All Serra League Football: Bishop Amat’s Jalen Moore earns first team second straight year

Serra All-League Football
Most Valuable Player
: Kyle DeVaugn (Alemany)
Most Valuable Defensive Player: Eamon McKosker (Loyola)
Most Valuable Offensive players: Steven Mitchell (Alemany), Kodi Whitfield (Loyola)
Most Valuable Lineman: Jordan Simmons (Crespi)
First Team Offense
Backs: Jalen Moore (Bishop Amat)
Backs: Mike Davison (Crespi)
Backs: Khalfani Muhammad (Notre Dame)
Backs: Devon Dunn (Alemany)
WR: Chaz Anderson (Loyola)
WR: Chris Harper (Crespi)
WR: Sam Robinson (Notre Dame)
OL: Travis Harvey (Loyola)
OL: Josue Najera (Notre Dame)
OL: Kyle Sulka (Notre Dame)
OL: Stephen Hutchinson (Crespi)
OL: Tyler Ansoms (Alemany)
OL: John Trice (Alemany)
PK: Pat Casserly (Crespi)
First Team Defense
DL: Lester Cienfuegos (Alemany)
DL: Kourey Gabriel (Crespi)
DL: Josh Anderson (Notre Dame)
DL: Sal Velasquez (Bishop Amat)
LB: Quentin Tartabull (Alemany)
LB: JJ Muno (Notre Dame)
LB: LJ Wilkerson (Crespi)
LB: Tim Patricio (Loyola)
DB: Tyler Forman (Crespi)
DB: Ajee Montes (Bishop Amat)
DB: Jerico Richardson (Alemany)
DB: Cameron Walker (Loyola)
DB: Nick Holland (Notre Dame)
P: Conrad Ikropina (Loyola)

Second Team Offense
Backs: Rio Ruiz (Bishop Amat), Robert Jenkins (Loyola), Nick Cotton (Loyola)
WR: Jack Neuheisel (Loyola), Zach Shay (Bishop Amat), Devin Ross (Alemany).
OL: Jacob Spear (Crespi), Coleman Shelton (Loyola), Eric Cuevas (Loyola), LeRoy Tanoai (Notre Dame), Philip Castellanos (Bishop Amat), Aubry Jackson (Alemany)
Second Team Defense
DL: Deyon Glass (Alemany), Nick Mortle (Loyola), Cameron Wall (Bishop Amat), Derick Turner (Notre Dame)
LB: Bryce Henderson (Alemany), Anthony Gutierrez (Notre Dame), DJ Daniels (Bishop Amat), Vernon Yancy (Loyola), Kenan Stevenson (Loyola).
DB: Noah Cecil (Crespi), Deron Smith (Alemany), Dionza Blue (Bishop Amat), Darren Andrews (Bishop Amat), Matt McNab (Notre Dame).
P: Dylan Pritchard (Notre Dame)

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Mission Valley All-League Football: Steven Rivera wins top award for second straight year

Mission Valley All-League Football
Player of the year: Steven Rivera (Arroyo)
Back of the year: Brandon Martinez (El Monte)
Lineman of the year: James Rivera (Arroyo)
First Team Offense
QB: Fernando Ramirez (South El Monte)
RB: Peter Aholoka (Arroyo)
RB: Matt Eddy (Rosemead)
WR: Hunter Durant (Arroyo)
WR: Memo Silva (El Monte)
TE: Danny Villalobos (Rosemead)
OL: David Chavarria (Rosemead)
OL: Enrique Gonzalez (El Monte)
OL: Omar Partida (Arroyo)
OL: Jesse Gaytan (El Monte)
PK: Agustin Pinto (South El Monte)
First Team Defense
DT: Jesse Gaytan (El Monte)
DT: Nelson Leon (Rosemead)
DT: Jose Ambriz (South El Monte)
DE: Juan Morales (South El Monte)
DE: Marcos Lopez (Arroyo)
LB: Zach Daniels (Arroyo)
LB: Ruben Jimenez (El Monte)
LB: Andrew Gibson (Rosemead)
LB: Andrew Barcenas (South El Monte)
DB: Melvin Palacios (Arroyo)
DB: Frank Lopez (El Monte)
DB: Christian Garcia (Rosemead)
DB: Pablo Ocegueda (South El Monte)
DB: Alex Acosta (South El Monte)

Second Team Offense
: Mark Winchell (Gabrielino)
RB: Bryan Luevano (El Monte), Leo Artiaga (South El Monte)
TE: Juan Ceballos (El Monte), Jimmy Martinez (South El Monte)
WR: Andrew Kerkhoff (Arroyo), Jesus Machuca (South El Monte)
OL: Cody Rubalcava (Gabrielino), Joeph Lopez (El Monte), Manuel Salcedo (Mountain View), Jose Ambriz (South El Monte), Lupe Perez (Rosemead), Daniel Camarena (Rosemead).

