All Serra League Football: Bishop Amat’s Jalen Moore earns first team second straight year

Serra All-League Football
Most Valuable Player
: Kyle DeVaugn (Alemany)
Most Valuable Defensive Player: Eamon McKosker (Loyola)
Most Valuable Offensive players: Steven Mitchell (Alemany), Kodi Whitfield (Loyola)
Most Valuable Lineman: Jordan Simmons (Crespi)
First Team Offense
Backs: Jalen Moore (Bishop Amat)
Backs: Mike Davison (Crespi)
Backs: Khalfani Muhammad (Notre Dame)
Backs: Devon Dunn (Alemany)
WR: Chaz Anderson (Loyola)
WR: Chris Harper (Crespi)
WR: Sam Robinson (Notre Dame)
OL: Travis Harvey (Loyola)
OL: Josue Najera (Notre Dame)
OL: Kyle Sulka (Notre Dame)
OL: Stephen Hutchinson (Crespi)
OL: Tyler Ansoms (Alemany)
OL: John Trice (Alemany)
PK: Pat Casserly (Crespi)
First Team Defense
DL: Lester Cienfuegos (Alemany)
DL: Kourey Gabriel (Crespi)
DL: Josh Anderson (Notre Dame)
DL: Sal Velasquez (Bishop Amat)
LB: Quentin Tartabull (Alemany)
LB: JJ Muno (Notre Dame)
LB: LJ Wilkerson (Crespi)
LB: Tim Patricio (Loyola)
DB: Tyler Forman (Crespi)
DB: Ajee Montes (Bishop Amat)
DB: Jerico Richardson (Alemany)
DB: Cameron Walker (Loyola)
DB: Nick Holland (Notre Dame)
P: Conrad Ikropina (Loyola)

Second Team Offense
Backs: Rio Ruiz (Bishop Amat), Robert Jenkins (Loyola), Nick Cotton (Loyola)
WR: Jack Neuheisel (Loyola), Zach Shay (Bishop Amat), Devin Ross (Alemany).
OL: Jacob Spear (Crespi), Coleman Shelton (Loyola), Eric Cuevas (Loyola), LeRoy Tanoai (Notre Dame), Philip Castellanos (Bishop Amat), Aubry Jackson (Alemany)
Second Team Defense
DL: Deyon Glass (Alemany), Nick Mortle (Loyola), Cameron Wall (Bishop Amat), Derick Turner (Notre Dame)
LB: Bryce Henderson (Alemany), Anthony Gutierrez (Notre Dame), DJ Daniels (Bishop Amat), Vernon Yancy (Loyola), Kenan Stevenson (Loyola).
DB: Noah Cecil (Crespi), Deron Smith (Alemany), Dionza Blue (Bishop Amat), Darren Andrews (Bishop Amat), Matt McNab (Notre Dame).
P: Dylan Pritchard (Notre Dame)

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  • Sierra League Fan

    Wow….only 3 Amat players on the first team total!
    There are only 5 teams in the league and that is all Amat could get??? WOW

  • yeah but there are some BA on 2nd team

    When you only win 1 league game you dont get the accolades, and Amat is actually lucky to get some second team entries such as Ruiz and giving Shay a spot as WR

  • john

    SL Fan,

    You make it seem Amat is playing in a non talented league. I can tell from the top of my head there are 9 kids who already have offers to play D1 at the college level.

  • john

    *correction 8 kids from the first team who have offers at D1. It’ll likely be 9 depending where Jalen Moore is headed.

    Also, I don’t know about the whole not getting accolades for one league win. Crespi and Notre Dame only had one win too but they have 8 and 7 entries respectively. Meanwhile, Alemany and Loyola who have a combined one loss have 8 and 7 kids on the first team too.



    Of 31 first team positions Amat got an awe inspiring 3 selections… that is roughly 9% in a league where they represent 20% of the population… of a league that had no wins in Divisional playoffs… So much for being meaningful competitors in “Big Boy” football… So much for respect from peers or being anything other than a after thought or a punchline… and when will the Serra be dropping out of the Pac5 and down to where they belong with say St. Paul and the Mission League in Division IV Western? Big Boy Football BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • AMAT 73

    Congratulations to all the LANCERS who made all league , be it first or second team. Great job guys.
    All you azzholes on here just to put our players down instead of congratulating the ones who made the team are truely idiots.

  • just sayin’

    the way I see it there are 10 Amat kids on that list of 1st and 2nd team. There are 60 total spots. It’s not that unbalanced when you think about it.


  • Lancelot

    CONGRATULATIONS to all Lancers first and second team honors!!!! As a matter of fact congrats to all honoree’s!!! You boys banged and battled all year in one of the toughest leagues in the country. Be proud of your accomplishments and ignore the ignorant, as they are known to thrieve on attention. Awesome year guys!


    @just sayin’

    Yes the preponderance of Amat’s “star” players were 2nd team and therefore inferior to other playing that position in the league that had NO wins in their playoff division. What this says is that Amat is a 2nd tier team in a 2nd tier league. Now all of you HOMERS may want to deny what is staring you in the face but Amat is NOT a elite football team in Southern California Prep scene. You can put on your finest and pretend but Amat’s peers have spoken.

  • Amat 73is an imbecile

    Amat 73, you are officially an idiot!

    How dare you actually call into question Aram’s methods? If you had half a brain you’d kneel at the altar of his brilliance and submit lock step with the methodology that clearly escapes your Catholic school mind.

    For those that haven’t had a cup of Aramaide here’s a small look inside the brain of our once gifted Wonder Boy.

    In scientific circles the method is called the Mothatolis Syndrome in honor of former wrestler John Tolis who knew who’s head to bash in based on fan popularity. The essence of the syndrome is to “follow the light”. The brighter the skill position players the greater the supporting parts, as long as said skill player has greater Tribune “reach”.

    For example while Solomon has earned much acclaim gaining all those yards we also see every single back in the WC line up have similar yards per carry numbers and over all success over the past two Championship years. In Scandinavian scienticfic circles this is called the Blonde Blue Eye Syndrome which says “as long as it’s blonde it must be good right?”

    Now Amat 73 you seem to have gotten your hands on Germanic literature which adheres to the scientific model of the analytical method. Who needs to go there Amat 73? Do you realize the level of effort said methods would require? The research boggles the mind. For example, how many D1 signees did Jalen Moore play against to earn two straight 1st team honors? How many D1 level sized athletes did Bishop Amat linemen compete against? Can grasp the Herculean effort to look at film, call coaches, check with and to compare and contrast individual player match ups?

