Who is your most valuable player? Damien’s Chris Reyes or La Verne Lutheran’s Grant Jerrett?

At this point, the race for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune player of the year is pretty simple, Damien’s Chris Reyes and La Verne Lutheran’s Grant Jerrett are ahead of the pack. Reyes, on his way to St. Mary’s, has the Spartans ranked No. 1 in Division 3AAA. He’s averaging 18 points, 12 rebounds and five blocks for the 17-1 Spartans. Lutheran’s Jerrett, the reigning area player of the year headed to the University of Arizona, has been fantastic too. Jerrett is averaging 23 points, 12 rebounds and two blocks for the 15-4 Trojans, ranked second in Division 4AA and 17th in the state by Maxpreps. As always, the playoffs will ultimately decide the winner.

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  • Big Fan

    I am a huge fan of both of the kids having watched them for at least the last 3 or 4 years in both HS action as well as summer/travel ball action. While I think they are both very good ball players, they are even better kids. I wish them both the very best of success in college and beyond, but to answer the question about who is the MVP, I think Jerrett wins this hands down. I know there will be haters out there that start with the travel ball team for hire that Cooper put together etc…, but if we keep things strictly on topic, Grant is by far the most skilled player and potentially the most dominating player in the SGV in a long long time. Not taking anything away from Chris, but Grant is my vote for MVP and it is not even close.



    You had a couple guys place at this tournament from the local SGV area. No thread about one of the biggest tournaments in the area? Not to mention Northview won the entire tournament, that’s friggin impressive!


  • Fred Robledo

    Big Fan, I think they’re both great too. Remember the player of the year isn’t about who has the best potential for college or the pro’s, it’s about combining that with a great high school season both individually and how far your team advances in the postseason. That’s why this award is still up for grabs.

  • Big Fan


    I get it, but fundamentally Grant is better, end of story. I think it is “MVP” and not who is on a better team that goes further in the post season. Grant’s numbers, I am sure, are as good or better than Chris’ and he has done it against WAY better competition and that is indisputable. Pick the 5 worst teams that Lutheran has played this year and every single one of them would most likely beat Damien. I think potential and the fact that Grant is going to U of A and literally could have picked any college in the country is proof that he is better than Chris who is going to St. Mary’s. 6’7″ vs. 6’10”, U of A vs. St. Mary’s, national competition vs. Covina Tournament and Northview etc….

    Again, no offense to Damien or Chris, but this shouldn’t even be a debate, in my opinion

  • Fred Robledo

    You still have to do well in the postseason. If one loses in the quarters or semifinals and the other goes on to win a CIF title and a CIF player of the year award, that goes a long way. It’s still up for debate. Steven Rivera wasn’t the best pure football player in 2011, but he won MVP for having the best “total” season. Or look at the Mid-Valley Snews, they left Monrovia’s Ellis McCarthy off their Mid-Valley first-team list!!! He’s a five-star player going to UCLA. Someone explain that.

  • Big Fan


    I get your rationale, but you are talking about two totally different sports with a HUGE degree of politics such as Aram’s quote about Big Lou’s “coup in absentia” and all the other rants about who got robbed, who should have been 1st team or this or that. Much more competition in football for the spots that were mentioned than in basketball and one position in the SGV. Less good teams, less great players etc… I understand you were at the game last night and saw Reyes dominate in the fourth quarter, I was impressed too, but pushing around an out of position and undersized sophmore vs. battling double and triple teams with D1 centers and power forwards and still doing work is just a totally different stratosphere man, I am sorry.

    I think the biggest travesty is that Dunn refuses to schedule Lutheran for whatever reason. He needs to put on his big girl panties and play the Trojans. If I recall, it was VERY close to happening, by accident, in the play offs last year, right?

  • Fred Robledo

    Big Fan, it’s funny how when I make the same argument in football when comparing Amat and the level of competition they face week in and week out compared to players in the Valley that do it against area competition week in and week out, I get blasted. If this were football, people would be screaming at me for having Lutheran ranked No. 1 with four losses and Damien No. 2 with one loss. But because it’s basketball and few comment, I get a pass :). Damien will face some good teams in the playoffs if they go deep, and will face Etiwanda a week from Saturday in the SoCal Classic, let’s see how they do and how Reyes does. I still believe if Lutheran and Damien met, it’s a game in the fourth quarter. Like you, I wanna see Reyes go up against big-time competition, because I believe he can handle it. Sometimes it looks like he gets bored in a game, but when he wants to, he can be very dominating like he was in the fourth quarter last night. I’m not a fan of trying to get “everyone” involved when you have a player of his caliber, I’d rather you go to him over and over because he always gives you the best chance to score and dominate. Don’t get me started on why we haven’t seen Lutheran and Damien meet, two schools less than two miles apart with the two best teams and seniors in the area. I guess nobody want to make money or fill gyms, because it’s the one game in the Valley that would be packed for sure if they just played.

