Glendora’s Skyler Crall earns his way to the Inaugural Blue-Grey National All-Star football game in Florida on Saturday

By Fred J. Robledo
If you would have told Glendora High School’s Skyler Crall that his 2011 football season would lead to the 6-foot-2, 240-pound linebacker being invited to to the Inaugural Blue-Grey National All-Star senior football game in Tampa Bay, Fl., on Saturday, he would have wondered if you were talking about someone else.

“I always thought I was just an average player, I never imagined being invited to something like this,” said Crall, in Tampa Bay this week with his family preparing for Saturday’s game at Raymond James Stadium at 5 p.m.

Fox Sports Florida is showing the game on a live stream on its Prep Zone webpage.

Crall was one of the lone bright spots on a Tartans team that finished 3-7 and struggled in the tough Baseline League.

But Crall had his moments, and was arguably the Tartans’ best all-around performer against one of the toughest schedules in the Valley.

The linebacker led the team in tackles and sacks with 57 and seven respectively. He also recovered two fumbles, had an interception and was one of the area’s best fullbacks, making life easier for backs Corey Victoria and Donovan Holmes. (To continue reading, click thread).

Crall was hardly noticeable as a junior, partly because he didn’t play on offense.

Tartans coach Todd Quinsey only coached one season with the Tartans before leaving to pursue other opportunities, but he admits that Crall was a huge surprise.

“If you watched him on film (his junior year) he was alright, but something happened where he figured it out,” Quinsey said. “Something happened where he developed and become a very good football player.

“He was a leader for us. When I got hired all the talk was about Victoria and Holmes, I didn’t realize we had a big, bruising fullback too. When you think of how well he played and how tough the competition was, he was as good as anyone in the Valley.”

Crall earned second team all-area honors at linebacker.

“We didn’t have a great season, but if we play one more game or make the playoffs, he’s on the all-area first team, and probably should have been there anyway,” Quinsey said. “I don’t know if there was a better linebacker in the area, especially against the competition we played against.

“He was the one player on defense you had to game-plan for. He was a great tackler, and I’m not surprised that he got noticed and is playing in this game.”

The selection process for the Blue-Grey game began with 2,700 players attending different combines throughout the country.

Crall attended a combine in Oxnard, and was one of the top 20 performers to be invited to Canton, Oh., where the 2,700 players was narrowed down to the top 220.

In Canton, Crall performed well again, and was one of the 92 players selected for Saturday’s all-star game.

“I didn’t think I would make it this far to be honest with you,” Crall said. “We didn’t have a very good season and nobody really knew who I was.

“But at these camps I thought I did well. My confidence grew and grew to where I feel like I belong here.”

Crall also realizes this may be his ticket to earning a college scholarship.

There are dozens of college scouts expected on Saturday, and Crall’s size and athleticism are appealing.

“I hope I have a good game and impress someone,” Crall said. “I have the heart to play and the ambition to play and this is a really big opportunity to show what I can do.

“I feel like I can play in college, especially after what I’ve gone through to get here.”

His coach certainly agrees.

“He can play in college,” Quinsey said. “I don’t know what division or what level, but people are going to notice him this weekend. “He can definitely play linebacker, but for teams who run a pro-set type thing, he’s a typical fullback who can get tough yards and has great hands out of the backfield.”

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  • NOT AGAIN !!!

    Don’t tell Steve Sefton but another of Coach P’s former players gets his. Must have been the new one year coach who developed Crall.

  • Videoman

    Skyler is a throwback type of player. He’s tough, hard nosed and loves to hit whether at linebacker or fullback. The kid never wears long sleeves or any extra pads and he will mix it up with anyone. He’s fallen through the cracks in large part because of the coaching carousel at Glendora high school. He should do well in college and has a legitimate chance to play D1. I wish him all the luck in the world.

  • Nice!

    I have had the pleasure of watching Skylar develop into an extraordinary football player over the last few years.
    A true 6’2″ 240 this kid laid some major wood last year against excellent competition.

    If GHS played more games here in the SGV Crall would have EASILY been Defensive Player Of The Year.

  • ConcuSSionSymptomS

    This young man is definitely a good football player. His 2nd Team Baseline simply goes to how loaded Baseline is with talent and does not take a thing away from his ability/talent. Put this kid in a different league, and he is certainly in the MVP discussion. Wish him the best of luck.

  • Fred Robledo

    To whoever took a cheap shot calling out players and coaches, don’t waste your time, you’ll keep getting deleted.

  • ConcuSSionSymptomS

    Funny how a thread aimed soley at congratulating a young man on his accomplishments can be turned… Nice job Fred, keep up the great work!

  • AMAT 73

    Sounds as if this is a top notch athlete that would make any team better by him being on it . Congratulations on making the team and good luck in the future. Puzzling he was only good enough for 2nd team all Trib . Could it be because much of his work was done outside the valley or against teams the staff are not all that familiar with leading back to my question earlier of what constitues making all Trib team and how they evaluate players not really plying their trade in the valley or against valley teams ??????

