CIF celebrating 100 greatest athletes ever; who should we nominate from the San Gabriel Valley?

The CIF-Southern Section is celebrating its 100th anniversary in conjunction with the 2012-13 school year by naming the “100 greatest athletes,” in Southern Section history. I will be one of several media members on the panel helping with nominations from the San Gabriel Valley, so this is your chance to help me out. Think of the Valley’s greatest athletes ever, whether dominating one sport or multiple sports, and let me know. Obviously, names like Muir’s Jackie Robinson and Bonita’s Glenn Davis come to mind, but there are so many others.

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  • coltfan97

    This might be a strectch but what about Anthony Calvillo???? Look what he has done on and off the field!!!! The same with Pat Haden!!!! Great qb on the field, rhode scholar off the field!!!! Plus he has basically turned around an athletic department that was full of scandals!!!!!

  • Trojan Man

    Anthony Munoz

    Mike Young

    Pat Hadden

    The list could gon ON for days …
    3 just off the top of my head.

    Fight On

  • Fred Robledo

    How about Mike Powell from Edgewood, he broke Bob Beamon’s unbreakable record in the long jump…It’s a difficult list, you can name a lot of athletes from the Valley that went on to have incredible pro careers, but how dominant were they in high school? When I think of most dominant athletes I covered, Glendora’s Tracy Murray was insane the year he averaged 44 points a game and scored 63 in the state championship. In soccer, Damien’s Ricky Davis was a man among boys in high school and the first great American player, playing with Pele and the New York Cosmos….Frank Trujillo of Covina was the greatest wrestler I ever saw.

  • Joe Amat

    I agree with Pat Haden, Tracy Murray, and Ricky Davis. Also have to add Fred Lynn from El Monte HS to the list, who was also a greeat QB. And if we’re talking about multi-sport athletes that went on to play professionally in one…I’ve always felt one of the best was Mike Smith from Los Altos (football basketball volleyball…and from what I hear a GREAT golfer – although not so hot on real-estate investments)

  • Proud Little Bro

    My sister, Susan Lewis-Newton was one of the greatest softball players to ever come out of the SGV from West Covina HS. She competed in the Olympics when softball was an exhibition sport in Seoul in 1996, was recently inducted into the CSUF Hall of Fame, played all over the world for the USA, ASA and other teams in her career and was the home run champion for the Florida Wahoos in the womens professional league after having 3 kids and a nearly decade of retirement.

    I think a few things that she accomplished in college are of particular note, although not necessarily a criteria for this distinction: She still holds many season and career hitting records for CSUF over 25 years after she stopped playing. What is more impressive, in my opinion is that the pitcher’s rubber was moved back like 6 feet after her college career was over AND the ball went from a marshmallow to very nearly as hard as a traditional baseball. Susan is the ONLY 3 time ALL America in the history of that storied program, which speaks volumes since there were so many great players that went through the program, many of which were awesome pitchers for four years. Finally, she was nominated for the Broderick Award two times in her career which is the equivalent to the Heisman, but the nominees come from ALL female sports (Track, softball, gymnastics, swimming and basketball etc…)

    Just my two cents coming from a very proud baby bro!

  • sgv fan

    Jason Giambi south hills
    Scott Williams wilson
    Cecil Fielder nogales
    Mark McGwire Damien
    Jill Starkel wilson
    Anthony Calvillo la puente
    Efren Herrera la puente
    Andy Etchebarren la puente

  • Fred Robledo

    Michael Johnson and Lawrence Phillips both dominating at Baldwin Park. I almost forgot Fred Lynn, that’s a great one.

  • Fred Robledo

    There also was a golfer named Bob May at Los Altos that was super dominating in high school…

  • Fred Robledo

    Is Edgewood’s Mike Pill someone worth mentioning? He doesn’t have the name recognition that others who played pro baseball have, but he’s arguably the greatest high school baseball player in Valley history….

