Valle Vista All-League Football: Covina’s Vinny Venegas earns MVP honors

Above: All-purpose threat Vinny Venegas named Valle Vista League MVP.

Valle Vista All-League Football
Vinny Venegas (Covina)
Most Valuable Offense: Sir Darius Yarbrough (Pomona)
Most Valuable Defense: Michael Todd (Pomona)
Lineman of the year: Phil Romano (Covina)
First Team Offense
QB: Billy Livingston (Covina)
WR: Justin Mason (Covina)
WR: Will Mitchell (Northview)
WR: Terrell Mosby (Pomona)
WR: George Czarnick (Wilson)
RB: Gevontray Ainsworth (Covina)
RB: Keith Bolden (Nogales)
RB: Javon Taylor (Northview)
RB: J.R. Nelson (Wilson)
TE: Samuel Guillen (Baldwin Park)
OL: David Ramirez (Covina)
OL: Chris Flores (Covina)
OL: Jared Kough (Pomona)
OL: Alec Zenner (San Dimas)
OL; Lucas Darling (San Dimas)
PK: Diego Lopez (Nogales)
First Team Defense
DB: Peter De La Cruz (Covina)
DB: Terrell Mosby (Pomona)
DB: Dillon Corona (San Dimas)
DB: J.R. Nelson (Wilson)
DL: Nick Hynes (Covina)
DL: Caesar Murilo (Covina)
DL: Jared Kough (Pomona)
DL: Oliver Mullings (Pomona)
DL: Jesse Ojeda (San Dimas)
LB: Johnny Padilla (Covina)
LB: Christian Zapata (Covina)
LB: Justin Bugh (San Dimas)
LB: Jake Barbosa (San Dimas)

Second Team Offense
WR: Eddie Gutierrez (Baldwin Park), Peter De La Cruz (Covina), Errol Romney (Nogales).
Backs: Gio Resendez (Baldwin Park), Anthony Moran (Baldwin Park), Nephi Tofiga (Nogales), Jake Payton (San Dimas), Shawn Kennedy (San Dimas), Dominic Jollevet (San Dimas).
OL: Jonathan Cannon (Baldwin Park), Julian Lujan (Nogales), Christian Rivas (Northview), Oliver Mullings (Pomona), Will Anguiano (San Dimas).
TE: Tavea Cobb (Pomona)
PK: Albert Reyes-Villaruel (Pomona)
Second Team Defense
DB: Andrew Carillo (Covina), Errol Romney (Nogales), Will Mitchell (Northview), Jake Payton (San Dimas).
DL: Samuel Guillen (Baldwin Park), Freddy Navarro (Nogales), Adam Casillas (San Dimas), Erik Montoya (San Dimas), Ramon Sierra (Wilson)
LB: Keith Bolden (Nogales), Terrance Manderville (Nogales), Roy Torres (Northview), Fabian Abraham (Pomona).

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  • OKAY

    Good Job FRED, there’s still alot of FOOTBALL to be talked about! Nice article and KEEP’EM COMING!

  • This List Confirms: Play Of The Year – the ‘Hurdle Play’

    First of all congrats to all players,

    Of the 7 missed tackles on Nelson’s Hurdle Play against Covina, 5 are mentioned above. #57 Romano misses, #8 Hynes cant hold on, #5 is sent flying in the air (sorry Vinny), #6 Carillo gets hurdled, #32 Zapata gets stiff armed to the pylon

    Covina you deserve all of the accolades, but this play needs to be shown at your banquet (sorry Carillo) but at times getting laughed at puts it all in perspective

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Congrats to the Venegas kid saw you play against Monrovia, not a bad football player. And to Ainsworth keep your head up, you run like youre from MTOWN.oops I forget you have that Monrovia spirit running through you. Mac what you waiting on? Might be time to come home, I also want to send a shout out to Sir D from Pomona. If you all had any more depth you might have had better success in the playoffs, your coach has your program turned in the right direction. Lastly to the two Pomona LBs number 2 and number 4, thank you for lighting a fire under MHS. It was your trash talking before the first playoff game that lit a fire under the Wildcats. “Number 2 and number 4 coming to town, Number 2 and number 4 coming to town, we coming after you number 18. Word to the wise, never talk trash before a game especially on the defending champions home turf. At any congratulations on your all league selections. Wildcats 3PEAT in 2012

  • KennedyBryant

    In my opinion Pomona had the 2nd most talented team in the MID VALLEY

  • Fatboy4

    If Pomona had the 2nd most talented players what does that say about the coaching??? Not Good.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Best players had to go both ways… and were exhausted by the end of third qtr. I think they have a great coach. Just sayin.

