• TeachDGame


    Week 0 ??? TBD Scrimmage
    Week 1 Orange Lutheran ( Pac 5)
    Week 2 OPEN —–
    Week 3 OPEN —- Bishop Amat NOT wanting to Renew at present is the word…
    Week 4 Temescal Canyon
    Week 5 Los Alamitos (Pac 5)
    Week 6-10 South Hills, Chino Hills, Charter Oak, Claremont, Ayala ….

    Not a Bad Schedule (Any other local school playing that many “tougher” games… NO

    By the way, come on AMAT …. renew the contract, don’t use that lame old excuse about competition, need to prepare for the season. blah blah blah Anyone who knows anything knows the next 2-3 years are a different story for BOTH schools. Not the same old game…. ya ya ya, start your we kick your butts every year crap… if so, then put the little Damien Spartans on your schedule… you need some victories right….

  • LOL

    LOL at you Teach…

    You’re kid won’t be playing come game time anyway… Gano will just have other “transfers” come in and play ahead of him….and you’ll stew up in the stands…

    Funny how that works huh?

  • OldMan in Chino


    I have heard that Chino Hills will be playing Amat and West Covina next season. Do you know if they will also be playing Tesoro and REV? If they are that is a strong pre-Sierra League scheudule. Do you know which teams Charter Oak has scheduled and if they have scheduled any “step-up teams”?

  • Fred Robledo

    Not sure about Tesoro and Reve, but the Amat and West Covina games are signed for Chino Hills…Also, Amat and Charter Oak have agreed in principle to play, but contracts haven’t been signed yet…this according to Aram.

  • TeachDGame

    LOL — wow, you want to make this personal, now that is funny.

    Here is one, obviously you know who I am, and so does just about everyone else as I use my screen name which is readily known… but why don’t you MAN UP (or heck WOMAN UP maybe) and let us all know exactly who YOU ARE… then we can really make this personal…… that I can guarantee !

    You know where to find me !


    Amat is on record that it wants to play Damien and St. Paul every year. Three years of getting his rear kicked is enough for Gano. Don’t try to spin it any other way. I wonder what assistant coach is putting this on the boards for Damien???

  • AMAT 73

    Looks like we swap Damien for CO and CH, the cream of the Sierra. With maybe St Slime also why would we keep Damien ? . I personally would love the game to continue ( if only to remind My Friend Sparta and other cousins about who won ) but why is the question many fans ask . And no we do not need victories that bad .

  • Really Now

    Amat was not the one who did not want to renew with Damien.

  • To set the record straight,

    Damien pulled out of the series, not Amat. Damien is trying to get the game back on either this season or next.

  • AMAT 73

    You want that Crow medium or well done ????????

  • TeachDGame

    I stand corrected and man enough to admit it Disapointed.

  • Principle of the matter

    Aram you statement isn’t completely accurate. The conversation between principles went kinda like this….
    Amat: What do you think about taking a few year off.
    So not sure who you can really lay that at the feet of Damien.
    This is a very accurate representation.

  • Sierra League Fan


    Chino Hills plays Tesoro (who beat Servite in the pac 5 playoffs), CIF Champ West Co, SGV Power Bishop Amat, Inland playoff team Santiago, and possibly REV again…..I’d say that is THE toughest schedule in the SGV.
    Damien plays non playoff team O lu, non playoff team Los Alamitos, and 4-6 Div 8 TemescalCcanyon and you are saying this is the toughest schedule around….lol. Nice try guy!

  • Amat73
    i guess a table for two is needed.

  • big mike

    is it safe to say that Muir has the tougest non-league schedule than any team in the sgv. I mean i know that they only play 3 games but their three is tougher than any team three you can choose from off their schedule.

    Muir plays Upland, Alemany and Rancho in their non-league. can you say WOW.

  • sgv baller

    @big mike.that is pretty tough 3 games for muir. Upland is losing there 2 top players and dont know if they will be as good as last year.Alemany has been good and returns top big play receiver steven mitchell.Rancho should be good also.

