Breaking News: South Hills football coach Steve Bogan resigns, will remain a teacher at the school

By Fred J. Robledo, staff writer
One day after longtime Bonita coach Eric Podley and Covina’s Darryl Thomas resigned after spending more than a decade as head football coaches at their respective schools, one of the winningest in San Gabriel Valley history decided to hang it up after 19 years and a 70 percent winning clip in nearly two decades.

South Hills football coach Steve Bogan, who was named the Huskies head coach in 1992, resigned on Tuesday after winning four CIF-Southern Section titles, 13 league titles and compiling an overall record of 172-73 and 31-10 mark in the playoffs.

“It’s been a great, great ride,” Bogan said. “When I look back I’ve been very fortunate to be here this long. I’m not exactly sure where I’m going, but I couldn’t of asked for a better experience.” (To continue reading, click thread).

Bogan, a government and history teacher at South Hills since 1985, will remain at the school and continue to teach.

Bogan, who nearly left South Hills to take the Maranatha head coaching job last year, had thought about stepping aside in recent years.

“I just thought it was the right time,” Bogan said. “When I first got hired my goal was to go 10 years without being fired, because you heard of so many quality guys getting fired and you’re like, ‘it’s what have you done for me lately.’

“To be here this long and accomplish everything we did, I couldn’t of asked for anything more. South Hills is my home, it’s a great place and I will continue to be here. I’ve always thought I was a teacher first, and that’s what I’ll continue to do.”

Bogan said it’s too early to decide whether he’s finished coaching, he just knew he needed time off.

“I don’t know exactly what you want to call it,” Bogan said. “I’m going to look at possibly getting an administrative credential. I just felt like the Lord was saying you have to see what life is like on the other end. There were a lot of factors and the biggest one was our kids. I love them all, this is why we do what we do.”

Damien coach Greg Gano started his career as an assistant with Bogan in 1992 at South Hills. Gano later won four championships as the head coach at Los Altos and remains close friends with Bogan.

“I don’t think anybody has any perspective of what he’s accomplished at South Hills High School,” Gano said. “Not just the wins and losses, but his influence on kids, even after they graduated. He’s always been a class act.”

Bogan was named the San Gabriel Valley Tribune coach of the decade from 2000-09 — a span in which he won four CIF titles in five finals appearances, and reached at least the quarterfinals all ten years during that stretch. He also was named the Tribune and CIF-SS divisional coach of the year twice.

Bogan won his first championship in 2000, a 19-14 victory over La Habra in the Division IX title game that gave South Hills its first football title in 26 years.

After getting knocked out in the divisional semifinals in 2001, the Huskies won again in 2002, beating Walnut 36-8 for the Division VII title.

South Hills’ back-to-back bid came in 2003, which might have been Bogan’s best team of all.

The 2003 championship team led by brothers Bryan and Jeremy Payton, who went to Oregon State and Arizona State, respectively, only allowed six points in the entire playoffs, and that came in the Division VII championship game, a 25-6 blowout over San Gabriel.

After losing to rival West Covina in the Division VII championship in 2004, spoiling the Huskies’ three-peat bid, South Hills came right back the following season.

Bogan’s final championship campaign was a rout at Covina District Field, winning the 2005 Division VII crown with a 41-16 victory over Orange.

South Hills’ football program grew into a divisional and area power under Bogan, which promoted South Hills’ move to the more difficult Sierra League and the Inland Division (equivalent of Division 2) in 2009 — a climb of seven divisions since the Huskies won the Division IX crown in 2000.

South Hills struggled the past two years, going 3-7 in 2010 and ’11. The Huskies missed the playoffs both years, the first time they had missed the playoffs since 1998.

“I thought about leaving two years ago, but we were in transition,” Bogan said. “Our principal (Judy North) was retiring and we were moving into a much tougher league and division.

“I wasn’t at peace with leaving then, but I just got to the point where it was time, and I’ll still be here to help make the transition (for the next coach) as smooth as possible.”

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  • LA Conq

    What the HELL is going on in the SGV??????

  • Trojan Man

    The “Legends” are leaving one @ a time …

    Best of Luck Coach Bogan.