  • The number is 10

    Between 1st and 2nd team there are 10 running backs named to the All-League. Maybe you should have just listed the kids that didn’t make All-League, the list would have been shorter. I mean, who didn’t make the team at running back? The water boy? And who is the 2nd team QB? Or was that such a weak position in the VV that they didn’t bother naming?

  • Coaches voted for it No.10

    Dear #10, evidently Shawn Kennedy is 2nd Team QB, it just isnt listed, and so what if a lot of kids got recognized at the league level, VVL has 7 teams and some only have 5 teams, besides, the main one is All CIF selection, and on that one for Mid Valley All CIF only 2 RB’s (Yabrough and Nelson) made it, and that one has 39 teams to choose from

  • The number is 10

    @Coaches voted
    This is not youth soccer where everyone gets recognized and gets a trophy at the end of the year. If your going to name an All-League team, then do it right. Name 2 kids at running back to 1st team and 2 kids at running back to 2nd team. Watering down the All-League selections makes the team irrelevant.

  • Just Observing

    The WR from Northview had 8 catches in league and he’s 1st team…. WOW! The voting is a joke!

  • Dear No. 10

    OK, I see your point, and I noticed the Hac League also has 10 RB’s, guess there arent any guidelines at the league level, but it sounds like an adult thing, dont short the boys

  • Colt74

    I think someone said something about Phil Romano before the season started…who was it???

    Oh yeah…it was me!

    “….Remember the name Phil Romano come the end of the season and CIF team selections. He’ll be there….”

    Cee Oooh… Vee Iiii Nnnnn Aaaaaa !!!!!
    August 26, 2011 11:11 PM

    Congrats to ALL players selected!

  • Just Observing

    Northview RB over SD running back #3 Jollevet, that is a joke also. Look up the #’s on Maxpreps. Not to mention he only played half the games against a few teams in league due to score. The voting needs to be corrected and not made so every team has someone make it. To all who made it though, congrats on the accomplshment.

  • Fatboy4

    Hey Kennedy Bryant…Everyone in League goes both ways. Get a new excuse for your crappy coaching at Pomona.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @ Fatboy:

    Hey just my opinion and based on what I saw, Pomona by far was very talented and had the second best talent in the Mid Valley. No disrepect to Covina or San Dimas. Ill take PTOWN skilled players over Covina, and San Dimas.
    with the one exception of Livingston @ QB. Ill put it to you this way….na never mind youd never get it. At any rate not going to argue subjectivity. Merry Christmas

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Perhaps thats why no team from the VVL made to the championship round cuz everyone was going both ways….. Just a thought

  • cov80

    if p town had SO MUCH talent how do u LOSE to C TOWN and san dimas we SHUT DOWN your RB he only had 70 yds 1 GOOD PLAY our D shut u DOWN

  • cov80

    CONGRATS to all the COVINA BOYS the KREW is well rep.and to THE COACHS JOB WELL DONE and now on to baseball! way to go vinny MVP MVP MVP back to back you are the BEST FOOTBALL PLAYER I EVER SAW!

  • cov80, what about bball?

    On to baseball huh?? are you throwing Covina basketball under the bus already??, league hasnt even started yet

  • Kan B’alam Son of Pakal

    Revised Valley Vista All league

    The whole Covina team
    The whole San Dimas team
    The whole Wilson Team
    The whole Nogales team
    The whole Northview team
    The whole Pomona team
    The whole Baldwin Park team

    The whole purpose of all league is that everyone doesn’t make it. It sucks but someone has to be moved to 2nd team, then you honorably mention the rest. For the Record Pomona did have the best talent in the VVL. There problem was “No QB”. Covina’s problem was their Talent was not what they thought it was, and their line was not big at all. If you take Ainsworth, Mason and Hynes out the lineup, Covina averages 5’10 at best, including the line and the QB(5’10-5’10 1/2).
    I am not shocked that Ptown had so many first team players. They were the best Midvalley team Monrovia played all year. Arcadia, South Hills, and Paramount were better than “Every team” in the midvalley. You can bet on that. But nevertheless congrats to the all league players. This is something no one can take away from you. 20 years from now, you can say you were “all league” and that means something.