  • You need to look again

    If you don’t think Olu and LosAL aren’t better than Westco and Santiago your a fool. OLu is evry bit as tuff as Tessoro and LosAl is every bit as tuff as BA.
    Do your homework fool

  • Sierra League Fan

    Looka Again,

    “If you don’t think Olu and LosAL aren’t better than Westco and Santiago your a fool. OLu is evry bit as tuff as Tessoro and LosAl is every bit as tuff as BA.
    Do your homework fool”

    That’s why Tesoro beat the #1 pac 5 team…Servite, made it to the Pac 5 Semis and finished #18 in CA. Los Al finished #118 in Ca and didn’t make the playoffs and lost to 5-6 Newport Harbor! O LU lost to J Serra who lost to DAMIEN and Servite who Tesoro beat in the playoffs. Bishop Amat would give Los Al and O Lu all they could handle. Santiago & West Co would mop the floor with Temescal Canyon (like any decent team would)
    The fact is that Damien does not have a playoff team on their non league schedule yet whereas every team on Chino Hills schedule is! 2 Pac 5 play off teams (Tesoro & Amat), 2 inland division playoff teams (Santiago & REV probably) and a CIF Champion West Co. team.
    Sounds like you need to do your homework fool!

    Big Mike,
    I’ll give Muir props for their tough schedule….but that is only 3 games….Chino Hills has 5 tough games, 2 against pac 5 playoff teams

  • Drinking the to much CH tap water

    haaha really
    Tessoro with no coach, Santiago the 4th best team in the Big8 and WestCo D7 do I need to say more…

    Your coach bragged after his win over Damien that his team was trained and prepared to win games like this Tom Kiss must have cut out the part when he said except playoff games like this. You guys wont be so lucky in 2012.

  • Sierra League Fan

    Drunk dude,
    What do you mean Tesoro with no coach…Barnes is going nowhere (Don’t believe rumors, I know Tesoro’s AD and talked to him last week). Barne’s beat Servite and took them to the damn Semis!
    Santiago was 4th place, true…..the same place as the BEST team Damien has on their schedule! Are you going to tell me the Sunset league was better than the Big Vlll this year? LOL – Worst league in the Pac 5.
    Don’t be all butt hurt because CH beat you guys last year….and the year before…and the year before…and the year before. At least this year you gave them a game unlike the blow outs the last few years. And yes Div. 7 West co. Who won the Division that D. Ranch and Temescal Canyon (2 of Damien’s mighty opponents this year) played in. You honestly think Damien could beat West Co….who’s drinkin’ the cool aid now bro?
    Face it, Damien will be no better than a 3rd place team in the Sierra League as long as Charter Oak and Chino Hills are in the league.
    Big props to Damien for picking up 2 average, 4th place, pac 5 teams and keeping a horrible Temescal Canyon team on their schedule. You have 2 more games to fill why don’t you see if Basset or Duarte have openings.

  • When you see the heleicopters

    Your suppose to go inside when they spray malathion. It’s bad for your brain.
    Barns is gone it’s done.
    If you want to talk past Chino Hills has none so I wouldn’t start talking weak titles. When you win a CIF Championship you can brag about the past.
    As for the future you have none. Bubb has entered into daddy ball territory. There is nowhere to go but down for you.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    I think it’s great that local teams like Damien etc. are branching out and testing their mettle against the OC and IE! Los Alamitos and Olu may have been down last year, but that area of the OC is so loaded with talent that you never know which one of those schools will just explode back into contention. The Pac-5 playoff results this year proved that. I really did not hear anything about Santa Margarita and San Clemente before last season, and look where they ended up for example. Non-league schedule grade A-

    Muir, ouch! That’s a brutal three game season opening stretch! Hopefully the coaching situation gets settled once and for all and all the great atheletes they have can put their talents to work. Muir + solid coaching + dicipline = Extremely dangerous! A+

    Chino Hills, no doubt they have if not the toughest non-league schedule, it’s aleast the most appealing schedule when it comes to local interest. When all is said and done, CH will have played West Covina, Bishop Amat, Charter Oak and Damien! That’s FOUR of the perennial top ten teams in the SGV! A+

    West Covina, my Bulldogs play Pac-5 playoff team Loyola, which is one of the most prolific schools in athletics in SOcAL IN ALL SPORTS!We renewed with two local rivals and those games always are tough because, well it’s a rivalry! Covina may not be the Covina team of the past couple of years, but next season they still will want to knock us off. South Hills has been struggling but with Bogan in charge you know, they can rise back up into an SGV power once again in a heatbeat! Then we also play Chino Hills, I can’t wait for this game! First time both these schools will meet on the grid iron I think. I would give West Covina’s non-league schedule grade a B-

