San Dimas sophomore catcher Daniel Millwee gives a verbal commitment to San Diego State

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  • dc

    Congratulations Peanut!

  • Jackboy

    Who’s not going to San Diego State?

  • Fred Robledo

    Jackboy, maybe we should start covering them, they have more local players than APU or La Verne or Cal Poly

  • reality

    These early commits are annoying and not news. Clark Kent never commited to anywhere and he could kick a football into outer space at 9 and throw a baseball through a steel door at 10.Issue #142 and #289.

  • double take

    I just saw the Bishop Amat’s entrance exam advertising on this blog’s top banner and now a couple minutes later it’s Knockouts Gentleman’s Club. I had to take a double take.

  • Jackboy

    Who woke up Grumpy? reality, really, you dont see a problem with this many kids going to a state college on a promise of a scholarship, even a partial scholarship? Smart people dont commit without a guarantee of some sort. We know of 25 kids all going as freshmen what about the ball players already there? Soph, Jr, Seniors? reality, dont tell us your kids on that list too!

  • outside perspective

    @reailty & jackboy,

    Annoying? So when a kid makes a decision to go play Division 1 college baseball as a SOPHOMORE, it’s annoying? I mean I don’t know whether to be in shock or just feel sorry for you. It will always be news because these kids are making great decisions for themselves. And jackboy, obviously not everyone is going to make the team and if they do, there is no guarantee that they will play. However, this kid is good enough to play and all the coaches are doing is creating competition between the recruits and putting pressure on the returners to fight for their job. Last time I checked, competition was a good thing….Unless you’re “99%” of Americans who feel sorry for themselves.

  • Jackboy

    Ok Dad outside perspective
    So let me get this straight from your perspective, 11 possible scholarships, 25 or more new players coming in on scholarships, partials plus the established players, the numbers dont add up fool!
    What happeneds when Daniel Millwee and CJ Saylor both go out for catcher? Let me tell you in a simple way so youll understand; 11 scholarships, 25 new really good players 16 returning, state school, Certainly you get the picture now????
    Your comment bashing Americans is classless, Unless you’re “99%” of Americans who feel sorry for themselves.
    Please feel free to go back to wherever you came from.
    Go Bearcats!!!

  • TeachDGame

    Always an interesting and difficult subject. There are many reasons for players to commit early, as has been debated many times. First and foremost, a player should commit early mainly for 2 Reasons 1) most important, it is THEIR DREAM SCHOOL. School is #1, if it is the College the player WANTS to attend, they are interested in him, then commit. 2) MONEY the scholarship offer must be substantial.

    There also needs to be an understanding of the Scholarship composition at Div I schools. According to NCAA guidelines, there can be the equivalent of 11.7 total scholarships in the program. Additionally this value can only be divided amongst 27 players (called counters) oh gets better if a player is a multi sport player, but well save that for the advanced class. Additionally each counter must have a minimum athletic aid of 25% of a full scholarship. Pretty darn confusing as it relates to baseball. Also, look at that closely, the math doesnt work very well. So you can break it down somewhat like this.. There are a total of 46.8 scholarship units available (taking 11.7 total avail multiply by the minimum of 25% – so 4 by virtue of 100% having 4 – 25% components), to be divided up amongst a maximum of 27 players on the 35 man Roster (max # of official rostered players allowable under NCAA guidelines).

    Another side note for further in the discussion and something walk-ons need to be aware of (another topic for later in the discussion), ANY PLAYER RECEIVING ATHLETIC AID MUST BE ON 35 MAN ROSTER EVEN IF INJURED OR UNABLE TO PLAY. Now you get into the artistry of how to mix up all those 46.8 scholarship Units this varies significantly by school based on too many factors to go into and every school does it differently based on their needs. And how a school does it can vary from year to year based on the composition of team, coaching philosophy, draft, etc. etc. Even more complicated is some schools while having 46.8 scholarship units available due to finances may not be given the total amount if the schools budget does not give them that much money.

    Where is all this going. Kinda simple. VERBAL COMMITMENT = non binding agreement on the part of both the student athlete and the academic institution. Every year, there are players who will VERBALLY COMMIT TO A SCHOOL and then do not sign a National Letter of Intent. Hold on what happened? The National Letter of Intent is the BINDING agreement between student athlete and academic institution whereby athletic financial aid has been awarded and the institution is legally bound to give that for 1 year. Given the change in NCAA Rules in 2009, whereby the 25% minimum was instituted, it changed the Div I baseball recruiting game significantly. You have to give a player a min of 25%. Prior to this, those 11.7 Scholarships were divided up in more ways than you can ever imagine there were book deals, housing deals, meal deals, dollar amount deals, etc. etc. oh yah, and the FULL MONTY DEALS. You would have a player be a scholarship player, sign a NLI and they were getting $1,000 a year for their books oh yah, back to the topic. So in 2009 the WALK ON player became one of the KEY components in College Baseball. The schools could no longer divide up the pie as many ways, but somehow they still need to put 9 players on the field every game, and have 10 Pitchers sitting down in the bullpen just in case and a few guys sitting on the bench just in case. So how in the heck were they going to get the best players on the field to win games with essentially being limited to giving fewer players money.. RECRUITED WALK ONS. these players have always been around. It is not a new term or even a new idea.