  • Tech Support

    It’s the difference between MVP (valuable) and MOP (outstanding) I think. Reyes is the MVP. Damien would be good without him, no question, but they wouldn’t be competing for a CIF title in that case. The size and inside presence takes them from a mid round CIF team to a potential champion as well as making them a tougher defensive team as he takes away the inside.

    Jarrett to me has had the better overall year, just because of numbers and competition. I’m not sure he is “important” to LVL’s over success as he’s surrounded by a lot of talent but he’s probably a McDonalds All American pick.

  • Aaron

    Nice to see Lutheran not embarassing the California School for the blind and deaf for once.

  • Trav

    Grant is the better player by a good margin, they played on the same travel team this summer, Grant was the man, Chris was a complimentary player, they are both talented but Grant is on a different level and the MVP.

  • It’s real simple

    Both programs have done a great job and both kids are awesome.
    However if you watched Damien it is clear if you stop Chris you win. Chris is the key to Damien’s sucess. Heck they are staring a freshman guard that is going to be great but makes a lot of young mistakes right now.
    On the other hand the comptition LLu faces for a good part of the season can be taken easily without Grant. I know Grant is key to betting the top teams but they just don’t play a consistant enough schedule for me to give him eht nod.
    So Chris is my vote as being most valuable in this real tight debate.

  • fred fan

    “. . .it’s funny how when I make the same argument in football when comparing Amat and the level of competition they face week in and week out compared to players in the Valley that do it against area competition week in and week out, I get blasted.”

    It is also funny how you ignore this argument when applied to amat baseball and the talent-poor league they compete in.

  • Fred Robledo

    Fred Fan, Amat baseball plays the toughest non-league competition they can find because they compete in an average league, which is why they’re ranked high in so many SoCal ranking publications. Look at the non-league teams they beat last year and don’t forget they won the National Classic….In football, do area teams with similar weak leagues play the toughest non-league competition they can find? No. That’s the difference.

  • It’s real simple you do NOT know what you are talking about!

    Your comment, “On the other hand the comptition LLu faces for a good part of the season can be taken easily without Grant. I know Grant is key to betting the top teams but they just don’t play a consistant enough schedule for me to give him eht nod” is CLEARLY misinformed!

    The schedule Lutheran has played thus far and what they have left would, for the most part, wipe he floor with Damien AND without grant, Lutheran would have WAY more loses than the 4 they already have. Other than CDL, what really solid win has Damien had? Lutheran beat La Costa Canyon, one of the best and most highly ranked teams in San Diego as well as OLU and many others and still has to play Mater Dei, Ribet Academy, Rennasance Academy, Price and Westchester at Westchester. Those games alone are better than the best x 3 that Damien has faced. You must think Lutheran is still playing 14 league gAmes against the school for he deaf, Sherman Indian, boys republic and the others in the arrowhead league?

    Bottom line is your argument is full of holes and plain ole factually incorrect and not just ones opinion, sorry!

  • MVP or POY

    Just look at Damien/Dunn’s playoff record prior to Chris Reyes and after his ofur year Varsity career. In five previous seasons Damien won exactly one playoff game. Since Reyes came on board Damien has sweep Glendora for the first time ever, won the Sierra League title and been to two straight State appearances and should have been three if they we’re dissed last year. So far Chris Reyes has close to 90% of his Varsity starts and in the process saved Dunn’s job, no hate just the facts.

    Hard to argue any player is more “valuable” to their team, their school and their coach than Chris Reyes.

    POY might be Garrett but MVP is clearly wearing a Spartan jersey.

  • SGV’s Best

    On Dec 3, Lutheran beat Etiwanda 72-61 handing them their only loss. Grant Jerrett had 27 points, 17 rebounds and 2 blocks.

    On Jan 28, Damien plays Etiwanda in the APU Shootout. Let’s see if Damien can beat Etiwanda and let’s see Chris Reyes’ stat line.

    There is a good early comparison.

