
    South Hills
    Charter Oak
    San Dimas
    Baldwin Park

    I didn’t see Los Altos or Chino Hills, but guess what — Fred DID!

    Try again.

    If any of you only knew the horror stories from all-league meetings that COACHES TOLD ME, you wouldn’t be sitting here thinking these things are legit.

    And like somebody else said, you might as well just say who DIDN’T make it because just about everybody is included.

  • SGV for 30 Years

    Good Lord Aram!
    You make the All-League voting sound like it’s done by a bunch of bozos. Who is better qualified to select All-League than the coaches who spend hours watching game film. The All-Trib Team is the biggest joke ever. What qualifies you guys to select All-Anything. How much game film do you watch? How many practices to you attend? Did you guys ever play football? I’ve been watching you guys rank teams for years. You guys are in the business of “feel good stories” and have no qualifications to evaluate football teams or players. It’s easy to pick the top teams. Amat, Charter Oak, West Covina the top teams? Wow talk about no brainers. Mark my words, there will be a deserving player who you guys will leave off your “All-Area” team. An All-Cif Player that you will make a second teamer because you guys want them to feel good.

  • Huh??



    Sort of says it all rt??? Oh well.

    This Blog is talking about the Hacienda and that was what I was referring to.

  • Aram saw 20 out of 82 SGV teams

    So if you do count L Altos and C Hills (Fred did)that would mean 22 out of the 82 teams that comprise the Mid Valley and Southeast Div (and B Amat). As Tommy Lee Jones said in the Fugitive, “Sir would you like to revise your statement.?”

    Surely of the 62 remaining teams in the area, there may be a few who would be considered MEANINGFUL, even if you did not see them, “Sir would you like to revise your statememt?”

  • The Tribune has 35 teams in its coverage area. Not 82. Haha. 82. That’s funny.

    There are 11 weeks in the regular season. We each cover one game every Friday and sometimes cover a Thursday game. And some Thursdays when we’re not covering a game, we go watch anyway.

    And by meaningful, I’m talking first, second and third-place teams. I saw every first and second place team this year but Chino Hills. And Fred saw Chino Hills. I also saw several also-rans.

    Listen, if any of you are gonna come at me with your weak crap, just save it. You need to step up your games. Don’t be like FC or MS and simply call me fat. Tell me something I don’t know. I’m not qualified? Please. I’m more qualified than anybody you know.

  • Sorry Aram

    So you’re coverage is only 35 schools out of the teams from the Mid Valley and Southeast Div; my mistake, I didnt realize the Tribune was so tiny and insignificant

  • The Tribune covers the Valle Vista, Sierra, Montview, Mission Valley and Hacienda leagues, and Glendora and Amat.

  • wormseyeview

    If Jimmy Frazier is the Offensive P.O.Y why isn’t he the Player of the Year?
    If Chris Solomon is the Player of the year, how can Jimmy Frazier be the Offensive P.O.Y.?

  • Kan B’alam Son of Pakal

    All Area is meaningful and serious accolade. Every year someone gets screwed on the all area team. However with the way media is now, you can see almost any team at least once. I am from Mtown, with all the coverage on Ellis, there were some guys on the west side Tierney from La Salle, and Morona from St Francis, guys you never hear about. So it happens. However, Sgv football is very localized, and From what I’ve Seen the Tribune-Star news have had correspondents at the majority of the games. These Correspondents are extensions of the Editors “Eyes and Ears”. All of that information gets funneled in, and will be evaluated at a later date. With Maxpreps, Prepsports, Mid Valley Sports, and word of mouth from Coaches and football heads, it’s quite easy to keep up with the talent in your area. I have yet to see a all area team on both sides, that was not accurate. You may be able to argue about who should been on there, or complain about who wasn’t on there, but the young men who make the team have earned the right to be on there as well. So who goes and who stays? That will always be determined by who’s paper it is. Whether you respect it or honor it, that’s what goes in the archives. However, there are only limited spots. That’s the way it is, that’s the way it’s always going to be. Look at this hacienda league spread. 31 players made first team 31 made 2nd team. That’s 62 players who received an accolade. How many players do you expect to get recognized. The all area team will be similar. That’s the 64 best players in the SGV. You can cover all the guys you need with 64 spots. Lets just make the entire coverage area ” All Area, and send out 1000 certificates of appreciation like they do in little league baseball…everyone gets a trophy. Gimme break.

