Mike the Cousin closes out 2011 with his All-Coveritlive Football Team

Mike “The Cousin” Robledo finished his second year doing Coveritlive for the SGVN, which has become a popular Friday night destination during the football season. With more people using twitter and smart phones, we expect next yer to be better than ever. To close out 2011, Mike the Cousin shared his thoughts on the year, and created the ALL-COVERITLIVE football team, which consists of teams and players Mike covered during the season.

Above: Charter Oak QB Travis Santiago and RB Kurt Scoby both named to All-Coveritlive Team.

MIKE THE COUSIN RECAP: Year two riding shot-gun was another monster success! I must first and foremost thank each and every school that allowed me access to its respective press-box. I know space is tight and having a spot for me meant I didn’t have to take my laptop into the stands, onto a roof, or even on a 50 ft platform! A special thanks to Randy Bell of Monrovia for rolling out the red-carpet for all three of my visits!
A big thank you to all the bloggers who came on and contributed. While I covered a featured game each week, we followed much more with the help of Twitter and Smartphones, both of which allowed us to bring more coverage on Coveritlive than just the game I was covering. Viewership peaked during week one of the CIF Playoffs, when I felt like Andrew Siciliano on the RedZone, but without the 103 foot screen! This year, we covered 22 teams over the 15-week season (one more than last year). I witnessed
my share of nail-biters (San Dimas vs Azusa II), as well as my share of blow-outs (Bishop Amat vs Servite), an elite super-recruit who will be playing on Saturday’s next year (Ellis McCarthy), a jawdropping, record setting performance (West Covina scoring 84 points in a Championship game), some frightening injuries (Jacob Rodriguez, Benny Garcia, Corey Peoples & Rio Ruiz), a courageous performance (Travis Santiago vs Chino Hills) and two Championship teams that were not to be denied (West Covina & Monrovia)
Here’s my 2011 All-Coveritlive team: (All of these athletes we covered on Coveritlive in 2011)

Game 1: Bonita 40, San Dimas 20
Game 2: Charter Oak 17, Glendora 6
Game 3: West Covina 26, Covina 20 (OT)
Game 4: Monrovia 29, Glendora 16 * (twitter coverage)
Game 5: Servite 49, Bishop Amat 14
Game 6: Bishop Amat 49, La Mirada 13
Game 7: Bishop Amat 28, Damien 7
Game 8: South Hills 34, Monrovia 30
Game 9: Diamond Ranch 31, Diamond Bar 19
Game 10: Bishop Amat 28, Crespi 14
Game 11: Loyola 14, Bishop Amat 3
Game 12: Notre Dame 17, Bishop Amat 12
Game 13: Charter Oak 38, Chino Hills 7
Game 14: Monrovia 24, Pomona 7
Game 15: San Dimas 30, Azusa 23
Game 16: Monrovia 41, Covina 27
Game 17: West Covina 84, La Serna 21 * (twitter coverage)
Game 18: Monrovia 53, San Gabriel 14

QB: Travis Santiago, Charter Oak
QB: Blake Heyworth, Monrovia
RB: Jalen Moore, Bishop Amat
RB: Marquise Bias, Monrovia
WR: Chris Gilchrist, Charter Oak
WR: Alex Villalobos, San Gabriel
OL: Travis Averill, Servite
OL: Chris Flores, Covina
PK: Mason Bryant, Monrovia
AP: Jimmy Frazier, West Covina
AP: Chris Solomon, West Covina
DL: Ellis McCarthy, Monrovia
DL: Nick Hynes, Covina
LB: Justen Meaders, West Covina
LB: Butch Paa, Servite
DB: Kodi Whitfield, Loyola
DB: Chris Miller, Diamond Ranch
S: Jonathan Thropay, Charter Oak
S: DeShawn Ramirez, Monrovia.

Honorable Mention
Cody PIttman (Servite), Billy Livingston (Covina), Kurt Scoby (Charter Oak), Chris Harper (Crespi), Adam Sanchez (Bishop Amat), Jordan Simmons (Crespi), George Castro (West Covina), Brandt Davis (Bonita), Vinny Venegas (Covina), Travis Averill (Servite), Cade Shulz (Monrovia), DJ Daniels (Bishop Amat), Anthony Craft (Monrovia), Adam Alcantara (Bishop Amat), Jamie Canada (South Hills).

Courtney Ponce interviewing Mike the Cousin

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  • Why?

    If you were going to include non-SGV teams like Servite and Loyola (teams you covered while they played SGV teams) then you should have just thrown in Ellis McCarthy along side all of the starters for Servite and been done with it.


    The AZUSA vs San Dimas, game was a great game and what makes football great to watch! I’ve notice their wasn’t to much input about the game afterwards, but this was AZUSA best game against SD, and should have won. BUT… Two minutes left in the game and AZUSA is winning 23-22. AZUSA kicks-off and the player from SD runs the ball back almost for a touchdown, and SD has the ball at the AZUSA ten yardline. The kicker had been told to squibb kick the entire game, a kick that in my opinion does nothing, and gives the opposition the ball at the 40, or 50 yardline.

    Well, he kicks it long and I believe one of SD best players runs it back for a long one(GOOD GRIEF)AHAHA… Well the rest is history!! SD, wins again!

    What we have going on here is some what of a great rivialry and AZUSA is getting closer and closer; Hopefully one year Coach Scherf can finally get by them!

    AZUSA, has shown great progress under Scherf, and hopefully AZUSA can get to that well sought after CIF CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!

    One more thing I would like to add and Congrats to EX-COACH SCHUSTER from AZUSA, now a CIF CHAMPION at Monrovia!



    One more thing I wanted to mention and after the game was over, AZUSA was heading towards the buses after the game was over and I witness several players from SD run across the field to shake Desmond Reed’s hand and I thought that was a highest honor, a player can do to another player!

    SD your well coached and you’re ALL CLASS!


  • Mikey El Primo, thank you for another fantastic season.

    You and Chino Hills Tom have added so much to our coverage that it’s beyond words. You guys are both class acts and could share Staff MVP honors every year as far as I’m concerned.

    See you in 2012, que no?

  • wtf

    This message is to all you SGV Coaches and Fans. Football in SGV is bad. We have not had one team in State Bowl. Every other Socal area has had a team represented in state bowl. The fault falls on the lap of coaches they have plenty of talent in area. The fans of some fault because you except this mediocre coaching. The 2012 football season starts in january for all the programs who want to compete. Hey Coaches stop with all that bullcrap recruiting and focus on the freshman squads and help your local youth football teams. If you coaches treated you freshman and JV squads like you do Varisty you would have a contender for then state bowl.

  • Fan

    Thanks Mike

  • SD MOM

    AZTEC PRIDE: those boys running over to desmond grew up with him, played ball with him since he they were little…along with jacob, tony,and many more!!!

  • Mike…. DeShawn Ramirez was a “Cornerback” and never played Safety for MHS…. Just making sure you get it right my friend….