  • Colt74

    Got to love a Pomona a$$hole telling the world what is/was wrong with Covina……

    Give it a rest dipshyt…..

  • Colt74

    And no matter what log on you STILL ALWAYS use the wrong THEIR/THERE….

  • coltfan97

    To Kennedy Bryant,

    I think you will agree with me on this!!! Talent does not equal wins!!!!! That talent has to work as one to become a team ( i.e. Monrovia)!!! Pomona had talent this year but where did that get them????

    I am not trying downplay Pomona’s team, just imagine Pomona if the players were there for more than a year!!!! That’s scary!!!!! Mosby, Yabrough, and Kough are studs and I can’t wait to see them at the next level!!!!

  • coltfan97

    To Kennedy Bryant,

    I think you will agree with me on this!!! Talent does not equal wins!!!!! That talent has to work as one to become a team ( i.e. Monrovia)!!! Pomona had talent this year but where did that get them????

    I am not trying downplay Pomona’s team, just imagine Pomona if the players were there for more than a year!!!! That’s scary!!!!! Mosby, Yabrough, and Kough are studs and I can’t wait to see them at the next level!!!!

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @ Coltfan97

    Agreed, you make a great point talent doesnt mean wins. I truly think Covina was a better team than Pomona.

  • L.A. South All-region Football Team

    Found the following on

    Dec 20,2011 5:55PM By Blair Angulo
    L.A. South All-region Football Team


    Troy Williams, Narbonne, Junior – Williams was superb in managing Narbonne’s no-huddle spread attack. He did it with his arm (3,247 passing yards, 34 touchdowns), he did it with his legs (587 yards, 11 scores), and he made the right decisions with the football. The junior quarterback guided the Gauchos to the City Section Division I title.


    Robert Lewis, South East, Senior – Opposing coaches schemed to stop Lewis but the electrifying tailback still averaged 10 yards per carry and amassed 2,023 yards and 30 touchdowns for the City Section Division II champs. Coach Derwin Henderson pegged him as the city’s best all-around talent. Lewis has verbally committed to Southern Methodist.


    Ellis McCarthy, Monrovia, Senior – The mind-boggling numbers aren’t quite there because the big guy faced double- and triple-teams on a weekly basis. Coach Ryan Maddox built his defense around the 305-pound defensive tackle and it paid off with Monrovia capturing its second straight Mid-Valley Division championship. McCarthy has offers from all over, including Cal, USC, Florida, Oregon and Washington.


    Jack Schneider, Charter Oak, Junior – With 89 total points, Schneider was the region’s top scorer among kickers. In 12 games he made 65 extra points for the Sierra League champions.


    Manual Douglas, Narbonne – By the end of the season, Douglas had his Gauchos playing as well as any team in the area. Narbonne finished 11-3 and reached its third City Section title game in the last four years. Douglas scheduled tough with games at Long Beach Poly and Tesoro, and the strategy paid dividends.


    QB Steven Rivera, Arroyo, Sr. – Rivera capped his stellar four-year stay at Arroyo by passing for 3,408 yards and 38 touchdowns, leading the Knights to the Mission Valley League title.

    RB Tray Boone, Narbonne, Sr. – The shifty back rushed for six touchdowns in the City Section Division I title game to finish with 1,400 yards and 22 touchdowns. He did all of this in an offense that primarily throws the ball.

    RB Marquise Bias, Monrovia, Sr. – The powerful Bias pounded his way to 260 yards and three touchdowns in the Mid-Valley Division title game, and finished with more than 1,500 yards for the season.

    WR Bryce Treggs, St. John Bosco, Sr. – The Cal commit made Trinity League defenses look foolish, hauling in 11 touchdowns to go along with 1,377 receiving yards.

    WR Darreus Rogers, Carson, Sr. – Rogers, a USC commit, was the City Section’s leading receiver with 1,251 yards. He had a monster performance in the title game but it wasn’t enough for the Colts.

    WR Alex Villalobos, San Gabriel, Sr. – The slot-type Villalobos was the state leader with 2,001 receiving yards. He added 21 touchdowns for the Mid-Valley Division runner-up Matadors.