    The way I see it Amat 73 you sir are a belly crawling malcontent nearing the soul searching depths of your Lancer leader King Joseph I, lol.

  • Lancelot

    Little Boy Blew (curtain) I’m sure if you keep repeating it, you’ll even begin to believe it. It worked that way for you, ahhh, I mean…it worked that way for another repetitious blogger in the past.

  • Joe Amat

    While the “sarcasm font” is in disabled mode on the blog…it came through loud and clear nonetheless.

    The problem that many have is exttrapolating perfromance based on different talent/competition levels. Because a player perfoms at a particular level against certain competition in the Fish Bowl does not ensure they will perform the same elsewhere.

    We’ve seen the reverse phenomenon recently when former Lancers have gone elsewhere and turned from third option backs in the Serra League into dominating Miramonte studs or from Serra League 2nd teamers into Fish Bowl Players of the Year.

  • AMAT 73

    MFS , MPJ , DD , PR , and a cast of others , if I am guessing correctly ,
    Right post wrong thread.Can you believe some of the crap that was posted on that thread by our beloved scribe. Very funny stuff as I do get what you are trying to say but I believe most will think you are just bashing me for the sake of me being an AMAT honk and my post to a few idiots on here. As far as the Golden Greek , I was more of a Classie Freddie Blassie fan . HA HA HA.

  • Amat 73, I got a new screen name Stanford Dad !!!

    What can you say Amat 73….I thought I’d give the Amat Bashers and Fish Bowlers the “illusion” they seek, hope you enjoyed the yoke!

    BTW, I posted it on another thread by it was too rich not to share.

    BTW, your nephew sure did make his Papa proud didn’t he? Like all my haters know sooner or later they’ll have to give me my due. Next year I fully expect the PAC 12 Championship to take on a whole new meaning for me…LOL

  • coltfan97

    Before I start this post PLEASE read and comprehend my post before you react!!!!

    First of all I am not an Amat fan, I don’t go to there games!!! I am a colt lifer!!!! And my loyalty is WITH my Colts!!!!!


  • oh i can’t wait

    What are you Amat gones going to say when your dropped from the Pac 5. This going to be great D3 her you come.
    just like every other sport your not D1 any longer.

  • Wait longer

    Not. Gonna. Happen. Ever!

  • AMAT 73

    can’t wait,
    Better hope it’s not a nightmare and they put AMAT in the Sierra or Hacienda or whatever league or division your team toils in . But as every other gutless hater out there you will not mention from what school you throw your rocks from so we will never know , will we . You might want go to your nearest church and light a few candles it doesn’t happen.
    My Friend Sparta,
    Hell of an accomplishment by your youngest . Congrats, but with Barkley coming back now you’ll have 2 chances at that PAC-12 title.

  • waiting and waiting and waiting…

    amat has heard that same song and dance for years. westerrn division? When amat was awful they still beat the western champ.

  • Amat will be CIF Champs once again

    When you get moved down to D3 or D4 you will dominate once again. This is still a good accomplishment. I just wish the Amat fans didn’t spend so much time snubbing none D1 champs. We’ll maybe you will see it different when your in our boat. I promise our rings shine just at bright…..Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahha

  • coltfan97

    People can you comprehend what Aram and Fred have been saying all year long!!!! Just wondering!!!!!! I know most bloggers read on what Fred, Aram, and other bloggers write, but do you actually understand what they write?

    What am I getting at? Well it’s simple, CIF DOES NOT RE LEAGUE THIS YEAR!!!!
    LET ME REPEAT THIS!!! CIF DOES NOT RE LEAGUE THIS YEAR!!! This year CIF only deals with the league as a whole on whether they should move up, move down, or stay in the same division!!!

    So people think about it, if Bishop Amat moved to a lower division, that means that division will have Crespi, Sherman Oaks Notre Dame, Bishop Amat, Alemany, and Loyola!!!!! So in other words Bishop Amat is staying in the PAC 5!!!!!

  • pac 5

    Amat might not be a top pac 5 team,but they belong.the serra league is very good and balanced .the only league that can take there place in the pac 5 is the marmonte league with westlake,oaks christian and st. bonnies.Everyone is quick to talk smack on Amat not having many players make all league.all the other top teams in the valley would be in the same boat if they where in the serra. the serra was loaded at wide receivers,running backs,dbs and some linemen. west covina the top team would probably only have solomon,meaders and a couple lineman make this list.charter oak only santiago would make the list because there other skill players are not Serra league caliber,good players but not the top like those skill players listed.

  • exactly Mr intellgent

    They are swamping place with Mirmonte. Oaks,Westlake and St Bonnie all have much more depth than Amat. The Serra is heading to D3 where they belong and will have success. The Serra just can compete in the playoffs. But don’t worry the aren’t alone the Sunset is out to making room for the BIG8.
    So coltman get off you high horse with all your intellect and you understand they are headed to D3. And for all you Amat fans who snub the lower division rings will soon be eating crow or looking for new handles

  • AMAT 73

    once again,
    What boat and at which school do those rings of yours shine at. Is it a must that all of you knocking and hating on AMAT must keep your allegence private , or is it that your just too embarrassed to say who you root for on the blog. Let me know because that seems to be the common thread between all you jerks.
    Do you mean the St Bonnies that AMAT beat a couple of years back without that depth you speak of or did we lose the depth right after that win or just this past season, which is it ???

  • coltfan97

    So your telling me CIF is going to switch the Marmonte League and Serra League!!!!! It’s not going to happen!!!! I don’t see Loyola agreeing with that at all!!!!! Also, Glenn Martinez is in charge of reshaping each CIF division is an ex Amat employee, so the chances are that the Serra League will stay in the PAC 5!!!!!

    What CIF should do, but they won’t is make an exception for re-leagueing! What I would do is very simple!!!! Everybody knows that there is only two great football programs in the Moore League (Lakewood and Long Beach Poly). Put those two teams in the Sunset League with teams like Edison and Los Alamitos, and drop the rest of the Moore League into Division 3. Then take out the Marmonte League and put them into the PAC 5 DIVISION!!!!

    I could see it now!!!! Bishop Amat wins the D3 CHAMPIONSHIP, but yet the bloggers(haters) will say “it’s not the PAC 5 CHAMPIONSHIP.” So basically Amat won’t get the respect from bloggers (haters) anyways!!!

  • great for the sgv

    So we you have kids that transfer out of bishop because the coaching staff does not utilize them correctly. And when they go out and show what they can do at another school, bishop takes credit for their success?
    Maybe those are the players that could vault them into the “elite” status they covet. Congratulations to those kids for making a smart decision and realizing their worth.