  • Dog Town

    AMAT 73.. WC Dan came to your rescue the last time, so i backed off. Do me a favor Read what you just posted. You are full of shit!!!!

  • AMAT 73

    Excuse me but what in my post has you chasing your tail . If you would like I will break it down in simpler terms for you . Something like , see spot, see spot run , run spot run. Please explain your rath. Or are you just my personal lap dog ?????

  • Wow

    I don’t understand? How did Chad Young and Michael Gonzales never got in tied. Crawl is good but not as good as the former linebackers. They were All everything. Had a lot more tackles also.. Thanks coach P for ruining more kids careers!!


  • ConcuSSionSymptomS

    @ wow,

    What you must understand is that this young man is an example of hard work and a true desire to make “himself” a better football player. ANYONE who thinks that it is up to a Head Coach to further an athletes career is mistaken. It is a HCs job to win games, it is up to each individual athlete AND his/her parents to get that athlete to the next level. WHAT A CONCEPT, A PARENTS ACTUALLY TAKING A ROLE IN THEIR CHILDS FUTURE INSTEAD OF BLAMING SOMEONE ELSE FOR WHY THEIR CHILD WAS “MISSED”! It is amazing how you can’t give this youngman credit but it is easy for you to bash his former coach. Guess that is why GHS is in the position it is in, it has parents/supports like you.

    Once again, congrats on this young man for what he has “EARNED”!

  • Dog Town

    Amat 73 your agenda is obvious. not necessary to get in to a back and fourth with you. Truth is, any situation that is a positive situation whether it’s a player or another team in the SGV that is not a Lancer you downplay there accomplishments, now you question the Tribuins selection process reguarding this young mans hard work, and how “in your opinion” was selected probably due to the fact of him playing other teams outside of the SGV. Look BA is going through some big changes righ now. We in the SGV who really care about all of our teams including your BA lancers say so . This not about WC vs BA but yet you call me bull doggie, lapdog, muttville. WHO sounds like the attack dog you or me? Hopefully Amat will come back to prominence for you sake i hope so. BTW do you have a dog?

  • No bark or bite

    Puppy pound – it’s obvious you went to West Covina because you apparently lack in reading comprehension and have trouble following anyones agenda! Amat73 wrote that he was a top notch player and surprised he “only” made 2nd team all valley trib – yet was able to play in this national game and MAYBE, just maybe, it was due to playing teams mostly OUT of the area and not on the Tribs radar by beating up on the teams in the Fish Bowl. BTW – wasn’t it you who first called 73 “full of shit”? That pretty much opens the door for any wrath he might decide to spew, and I thought he took it rather easy on you. The question continues to be asked, ” if Amat is so “out of prominence” how do they continually kick the SGVs ass (including the bullpuppies) and what must that say to all of you that just can’t seem to muster that one team to beat the Lancers. After getting your ass handed to you by Loyola – and every single Pac 5 team you ever play – in such an embarrassing way, I’d think you’d follow your head coach and would know better? How does that exactly make you “prominent” in the grand scheme of things?

  • AMAT 73

    dog town,
    Thanks for the reply and I can see where you totally mistook my post. The reasons for the muttville and other names is simply because I have much respect for the bloggers of WC and especially WC Dan as I hung that handle on him way back when and by your few attacks towards me for what I though was unjust reasons or some sort of AMAT hate , you seemed to me not to be in their company. Do to this reply I extend a blog handshake with an apology . Now back to my post which I believe you should read again. I, in no way was downplaying this fine youg man accomplishments and as a matter of fact would have loved to see him the Blue and Gold as he seems to fit the bill of a LANCER by achieving beyond one’s abilities by putting in the hard work neccassary to achieve beyond one’s percieved abilities . My point was since he does not play in the SGV during their league much and faces valley teams in preseason which is the time to learm schemes and so forth how do the staff honestly evaluate these players. Of course this does cover AMAT but also players of this type and some of the valley schools who do not warrant coverage to our staff. Think about it , this young man made an out of state all star team , was according to the Trib , the Tartan’s best all around performer in one of the toughest schedules ( Upland , RC , Etiwanda , etc ) around and led his team in tackles and sacks. If the staff said they covered many of their games I could honestly not believe them and I don’t think you would either. My point is if he is on WC,CO,Covina with the same stats he is defintely 1st team but due to being on Glendora’s team maybe he gets overlooked . Go back and read my post as I wrote what’s puzzling is he was only good enough for 2nd team all Trib because of the fact his body of work is done outside the SGV which our staff does not drive out to the IE to see those games. Just looking for some clarification from them as to what they use for entrance on this team . I am sure you remember Aram’s famous “in their corner of the world” quote , well if you don’t go to that corner how are you going to know what it’s like out there.