Girls Soccer Rankings: Bishop Amat back on top; Sierra League still dominates rankings

Tribune Girls Soccer Rankings
1. Bishop Amat (13-3-4) — The Lancers are at a disadvantage heading to the playoffs because their league is weak compared to the Sierra and others in their playoff division. But the Lancers Lancers have experienced playoff players and are the defending champions, so they won’t lack confidence against anyone when the postseason arrives.
2. Claremont (17-1-3) — Good week for the Wolfpack, who move into a tie for first with St. Lucy’s after the Regents’ loss to Chino Hills.
3. St. Lucy’s (13-5) — The Sierra is too good for anyone to go undefeated. Case in point was Chino Hill’s 2-1 win over the Regents. There are five teams that have a shot at the league title. And that’s not an exaggeration.
4. Chino Hills (13-2-4) — You can never rest in the Sierra. After beating St. Lucy’s they lose to South Hills. The Huskies have a great overall record, but if the playoffs started today, they would be out.
5. San Dimas (14-2-2) — At least Wilson gave the Saints a game before losing 2-0. The Saints are too good for the VVL and have outscored their opponents on the season, 58-13.
6. Diamond Bar (11-3-4) — Still in control of Hacienda after a 1-1 tie with Bonita. Anyone following the Brahmas saw this coming. They were young and talented last year, and are finally putting it together.
7. South Hills (7-2-7) — The bottom line is the Huskies only have two losses in 16 games and scored twice against Chino Hills, something they desperately needed for their offensive confidence. Big picture is clear, whenever you defend as well as the Huskies do, you always have a chance.
8. Sierra Vista (11-2-2) — Are the Dons one of the top ten best teams in the area? They can’t prove it beating up on the weak Montview, but given their recent history, they deserve to be here.
9. Bonita (8-7-2) — Forget the overall record, they’re getting it done in a league with a lot of parity, and its 1-1 tie with with Diamond Bar was the only blemish on the Brahmas’ league record.
10. Ayala (5-7-4) — Let’s face, this is a shocker. I thought the Bulldogs would straighten everyone out in league, but they may miss the playoffs after reaching the CIF title game last year and returning the league’s best player, Makenzie Doniak.

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  • Not Again

    C’mon Fred! You are amazing the way you want to give every advantage to Amat/Damien/Lucys! Our huskies beat Lucy’s this past week and you still give the nod to Lucy’s. Even with basketball all you’ve done is rave about Reyes and Damien, yet you have already given them an out when they lose to “almighty” Etiwanda. I think the bigger stories should be the other slant of these closed district public schools hanging and beating the regional all star teams of the catholic/private types! Start vouching for them and their uphill battles to compete with them.

  • Fred Robledo

    Your Huskies also lost to South Hills, a team St. Lucy’s beat a week earlier. Given that they lost to each other and St. Lucy’s win over Claremont, I still ranked St. Lucy’s ahead. It’s nice to count your wins, but don’t forget your losses.

  • Amat

    Fred, The Del Rey league does have St. Josephs who is currently ranked #3 in division 3 behind #2 Amat. St. Josephs beat St. Lucy’s 3-0 earlier this year. Amat – St. Josephs play on Tuesday at 3:30 at Amat. #1 in Tribune against #1 in Press-Telegram.

  • Fred Robledo

    I’m covering the Amat-St. Joe’s game and Diamond Ranch-Diamond Bar boys on Thursday….

  • LA Futbol


    Hacienda League plays today! Come check out a game in the rain! Maybe Los Altos at Diamond Bar Girls at 5:30!

  • Fred Robledo

    Bonita-Rowland boys basketball play for first in the Hacienda at 6:30 p.m….This is the problem with 5:30 soccer start times, can’t do both anymore. Use to be able to go to a 3 p.m., game then do basketball later…

  • Fred Robledo

    In the soccer playoffs we’re ONLY scheduling 3 p.m., games for coverage. Soccer and basketball play on the same night, so any soccer games at 5 p.m., simply can’t be covered. We double up in the playoffs (3 and 7 p.m. games), it’s the only way to cover soccer and basketball.

  • fred
    In my opinion Tracy Murray is the number one choice the way he completely dominated not only in the valley but into cif also.
    Another is Lance Parrish, dominated in football and baseball and was very good basketball player also. But I think Murray is the most dominate athlete we have had in the sgv.

  • LA Futbol

    Freddy, hope your basketball game was a good one. You missed a classic girls soccer game with Los Altos visiting Diamond Bar! Your Hacienda favorites got beat 3-2 by the Conqs. LA went down early 2-0 but dominated the run of play and had the Brahmas on their heels the entire second half! You would have loved it! Like I said…hope you enjoyed the basketball game. :/

  • MrMan

    Wow! Sgv girls soccer is excellent. Camaj, Almanza , Montoya, Kent, Lanier, Doniak, M.Rangle, Rivas, Juarez etc….

  • Wiffel

    A lot great players and a ton of action. These are some of the best games I have watched in a long time. Hope it continues and looking forward to the second half of league. I am guessing some of these players will be signing next week with some D1’s.

  • Fred Robledo

    NOTE: Bishop Amat vs. St. Josephs was postponed today (Tuesday) and moved to next Friday at Bishop Amat at 5 p.m. Apparently the field was in bad shape.

  • LA FutbolDanthe

    Fred, So where are you going instead? Los Altos @ Walnut! 3:30!!!

  • Fred Robledo

    No, changed to South El Monte at Mountain View boys soccer, both are 4-0 in league and play for first place. Both are also ranked…..Los Altos and Walnut would have been good too, just trying to find the best game and anytime there is a game with first on the line, I give that priority, especially when both teams are undefeated in the final round of league play…

  • field

    What do you mean? The Amat field is always in bad shape.

  • AMAT 73

    Don’t tell me the darn maintinence man left the sprinklers on again.HA HA HA . Too bad we can’t get the BUSD to give up some of their unused land next door. Due to lack of space our teams are forced to use the main field for practice and it shows .

  • Fred Robledo

    Why Amat doesn’t have a field turf surface yet is kind of ridiculous, especially given the space limitations they have. You would never have these issues again.

  • John thune

    Bishop Amat field is a dangerous joke. The only thing worse than their field is forcing visiting teams to sit in home team stands and listen to their parents scream “hand ball” at every loose touch. Very AYSO. Ayala would have smoked them during preseason on our turf. Not impressed!

  • Pas un champion depuis 1995

    Congratulations to the Real #1 Futbol team at Bishop Amat…!

    Great Job…! Go get us another CIF Championship Ring…!

    The field is just fine. Don’t worry about the pot holes of the sprinkler heads that stick out of the ground like ground hogs. These add characte and say a lot about Amat. HAHAHA!

    Pas un champion depuis 1995