  • Lancelot

    great sgv, OR maybe those “elite” second team kids at Amat that left now have the luxury of playing against easier competition? It’s not for everybody Bud. We all know this and we don’t begrudge the kids who leave. We simply state our beliefs/opinions on why the kid left and point out that, when they do leave, it’s usually because they feel they are better than the coach feels they are. So they leave. Ok, much success and good luck BUT the bottom line is this….you didn’t prove your all that against the toughest competition around. More often than not, the stellar numbers and accolades were earned against (oh man, here it comes…) lower level competition. Sorry but if it was equal competition the league would be in the same division and even you (maybe) can agree that strictly speaking, it is not the same Division or same competition. If you can’t even see that then your just throwing up haterade my friend. Sometimes at Amat you just have to keep working hard, keep plugging away and wait your turn. Why? Because to some, it’s about the school, the education, the competition and belonging to something that last many years beyond high school and in many cases a life time. Not everyone can do that, not everyone wants that and not everyone GETS IT!

  • Joe Amat

    not so good for the sgv,

    Now THAT was funny. Not going to name names, but we’ve had kids that could not play in the Serra League that started elsewher in the valley recently, and this evaluation by Amat coaches proved true as the plays moved on..or didn’t, to the next level.

    This has gone all the way back to a group of players that we subs at Amat, then led Wilson to a championship…that’s just the way it is. I know it’s a tough pill to swallow.

    It amazes me when I read how some people feel it’s a “right” to compete for championships. How you should drop divisions to “win”. Is that *really* winning? Are you all of a sudden a “better” program because you’ve done that? Did the SGV teams in the Southeast *really* improve because they now have won 4 straight titles? Or is it just because the OC Leagues and/or Leagues to the North have been moved OUT of the division and we’re only now competing against ourselves?

    The Serra League is going nowhere. They’ve been among the top ten leagues IN THE NATION without fail the past decade. The league only has 5 teams, so we need a team before we lose a team, and if a school leaves….who do you think that would be? Amat played on the last day a year ago for the title and won it the year before that. Crespi? ND? Amat has a better record against Loyola over the past 4 years.

    The league is staying intact and may take on one more next time around. The only thing that may vhange things is if Damien joins the Parochial Schools and some logical geography decisions are made, but I don’t see that happening either.

    So if everyone would think for a second before they write what they “hope” will happen , instead of what logically can occur, they’d save themselves the embarrassment.

    Merry Christmas

  • Give me a break

    Joe Amat & Lancelot
    Both of you guys need to take off those blue and gold condoms and go take a cold shower. The constant, “we play better competition excuse is getting old” The facts are that the Serra has only 5 teams in their league and thus, every team plays 6 non-league games. Pretty much all of the Serra league teams pack their non-league schedule with sub-standard, non Pac-5 quality, opponents in order to bolster their overall records. The entire league has only 1 Pac-5 quality win all season, that being Loyola over John Bosco (the same Loyola team that got beat by Upland by 2 td’s) No other team in the league had any Pac-5 quality wins. As for Amat, who the hell did you guys beat this year? Don’t tell me Crespi, because Crespi was not a quality team this year, In fact they got smacked around by Vista this year on their home field and didn’t play anyone else worth a crap in non-league play. Alemany, fresh out of the Mission League (the very league that Joe Amat says doesn’t compete very well vs Serra League teams) has been in the league 2 years and has yet to loose a league game. Alemany lost to North (2nd round looser in the inland) and Dorsey (a city team – fyi – if the city teams played in the southern section 90% of their teams would be D7 level or lower) Please stop with the “we’re the 2nd best league in California” or we’re a top 10 league nationally” because your not. I don’t care what a computer says, I can see with my own eyes that the Serra no longer belongs in the Pac-5. And Amat, your pre-season schedule (with the exception of Servite – which you got blown out against) was no better then Glendora, South Hills, or Chino Hills. In fact I could easily make an argument that Glendora played a better overall schedule then you considering that the Baseline league was tougher then Serra this year and that Westco, Charter Oak, and Monrovia were all better then anyone on your non-league schedule except for Servite. With that in mind, maybe Glendora should have more All-Area players on the team then Amat.

    Pac-5 Playoff records over the past 4 years show that the Serra is the 2nd lowest performing league , just slightly out performing the Sunset league (a league that knows when they have had a enough and is currently begging to be let out of the Pac-5) The last 4 years of Pac-5 playoff performance looks like this:

    Last place – Sunset League = 5-13 record = .280 winning percentage = 1 trip to the finals

    2nd to last place – Serra = 6-11 record (only 1 win more then the Sunset) = .350 winning percentage (not exactly what Joe Amat tries to lead everyone to believe) and only 1 Semi final visit ( by Alemany in their 1st year in the league)

    3rd place – Moore League (isn’t it always the Amat people that try to point to the Moore league as being so bad?)= 10-14 record = .420 winning percentage = 1 championship team

    2nd place – Southcoast League = 16-12 record (more then double the wins of the Serra) .510 winning percentage = 2 Pac-5 runner ups (how many does the Serra have? – zero)

    1st place – Trinity League (no surprise)= 20-9 record (and distancing themselves from the Serra very rapidly)= winning percentage .690 = 3 Pac-5 Championships (Joe Amat – stop trying to compare your league to the Trinity – You don’t belong in the same sentence with them)

    Reality check to you blue and gold, one piece, footed pajama wearers – you no longer are competitive in the Pac-5 playoffs. Your whole league needs to move down to Division 3 and swap places with the Marmonte League. Yes the Marmonte League needs to cut loose the bottom 5 teams in their league, but right now their top 3 teams are considerably better then the Serra’s and would be much more competitive in the Pac-5 playoffs. The numbers over the last 4 years don’t lie, Joe. And yes, I know that your going to come on here and try to manipulate certain numbers to Amats benifit, like you always do, but it’s only the most recent playoff numbers that matter, and you can’t change those numbers.

  • Pac 5

    I agree that the Serra teams are not the best teams in the Pac 5. but the league is strong and balanced overall .the big 8 would be considered but its not a consistent competitive league. Corona Centenial,Vista Murrieta,Upland,Rancho and Rev are in a league of there own in the inland. besides those teams the level drops big time. maybe they should take those teams and form a new league and put them in the Pac 5. loyola lost to upland but not as bad as charter oak did,loyola did beat west covina badly.Crespi got beat by vista,but vista also beat upland very easily and vista was probably a better team than westlake and santa margarita.

