Montview All-League Football: Desmond Reed, Eric Perez and Adrian Pena share top honors

All Montview League Football
Offensive Most Valuable Player: Desmond Reed (Azusa)
Defensive Most Valuable Player: Eric Perez (Azusa)
Lineman of the year: Adrian Pena (La Puente)

First Team Offense
QB: Jake Martinez (Azusa)
RB: Nick Barrientos (La Puente)
RB: Justin Snedden (Workman)
RB: Tailik Mason (Duarte)
RB: Giovanni Rivera (Sierra Vista)
TE: Brandon Rios (La Puente)
WR: Michael Patini (La Puente)
WR: Richard Bradford (Duarte)
WR: James Figueroa (Azusa)
OL: Sergio Gomez (Azusa)
OL: Henry Duong (La Puente)
OL: Eric Rodriguez (Azusa)
OL: Kevin Arenas (La Puente)
OL: Carlos Gutierrez (Sierra Vista)
OL: Oscar Ramos (Azusa)
PK: Sergio Gonzalez (Sierra Vista)
First Team Defense
DL: Adrian Solchaga (Gladstone)
DL: Brandon Rios (La Puente)
DL: Rodrigo Navarro (Workman)
DL: Albert Pina (Duarte)
DL: Robert Chelala (Azusa)
LB: Aaron Sanchez (Gladstone)
LB: Danny Martinez (La Puente)
LB: Samuel Edwards (Duarte)
LB: Mike Mora (Sierra Vista)
LB: Adrian Chavez (Azusa)
DB: Noel Martinez (La Puente)
DB: Nicholas Leon (Duarte)
DB: Martin Garcia (Sierra Vista)
DB: Cameron Blackburn (Azusa)
DB: Kevin Jones (Ganesha)

Second Team Offense
QB: Ivan Vasquez (La Puente)
PK: Christian Guzman (Gladstone)
RB: Aaron Sanchez (Gladstone), Samuel Edwards (Duarte), Derrick Henderson (Ganesha), Antonio Govea (Ganesha).
WR: Sebastian Kirchfield (Gladstone), Raymond Pena (Bassett), Rayshaun McCarthy (Sierra Vista).
TE: Andres Hernandez (Ganesha).
OL: Jesse Tovar (La Puente), Jerry Gutierrez (Gladstone), Adrian Solchaga (Gladstone), Adrian Magallanes (Gladstone), Ivan Gregorio (La Puente), Anthony Miller (Workman).
Second Team Defense
DL: Jerry Gutierrez (Gladstone), Luis Verduzco (Sierra Vista), Alex Tapia (Azusa), Louis Mosqueda (Ganesha), Andres Hernandez (Ganesha).
LB: Jorge Martinez (La Puente), John Kalta (La Puente), Anthony Miller (Workman), Elias Oropeza (Workman), Sergio Gonzalez (Ganesha).
DB: Sebastian Kirchfield (Gladstone), Raymond Pena (Bassett), Vincent Silva (Workman), Desmond Reed (Azusa), Justin Sloan (Gladstone).

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  • Sgv Football

    Desmond Reed & Eric Perez both had great seasons. Hope too see them in the all-star game. And Scherf kept making your work hard, you got a great football program going in azusa. Best of luck!

  • random man

    What about patini 7 from Lp he led the mid valley in int & he ddnt even get nominated for 1st team def! Stupidity!

  • montview insider

    Well stuff happens and apentley it did not bother him, I seen him llay outstanding player, he made plays on offense that I’ve never seen, at one point I member his QB being mention as who is ivan vasquez ?? Well now people know him because of number 7 michael, what I’m trying to say is , its all about politics, but I’m sure he’ll play in the allstar game, & win a 1st o 2nd team all area,


    Well deserve to both players in receiving the top honors on offense and defense. Coach Scherf continues to coach good players. AZUSA FOOTBALL