South Hills next football coach could be Albert Rodriguez or Brian Johnson

Who will replace legendary South Hills football coach Steve Bogan after he resigned this week after 19 years and four CIF-SS championships? There was plenty of discussion at the school on Friday that freshman coach Brian Johnson and varsity assistant Albert Rodriguez are the top candidates should the school promote from within. There is some speculation that South Hills could float the position, but sources are saying it will likely be either Johnson or Rodriguez. Bogan spoke highly of Rodriguez when announcing his plans to step down this week, but there are rumors that Rodriguez might consider other assistant coaching positions, and Bishop Amat could be one of them. If the Huskies hire a walk-on, a name to look out for is former Walnut quarterback and current Mt. SAC offensive coordinator Daniel Al-Gattas, who spoke to me this week about his interest in Covina High’s football position. Covina may opt to promote from within with track coach and football assistant Kevin Glaspy. If Glaspy takes the head job, Al-Gattas, who lives in Covina and said he could coach without a teaching position, would be a great candidate. He said he has interest in South Hills, but he’s not sure if they will float the position. Covina, who plays in the Mid-Valley and Valle Vista league, is a much more attractive and winnable situation. South Hills is going through a rebuilding phase in the unforgiving Sierra League, and will not be allowed to petition to change leagues until the 2014 season.

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  • Aaron

    Whoa…without a teaching position…does he have another job ready for himself beyond being the full-time OC at SAC?

  • Fred Robledo

    Al-Gattas said he wouldn’t have to leave his full time job to coach Covina or South Hills..

  • valley fan

    Hey Fred,
    You are passing wrong information. Brian Johnson is the custodian at the school and has no chance of being the head coach. Albert Rodriguez has not even expressed a sincere interest in the job. Please stop passing incorrect information about South Hills. Maybe you should read comments from other prominent coaches that the blog may be the downfall of high school football.

  • Fred Robledo

    So I should listen to an anonymous commenter who complains about bad information while passing along bad information. Show me the quote where a coach or coaches are saying “the blogs are the downfall of high school sports?” Some aren’t happy with it at times, but that’s as far as it goes. What’s “sincere” interest mean anyway? There are a lot of people at the school who would like Rodriguez to take over, but like I wrote, he might be pursuing assistant coaching jobs elsewhere. At the very least, he’s still “considering” the job. Johnson was a freshman football coach at South Hills, it’s not out of the question that he is hired given today’s climate. Muir’s head coach was a security guard the last 10 years, and Tip Sanders was a security guard at Duarte. This is what happens when you don’t have teaching positions to offer football coaches. And you shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss a person because they’re a “custodian.” Where’s your respect for hard-working people? There have been several quality coaches over the years who were not teachers but who worked at the schools, like Arroyo’s Mike Gorball, a girls basketball coach and all everything sports helper and mentor at Arroyo for more than 20 years.

  • Mr. Pasta

    Throw it on the wall and see what sticks. Any thing might happen but this is not a story its just guessing. My guess is they hire a girl coach from San Diego.

  • Wlak on – For a short time.

    I have spoken to two other guys with more experience than any of these guys who both would be willing to walk on as a head coach for a year or two. Both have ties to the community. Both have been coordinators/head coaches. And both have played college football and coached collegiately at one point in their careers.

  • WTF?

    Except he is a superintendent in Glendale Unified. EH! wrong!

  • Big daddy

    Brian Johnson is the best candidate for the job. He did a great job with the freshman. He deserves the job. The program is in good hands with Brian!

  • @AllTheSGVClowns

    We should probabaly look at the facts, Al-Gattas is NOT the OC at Mt. Sac, he is the TE’s coach. If he was the OC, wouldn’t he at least head phones on during the game, and not be hanging out with the players on the sideline while Mt. Sac is on offense. How about you do some reporting and call Jastrab. P.S… I have a hard time buying Al-Gattas’ good coaching staff, former teamates can’t stand this dude. No school is going to call on this guy when they find out he’s lying about being Mt. Sac’s OC. Tell Al-Gattas to stop calling you Fred/Aram/Steve

  • boomer mcgee

    South Hills football needs to take care of and rectify more than just the coaching situation(s)…look up the bleachers, you’ll see where I’m indicating. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist or UFO lunatic to figure this out.