  • Lancelot

    And here we go…C’mon dude, no one said the Serra belonged to Amat….YOU DID! No one got on here and said anything about having x-amount of wins in the Pac-5…YOU DID (because you’re not following along). Regardless of win loss records BoBo, the Student Athletes in the Serra (are you still with me) play in one of the toughest Divisions in the country, right(not my words but pretty much a consensus among those that know more about football than you obviously do)? So, if one plays against the type of caliber player that starts and makes the Pac-5 a top division, wouldn’t you say that that player has a harder time putting up “stellar” numbers and games? WELL I WOULD AND DO. I still say it’s easier to rack up stats against easier competition. Sorry my man but you cannot discredit the athletes in the Pac-5 because you’ve gat an axe to grind with Bishop Amat. Why do you cats always wanna make this an Amat is superior type argument. I’m not trying to put down the SGV but it is what it is. It appears that You’re the one with the problem muchacho…have a beverage, put your feet up and relax. It’s the Holiday season for goodness sakes!

  • HaHaHa

    Joe and Lance you not helping your case. You constantly talk about the how Amat is better because they play the best. When 6 of your games are step down game and your 2 time league champ is from D4. It doesn’t adds up…hahaha
    Now when you get dropped and Joe you will be dropped to D3. What is your logic going to be when you win? Somehow it will be acceptable….hahaha
    You guys will try to spin your way out of all the nonsense you have talked about the lower divisions but you will be like the skunk that got caught in the tail wind, its all coming back to me.hahahahha
    This will be off season on the blogs.

  • coltfan97

    Hahaha your just an idiot (Amat Hater)!!!! YOU JUST DON’T GET IT DO YOU????? There are more teams to think about than just Amat!!!!! Loyola WILL NOT go down to division 3 or 4!!!! Which means Bishop Amat will stay in the PAC 5!!!!

    How come nobody talks about JSerra they should be in a lower division!!!! Even Damien beat JSerra!!!!!

  • great for the sgv

    If and when they are dropped they will use the same”logic” they did when bishop won their baseball championship. And there are many kids in and around the valley that could start at bishop. Wether it be this year or any other year. Get off your high horse, bishop is not the only school that offers a great overall high school experience for student athletes. I can drive around la puente and pick out bishop graduates that do nothing but hang out after graduating from there.colt97!!! don’t be fooled by the bishop nation if covina would have won the title this year, you can be assured a few of them would come on here and try to diminish that cif title.

  • Flip Flop

    your too funny, before you were bragging about how Amat kids must be better because they play in one of the toughest LEAGUES in the country. Now that you have been slapped in the face with the reality that the Serra can’t hold their own within the Pac-5 you are now trying to coat-tail on the success of the Trinity, Southcoast, and Moore leagues to say that Amat plays in the best DIVISION. There is no doubt that the Pac-5 is one of the best divisions in the country, but thats not because of the Serra, it’s more a case of “despite the Serra”. The truth is that about once every year Amat plays a Pac-5 playoff game and looses. Big deal, any team can schedule and loose to a good team. You Amat people are starting to sound like the Diamond Ranch homers that like to brag about getting beat by teams that are way out of their weight class. Amat should be known as the Evander Hollyfield of the Pac-5, a once great champion that has been hit in the head way too many times and no longer has the ability to recognize that they don’t have the talent to compete at the Pac-5 level.

  • Amat supporter

    when valley teams have not beat Amat in a while this is what you get,a lot of haters that dont know football outside of the valley.Amat is definitely not at the top anymore in the Pac 5 and neither is any Serra team.but look who was in the final this year.san clemente and santa margarita where in the finals for the first time . santa margarita will probably be in it next year.maybe Amat or any Serra team will be on top again in the just never know. that is why the Pac 5 is so tough. the Serra league will not get moved out of the Pac 5.

  • Lancelot

    Wow flip flops, thats what you got out of that? I think that’s more your problem than mine. Whatever Bud. Next time just make your own point.

  • Dog Town

    With all due respect for Amats history and accomplishments, NO HATER HERE!!!! AGAIN! NO HATER HERE!!!!! OK!!!! Amat 73, I hope you sat on Santas lap, you arguments are weak. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  • AMAT 73

    dog town,
    Which argument are you referring to . The fact of haters coming on here to knock AMAT for not having enough all league players to suit their needs or the fact of the ones commenting on dropping us down and not having the stones to put their team in print. By the way where do you wag your tail at on Friday nights because there are a few dog towns in the SGV. Or are you part of the no stones group also???

  • Thirty Nine Posts

    Oh how the mighty have fallen…

    Nobody cares about the Lancers, yet
    Lancelot said:
    “CONGRATULATIONS to all Lancers first and second team honors!!!! You boys banged and battled all year in one of the toughest leagues in the country.”


    “Be proud of your accomplishments” Really Lancelot??? That’s your advice to a team that recorded a 6 -5 season and were 1 – 5 against Pac 5 teams??? I think that the real Lancer fans and team members know what the accomplishments really were!!!

    And Lancelot ends by offering more advice
    “and ignore the ignorant, as they are known to thrieve on attention. Awesome year guys!”

    Based on the 39 posts (half are not from the Lancers), it is very clear that the SGV knows who the ignorant is (hint: starts with Lance, ends with lot!!!).

    “Awesome year guys!” he said!

    Oh how the mighty have fallen

  • Sierra=28, Hacienda=31, Baseline=3 , Montview=4 , VVL= 27, MVL=13

    And your point is? That ONE school in the Serra League has generated more hits on their all league thread than the leagues with 6 or more SGV teams that are represented in each of the oher leagues? Sounds like we still know who creates the most interest

  • Cal Preps – 5th Best Serra Team

    55 Trabuco Hills (Mission Viejo, CA)

    56 Sierra Canyon (Chatsworth, CA)

    57 Paradise (CA)

    58 Elk Grove (CA)

    59 BISHOP AMAT LANCERS (La Puente, CA)
    season record 6 – 5 and 1-3 (tied-last place) LOSSES: Santa Margarita (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) (45-21), Servite (Anaheim, CA) (49-14), Loyola (Los Angeles, CA) (14-3), Alemany (Mission Hills, CA) (26-21), Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, CA) (17-12)

    60 Culver City (CA)

    61 Chaparral (Temecula, CA)

    Enough said!!!

  • My Point Is

    No Dumb A$$!!!

    My point is the Mighty Have Fallen.

    You are not even the little daw around here…That belongs to the Covina Colts!!!

  • Lancelot

    Great job 39! You obviously know how to cut and paste. What you don’t know is your football. Level of competition cubbie. Level of competition. Great year and CONGRATULATIONS to all Lancers earning league honors in “ONE OF THE TOUGHEST LEAGUES IN THE COUNTRY”. You obviously miss the accomplishment of these student athletes because you obviously don’t know your football. You are also a complete idiot because you feel the “NEED” to post negatively about these young men and their honors because you are a frustrated old man with a thorn is his azz in the shape of an AMAT “A”; BUT, all that aside, you are certainly entitled to keep on posting and thus proving that you “ARE” an azz who doesn’t know Shiat! Please continue posting but please stick to one name so we can be sure to give you your due. Jack Ass!

