EXTRA, EXTRA: Tribune All-Area Football team in the paper and blog on Saturday Morning

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  • JMO

    Do you know how many kids that didn’t make all league made all SGV? I know at least one.

  • Who’s the best TE in the SGV and why?

    Here’s a question or two for all to consider?

    Who’s the best TE in the SGV and why?

    The reason I ask this question is simple. It highlights an inherent flawin the process to All Anything selections. Football players play specific positions. DE, DT, C, MLB, SS, FS, SLOT WR, CB yet all the “best” players get lumped together, why?

    The “BEST” means just that,”THE BEST AT A SPECIFIC POSITION” or else it’s just a popularity contest.

    So once again, “WHO’S THE BEST TE IN THE SGV AND WHY”.

    I mean what’s the point of saying who was slighted or undeserving when bloggers can’t even tell me who the best player is at a very specific position.

    There’s the challenge fellas.

  • Lancelot

    The trouble is Apples and Oranges…..You want numbers and stats and in some “corners of the world”, it is a lot easier to compile stats and numbers. And some will even argue that ANY player on a 1-3, coin flip winning, first round eliminated team, doe not belong on any “Best of” list. I would disagree with all of that…. So, that being said, I will sit back and eat my apples and oranges and enjoy the Blogsphere banter from the safety of “my own corner of the world”!

  • CH heads up

    Ifo Ekempre Olumu : last season player of the year this season starting DB for Oregon Ducks won PACK 12 and now watch him play in the rosebowl on Jan 2nd #14. Go IFO! GO CH!

  • AMAT 73

    I posed a question to Fred and Aram on something similar on another thread and sounds like the night before Christmas on an answer. It was since they can see many of the SGV players in the running play against each other or against same teams to get a feel who’s the best at any one position. Concerning AMAT and since we only played 1 SGV team how do they gauge AMAT’s players against other SGV players . For instance how do they gauge Velasquez or Montes both Serra League 1st teamers against others since they really didn’t see them at their work place so to speak as much as the others and against the competition at said position . Again, I am not bucking for AMAT players on the All Trib , but just would like to know the process they use when choosing in our “corner of the world”.

  • Lancelot

    73 – This is one of those topics that brings out all the “wing-nut” haters. The wing-nuts are the ones who throw up knee jerk haterism about arrogant Amat fans, accept your no longer..blah, blah blah type posts; however, to true fans who really want to know it is a puzzling dilema for which there really is no answer. Because it is an SGV All Area Team I think is should and must include local student athletes. The trick is how do you measure performance against very different competition. Case in point, Sal Velasquez. This “undersized” D lineman from Bishop Amat played lights out, full throttle all year long and turned in some VERY GOOD performances against prototypical D-Lineman game in and game out. Is Sal a D-1 Defensive Lineman, some would say absolutely not yet the kid held his own, made a lot of big time plays and did it while facing competition that no one in the valley faced on a game by game basis. Look at Amats offensive gaurds and tackles, pretty much the same deal…yeah, we didn’t win all our games but we are not talking about final score, we are talking about individual performance, and in doing so, these guys would have to be “at least” in a conversation for O-lineman. The same goes for our Defensive secondary and R. Varela and DJ Daniels at LB’s. To have the season’s that they had in the Pac-5 was great but again, W-L record trumps their performances against (and now I’m gonna be an arrogant Amat Fan) better competition. So all that being said comes down to this….there is no way to accurately gauge it, but the football fans who know…..KNOW.

  • My Pal Joey

    Amat 73 you bring up a great point by default. Maybe, and I’m saying maybe, it’s an indictment of the SGV leagues themselves that so many bloggers, parents and players actually see being named All Area with more merit than their respective league honors.

    The truth is that’s not the case with Bishop Amat athletes. While any CIF Championship is a great honor and shouldn’t be dispararged the same is true in reverse where All Serra League patches really tell another story relative to All Tribune.

    A little food for thought here. The best athletes come from any division as evidenced by USC’s team this year. Mater Dei’s Barkley drops back and is protected by Servite’s Khalih and as Mater Dei’s Barkley looks down field he sees Serra’s two stud receivers Wood and Lee, TOUCHDOWN !!! All these players are “1st Round NFL LOCKS” and somehow came from different schools.

    So let’s stop all the bashing and give credit where credit is earned, on the field. I’ve never been a big fan of post season honors for several reasons, it’s a numbers game that’s predetermined by preseason pub,final league standings and political gerrymandering by coaches and donor parents.

    Whether a player like Steve Rivera goes down as a local legend and never starts anoother game or if Santiago ends his playing days at Mt. Sac or if that “outrageous” Bishop Amat guard never plays another down of football it’s still “their” best that matters. Getting recognition from a Sportswriter, a disgruntled blogger or a wanna be Pop Warner Coach matters less than the actual experience itself.

    From the positions I played I can say without reservation the best “Guard” plays at Bishop Amat, the best “QB” plays at CO and the best “Safety” plays at Bonita…and the POY is Steve Rivera.

    Merry Christmas to every one except Aram, LOL.