Two assistant coaches from state champion Santa Margarita football team convicted of misdemeanor marijuana possession in September, but still coached the rest of the season

The Orange County Register reports that the two assistant coaches were arrested last December and convicted in September, but they remained with the Santa Margarita football team the remainder of the year, including the state championship....From the Orange County Register: Two football coaches of the Santa Margarita state championship football team were convicted of misdemeanor marijuana possession charges during the season, a spokeswoman for the Orange County District Attorney’s office confirmed Thursday. Both participated as Santa Margarita varsity football assistant coaches when the team won CIF-Southern Section and CIF State championship games this month.

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  • Trojan Man

    COME ON …Why Now & WHAT does it MEAN ???

    If The District cleared them, who are we to judge ?


    Must have been doing something right !

    Fight ON

  • What

    “AS LONG AS IT STAYED OFF OF THE FIELD & HAD ZERO TO DO WITH ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY WITH THE PLAYERS,”– You sound like Paterno defending Sandusky…BTW, this story says they were growing and selling marijuana plants, that’s pretty bad and goes way beyond being arrested for casual possession…

  • Lancelot

    Well that explains it, because the team definately played the game on a different level….maybe it was the coaching? 😉 I only jest because it is pretty much a, “well what do you want us (the blog nation) to do about it?” All we can do is talk smack about eachothers views soooo….bummer that they weren’t flogged and fired but at least it’s on their records and they have to pay the $100.00 fine!!!!

  • Witness

    These two coaches should be fired..they are doing drugs and broke the law, End of story.
    Amat should be given the State Championship title for this.

  • IMO

    My Opinion,

    IMO regardless if you are doing on or off campus, as a Coach should be held to a high standard as a leader and a role model for these kids. The students themselves are watching these blogs and see what these coaches are doing so if it is ok for them to conduct themselves this way, why wouldnt the kids conduct themselves in the same manner.

    Schools IMO should take a stand and have a zero tolerance for this kind of crap. But I know for a fact that is not the case. There are schools out there that will kick a kid off of the team if caught smoking dope on or off the campus. And there are other schools that allow the kids to continue to play on the football team even after being caught smoking around the corner. You want to know something interesting, the kid that was kick off of the team was the same kid that later got caught at the next school he attended who allowed him to continue to play… Oh well I guess that this is what it has come to, lets just lower the bar for our Coaches and Students to have no discipline respect or any sort of standard for the way they conduct ourselves.

  • Kan B’alam Son of Pakal

    everyone in California doesn’t thing Mary Jane is a bad thing. That includes Police, Judges and district officials. You never know they could be on cloud 9 when they get off work too. Too many unpaid tickets is Misdemeanor as well. Would you fire them too ? Actually you mary is better for you then all those pharma drugs people take…I bet Ol Harry Welch takes a few. Come on people. Wake up.

  • reality

    They got arrested, fined and punished what else do you want? Two sides to every story and theirs must have had some validity to have the charges reduced. Do we have to ruin two young mens careers over some herb? Reads to me that they were probably growing for dispenseries which can be legal with proper authorization.

  • Dave

    What does this have to do with the San Gabriel Valley? Fred must be hurting for stories.

  • JMO

    My oldest brother was an athlete and graduated in 82 and had pot parties every night that my parents went to PTA meetings. I tried it once and it didn’t take. Not a fan of hippie lettuce so who cares.

  • Colt74

    God forgave them for winning the state championship.
    Isn’t that the basis for all religions? A big enough donation absolves all sins…..

  • coltfan97

    What are you teaching the kids when these two idiots are using drugs, and still employed!!!! WOW!!!!

    It shows me that Santa Margarita will do anything to win!!!! I am shocked at this too because private schools usually have no tolerance for situations like that!!!!! I wonder what would happen if it was a football player???? HMMMM!!!

    Yes we barely found out about this, but since these two idiots are adults and were convicted!!!!! The Court Documents to this case is of public record, and we as in public could have access to it!

  • great for the sgv

    This place is turning into fred’s tmz.