  • Dog Town

    Amat 73 Just for the record i am from the dog that has the BIGGEST BITE!! WC Happy New Year Bro.

  • Dog Town

    Amat 73 Our RINGS are shinning at WC, and we don’t have to look back 16 years to find them. Again not a Amat hater, you brought it up.

  • Bark worse than your bite

    But Amat has to only look back to years to find the poundings they gave West Covina head-to-head. Nothing the puppies do can erase the fact they couldn’t beat Amat

  • Dogs can’t swim in deep water

    2011 Loyola 7-35
    2010 Puppies needed a break – because they got “better”, right?
    2009 Bishop Amat 7-21
    2008 Bishop Amat 6-42
    2007 Mater Dei 6-58
    2006 Mater Dei 10-28
    5 game totals
    West Covina-36 Pac5-184 LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

    Going back 7 yrs
    vs Loyola Amat is
    2011 3-14
    2010 41-31
    2009 27-24
    2008 6-17
    2007 27-14
    2006 34-31
    2005 28-14
    vs Mater Dei Amat is
    2009 28-21
    2005 21-7
    9 game totals
    Bishop Amat 215-173

  • DanceLot Hater

    So…DanceLot! Let me get this straight!

    Your lousy 2011 Bishop Amat Lancers football team goes:
    – 6 and 5 and that is an “Awesome Year?”

    – 1 and 5 against Pac 5 teams and that is an “Awesome Year?”

    – Gets your a$$ handed to you by Servite and that is an “Awesome Year?”

    – You are a “Last Place” team in the Serra League that didn’t win a playoff game in the Pac 5 and that is an “Awesome Year?”

    – You are ranked in the State and Nationally much lower than Charter Oak and West Covina and that is an “Awesome Year?”

    These are all facts, dumb sh*t! Go look them up you ignorant old fart!

    Who needs to know football to know the facts and that your Bishop Amat Lancers sucked big time in 2011? Oh wait, DanceLot said “Awesome year guys!”

    Oh how the mighty have fallen!!!

  • Lancers Can’t Swim…Period

    Lancers 2011 Losing Record:
    6 – 5 and 1-3 (tied-last place) LOSSES: Santa Margarita (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) (45-21), Servite (Anaheim, CA) (49-14), Loyola (Los Angeles, CA) (14-3), Alemany (Mission Hills, CA) (26-21), Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, CA) (17-12)

    Dawgs…Back to Back CIF Champions!!! Biaaatccch!

  • Amat…Tell Me How My A$$ Tastes

    My 2010 and 2011 rings will comfort me.

    What comforts the Bishop Amat Lancers teams from:
    2012 hahahaha
    2013 hahahaha!!!

    Wow…Amat, you are fast approaching 20 years without a CIF Championship Ring!!!

    How does that feel???

  • ENOUGH !!!!

    Okay let’s try something new because reality escapes so many here.

    In Bishop Amat’s “league” you have FIVE teams who can win LEAGUE…that’s 100% of the “LEAGUE” can win LEAGUE, Day 1!

    If any TEAM in Bishop Amat’s League goes undefeated they are instantly ranked Top 10 in the LA TIMES…that’s TOP TEN in the LA TIMES CITY & CIF COMBINED POLL.

    If ANY “team” in Bishop Amat’s “LEAGUE” wins THEIR DIVISION they are “IN” on of the STATE BOWL GAMES…A.U.T.O.M.A.T.I.C.

    When a team in Bishop Amat’s League OR Division goes undefeated (14-0 )they are in the conversation for a TOP TEN NATIONAL RANKING…yes you read that correctly….NATIONAL CHAMPIONS COME FROM “THAT” DIVISION…not “yours”….even if you go UNDEFEATED FOUR YEARS IN A ROW AND HAVE A RING FOR EVERY FINGER, LOL !!!

    Combined West Conina, Monrovia AND Chater Oak, with their SIX Combined Championships and D1 athletes are yet to be ranked in the LA TIMES TOP TEN…why is that?

    In Charter Oak’s best year they faced DR who was also loaded with D1 athletes but after that it was Muir and maybe West Covina. When West Covina beat Bonita AND La Serna who else was there? Maybe Monrovia right had more than two teams in either Championship year that was equal to them in size or speed? Who were they? San Dimas and San Gabriel? Seriously.

    When “haters” hate on Bishop Amat they are showing their ignorance, plain and simple PLUS it only proves why no one wants the SGV in THEIR division any more, simple…they “can’t even beat “lowly” Bishop Amat”. THE JOKE’S IN THE MIRROR FISH BOWLERS UNLESS YOU BEAT THE LANCERS YOU REALLY SHOULDN’T TALK.

  • ifs and buts

    Thats alot of “ifs” my friend (unfortunately non of those “ifs” pertain to your current reality). If your mom had a penis she would be your dad. If I had 10 million dollars I would be rich. Get real, nobody from the Serra has been a serious contender in years. As someone previously posted, the Serra is a very poor performer in the playoffs. Member the the playoffs, you member, the only place where it really counts. Let me say this loud and clear, THE SERRA LEAGUE HAS BEEN PASSED UP BY THE MARMONTE AND BIG FIVE. Nobody cares about how good your last place team is vs. other leagues last place teams. The only important thing is, how competitive are the best teams in your league vs the best teams in the rest of the division. The answer is, the best Serra teams are not competitive in the Pac-5 playoffs while teams like Centennial, Oaks, Westlake, North, and St Bonnies would be competitive. We’re not talking about 5 years ago, 10 years ago, or 20 years ago, we’re talking about present time and in terms of the present time, other elite teams and leagues have passed by the Serra and are now looking at you “has beens” in their review mirrors.

  • Smaller Portions

    whIFFS and butTS

    I’ll try this in smaller portions.

    1) Which area league has more than two teams who have a realistic chance to win league? By Comparison in the Serra it’s all five.

    (Just answer that question, honestly)

    2) Why has there been a 3-peat of back to backs CIF Champions in our Valley since Covina lost to twice in the Covina Mc D years?

    I’ll wait for your answer but remember the concept of contrast and compare, it’ll help you see the light with out squinting.