Second Team Defense
: Juan Hernandez (Arroyo), Cody Rubalcava (Gabrielino), Eric Young (Gabrielino), Sal Chavarin (Rosemead).
DE: Aaron Landry (Arroyo), Edgar Heredia (El Monte)
LB: Joe Velasco (Arroyo), Joe Sanchez (El Monte), Lorenzo Mena (Gabrielino), Milton Avila (Rosemead).
DB: Dominic Salas (Rosemead), Jerry Valencias (South El Monte), Brandon Jauregui (Arroyo), Jonathan Perini (Gabrielino), Gus Bentacur (El Monte), Ignacio Castaneda (Mountain View).

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Bishop Amat soccer clinic raises money and collects gifts for orphanage in Mexico

For the fifth year in a row, the Cerritos College women’s soccer team will be making a trip to Tijuana, Mexico to bring toys and gifts to the Casa Hogar Santa Teresita de Jesus Orphanage for Girls. The annual event allows head coach Ruben Gonzalez and his wife, Senaida, to bring holiday joy to a group of girls from ages 2-15, while it introduces several of his players to a culture that has effected their lives, as well. (To continue click thread).

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Sierra All-League Football: Charter Oak’s Travis Santiago earns player of the year honors

All-Sierra League Football
Most Valuable Player:
Travis Santiago, Charter Oak
Offensive players of the year: Chris Gilchrist (Charter Oak), Kurt Scoby (Charter Oak)
Defensive player of the year: Naim Colbert (Chino Hills).

First Team Offense
Backs: Jamel Hart (South Hills)
Backs: Jordan Robinson (Ayala)
Backs: Jalen Castille (Damien)
Backs: Louis Napoles (Chino Hills)
Backs: Andrew Chavez (Chino Hills).
WR: Jack Austin (Chino Hills).
WR: Aaren Vaughs (Charter Oak)
WR: Jaime Canada (South Hills)
WR: Bryce Bobo (Charter Oak).
WR: Joshua Savage (Damien)
OL: Louis Oliva (Charter Oak)
OL: Nick Enriquez (Chino Hills)
OL: Lake Aiono (South Hills)
OL: Joe Bartolo (Chino Hills)
OL: Carlos Palafox (Chino Hills)
OL: Davis Harrison (Claremont)
OL: Daniel Johnson (Charter Oak)
PK: Jack Schneider (Charter Oak)
First Team Defense
DL: Eric Prevost (Charter Oak)
DL: Connor Wilson (Chino Hills)
DL: Lake Aiono (South Hills)
DL: Keith Waldron (Damien)
DL: Logan Tracey (Damien)
LB: Herman Akins (Charter Oak)
LB: Eric Ortiz (Charter Oak)
LB: Will Reeves (Claremont)
LB: Alexander Arevalo (Damien)
LB: Kent Ryan (Ayala)
LB: Adam Buck (Chino Hills)
DB: Aaren Vaughns (Charter Oak)
DB: Jaime Canada (South Hills)
DB: Klyvens Delaunay (Claremont)
DB: Travion Boykins (Damien)
DB: Khari Garcia (Charter Oak)
P: Dylan Kegans (Claremont)

Second Team Offense
Vince Hernandez (South Hills), Gabriel Schafer (Claremont), Tevin Campbell (Ayala), Brian Meyette (Ayala), Blake Wallace (Ayala).
WR: DeAndre Manus (Claremont), Brandon Ginoza (Chino Hills), Stan Reeder (Claremont), Andrew Sherwood (Damien), Danny Sheehan (South Hills).
OL: Tracey Logan (Damien), Brandon Arrietta (Charter Oak), Tim Kim (Ayala), Blake Martin (Damien), Riley Dean (South Hills).
Second Team Defense
DL: Allan Albaro (Chino Hills), Ryan Copenhaver (Claremont), Matthew Chavez (Ayala), Benny Garcia (South Hills).
LB: Louis Napoles (Chino Hills), James Wernli (Claremont), Daniel Johnson (Charter Oak), Austin Moore (Ayala), Zach Chadwick (Chino Hills), Thomas Zorilla (Chino Hills), Daniel Soto (Claremont).
DB: Uriah Trailer (Damien), Adrian Reynoso (Ayala), Dylan Kegans (Claremont), Jacob Farias (South Hills), Tommy Inglima (Ayala), Jonathan Lyles (Damien).