    OL – Beau Leati, Narbonne, Sr. — City Section coaches selected Leati as the lineman of the year and for good reason. He anchored a line that opened gaping holes for Boone and protected Williams.

    OL Lacy Westbrook, Dominguez, Sr. – The UCLA commit was out when the Dons started the season with two losses, but his added a major spark to their ground attack.

    OL Beau Boyster, St. John Bosco, Sr. – The Braves averaged more than 400 yards of offense per game and the Arizona commit was in the middle of it, with his protection of strong-armed Rene Medina.

    OL Gerrad Kough, Pomona, Sr. – The Colorado commit spearheaded a Pomona running game that averaged more than 215 yards per game.

    OL George Castro, West Covina, Sr. – West Covina was 25th in the state in rushing yards per game (332) and Castro was a big reason why.

    PK Mason Bryant, Monrovia, Jr. – Bryant did it all for the back-to-back champion Wildcats as a receiver, defensive back and kicker, totaling 117 total points.

    P – Conrad Ukropina, Loyola, Sr. – Six of Ukropina’s 25 punts were downed inside the 20-yard line, and he averaged 43 yards per punt, the best in the Pac-5 Division.


    QB Travis Santiago, Charter Oak, Sr.
    RB Jimmy Frazier, West Covina, Sr.
    RB Kurt Scoby, Charter Oak, So.
    WR Richard Smith, Long Beach Poly, Sr.
    WR – Antoine Anderson, Narbonne, Sr.
    WR Hunter Duran, Arroyo, Sr.
    OL Chase Eldredge, Palos Verdes, Sr.
    OL Chad Wheeler, Santa Monica, Sr.
    OL Justin Johnson, Dorsey, Sr.
    OL Alec Zenner, San Dimas, Sr.
    OL Nico Falah, St. John Bosco, Jr.
    PK – Ret Tilman, Culver City, Sr.
    P Hayden Hunt, Long Beach Poly, Sr.


    DL Demetric McKinney, West Adams, Sr. – McKinney recorded a state-leading 26 sacks in only 12 games.

    DL Jeremiah Allison, Dorsey, Sr. – Allison will be used as a linebacker in college but he was fierce coming off the three-point stance for Dorsey. Allison had 14 sacks for the Coliseum League champions, giving him 34 over his last two seasons.

    DL Jesse Ojeda, San Dimas, Sr. – He only measures 5-feet, 7-inches but Ojeda was a force for the Saints, getting to the quarterback 17 times.

    LB Brett Walsh, Monrovia, Jr. – Walsh was second in the entire Southern Section with 192 tackles, thriving behind McCarthy’s havoc up front. He added eight sacks, and figures to garner attention during the offseason.

    LB Sergio Gonzalez, Ganesha, Jr. – The outside linebacker led the Mid-Valley Division with 17 sacks.

    LB Nuoye Clemmons III, West Adams, Sr. – Clemmons ranked second in the City Section with 146 tackles.

    LB Salamo Fiso, Long Beach Poly, Sr. – The Arizona State commit spearheaded a strong Jackrabbits defense with 117 tackles.

    DB Kevin Page, Dorsey, Sr. – Page intercepted six passes, including a big one on the road to clinch a victory at Alemany.

    DB Tyrone Taylor, Torrance, Sr. – The Cal State Fullerton baseball signee had 190 tackles from the safety position.

    DB Shane Baumann, St. John Bosco, Sr. – Baumann was in the middle of every defensive play, it seemed. He ranked fifth in the Pac-5 Division with 126 tackles and also had five interceptions.

    DB Mark Wright, Rolling Hills Prep, Sr. – Wright had 10 interceptions in nine games, good for a tie for second place in the state.


    DL Alonzo Williams, Long Beach Poly, Sr.
    DL Robbie Haines, Arcadia, Sr.
    DL Daniel Rios, Rosemead, Jr.
    LB Keishawn Haley, Culver City, Jr.
    LB Matt Rowe, Long Beach Poly, Sr.
    LB Jabari Ruffin, Downey, Sr.
    LB Thomas Brown, Gardena Serra, Sr.
    DB Trayvon Watson, West Adams, Sr.
    DB Gabriel Marks, Venice, Sr.
    DB Naijel Hale, Lakewood, So.
    DB Chris Solomon, West Covina, Sr.

  • Steve ojeda

    D L Jesse ojeda of SD is on ESPN la prep first. Team that a boy !