  • Taste this

    pac5 Scoreboard said:
    Santa Margarita just won their FIRST Pac5/D1 Championship in their 24 yrs
    Servite went TWENTY-FIVE years between championships
    Long Beach Poly NotSince 2008 when they squeaked by Amat in final seconds
    Orange Lutheran 1 championship in 2006 (Amats beat them since)
    Loyola NotSince 2005 (Amats beat them since)
    Mater Dei has not win the big one since 1998 (Amats beat them since)
    Bishop Amat won their 5th Championship in 1995
    Fountain Valley NotSince NINETEEN EIGHTY EIGHT
    Edison Hasn’t won a championship game since NINETEEN EIGHTY!
    Los Alamitos 1 championship n 2002
    Alemany NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship
    Lakewood NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship
    Huntington Beach NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship
    Trabuco Hills NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship (but loved kicking CO’s @$$)
    Newport Harbor NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship
    Dana Hills NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship
    JSerra Catholic NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship
    Cabrillo NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship
    Notre Dame NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship
    San Clemente NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship
    Mission Viejo NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship
    St. John Bosco NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship
    Tesoro NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship
    Woodrow Wilson NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship

  • Realityczech

    Ifs and buts -you mention a few pretty good teams in lower divisions, but really -Centennial has taken turns winning and losing with Mater Dei over the last 5 seasons. So they compare favorably to the Monarchs – who have struggled to make the playoffs (which Amat beat them in-in a year MD beat Centennial). A couple years ago Alemany played both Amat and Oaks- and their coach said Amat was betterr than Oaks. Amat just beat St Bonnies, who had to get out of the second year because of their 10 team Marmonte League. And do we ally know how good the teams in the Marmonte are? They basically only play each other? Crespi, who hasn’t made the playoffs-split with Vista Murrietta the past two years. Loyola spilt with Upland the last two years. This year Noter Dame didnt make the playoffs yet hammered Serra who was the #1 seed and on everyones list of stud athletes.
    What you wish was true, and reality are two different things

  • Ifs and buts

    @ Reality
    1. CC is 3 out of 5 vs Mater Dei – 2 of those years were Barkley years – the 3rd year was a MD victory which was a rebuilding year for both teams and coincidentally the same year that BA beat MD (call me when you beat a Pac-5 team at the top of their game) – last year MD was in the Pac-5 simi’s (a place Amat hasn’t been in years) but still lost to CC – in addition CC spanked your mighty Crespi team 2 years in a row and both those years Crespi was your league stud. you can twist the data all you want but YOU ARE NOT IN CC’S CLASS.
    2. A couple of years ago Diamond Ranch played both Amat and Charter Oak and the Diamond Ranch coach is on the record as saying that Charter Oak was better then Amat – wow I guess I blew your “he said she said” theory right out the water, didn’t I?
    3. Yes Amat beat St Bonnies 3 years ago, during a rebuilding year for St Bonnies following their 2 state bowl championship years. FYI – St. Bonnies forfeited every game that same year.
    4. Yes, Upland and Vista split with 2 of your teams, but it was this year that Upland and Vista won which I’m guessing is the new trend, and nobody is talking about moving Upland or Vista’s leagues to the Pac-5, they are talking about moving CC’s league.
    5. Yes Notre Dame beat Serra this year (a Division 4 team) this was also a rebuilding year for Serra after sending something like 7 or 8 kids into the Pac12 (3 or 4 of them starting a USC) over the previous 2 years. Maybe I should remind you of the A** whooping Serra put on Notre Dame in 2010 when Serra was at the top of their game.
    6. Yes you beat Olu but had to come from behind by 3 td’s in the 4th when Olu took their foot off the gas and gave the game to Amat. Also, this wasn’t the same Olu team that won the Pac-5 and state bowl game 2 years previous, nor was this team as good as the team from the previous year that kicked the living crap out of Amat (at kiefer) and lost to Poly in the Pac-5 championship game. It was still a good Olu team that had a 3 way tie for the Trinity league Championship but not the same team as the previous 2 years.

    All of your arguments are weak and based on half truths and selective data. Stop trying to prop yourselves up to being better then what you are. You are still one of the better teams in the valley but certainly not an elite team in the Pac-5 or state, nor is your league.

  • Again?

    Alright, so I’ve seen you Amat honks post this stupid thing about a thousand times already, so lets go over it line by line.

    Santa Margarita just won their FIRST Pac5/D1 Championship in their 24 yrs – (thats alot better the anything Amat has done recently – whats your point?)

    Servite went TWENTY-FIVE years between championships (yes, and they won 2, back to back – again what has Amat done recently)

    Long Beach Poly NotSince 2008 when they squeaked by Amat in final seconds (do you really think Poly took you guys seriously that year? just like SM this year, they were looking past you guys in anticipation of playing a good team – and their recent back to back championships are considerably better then Amats consistent “one and done” playoff runs)

    Orange Lutheran 1 championship in 2006 (Amats beat them since)- (Olu has only been in the Pac-5 for a short few years and has a recent Pac-5 championship and State Championship – What does Amat have to show for themselves in the last 6 or 7 years?)

    Loyola NotSince 2005 (Amats beat them since)(Wow, good for you guys, you beat a team after they fell of the radar)

    Mater Dei has not win the big one since 1998 (Amats beat them since)(Again, good for you guys, you beat a team that was rebuilding the year after Barkley graduated – FYI, MD made the semi’s last year. How did you guys do in the playoffs last year?)

    Bishop Amat won their 5th Championship in 1995 (Not bad, where have you guys been since? besides here on the blog telling everyone how great you used to be and how much better you are then all of us scrubs in the lowly dungeons of CIF)

    Fountain Valley NotSince NINETEEN EIGHTY EIGHT (your right, FV has been struggling for years – I’m surprised they are still in the Pac-5 – oh, thats right, they’re moving down next year, just like Amat and the rest of Serra should.)

    Crespi NotSince NINETEEN EIGHTY SIX (Your right, they and the rest of their league should move down – although I will give them credit for having at lease won a handfull of Pac-5 playoff games in recent memory – something Amat can’t say)

    Edison Hasn’t won a championship game since NINETEEN EIGHTY! (looking to move down, but made the finals 2009 and actually had a better team then Servite, but had to play the game in a driving rain storm which doesn’t suit a throwing team very well. – you did hear me say that they were in the Pac-5 Championship game didn’t you?)

    Los Alamitos 1 championship n 2002 (And moving down – but without looking it up, I will bet that they have a better playoff record then Amat over the past 6 or 7 years)

    Alemany NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship (only been in the Pac-5 over the past 2 seasons and already more successful in the league and playoffs then Amat – pretty bad when a Mission league team comes up and hands everyone in the Serra their A**s)

    Lakewood NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship (have made it to the Semi’s and 2nd round in recent memory – What can Amat do for you?)