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Montview All-League Football: Desmond Reed, Eric Perez and Adrian Pena share top honors

All Montview League Football
Offensive Most Valuable Player: Desmond Reed (Azusa)
Defensive Most Valuable Player: Eric Perez (Azusa)
Lineman of the year: Adrian Pena (La Puente)

First Team Offense
QB: Jake Martinez (Azusa)
RB: Nick Barrientos (La Puente)
RB: Justin Snedden (Workman)
RB: Tailik Mason (Duarte)
RB: Giovanni Rivera (Sierra Vista)
TE: Brandon Rios (La Puente)
WR: Michael Patini (La Puente)
WR: Richard Bradford (Duarte)
WR: James Figueroa (Azusa)
OL: Sergio Gomez (Azusa)
OL: Henry Duong (La Puente)
OL: Eric Rodriguez (Azusa)
OL: Kevin Arenas (La Puente)
OL: Carlos Gutierrez (Sierra Vista)
OL: Oscar Ramos (Azusa)
PK: Sergio Gonzalez (Sierra Vista)
First Team Defense
DL: Adrian Solchaga (Gladstone)
DL: Brandon Rios (La Puente)
DL: Rodrigo Navarro (Workman)
DL: Albert Pina (Duarte)
DL: Robert Chelala (Azusa)
LB: Aaron Sanchez (Gladstone)
LB: Danny Martinez (La Puente)
LB: Samuel Edwards (Duarte)
LB: Mike Mora (Sierra Vista)
LB: Adrian Chavez (Azusa)
DB: Noel Martinez (La Puente)
DB: Nicholas Leon (Duarte)
DB: Martin Garcia (Sierra Vista)
DB: Cameron Blackburn (Azusa)
DB: Kevin Jones (Ganesha)

Second Team Offense
QB: Ivan Vasquez (La Puente)
PK: Christian Guzman (Gladstone)
RB: Aaron Sanchez (Gladstone), Samuel Edwards (Duarte), Derrick Henderson (Ganesha), Antonio Govea (Ganesha).
WR: Sebastian Kirchfield (Gladstone), Raymond Pena (Bassett), Rayshaun McCarthy (Sierra Vista).
TE: Andres Hernandez (Ganesha).
OL: Jesse Tovar (La Puente), Jerry Gutierrez (Gladstone), Adrian Solchaga (Gladstone), Adrian Magallanes (Gladstone), Ivan Gregorio (La Puente), Anthony Miller (Workman).
Second Team Defense
DL: Jerry Gutierrez (Gladstone), Luis Verduzco (Sierra Vista), Alex Tapia (Azusa), Louis Mosqueda (Ganesha), Andres Hernandez (Ganesha).
LB: Jorge Martinez (La Puente), John Kalta (La Puente), Anthony Miller (Workman), Elias Oropeza (Workman), Sergio Gonzalez (Ganesha).
DB: Sebastian Kirchfield (Gladstone), Raymond Pena (Bassett), Vincent Silva (Workman), Desmond Reed (Azusa), Justin Sloan (Gladstone).

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Former San Marino coach Mike Mooney pleads not guilty to grand theft after the Mid-Valley and San Marino Tribune reports he would plead guilty

It’s a good thing major publications don’t attribute the San Marino Tribune or Mid-Valley News when it comes to hard news. Without sourcing its story, the Mid-Valley News and San Marino Tribune reported last month that Former San Marino football coach Mike Mooney would plead guilty to one count of Felony-Grand Theft in regards to charges involving the San Marino Football program in 2010. Well, Mooney plead not guilty on Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court. He is charged with grand theft, according to the Nov. 22 felony complaint.

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Baseline All-League Football: Glendora’s Donavon Holmes earns first-team honors

All-Baseline League football
Offensive MVP
: Donta Abron, Upland, RB, 12
Defensive MVP: Viliami Latu, Rancho Cucamonga, LB, 11

First Team Offense
Larry Cutbirth, Etiwanda, 12
Dimitri Morales, Rancho Cucamonga, 12
Nate Romine, Upland, 11
Running Back
Donavon Holmes, Glendora, RB, 12
Christian Powell, Upland, FB, 12
Wide Receiver
Ralphael Barr, Etiwanda, 12
Jordan Mathis, Etiwanda, 12
Jermel Walker, Rancho Cucamonga, 11
J.T. Huggins, Rancho Cucamonga, 12
Kenny Lawler, Upland, 12
Offensive Line
Dylan La Frenz, Los Osos, LT, 12
Brandon Carter, Rancho Cucamonga, C, 12
Cameren Turner, Rancho Cucamonga, G/T 12
Kenyatta Johnson, Upland, RT, 12
Eduardo Ramirez, Upland, LT, 12
Place Kicker
Yahir Argueta, Etiwanda, 12

First Team Defense
Defensive Back

Marquise O’Leary, Etiwanda, S, 12
Koa Lobanta, Los Osos, SS, 12
Chris Hawkins, Rancho Cucamonga, CB, 11
Toure Boyd, Rancho Cucamonga, S, 12
Marques Mosley, Upland, S, 12
Phillip Fisher, Alta Loma ,ILB, 12
Chandler Scott, Etiwanda, LB, 12
Metuisela Unga, Rancho Cucamonga, LB, 12
A.J. Latu, Rancho Cucamonga, LB, 11
Kendal Dukes, Upland, ILB, 11
Defensive Line
Brandon Arden, Los Osos, DT, 12
Brandon Long, Rancho Cucamonga, DL, 12
David Kaufusi, Rancho Cucamonga, NG, 11
Joe Mathis, Upland, DE, 11
Christian Powell, Upland, DE, 12
Sean Aspinal, Upland, 11
Click thread for second team

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