    Fight On

  • shfan

    How’d it take this long for the news to break? So many people have known for a while

  • Fred Robledo

    We knew Podley, Thomas and Bogan were probably leaving, but they had to make it official first. There is still at least another big name to resign, maybe two.

  • John

    Best of Luck Coach Bogan

  • Insider

    Probably Pomona, northview, garey, and diamond ranch

  • ROSE….?

  • reality

    I have blogged before about this fully expected exodus of fine valuable resources like the experienced high school football coach. Their commitment of time, energy and even their own money to do this job has just gotten to much. What we are going to be left with are little more than little league type guys coaching our teams. The stunning lack of respect given to coaches by their own supposed union is killing the golden goose. Until we figure out how we can appreciate what these men do from the admins, parents and colleges that reap the benefits of the coaching these boys receive I fully expect more golden geese to fly off and be replaced by Daffy Ducks.

  • Cougar

    Koffler at Rosemead is next. I also heard Singiser is set to resign next week.

  • Justin Othernut

    Come on realty if you are so all knowing why don’t you have your own blog. Everytime you come on here you brag about some told you so minute that you supposedly had. Give it a break for once. Go out and put up some more open house signs or something.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    As the Old Guard retires, hopefully they have passed on staying away from Daddy Ball to the future New Guard.

    Good Luck with your future endeavors coaches! Thanks for the coutless hours you poured into the young men in your charge. I’m sure they were the better for it.

  • reality

    @Mr. Nuts: Why start my own blog when I already have you reading me and commenting on what I write. Thanks a Nuts!!

  • JMO

    Fred & Aram,

    I called this two weeks ago on here and Freddie kept quiet while Aram said not happening. Freddie keeping quiet means I can’t beg for a game of golf but Aram shooting me downs means that I am in line for one of his pizza’s.

  • Fred Robledo

    We knew what was going on and who was probably leaving, but I didn’t want to put it out there until it was official. This isn’t the end, there is at least one more longtime coach who will step away too.

  • Husky

    Bogan to Santa Fe…

  • Outsider

    @ Insider: To what are you referring when you say “probably Pomona, Northview, Garey and Diamond Ranch?” Do you mean that these are the most likely teams to also have coaches resign?

    If so, I can’t see Roddy Layton quitting D-Ranch, unless their new principal is not giving athletics the support it deserves.

    This is obviously a watershed moment in High School sports, where the schools need to decide if these teams have value to their institutions. All of these schools have generously compensated administrators, yet cannot see their way to pay the all-important head football coach even HALF of what they lavish on the office-dwellers.

  • JMO


    Is there a chance that Bogan will be calling plays at Damien?

  • Fred Robledo

    I don’t think so, sounds like he wants to take a complete year off for sure. The feeling I get from coaches, not just football coaches, is the year round commitment for high school sports isn’t worth the stipend they get for coaching. They’re asked to coach a lot more, but stipends haven’t changed. Coaches use to have 3-6 months off their particular sport, but with CIF allowing coaching all year long, high school teams have become club programs. And if a coach isn’t committed to a year-long program, parents think they’re not committed. You’ll see more coaches leaving and remaining at school to teach, particularly in basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc, where the demand to coach during off season is becoming greater and greater, but with the same pay.

  • coltfan97

    Well put Fred, I totally agree with your statement. Plus the time these coaches spend away from their families because of the year round committment!!!! These coaches get worn out!!!!!

    Does anybody notice that the coaches that are resigning right now have been with there respective programs for a long period of time? I wonder if there worn out!!!!!!!

  • JMO

    Bogan is single with no ties.

  • Maybe…

    So who goes where?

    Who leaves where to go else where?

    Which coaches can definitely find greener pastures? With today’s economy, and so little job security, I say only the younger guys or old walk-ons have a shot.

    I think Ziola at Los Altos might be one. The school has little support for coaches in general (most don’t even have athletic periods to be with their athletes), arguably the worst facilities in the valley, its the lowest paying district around, and the talent, well, you know, it was supposed to be good enough for 0-10 last year. All this does not add up to much upside in the heights.

    I’m just saying, maybe a more favorable teaching schedule (one allows time for football), a little better pay, and better facilities, wouldn’t that make anybody want to go.

    If he went to South Hills, it would sure tell us all if he could really coach. When he’s up there with the big-boys, it would sure prove whether or not this last year was a fluke at LA.