    Huntington Beach NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship (moving down, yet has been more successful then Amat in the Pac-5 playoffs as of recently. In fact didn’t they hand it to won of your Serra league teams in this years playoffs)

    Trabuco Hills NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship (but loved kicking CO’s @$$)(hey, you got one right – but aren’t they ranked higher then Amat in the year end rankings)

    Newport Harbor NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship (will be moving down – the Serra might want to consider doing the same)

    Dana Hills NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship (your right, but they have a better playoff record then Amat in recent history)

    JSerra Catholic NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship (no question, they need to move down)

    Cabrillo NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship (the entire bottom half of the Moore needs to move down)

    Notre Dame NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship (should be moved down with the rest of the Serra)

    San Clemente NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship (Did you even bother to watch the Pac-5 Championship game this year, if you did you would have seen San Clem doing something that Amat has not done since Clinton was our President, you know, play in a Pac-5 Championship game)

    Mission Viejo NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship (lets see where do I start? only been in the Pac-5 for about 6 years and already has been to the Championship game and Semi’s. Blows away Amat’s playoff record over those 6 years. Several D2 Championships during a time when D2 was every bit as good as D1 and in some years better. And a mythical State Championship with a guy named Sanchez)

    St. John Bosco NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship (yes, your right, but they did beat your league champ. In fact they beat the very team that hasn’t lost a league game in the Serra for 2 years straight.)

    Tesoro NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championship (you mean the same Tesoro team that road the bus for 3 hours in trafic, on a Friday night in 2010 and still kicked Amats a** at Kiefer, that same Tesoro? – It so happens that they actually played in the Pac-5 Championship game just 4 short years ago. I wonder what Amat was doing on that day?)
    Woodrow Wilson NEVER won a Pac5/D1 Championshi – (has no business playing in the Pac-5, thats why Amat always has their fingers crossed that they draw Wilson in the 1st round of the Pac-5 playoffs each year.)

    Now that I’ve put the facts out there for everyone to read, in regards to this post that continues to be posted time and time again. Please don’t post this again, it’s getting old and I think that you Amat honks have been embarrassed enough this year.

  • Lancelot

    I see someone found a new IP address….look genius, you can keep posting and re-posting the same crap BUT you are only showing your ignorance jack ass! Read the subject title again and then re-read the subject of the posts. Maybe this will help you out when trying to post like you have a point. As of now you are still an “A Jack ASS with an AMAT axe to grind. It really does make you sound as ignorant as you obviously are when you keep beating a dead horse. The problem is it’s the wrong dead horse Jack ASS! I really don’t expect you to be able to follow this but try to read it slow and follow along slowly BUT most of all READ and stay on topic. So long JACK ASS!!!!!!

  • Birds of a feather

    Again? With “ifs and buts” – if you notice, thats only posted after some @$$#ole post something before it. Both of your “explanations” sure were full of excuses and coincidences (rebuilding, down year, off the radar, came from behind, etc). Amat must be the smartest scheduling staff in history because the “just happen” to schedule and beat all these teams when they are down, rebuilding, injured, etc. something tells me it’s not really a coincidence – maybe they are just better than you’re both willing to admit. Sounds like if it was up to you the Pac 5 would hqve about 12 teams.

  • Again?

    Really, is that the best you can do? Coming at me with “your ignorant” “your a jackass” maybe next time you can come with the old “your just stupid, stupid, stupid” or how about “I’m rubber and your glue, what bounces off me sticks to you” Do you even know what the word ignorant means? because I came with a bunch of facts and you had absolutely no facts to respond with. Now let me tell you this real sloooow so you can understand. My post was in rebuttal to the previous, old and worn out, post by “taste this” which apparently is a favorite of all of you Amat honks, because it has been posted on this website at least a dozen previous times. I finally got tired of reading the same ole drivel full of half truths, so I responded with the real facts and apparently hurt you feelings. So in the future, if your going to get all butt hurt, maybe it would be a good idea for you to stay off the internet.

  • and another thing

    and that Olu team happened to win the Trinity League, was 11th in the state and lost in the semis that year. Coincidently, Bonnies also finished 11th in the State the e year Amat beat them. The following year Crespi finished 25th in the state, beat Vista Murrietta by 2 TDs and handed Clovis West their only loss of the season. Just sayin’

  • AMAT 73

    Dog town,
    Have you ever thought about the fact you had to vote CO out of your league and division to get those rings. Instead of knocking on AMAT who did wax WC’s azz when we played in case you forgot you should thank your lucky stars CO was not in your way to win those titles. Besides not being able to beat AMAT you couldn’t beat CO either. As Aram says in your corner of the world you are champs but in our world maybe 3rd best , maybe. But like you towards AMAT,I am not a WC hater just bringing some facts to enlighten you on just how big of a dog you truely are. Now go shine your rings boy.

  • Realityczech

    And in order for CO to win their two titles they had to get rid of the OC leagues (Trabuco, El Dorado, Orange, Newport Harbor) to do so.
    Thats “winning”? Just get rid of your competition or drop divisions? Sorry, not the way the Lancers want to “win”? At least WC has the nads to schedule someone from the top division to see if they can hang at that level (they obviously have not shown they can) But i guess CO tried and failed twice vs Amat too.

  • Dog Town

    Amat 73 In all my post i have never knocked Amat, or the football team on the contrary i have all respect for the school the players. you are bringing things up that i never said. You come on here trying to to defend Amat based on the fact that our rings mean less, Because WC plays in this league and Amat plays in this league. Instead of Giving the kids their due you diminish their accomplishments. Look we all know of Amats history, and we are proud that they are in the SGV, But never forget many players all over the SGV that don’t live in LA Puente have been a big part of Amats Success and History. So never forget your success is our success. So don’t seperate youself. Fact!!! Amat is not what it use to be, and things don’t look good.

  • Real question

    Puppy pound- at least Bishop Amat knows where they stand. They are a playoff team in one of the best divisions in the country. They know they have to get better. I’m surebthey sleep well knowing where they have to go and what they need to do to get there.
    Does WC even know if they are any good? CO found out how they stack up when they got embarrassed by Upland. Kinda like the puppies did against against Loyola.
    The only “accomplishment” is your a 3000+ student school that was left in the Southeast with a bunch of other scrubs from the fish bowl. So the “accomplishment” is just youre the last one standing – but against who? Did you get better-or did the better teams just leave. You’ll never know-will you?