  • AMAT 73

    Fred J,
    Any certain criteria that has to be met or just top athletes in ones own mind. And are we just looking at high school careers or further. I have said many times there are athletes who were great high school players not to be heard from again after graduating. As you can see many of the ones listed went on to stellar college or pro careers.

  • Witness

    Rio Ruiz- Bishop Amat

  • coltfan97

    Danny Haren
    Corey Lidle
    Daylon McCutcheon
    I do like Mike Powell

  • coltfan97

    Fred I don’t think Lawrence Phillips or Daryl Henley (Damien) should be nominated for this!!!!

    I might sound biased here what about Remontay McClain!!!! The only California Track Athlete to ever win the 100 and 200 meters in two consecutive years!!!!

  • Jackboy

    Bill Siensoth
    Steve Kemp

  • colt 76


  • Tracy Murray as number one, the most dominant high school athlete I have ever seen play. Number two would be Lance Parrish, he excelled in all 3 major sports and dominated baseball and football.

  • Bo Cats

    Jio Mier and Garrett Pendleton

  • sgv baller

    if you are talking about best sgv highschool athletes. Randy Tanner from Amat should be on the list.

  • Bo Cats

    Jio Mier and Garrett Pendleton

  • coltfan97

    What about Stacey Nuveman two time Olympic Gold Medalist in softball!!!!

  • Fastest kid in the world!

    Remontay McClain

  • fb102

    Gary Zimmerman – Walnut HS, Oregon – NFL HOF

    Fred McNeil – Baldwin Park HS, UCLA – 12 seasons in the NFL w/Vikings

    George Farmer – La Puente HS, UCLA, 5 seasons NFL

    Max Montoya – La Puente HS, UCLA, 15 seasons NFL

    Billy Kilmer – Citrus HS, UCLA, 16 seasons NFL

    Tom Brunansky – WCovina HS – 13 seasons MLB

    Albie Pearson – l Monte HS, 9 seasons MLB

  • Aaron

    Very Simple: Glenn Davis

    Football, Basketball, Baseball and Track.

  • socalbaseball fan

    Keith Van Horn all american at Utah and a 10 year NBA career
    Jim Edmonds mlb cf for the angels,cards,cubs, gold glove cf and played for world series champion Cardinals

  • Fred Robledo

    Since some of you asked, I asked CIF spokesperson Thom Simmons this: When you say greatest 100 ever, is this a combination of boys and girls, boys only or a separate boys and girls list?

    Simmons, “Greatest 100 Athletes. The committee will decide if there needs to be two separate lists along with criteria.”

  • Fred Robledo

    There are a lot of great names here, Jackie Robinson is still No. 1 … football, baseball, basketball and track….Stacey Nuveman is a great choice for softball, as is Rhonda Wheatley, Courtney Gano’s mom who starred at Workman and Cal Poly…Most dominant pitcher I covered was Charter Oak’s Christy Tucker….I also agree that Los Altos’ Mike Smith was one of the all-time multi-sport dominant figures at Los Altos…In terms of most recently, what Gretchen Jaques did as a swimmer at Glendora, going 6-for-6 in CIF finals races and breaking Janet Evans’ longtime record is impressive too.

  • Covina Fan’s NOT

    Remontay McClain, not even close. I will give you one name to back that up.

    Ron Brown – Bladwin Park (?)

    One of the REAL fastest men in the world.

    Won the gold in the 4 x 100 relay

    Played pro football with the Rams and Raiders.

  • Aaron

    Are you saying that specifically because of your ignorance or because of his impact on the game of baseball…because the best was Glenn Davis, period, and no debate.

  • coltfan97

    What about the Matthew’s Brothers Clay Sr. and Bruce of Arcadia!!!

  • JAR

    Diana Taurasi

  • TC Fan

    The McCalister brothers quarterbacked Temple City Rams to back to back to back to back CIF Championships. 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973.

    And don’t forget Temple City resident Jerry McClanahan who went on to star as a two sport athlete at Bishop Amat.

  • jc

    willie shoemaker……..el monte h.s.