  • getting jipped

    Jonathan Thropay was Sierra League honorable mention, that was the biggest joke of the century after the great season he put together. Jim Garrison I see where your coming from, and its a shame guys are overlooked in these league meetings

  • paul


  • SGV for 30 Years


    I’m not gonna call you fat, I’m not into personal attacks. But like I said before, you guys aren’t qualified to evaluate players. Going to a few games isn’t enough. We have all seen your rankings. Amat, West Covina, Charter Oak, then whos’ ever bandwagon you and Freddy are ridin on that week…… See Los Altos and Diamond Bar this year for example. Your evaluation had them being about to challenge WC for the league championship. Some of us laughing. I think Fred said Walnut was gonna go 0=10 right before they dominated LA. Do you guys realize that Walnut was one catch from making the play-offs. So like I said before what makes you think you can evaluate top players?

    SGV430 Ouuuttt!!

  • Dog Town

    Dorrin Turner Has been one of the most productive and important players for WC. The number of Tackles he put up this year is ridicules. His contribution to the team was a huge reason reason for the teams sucess. I cannot believe that he was not first team, who in the hell is doing the math? Gordo and family it was a pleasure knowing, and sitting with you guys. The game would not seem the same if we didn’t hear HIT SOMEBODY…. See you guys next year,

  • Go Bulldogs

    @ wormseyeview,

    Player of the year as in MVP!
    Just like any other level their is an offensive and a defensive POY and then there’s an MVP!

  • AMAT 73

    I have a question for Fred and Aram . When selecting your all valley team you basically get to see the eligible players go up against each other either thru league or playoff games.You can really judge whether player A at OT is better than player B at the same position because you see them perform against your choice at DE in a lot of cases . For instance you get to see how a safety from CO played against a top receiver from the Sierra and compare the other safeties of the Sierra against the same competition and so on with other players at different positions either in league and preseason. How do you rate or judge the players from AMAT when they only played one SGV team (Damien ) this season and most of their work is done against teams you are not really familiar with as you are with the teams of the SGV. This is not a homer or lobbying for AMAT players on the team question but more of a reply to Aram’s posts of how right on the choices are and how qualified they are that they make the right choices on who should be on this team more then anyone we know.

  • wormseyeview

    Go Bulldogs said:
    @ wormseyeview,
    Player of the year as in MVP!
    Just like any other level their is an offensive and a defensive POY and then there’s an MVP!


  • Amat 73 is an imbecile

    Amat 73, you are officially an idiot!

    How dare you actually call into question Aram’s methods? If you had half a brain you’d kneel at the altar of his brilliance and submit lock step with the methodology that clearly escapes your Catholic school mind.

    For those that haven’t had a cup of Aramaide here’s a small look inside the brain of our once gifted Wonder Boy.

    In scientific circles the method is called the Mothatolis Syndrome in honor of former wrestler John Tolis who knew who’s head to bash in based on fan popularity. The essence of the syndrome is to “follow the light”. The brighter the skill position players the greater the supporting parts, as long as said skill player has greater Tribune “reach”.

    For example while Solomon has earned much acclaim gaining all those yards we also see every single back in the WC line up have similar yards per carry numbers and over all success over the past two Championship years. In Scandinavian scienticfic circles this is called the Blonde Blue Eye Syndrome which says “as long as it’s blonde it must be good right?”

    Now Amat 73 you seem to have gotten your hands on Germanic literature which adheres to the scientific model of the analytical method. Who needs to go there Amat 73? Do you realize the level of effort said methods would require? The research boggles the mind. For example, how many D1 signees did Jalen Moore play against to earn two straight 1st team honors? How many D1 level sized athletes did Bishop Amat linemen compete against? Can grasp the Herculean effort to look at film, call coaches, check with Scout.com and to compare and contrast individual player match ups?

    The way I see it Amat 73 you sir are a belly crawling malcontent nearing the soul searching depths of your Lancer leader King Joseph I, lol.


    sgv for 30,

    are you upset because your son got nothing again. a second string qb will always be a second string qb

  • SGV for 30 Years.


    Dude you have no clue. I’m not upset about anything. My point was that Aram and Fred get to choose the All-SGV Team but have nothing concrete to base their evaluations of these players on. I actually don’t have a dog in this fight. I just don’t want to see a deserving kid get left off just because. They blasted some of the coaches All-League choices. They watch hours of video as they prepare for the team they will face the next week. So who are Aram and Fred (mostly Aram) to second guess their decisions. So WHS (Walnut or Wilson) it’s not at all about me.

    SGV430 Ouutt!!!!