    Also please refrain from just labeling WC as just a D7 team. It’s foolish to think that they have been anything close to your typical Southeast division team the past couple of years. Much like CO and SHills before them, we pretty much have outgrown the division as of late! WC finished 52nd in the state rankings last year, 16th in ESPN LA.com’s final rankings, 5th in the DII state bowl rankings, and first in the SGV Tribune rankings. To dismiss WC as just D7 and argue that two non playoff Pac-5 teams are better just because of division rankings is just silly. Chino Hills knows they are playing a top 50 team in the state and not just some D7 team, that’s why they scheduled us to begin with. WC knows CH is a solid Inland squad who have won the Sierra league three out of the last four years and has been to the Inland semi’s as recently as two seasons ago, that’s why we want to play them.

  • jcaz

    Seems to me that the football juices are flowing rather nicely for this time of year.

    BTW, just my opinion, but really, who cares about playing the same old schools anyway ?

    Quite frankly, those old Catholic school rivalries are a thing of the past and I for one am glad Amat rarely plays St Paul and is looking at distancing itself from Damien.

    It is refreshing that Amat has been looking at mixing it up a bit more with quality teams outside of the fish bowl (ie Servite) because they need to play against better competition every now and then.

    Having said that, I nevertheless do love the idea of finally playing against Charter Oak, but I, like so many other folks in here, feel as if its a year or two to late for a game that should have been played a long time ago.

    Again, my opinion but, Amat should look at games against some better teams, maybe even from Corona Centennial, Norco or even another trinity league team.

    Just a thought that’s all

  • AMAT 73

    The second being you if you take the word of an anonymous post saying they have inside information on a conversation between the principles involved.

  • 73
    couldn’t be further from the truth,It’s called hearing from the horses mouth, but nice try.By the way, I like your little dig towards Damien calling CO and CH the cream of the sierra,I guess sorta like calling Amat the door matt of the serra.I don’t usually go there but as always you come on here and be the nice guy from Amat but then you throw in your little digs.

  • AMAT 73

    Well correct me if I am wrong on CO and CH being the better teams of the Sierra if you care to but I don’t think you have a leg to stand on . You’re right I usually do try to be nice but when someone slings it at AMAT I will sling it right back which to me seems fair. The person who started it could have just left it at that but no , he has to start in with the bs insinuating Damien is on the rise and will get the best of AMAT the next 2-3 years to make it look like AMAT is running scared. I also hope you noticed I did say I would like to see the game continue as I do have family that are Spartans and love rubbing it in when we face each other as they would to me if they won . Now calling us doormats of the Serra is a stretch as we were league co champs in 08 played for the title in 09 and yes we were 3rd this past season along with 2 others , so doormats does not really not fit the bill . By the way the horse I spoke to also says different .

  • Not so fast Amat 73

    Amat 73 I hate to break it to you but Damien has probably shared or been league champs as often as CH has and probably more times than Bishop Amat has in their league. But I could be wrong. Amat 73 Damien has been in last place or tied for last place in their league maybe one time in 30 years, can Bishop Amat say the same thing? How about the last 20 years? Okay how about the last 10 years?Last five?

    Regardless of how tough the Serra league is one is really only as good as they perform against their peers isn’t that so?

  • Not so fast not so fast

    When was the last time damine was a league champion. Amat was the Serra League champ in 2009. You’re up

  • AMAT 73

    not so fast,
    Well if I am not mistaken AMAT won league something like 7-8 years straight in the 80’s but that is the past and I am speaking in present terms . Your comparison of Damien finishing last or next to last only once is an apples to oranges comparison. AMAT was in a 4 team league for a few years and before this our leagues consisted of the likes of Mater Dei , Servite , Crespi , Loyola and others and I don’t think I need to list more because you should get the picture I am painting. But being Damien you wouldn’t know about those teams as you fought to stay in a public school league or threatened to fight it when they tried to move you. As you can see by the post above yours we were co champs in 09 , second in 10 and tied for third (as Damien has been in the new Sierra ) in 11 so I think we perform quite well don’t you. So back to the point of my post looking at the newly formed Sierra don’t you think playing CO , CH as opposed to Damien would be playing the top teams of the Sierra and playing tougher teams as the blog cries out for AMAT to do ???? Your turn to back your play if you care to but by your post we won’t know if you are the same person or a random drive by because more than likely you will change your screen name on your reply. I do wish going forward Fred and crew would make it mandatory to regester a screen name to be able to post so bloggers can be held somewhat accountable and get some good solid football or sports talk and cut the bull shiat out of this blog. Those of us who have been on here a long time with well known screen names sometimes catch hell by your types only because we put it out there and stand by what we post because of that fact. As you saw this started between myself and rgd2626 ( another longtime regestered blogger ) and now others jump in be it pro or con. Join us by regestering if you can handle being held accountable for what you print as we are.