    Just some thoughts from an SGV football fan.

  • Old Timer

    I dont know why everyone is so surprised about Bogan. He saw the writing on the wall once Judy (the AD ) retired. He will be roaming a sideline sooner then you think. You heard it hear first.

    take a look at the facts

    1. Judy North Retired – Excellent AD and a huge Athletic supporter. She helped w so many athletic transfers over the years.

    2. South Hills is no longer attractive to players because they are in a way tuffer division then before.

    3. See #2

    4. Recruiting has been cracked down on now and SH has been one of the ring leaders in the SGV in Football and Baseball for YEARS!!

    5. West Covina High is not going anywhere.

    6. Players are staying at WC instead of transferring.

    7. He cant win there anymore..

    8. New AD, New Rules, No Transfers = LONG SEASONS for Bogan!

  • Resignations

    I understand that several of you are shocked by the resignations of so many quality coaches, but let’s look at this as a good thing for these men who have dedicated countless hours to our children. This is not an apocalyptic event by any stretch of the imagination. Do administrators need to coaches better? Yes. Do coaches need more respect and less stress? Yes. Do they need people to lay off of them on the blogs? Definitely Yes. But high school football will continue to go on even without these terrific coaches. The way I see it, there will be a whole lot more younger coaches around and it’s happened at Wilson and Bonita already. It has happened at other places such as La Puente, Diamond Bar, and Los Altos. I don’t think that is such a bad thing. Perhaps it is simply a change of the guard.

  • Resignation

    **** Typo. “Do administrators need to TREAT coaches better?”

  • Old timer – Judy North was the Principal, not the AD. although it was hard to tell sometimes

  • CO Bro

    Big Lou next?

  • AMAT 73

    CO Bro,
    Don’t think so as the administration ( Kathy Wiard ) understands the importance of a good football program to the school. She would do her best to keep Big Lou. But maybe with budget crunches and Dom in the wings Lou might go the Podley route to save them some bucks , you never know.

  • JMO

    You gotta remember that Big Lou is retired from teaching, football is his only job.

  • Nepotism Rules

    Amat 73 – don’t be so sure about her fondeness for Big Lou. Theres actually a little animosity there as he was behind getting her husband fired as boys basketball coach at Charter Oak a long time ago. She, and he, would like nothing more than to get him out of there and maybe even bring in a certain Bishop Amat assistant who she has known his entire life.
    Unfortunately, the district isn’t going to be quite so cooperative as they already nixed her husband as the official AD because of nepotism concerns. Of course, at Bishop that nepotism abounds

  • Right about that

    There’s some truth to what you just said. Dom Farrar, Lou’s son, was shot down as the school’s AD when Martinez left to CIF, instead Mrs. Wiard hired Mr. Wiard to be the AD…You know, the guy who is still the girls basketball coach at Amat, yet is the AD at Charter Oak. Make sense of that. You bet there’s a power struggle going on there with the Farrar and Wiards’s…Like the Hatsfield’s and McCoy’s.

  • AMAT 73

    Never said she was fond of Big Lou. Only stated she knows how important a good football program is to the school. Not that Tom opps , that assistant would be a bad choice as coach but not to sure it would fit with the boosters and long time friends of the program or the players.

  • bobbradstreet

    We only had baseball in my little school in Maine.I graduated in 1950 and still remember my
    coach. Good luck to all the coaches. They give so much to the kids.

  • Dan

    Hi BoB B.!
    Fred, No big thing but just some fun debate on a point you made in the article. I disagree that the 2003 South Hills team was Bogans best team.
    I think the 2005 team with Toby Umodo, Kevin Mort,and Marquise Winbush to name a few of their studs was Bogans best team. It took the Div.1 finalist Esperranza a late last second field goal to beat them, the next week they went on to beat La Habra and then rolled through the playoffs in an impressive manner to win the cif title. That 2003 team was pretty good but they did not play anybody that year. In the only game where they played somebody they were blown out by Los Altos 42 to 13.
    I think I remember hearing that the 2000 team that beat La Habra in the title may also have been his best team.

  • Old Timer

    Older people here that know this Valley as I do know that Farrar is not as well liked over there at CO as people on this board think he is, and there is no way in hell his Son was ever getting that job…

    Old Timer