Glendora football steals two key assistants from La Puente; Crook and Maloney back to Glendora

Glendora football coach Jerry Lewallen, who was hired to replace Todd Quinsey in November, has added two key assistants to his staff. Former Tartans quarterback Jacob Crook will take over as offensive coordinator and Jim Maloney will take over as defensive coordinator. Both Crook and Maloney were assistants at La Puente for Brandon Rohrer, who was once rumored to take over at Glendora, but remained at La Puente because the Tartans couldn’t offer a teaching job to go with its head football coaching position.

There are more coaching changes. Aram reporting “In the Huddle” that: Damien head coach Greg Gano has let go of longtime sidekick and defensive coordinator Lee Fair and replaced him with John Carroll.

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  • GHS

    Great hires!! Looks like the program is going in the right direction.


    @GHS, great hires for Glendora but what a GREAT LOSS for LA PUENTE. They go 9-0 FOR THE FIRST TIME IN SCHOOL HISTORY and i’m sure they couldn’t wait for this year, now they get this NEWS! La Puente over the years has had a pretty good athletic program and athletes but my opinion is they need the good Coaches in place! To bad for La Puente!

  • Key?

    What makes them so key? Crook is a youngest who lacks the experience required to be sucessful in the baseline and Maloney was average at best the last time he was GHS.
    If you basing the term key on the sucess they had at LP your really stretching it.


    @KEY, going 9-0 in the begining of the season and first time in school history,should have also won ALHAMBRA in the first round of the playoffs and yes they lost, but looked very promising for 2012. I say it’s a lost for LP!

  • Tartan Pride

    @ Key I suggest that you welcome anything that brings stability to the Glendora Football program.
    Maloney is familiar with the kids and the know know of him. He had three years down at LP to fine tune what he knows. Your Baseline observation at first glance may raise some eyes. BUT…I’m going to give him a shot.
    I think what your seeing in Crook is the new generation of young coaches earning their stripes. Your going to see more and more of young guys like Rohrer and Crook show up at valley schools. I think Crook was at UCLA so he brings some D1 college experience with him and if he was calling the plays down at La Puente his record isnt to bad.
    I just hope that Glendora doesn’t get back into the rut it was in during Pasquarella where the offense was a predictable mess all the time.

  • wtf is goin on

    Wow I’m so surprised! I never seen this coming, I thought crook and rohrer were bestfriends??, I thought this prgram was gonna take off especially after a historic season, and many juniors and sophmores coming back, but since this event has occur I believe this program is going downhill! Sorry Lp, I guess there isn’t a official Y in famil(y) for there team what will rohrer do next??

  • Fartin Tartan


    You think that Crook and Maloney were the reason the LP program has had success? No, the reason is Roher, He called the offense, not Crook. The extent of Maloney’s football experience prior to Roher giving him a chance, was coaching frosh football as a walk-on at Glendora.
    Coach Roher and the Warriors will be just fine. He has solid young coaches who remain in the program and more importantly great kids who are proven winners. Coach Roher will find a experienced defensive coordinator and the Warriors wont miss a beat. You watch!

  • wtf is going on

    Fartin tartin o whatever,
    Rohrer is a great coach but he don’t know squat about defense nor quarterback, and figures why he got out coached the auzsa game and rumor has it that they lost alhambra because of 4 bonehead goaline plays called by him, I will watch!

  • I luv it

    It’s great to watch the glendora people tear each other to shreds. Now the coach you have been begging for in Rohr is not good enough. It really was his stay with a totally of 3 years of varsity experience we really wanted. The golden boy from glendora is no more and family is all picking sides. This is the best. The whole valley is laughing at you. Keep it coming this is good stuff.

  • Warrior Pride

    Hey WTF so your blaming Coach Rohrer for the lost to Alhambra. How bout Rios you moron who had the ball in his hands in the endzone and dropped it and would have sealed the deal and given us a chance. Even Rios knew he blew after the game the kid was a mess. But no you fall to mention that.
    And Tartan F try coming to a Warrior game once in awhile because your an idiot and have no idea what goes on down here.
    I will mis both coaches and knowing them both I understand why they are moving on. It is a big loss anytime you lose a coach who put the time in to make us better.


    Easy Warrior Pride,and don’t you think you’re being a little hypocritical by mentioning the kid Rios, as the player who blew the game for LP??? Must we mention the players/kids names on here. Rios is not even an adult yet probably and wouldn’t you think he wouldn’t want to read something like you just posted! You can’t put the whole game on the kid!!!

    WTF, throws Roher underneath the bus and probably doesn’t know what he’s talking about!

    Maybe we should contine reading,(ANOTHER COACH LEAVES). By the way their’s several comments from a alleged coach on BLOGGERS hurtful comments!

    WTF??? auzsa??? I MEAN… WTF… LOL…

    AzusA Football!

  • Warrior Pride

    Aztec Pride being close to the program as I am B. Rios is a stand up guy. He has moved on and he knows if he had to do it again he’d make that catch. He knows that it is part of the game.
    These are young men whom don’t need to be coddled by protective parents.

  • half cab no cab

    Haha, Did I call this or What? Let me quote myself from

    “Malone and the L Brothers were the heart of the Freshman Football Team, Spengler babysat”….

    “Bring back Malone for a year”

    Well you know one thing, you some others. Crook has chops, good guy. His brother and him both started at GHS under Pasqy and Malone is the funniest, yet fair coaches ever. Way to go Tartans, keep it up.