Mission Valley All-League Football: Steven Rivera wins top award for second straight year

Mission Valley All-League Football
Player of the year: Steven Rivera (Arroyo)
Back of the year: Brandon Martinez (El Monte)
Lineman of the year: James Rivera (Arroyo)
First Team Offense
QB: Fernando Ramirez (South El Monte)
RB: Peter Aholoka (Arroyo)
RB: Matt Eddy (Rosemead)
WR: Hunter Durant (Arroyo)
WR: Memo Silva (El Monte)
TE: Danny Villalobos (Rosemead)
OL: David Chavarria (Rosemead)
OL: Enrique Gonzalez (El Monte)
OL: Omar Partida (Arroyo)
OL: Jesse Gaytan (El Monte)
PK: Agustin Pinto (South El Monte)
First Team Defense
DT: Jesse Gaytan (El Monte)
DT: Nelson Leon (Rosemead)
DT: Jose Ambriz (South El Monte)
DE: Juan Morales (South El Monte)
DE: Marcos Lopez (Arroyo)
LB: Zach Daniels (Arroyo)
LB: Ruben Jimenez (El Monte)
LB: Andrew Gibson (Rosemead)
LB: Andrew Barcenas (South El Monte)
DB: Melvin Palacios (Arroyo)
DB: Frank Lopez (El Monte)
DB: Christian Garcia (Rosemead)
DB: Pablo Ocegueda (South El Monte)
DB: Alex Acosta (South El Monte)

Second Team Offense
: Mark Winchell (Gabrielino)
RB: Bryan Luevano (El Monte), Leo Artiaga (South El Monte)
TE: Juan Ceballos (El Monte), Jimmy Martinez (South El Monte)
WR: Andrew Kerkhoff (Arroyo), Jesus Machuca (South El Monte)
OL: Cody Rubalcava (Gabrielino), Joeph Lopez (El Monte), Manuel Salcedo (Mountain View), Jose Ambriz (South El Monte), Lupe Perez (Rosemead), Daniel Camarena (Rosemead).

Second Team Defense
: Juan Hernandez (Arroyo), Cody Rubalcava (Gabrielino), Eric Young (Gabrielino), Sal Chavarin (Rosemead).
DE: Aaron Landry (Arroyo), Edgar Heredia (El Monte)
LB: Joe Velasco (Arroyo), Joe Sanchez (El Monte), Lorenzo Mena (Gabrielino), Milton Avila (Rosemead).
DB: Dominic Salas (Rosemead), Jerry Valencias (South El Monte), Brandon Jauregui (Arroyo), Jonathan Perini (Gabrielino), Gus Bentacur (El Monte), Ignacio Castaneda (Mountain View).

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  • Waste Of An Award

    How can James Rivera be lineman of the year when you have Gaytana from El Monte and Chavarria from Rosemead in beast mode. The El Monte and Rosemead kids are much more talented in terms of OL/DL play.

  • coltfan97

    To Waste of an Award,

    Sorry but Gayton is not a beast!!! He is big and strong but very slow!!! Against Covina he and the rest of El Monte’s line gave up to many sacks, and if Covina wasn’t getting sacks they were putting pressure on Martinez that led to four interceptions!!! Nick Hynes and Philip Romano are beast!!!!Sorry to rain on your parade!!!!


    Good JOB Colt97, I read that post and it couldn’t be more CLASSLESS!

    WASTE??? what the hell…

  • CoViNa

    Aztec Pride,

    How is that post classless? Look at who Coltfan97 is directing it to. Thats what that guy posted under.

    Waste Of An Award said:


    COVINA, what??? I was trying to state, that, WASTE Of An Award post WAS PRETTY HARD, and giving props to Colt97 to replying to it. Nothing more!

  • i know football

    Ladys calm down, both linemen are great but linemen of the year for midvalley is either adrian pena from la puente a 3 year starter! Or james rivera him and his brother are awesome athletes

  • CoViNa

    Aztec Pride,

    My bad, I guess I read it wrong.
    Good looking out..
    Heres to the Aztecs and Colts hooking up for a preseason nonleague game…..


    No Problem CoVINA. Is that really going to happen? AZUSA vs Covina going to be playing, because that’s the first time I hear of that. By the way you should be getting on, (I KNOW FOOTBALL)for calling us LADYS! LOL…

    Here’s some breaking news and Matt Barkley will be staying at USC for one more season and not going to the NFL!

    TROJANS are back, and will be good to see SC in a BOWL GAME next season!

  • Yeah, i know football right

    i know football, how is the la puente athlete your talking about going to be voted as lineman of the year if were talking about the mission valley league not the mid valley division?

  • BIGDOG54

    Win league…get most of big awards. Don’t see a problem with that. El Monte and Rosemead got all-league selections according to how they finished in league.

  • coltfan97

    To I Know Football,

    Do you actually watch other Mid Valley teams play????? Your missing two linemen in the Mid Valley Division that are going to get division 1 scholarships!!!! Gerand Kough of Pomona (Colorado) and the number one recruit on the west coast Ellis McCarthy!!!! Not taking away from Pena or Rivera, but they are not the caliber of McCarthy!!!! The Mid Valley Linemen of the Year is McCarthy with out a doubt!!! Sorry but you odviously know nothing about football!!!

  • 1Danny5

    We got to make a change for the love of the game….Very well done in picking Steve Rivera as the MVP for the league and well deserved for playing great on both offensive and defensive. He is a player that can make any other kid look good if playing on the same team.
    But great players who play on winning teams and place in league, there are ALSO great players who are NOT so lucky and fall short by ending up on losing teams or failing programs These playsers get left out because NO ONE gives credit to the losing team and therefore the players get no recognition. …. This is where we need to make a change in the process because we leave out so many players who should deserve to be rewarded and are NOT due to the lack of the team or the program. But these great players are NOT on the first, second or third place teams and therefore are being cheated out of being picked for eague 1s or 2nd team. These kids have worked just as hard as the winning teams and deserves credit for being a real team player and continues to come out every day knowing his team has no chance. It is that player who deserve credit for being the “beast” that he is in and his name should be recognized in ink. Becasuse of this kids travel far away to be on good teams and some kids dont even try out for the school knowing they wont go anywhere and tha tis unfair to that kid not to get recognized and to hear from other coaches that they should be going to ther school. Here is an example, take a Bishop Amat JV player and send him to a local public school and he would make varsity. And I speak for the kids who did NOT make it to the 1st or 2nd team. And for you haters who are reading this, its NOT about me or my kid, my kid made it, I am speaking for the ones who did NOT make it that deserved to make it and people know they dersrved to make it. Making or NOT making it, can change a kids life and they deserve a fair chance as anyone else in league. Not because publicity that it shoudl go one way. I feel I speak the truth and that is why we have coaches recruiting kids because the school is making money when placing first or second. By recruiting, the teams make it unfair to the teams who play by the books

  • CoViNa

    Aztec Pride,

    I know what ” I know nothing about football” said.
    I dont waste my time on ignorant bloggers, all they want is a response. I like to chat it up with passionate, knowledgeable bloggers. Just look at his post and see how ignorant he is. I know Covina is looking for a WEEK 1 game. I dont know if Azusa has that available, but it would be a great matchup to see. Classic rivalry.

  • manningpower18

    yeah. Agustin Pinto for 1st team kicker. that kid has a leg and he’s just a junior. looking forward to watching him play next year. hopefully he goes and plays college football after high school.

  • go!!!! francisco go!!!!!

    Francisco Aguilar from Gabrielino should have won either first team or second team. He was the second leading tackler on the team and he should have been definatly in the conversation. Shame on you!