  • Co Alum

    John Strickland from Charter Oak was the best football player in this valley since Glenn Davis. The same John Strickland that is at the top of the Covina Head Coaching list.

  • Race Fan

    Corey Nakatani…(Champion Wrestler)- Jockey…Northview HS

  • AMAT 73

    Speaking of a show of ignorance , you my friend have just put the spotlight on yourself. How about Robinson’s contribution to humanity in the fact of breaking the color barrier in baseball ( due to his great abilities in baseball ) and really to America in general .With that contibution alone puts him head and shoulders above anything any athlete in the SGV could ever accomplish on the playing field. By the way he was one of greatest athletes ever to compete in our valley. Name me one player of all listed who has had his number retired by a complete sport , Not saying Davis was not great but he’s your choice and no need to call someone ignorant due to them not agreeing with your choice.

  • Wiffel

    Billy Kilmer no doubt.

    Jack Clark was incredible as was Ricky Davis who still is probably the greatest American born soccer player.

  • Aaron

    CIF is celebrating 100 greatest athletes…not humanitarians.

  • Fred Robledo

    What makes you think Jackie Robinson wasn’t a great high school athlete? They say he could have played pro football if he didn’t pursue baseball. He was varsity on four sports, football, basketball, baseball and track…

  • Fred Robledo

    More on Jackie Robinson at Muir …He played shortstop and catcher on the baseball team, quarterback on the football team, and guard on the basketball team. With the track and field squad, he won awards in the broad jump. He was also a member of the tennis team.[21]

    In 1936, Robinson won the junior boys singles championship in the annual Pacific Coast Negro Tennis Tournament and earned a place on the Pomona annual baseball tournament all-star team, which included future Hall of Famers Ted Williams and Bob Lemon.[22] In late January 1937, the Pasadena Star-News newspaper reported that Robinson “for two years has been the outstanding athlete at Muir, starring in football, basketball, track, baseball and tennis.”

    Aaron, when was the last time you heard an athlete excel in five sports? He played baseball, football and ran track at UCLA too….Glenn Davis was great in football, led Bonita to an 11-0 record and their only CIF title and was section player of the year. He deserves to be on this list too. But when you look at total athlete, giving Robinson the nod isn’t “ignorant,” there are a lot of facts to back it up. When you think of total athlete, few were better in as many sports at the highest levels. It’s one thing to start in three to five sports in high school, but to do it at UCLA in three major sports including track tells you how great of an athlete he was, not just baseball.

  • fred fan

    @ Aaron

    Go ask your Daddy what pwned means.

  • Aaron

    Glenn Davis play the same four sports and lettered all four years. So I don’t get your point…if anything they’re equal. Call me stupid but I honestly believe you brought race into this…in fact you displayed it quite clearly. If Anything they’re equal…in fact they were considering they played in era of virtually the same equipment.

  • coltfan97

    Aaron, Fred didn’t bring up race YOU DID!!!!!

  • Aaron

    Did I…because I think Amat 73 did by calling him a humanitarian.

  • Fred Robledo

    Race in what sense? Show me where I brought it up and made it an issue? Have no idea what you’re talking about…

  • sgv baller

    if we are just talking highschool career.Randy Tanner of Amat was excellent in football,baseball and basketball.cant forget scott williams of wilson.

  • Henry

    Mark McGwire – Damien High
    Billy Kilmer – Citrus High
    Casey Jacobsen – Glendora High
    Tracy Murray – Glendora High
    Jack Clark – Gladstone High

  • SGV

    Jim Gott, San Marino
    Norman Sangiago, Baldwin Park
    Kurt Brown, Glendora
    Richard Gonzales, Diamond Bar
    Dennis Watson, San Dimas
    Aaron Rowand, Glendora
    Grey McNeill, South Hills

    Scott Williams, Wilson/Hacienda Heights
    Tracy Murray, Glendora
    Johnny McWilliams, Pomona
    Cameron Murray, Glendora
    Jeremy Veal, San Dimas
    Susan Peters, Los Altos