  • Joe Amat

    First, this is directly relevant to the SGV becuase this State Champion happened to eliminate an SGV school from the playoffs. Indirectly, but more important, it is …”On Prep Sports”. Read the headline banner.

    This may have culminated in a misdeameanor convinction in September at the beginning of football season (imagine how public knowledge of that might have effected the season) but the felony arrest for cultivateion and possession wth the intent to sell…LAST DECEMBER! Why we these guys even re-hired?!?

    I get the whole “presumed innocent until proven guilty” but these guys had “three mature marijuana plants, 229 immature plants, watering and lighting systems, five one-gallon bags of dried marijuana with a combined weight of one pound (thousands of dollars worth in the OC) and a pay-owe notebook,”… IN THEIR OWN. GARAGE!

    Some schools that have some scruples and care anout their standards more than their press, will but Head coaches on administrtative leave even for allegations that something may have happened years ago…at a different school. But our State Champion allows two guys to be around their high-school student-athletes for nine months before the trial and to finish the season…even after a conviction?!?

    I wonder how they would have handled it of it was some random English teacher who was out of the public eye. My sense is they wouldn’t have even been teaching in the 2nd semester of LAST school year and would have quietly disappeared.

    but we are talking about Santa Margarita who has a LONG standing tradition of sweeping things under the rug that might hurt their reputation. Look it up

  • great for the sgv

    What have you been smokin this morning joe? I was trying to read your post, but it looks a second grader wrote this for you.
    Do you really want to get into sweeping things under the rug when it comes to people in authority who should be kept away from young people?

  • Joe Amat

    lousy in the sgv,

    Sorry the typos didn’t meet your Christmas Eve standards. Was up late and gave my secretary, who usually types my posts off dictation, the day off. No Scrooge here! So here you go…

    …because…misdemeanor…cultivation…about… Does that help. Geez!?!

    …and yes. I encourage you to go there. What happens, and how a school deals with it. Particularly the school mentioned…and since you’re fishing…you can include other schools if you want, Amat included. A school can’t necessarily Do anything about the former ( that’s a refelection of schools being a microcosm of society) but has complete control over the latter.

    And feel free to correct any more typos along the way.

  • Dave

    Your’re a funny guy Joe Amat–Merry Christmas 🙂

  • Dog Town

    Joe Amat, Santa Marguerita? Are they any less talented because of this situation NO!!!! Would they have lost to Amat, if this situation Didn’t happen NO!!!! I think you need to join Amat 73 he’s at the WC mall sitting on Santas lap. With all respect to Amat players, SGV Appreciates your hard work and effort this year. GOOD LUCK!! Next year.

  • Joe Amat

    Doggy dog,

    Shirley you didn’t read anywhere that I alluded that this somehow made RSMCHS any better and therefore defeated Amat because of it? Did I write that anywhere. Did you read that between any lines anywhere? Or are you just fanricating something?

    And yes…I did call you Shirley!

  • 5fdp

    Big deal welcome to america so they smoke pot big deal high school kids smoke it everyday.

  • great for the sgv

    Joe Amat said:
    First, this is directly relevant to the SGV becuase this State Champion happened to eliminate an SGV school from the playoffs
    Could you have your secretary explain the meaning of this statement. Sounds like she believes that it did have something with the sgv team being eliminated. Maybe she can help explain “fanricating” while she’s at it.

  • just sayin’

    Dave asked: What does this have to do with the San Gabriel Valley? Fred must be hurting for stories.
    Talking about Santa Margarita, who is in Bishop Amat’s playoff division and beat them in the playoffs, has as much to do with the San Gabriel Valley as talking about Upland, who embarrssed Charter Oak in the Inland playoffs – and we talk about them often.

  • Dave

    Oh I get it now—-sort of like 6 degrees of separation! Because a team from the San Gabriel Valley played them, it has everything to do with the San Gabriel Valley. Makes perfect sense. You guys are so entertaining. Happy New Year to you all.

  • Read the title of the blog!

    Yes Dave – just like when we talk about Upland, who is not in the SGV either, whose blowout of CO was entertaining to some. More impportantly – it about “PREP SPORTS”.
    As in “Fred J. Robledo – on PREP SPORTS”