  • lancelot

    Again, I guess you are the one posting under multiple names because my post had nothing to do with your “facts”. I was responding to a “different Jack Ass” but you know what they say, “If the shoe fits”.

  • Rose Bowl Champs

    Six Serra League graduates on todays Rose Bowl Champions Oregon Ducks. Just sayin’

  • Roses Bowl Champs

    Five Serra League graduates on your Rose Bowl champion Oregon Ducks

  • Down League

    fIve Serra League graduates on your Rose Bowl champion Oregon Ducks.

  • league is down

    Is there a problem with pointing out that there were 5 graduates from the supposed weak Serra League on the Rose Bowl Champion Oregon Ducks?

  • 2011 Serra Weak A$$ League

    Eh quth mee!

    And which one of those five players played on which playoff powerhouse from the 2011 weak A$$ Serra League teams?

    I’ll hold my breath for a response!

  • Cracked Rose Colored Glasses

    Hey Sir DruckALot!

    Here’s what your Alternative Lifestyle partner (aka Amat73) said about the current your feable Amat football program (and I quote): “What comforts our teams is they competed and played as LANCERS and gave it their all.”

    Really? “gave it their all”? LMFAO!

    That’s just as bad as your “Awesome year, guys!”

    Lets try this again! Very Sloooowwwlee, so you can read this entire post!

    – 6 and 5 in 2011 is an “Awesome Year?”

    – 1 and 5 against Pac 5 teams and that is an “Awesome Year?”

    – You are a “Last Place” team in the Serra League that didn’t win a playoff game in the Pac 5 and that is an “Awesome Year?”

    – Number 19 out of 28 teams in the Pac 5? Awesome year?

    – Gets your a$$ handed to you by Servite and that is an “Awesome Year?”

    – You are ranked in the State and Nationally much much much lower than Charter Oak and West Covina and that is an “Awesome Year?” Really?

    All facts, drunk sh*t! Get off of Amat73 and go look them up you ignorant old fart!

    “Awesome year, guys!”

    Mighty “were” the men in blue and yellow!

  • On field a lot in Rose Bowl

    32 Maffie, J.R. DB 5-11 197 So. Diamond Bar, Calif. (Bishop Amat HS)

  • Lancelot

    HA,HA, HA!!!!!
    Dude you are the Epitome of IDIOT! Go back and read the Topic of Thread Title you C. L. O. W. N. Your repetative, worn out, same old same old argument is weak and loses steam everytime you post it. You are truly a pathetic closet dweller with a Bad case of The Bishop Amat Blues. I hope you never get over AMAT because you are definately comic relief on this Blog. Annoying, repetative and stale….BUT! Comic Relief none the less. If I want to congratulate the members of the Bishop Amat Lancers who were recognized for their efforts while playing in one of the toughest High School Football leagues in the NATION, then that is my perogative. Why you feel the need to come on here and attach yourself to my undercarriage is beyond me but if that is where you like to hang out, do me a favor and loosen your grip a little, I’m starting to lose feeling in all my “other” extremities. And remember, A JACK ASS by any other name is still a JACK ASS…..JACK ASS! I wonder who you will be for your next response? Can you just sign on as Jack Ass or Mr. Jack Ass or even J.A. ahhh hell, no worries, your dumb azz comments and repetative rants always give you away anyway. Mighty Are The Men Who Wear The Blue and Gold!!!!!

  • LanceLot Hater

    Hey Sir SuckaLot!

    Awesome year guys! SHUT UP! You sucked in 2011 and everybody knows it

    By the way, Jerry Sandusky’s wife called to say you are no longer welcomed at their house!!!

    Mighty “Use To Be” the men in blue and yellow! Way back then…

  • Lancelot

    Really? That’s what you come with? As previously stated… are weak! The thread is about individual accomplishment JACK ASS! It’s not an AMAT thread. Now go put on your Bishop Amat Lancer PJ’s and go to bed……….JACK ASS!

  • LanceLot Hater

    Sir SuckaLot

    Don’t come on here telling these Lancers that they had an “AWESOME YEAR” when the facts clearly say they DID NOT!!!

    Moore, Velasquez, Montes – take your league patches, your 2nd teamers and go home. Try to be competitive next year so that you don’t embarrass the SGV!!! The feable Bishop Amat football program was terrible in 2011 and will be again in 2012!!!

    Sir SuckALot your A$$ just called saying that its jealous about all the shiaaaat that comes out of your mouth!!! HAHAHAHAHA! LMFAO!!!

    The blue and yellow boyz ARE NOT MIGHTY ANYMORE!!!

  • Bottom line

    This is a blog that rates teams in the Fish Bowl against each other. The reality is NO ONE in the SGV beats Crespi, stays within one score of Alemany or Notre Dame, and plays the kind of defensive game the Lancers did against Loyola, or is evn close kin the fourth quarter against the State Champions AT Santa Margarita. Regardless of record Bishop Amat was still the best team in the SGV – and if they’re so bad – look in the mirror.

  • Lancelot

    The Bishop Amat Lancer Student Athletes listed here and as a matter of fact, ALL of the Student Athletes listed here, had awesome years!

    Only a J A C K – A S S ! ! !

    ….would have a problem realizing that….
    J A C K – A S S ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • LanceLot Hater

    OK…I agree with LanceLot

    Moore, Velasquez, Montes – take your league patches, your 2nd teamers and go home. If you are so freaken great like your Lap Dog “Sir Drunk A Lot” thinks then why were you:

    – 6 and 5 in 2011?
    – 1 and 5 against Pac 5 teams in 2011?
    – a “LAST PLACE” team in the Serra League that didn’t win a playoff game in the Pac 5
    – Number 19 out of 28 teams in the Pac 5?
    – Got your A$$ Handed to you by Servite and Santa Margarita?

    LanceLot is right!!! “Awesome year, guys!”

    Do it again in 2012!!!

    Mighty “were” the men in blue and yellow!

  • Eh Quth Me…

    NO! Actually the BOTTOMLINE IS:

    Your feable 2011 Amat football program was
    – 6 and 5 in 2011
    – 1 and 5 against Pac 5 teams
    – a “LAST PLACE” team in waak Serra League that didn’t win a playoff game
    – Number 19 out of 28 teams in the Pac 5
    – Got your A$$ handed to you by Servite and Santa Margaria
    – AND
    – You are ranked in the State and Nationally much much much lower than Charter Oak and West Covina and that is an “Awesome Year?” Really?

    THAT, Dip Sh*t, is the bottom lime!

    Mighty “were” the men in blue and yellow!

  • Lancelot

    I see someone left the stable open because the JACK ASS is out! Why take the time to post twice under different names? Just post once under:

    JACK ASS!!!