    Monica Messmer, South Hills
    Teresa Cherry, Diamond Bar
    Mary Letourneau, Covina
    Christy Tucker, Charter Oak
    Stacey Vogliardo, South Hills
    April Valdez, Wilson/Hacienda Heights
    Erica Spano, San Dimas
    Ariel Shore, San Dimas

    Keith Tonoli, Los Altos
    Matt Wood, San Marino
    John Kunishima, Wilson/Hacienda Heights
    Nick Kirky, Rosemead
    Robbie Pusic, Arcadia
    Joey Clements, Rowland
    Jill Sterkel, Wilson/Hacienda Heights
    Mary Birdsell, Wilson/Hacienda Heights
    Lisa Van Lobensels, Charter Oak
    Gretchen Jaques, Glendora

  • Aaron you’re better than that

    Aaron you’re usually very measured and consistent but your homerism is clouding your judgment and displaying a rather unflatering side of you, one that would surely embarrass the man you so greatly admire.

    Jackie Robinson wasn’t the greatest because he had to over come death threats, over come bigoted team mates or had to venture into the unknown. He doesn’t deserve to be the greatest athlete because he succeeded to became the face of tolerance, the face of dignity or the embodiment of what is good about America. He doesn’t deserve to be the best athlete because he dealt with so much more than any athlete before him and continued to do so until his death, but it doesn’t hurt.

    To say Jackie Robinson is not a better athlete than Glenn Davis is to deny the load one man carried and the other did not while doing just as much. BTW, I don’t know but how may black athletes did Army field the year Davis played?While in high school clearly both men were men among boys but Robinson continued his multi sport dominance in college.

    Aaron try and step back from this sink hole you’re digging for yourself, you’re better than that. I know you are.

    Jackie Robinson might not be the all time greatest athlete regardless of boundaries who is Jim Thorpe but he’s closer to him than Glenn Davis was, in my humble opinion.

  • just sayin’

    If I’m not mistaken – Jackie Robinson served his country in the Army too! Not that that matters in this argument. Robinson trumps Davis with his excellence in 5 sports. (not just 4) and continued multi-sport excellence in college that surpasses Davis’ exploits in one sport. Add to that the impact proffessionally that was much greater than Davis – to the point he is the ONLY player in any sport I know whose number has been retired by EVERY team qnd he is clearly the greater athlete.

  • AMAT 73

    Or should I start with Stupid ( you wrote it I didn’t ). You state I brought race into this subject. Since when does being a humanitarion have anything to do with the color of one’s skin. Yes I did write about Robinson’s contribution to breaking the color barrier in baseball but it had absolutely nothing with giving him the top spot simply because of his race and hurdles he faced because of it .As a matter of fact do you think if he was not such a great athlete in baseball Branch Rickey would have chosen him . The simple fact of still excelling even with the obstacle of color in those times tells you how great of an athlete he truely was . Lincoln , Kennedy , and many others did much for humanity in this sense so how do figure because I mentioned Robinson I played the race card. And how do you figure Fred played it also. I’ve read his posts over and see no mention of race at all. I have much respect for the fact of you serving our country but I hope by the sentiments of your posts my thoughts on you are totally wrong .

  • fyi


    Your softball part is missing several key players Rhonda Wheatley from workman high school still holds several ncaa division I pitching records her name is in the record books probably more than any other player from the area. She played for the national team before the sport was allowed into the olympics i believe she has several panam game gold medals. Julie Smith from charter oak played on the olympic team and earned a gold medal.

  • SL Regents

    Can’t forget about softball player Stacey Nuveman who graduated from St. Lucy’s and led them to a CIF title. She was a NCAA Division I 4-time First Team All-American and National Champion for the UCLA Bruins as a catcher. She also won two Olympic gold medals and one silver medal for Team USA and holds the NCAA softball career records for home runs (90), slugging percentage (.945%) and intentional walks (81). She is also one of six players to possess a .400 batting average along with at least 200 RBIs and 50 home runs. She is now a coach at San Diego State. She is probably one of the best softball players the SGV has produced.