  • Being Honest

    Have both players which teams and tell me who’s more valuable? Does any one see Garrett developing under Dunn’s system? How about Reyes? How many offers would he have now if he played for La Verne Lutheran. Dunn is to Cooper what the Yugo is to a BMW.

  • Good one being honest!

    I would take the comparison and contrast a little farther. The record, competition, championships, exposure compared to the length of time Cooper has been doing the HS thing would be more like a Bently, Ashton Martin or Ferrari to a YUGO! A yugo will get you from point A to point B, but that is all. Of course the Cooper haters will come out of the wood work with the cheating, recruiting club team jive again, of course, but Damien is as bad or worse since they can give “scholarships”. Funny how great athletes there don’t have to pay much if anything? Those types of schools, including Bishop Amat have been state (governing bodies and not California) sponsored cheaters for ever.

    Again, I like Chris, think he is a great kid and a very good player. I think he will actually pay professionally somewhere at some point if he wants, but he isn’t in the same league as Grant Jerrett, sorry. It is okay to be a distant 2nd to someone once in a while.

  • Good one

    Honest question:

    How much better would Chris Reyes be IF he played four years for Coach Cooper and played along side English and Garrett?

    The floor is yours?

  • Trav

    Reyes played for Cooper for a spring/summer between his sophomore and junior year with Belmont Shores 2nd team and trust me, he got a lot better. As someone who saw him play with them, the kid improved by miles..That is a compliment to Cooper’s coaching.

  • BigMLover

    The fact is that Dunn is class… Cooper runs a gun-for-hire program. It’s sad that LaVerne Lu would stoop this low. Everyone who follows basketball is embarrassed by Cooper. WALK AWAY…

  • Walk this way!

    Big M lover, stooping so low? What is that suppose to mean? By the way, did you poll everyone who follows basketball to determine that the following statement you made was true, “Everyone who follows basketball is embarrassed by Cooper”? I think not because for every hating, jealous and envious a hole like you there are numerous fans and admirers of Cooper and his programs (quick shot, DBI, Lutheran etc). By stooping low if you mean winning championships and doing great things for his program and players while undergoing as much or more scrutiny as any program around and NEVER having been alleged to have done anything illegal, at least by CIF (jealous and envious haters with and agenda, ulterior motives and and ax to grind making baseless allegations do NOT count), then yes, you are right!

  • Guns for hire?


    Who are the guns for hire? Cooper Jr? One would think a coach can get a pass on having his son on his team. What about his nephew? Oh, you must mean the Jerrett kid? Yeah, the fact that he stepped on campus as a freshman must be a gun for hire. Sure they have had some kids come in and leave, but the core group are either related to Cooper (CJ and Lil E) or have been working out with him, some of them since 5th grade. Sure, one might call that undue influence, BUT, anyone can go anywhere for any reason, for their freshman year AND, in fact, can leave with the one free transfer for any reason after their freshman year, right? Who is the ringer or gun for hire? BB their starting point? Came in as a freshman. Sour grapes and the same tired refrain man. Sing a new song for cry eye. If ever school took away a couple of the kids that don’t live within their boundaries in football, basketball and/or baseball, most of them would SUCK! Mater Dei (Most of their basketball team didnt live in or even near Santa Ana), Charter Oak (Half their team should have gone to South Hills), West Covina, Bishop Amat (enough said), La Verne Lutheran (not one kid on the basketball team lives in La Verne), Glendora, Damien (Reyes lives in Chino) etc, etc, etc…
    By the way, I thought the post was about who is the MVP, Jerrett or Reyes and not a rant about Cooper and your jealousy? Remember, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and I am pretty sure that if you are affiliated with ANY high school program, you have a kid or two or more that are theoretically supposed to be going to a different school so look out, your glass house just came crashing down.

    Jerrett is better, MVP, MOP or whatever you want to call it and however you want to spin it. 100% out of the schools on the high school or college level would take Jerrett with their first pick over Reyes. Again, no offense or slight toward Reyes intended great kid and an outstanding ball player who will do fine in college and possibly professional somewhere, but Jerrett wins this discussion hands down.

  • just sayin’

    Gunner, did the “best player” win last years NBA MVP? Was Steve Nash the best player in the NBA when he won his two? How about last years NCAA player of the year. Is Matt Braun MLB’s best player? The “MVP” is not always the “best” player and more often than not-probably isn’t.

  • just askin’

    Who’s Matt Braun?

  • Sigmund

    Exactly. RYAN Braun is no where the player MATT Kemp is