Clay Fowler breaks news that Pomona football coach Anthony Rice resigns after two years

Bulletin insider Clay Fowler has the scoop on Pomona coach Anthony Rice resigning: Anthony Rice resigned Friday after two seasons as the Pomona High School head football coach, opting to focus his efforts on seeking an administrative position. After winning two CIF-SS Central Division championships in four seasons at Colony High School, Rice was hired at Pomona prior to the 2010 season. Pomona went 5-5 in Rice’s first season before ending a seven-year playoff drought last season by posting a 6-5 mark good for a third-place finish in the Valle Vista League.

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  • Colt74

    The last one to leave PLEASE turn out the lights.

    Thank-you in advance,
    The Management

  • just saying

    Are you sure Aram didn’t break this story? Wouldn’t want to piss off the big fella!

  • Pomona

    This actually is the real reason why Rice is stepping down, has been his plan since early in the season.

    Can’t say the same about a few of these other coaches that have stepped down.

    Aram is the best reporter in the SGV, at least according to him, so I’m sure he knows what I’m talking about.

  • reality

    High school football will suffer next year with all these departures. Don’t forget many assistants will also leave along with these great coaches. Many programs are already taking the hit with kids not training because of no coaching leadership on campus. High school football will also take a hit because of all the negative publicity about football injuries that will be ramped up again by the media causing many moms to discourage their son from playing. Some schools will soon decide not to field a team at all concluding football is just to expensive a burden in the current economy. I don’t want to sound to gloomy but the handwriting is on the wall. At least two more coaches leaving in the sgv in the coming few days.

  • Sierra League Fan

    Rice to Roosevelt???? Maybe? Stacey just resigned yesterday leaving an opening. With his kids being there, it could be a good fit.

  • TMZ

    Breaking news, Layton steps down and D-Ranch and Rice takes over at the Ranch.

    Heard it here 1st, not Aram.

  • You are kidding right?

    You mean to tell me that Clay Fowler actually broke a story first? Not 3 days later?

  • Theories

    Here are my predictions based on the rumors going around.

    Theory 1) Layton and Rice are going out to Corona or Roosevelt to coach. Not sure who will be the head coach
    Theory 2) Rice is going to Corona
    Theory 3) Layton is going to Roosevelt
    Theory 4) Rice will join Layton at DR
    Theory 5) Rice will replace Layton at DR (see theory 3)
    Theory 6) Layton will be let go and Rice will be his replacement
    Theory 7) Layton will resign from burn out

  • @Theories
    Theory 8 – That crappy little school will finally see the light and cancel football altogether leaving all their transfers to go somewhere else and give WestCo a little competition in the coming years.

  • gjemilhe

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