  • Not so fast Amat 73

    Not so fast Amat 73 said:

    Amat 73 I hate to break it to you but Damien has probably shared or been league champs as often as CH has and probably more times than Bishop Amat has in their league.( Amat 73 technically speaking CH has only been around for a few years not decades so my point is right on ) But I could be wrong ( If I’m wrong you could tell me ). Amat 73 Damien has been in last place or tied for last place in their league maybe one time in 30 years ( Amat 73 I’m sure this is also accurate so why the long face ), can Bishop Amat say the same thing? ( Do I really have to do the research? Okay I did, Damien has been in last place once) How about the last 20 years? ( once)Okay how about the last 10 years (once..it happened during Morrison’s tenure) ?Last five? ( see the pattern )

    Regardless of how tough the Serra league is one is really only as good as they perform against their peers isn’t that so? ( Amat 73 it’s never been Bishop Amat’s style to say, “they play so and so” because that “other” team says teh same thing about Bishop Amat as LB pOly found out a few years ago and Mater Dei found out in teh playoffs three years ago. With Bishop Amat’s legacy isn’t it like USC saying they play in a tough league and rattle off names??? That’s beneath BA or used to be.

    The point has never been that BA plays in a tough Division, so does Damien. The difference is Damien is more like Cal or Stanford and Bishop Amat is more like USC, or at least used to be. Damien has two CIF titles in Football but has never been in last place in their league less times than Bishop Amat. Any offense you took to that fact is on you.

    As far as my screen name goes that never gives any one any more credibility in my mind, but I could see where you might find comfort in that.

    BTW, who’s a better LB? Lawernce Taylor or Jack Lambert?

    Next time I see you I’ll be wearing a Stanford Cap…LOL No harm no foul.

  • AMAT 73

    not so fast,
    Hope you saw my post when I paid homage to you in the tongue in cheek line of parents think their kid was the next “Lambert” or Faulk about some of the reasons for the great exodus of 2012 on coaches. I also didn’t look it up on the number league titles by AMAT ( although I know my count was well under the true number ) because it really doesn’t matter, we are who we are period. You as a high school football fan should know and up until this past 2 years have changed your view of AMAT . Maybe because of the overzealous nation folk or some of Hagerty’s actions which I think you did mention . One point you are wrong on is that AMAT has always been high on who they play ( tough schedule ) just as you have been by calling out SGV teams to step up and challege the Cathedral’s and Serra’s and others of the world is that not true ?? Also you mentioned many times of Salesian playing all the big boys back in the day so you know it is something to take pride in because after all these years it is still fresh in your mind . The point being is many come on the blog and take shots at us but have no knowledge of the banter among the Faithful. It’s not our style to put dirty laundry out there for the world to see. We keep it in house where it belongs .Wish you could have been in the gym the night of the Alumni gathering after the game. Your perception is from outside looking in , case in point is the Faithful always talk about who we play and why are we playing this team or that team .It is a big deal to us . Your beloved Damien is ” getting it ” by the fact of Serra and now O Lu and I believe another OC power if I am not mistaken on their schedule. I am sure those names will be rolling off the tongue’s of the Damien faithful in the future as well as yours . But back to my original point which brought this banter on and in reality I meant no slight to Damien at all ( but because AMAT 73 posted it that how it is perceived ) but are not CO and CH the perceived or tops of the Sierra at this point in time ? And about that screen name when you stand by what you post and especially when you associate it with the school of your choice as you did in the beginning DD ( remember the shots you were taking ) and are willing to take the good with the bad it matters a whole lot and I for one would not like one of our scribes ( Aram ) outting me to the fact that I post under all kinds of names as he did . Also if you are going to compare Damien with Stanford they better start having a better showing in the Sierra as Stanford is now doing in the PAC-12 don’t you think. But you know me I would start my D with Hacksaw in the middle and build from there. HA HA HA HA . Good luck to the young one at Stanford , enjoy it because it will go fast . Maybe you get us seats for the SC vs Stanford game I’ll by the beverages.