    However, given todays academic world, a RECRUITED WALK ON can be gold for both the team and for the student athlete. Forget about the team side, that is more obvious. They get a dude who will play for them and they spent no money on them. Easy. So what is in it for the Student Athlete —- PREFERRED STATUS FOR ADMISSIONS, HOUSING. And wait for it.. CLASSES. Every school is different, but every school has it. The Athletic department has the ability to designate student athletes with the university for Preferred status for the above. Quite simply what this means, taking a school like San Diego State as an example. For anyone who has sent a kid there recently, or knows one, getting classes is almost impossible. What this equates to is you can forget about your child being able to get the classes they need each quarter, so that at the accumulation of 4 years, they will have enough units accumulated in the right subject matter to actually GRADUATE. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. You actually would be lucky if your kid could do it in 5 years. More like the 6 year program. This is virtually the same situation at every State school in California.. is EVEN WORSE in the JCs, but that is a topic for later as well.

    So despite the fact that you may never receive 1 penny as athletic aid from a college, the mere fact that you played a sport and therefore got Preferred Athletic status is WORTH MONEY. Saved tuition, saved books, saved housing, saved meals. And also getting your little child on their own and off your payroll !!!! Oh yah, and in some cases, because of the Preferred Admissions, you may actually get accepted into the school of your dreams where if you were just one of the 15,000 applications received, may never get accepted even with the right GPA & Test Scores.

    Anyway, this might give a little insight into the Verbal commitment and why it may not appear to be news to some is an extremely important part of the process. Yes, it is getting earlier and may not make sense all the time, but there are reasons for it.

    By the way, congrats to Daniel, hear he is a stud player and best wishes.. SD State coaches think very highly of him..

    See next post for the San Diego State Specific topic people were questioning when the other local athlete verballed to them.. and all the others have already “committed”.

  • Justin Othernut

    Too bad some just don’t get it.

    Monsieur Jackboy seems too e one of the few that does: 30 returning players + 25 Verbal Commitments just won’t fit into 35 Roster spots. The worse part of the misinformation here is that 3 out of four reading all of theses stories about Verbal Commitments believe that there is some sort of athletic scholarship associated with it. Not so. D1 scholarships for baseball are usually divided into thirds with the most desirable recruits receiving slightly bigger fractions and preferred walk ons receiving t shirts.

  • TeachDGame

    OK, for those questioning the San Diego State situation, you really have to spend some time and look at their situation. Their current Roster is made up of :
    Seniors 3 (1b & Pitchers) no infielders, C or OF
    Juniors 6 (1b, C, Pitchers) no infielders or OF
    Sophs 11
    Frosh 15

    So now you can fully understand why so many kids in the last 12 months have verbally commited to SD State.. they were going to make the ROSTER there were NO Upperclassmen around and they were committed to the Youth Movement. Heck and when you look below, 3 of the 6 JRs were xfers who just came in. Plus, if you really look at the names and positions of the players quoted in one of the other threads about SD State, it does not look all that crazy anyway:

    James Zamarippa – Rancho Cucamonga —– SIGNED PRO CONTRACT
    Trevor Gretzky – Oaks Christian —– SIGNED PRO CONTRACT

    Travis Pitcher Cypress College — 2013 — RHP
    Ryan Doran – Orange Coast JC — 2013 — RHP
    Jacob Romanski Chaffey JC — 2013 — C

    Matt Munoz – San Dimas — 2015 — INF
    Ryan Muno – Mission Viejo — 2015 — INF

    Spencer Thornton – Los Osos HS — 2015 —OF
    Avondre Bollar -Thousand Oaks — 2015 — OF

    Seby Zavala – Bishop Amat — 2015 — C

    Greg Allen – Hilltop HS — 2015 — INF \ OF \ RHP
    Adam Anawalt – San Clemente — 2015 — RHP
    Michael Cederoth – Steele Canyon HS — 2015 — RHP
    Steven Pallares – Santiago HS — 2015 — INF \ RHP

    Kendall Lindley – Francis Parker HS — 2015 — LHP
    Michael Robards – Oceanside — 2015 — LHP
    Brandon Thomas – Knight HS — 2015 — LHP

    Adrian Franco – Bishop Amat — ???
    Braden Peters – Tesoro —???

    ADDITIONAL known today
    CJ Saylor — 2016 C — DRAFT, may never see campus
    Ty France 2016 INF
    Erik Gonzalez 2016 RHP
    Bowdien Derby 2016 RHP
    Daniel Millwee 2018 – C

  • socalwarrior


    If scholarship are broken down in many pieces(percentage per player) in baseball is that also similar to football and basketball?

    Can you provide us the allowable scholarship per sports like football and basketball?

    That’s why academics scholarship is not far fetch compare to athletic scholarship.

    No Grade No baseball….

  • TeachDGame

    I am not as intimately aware of the specifics of basketball, a little more knowledgeable in football, so here are the general guidelines.

    Note, all of this information in not proprietary by any means, it can all be obtained by spending some time on the website..

    Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (Big Boys think Pac-12/SEC/Big-10) teams are allowed 85 student-athletes on full scholarships and Football Championship Subdivision (Old Div I-AA think UC Davis, Sac State, Cal Poly SLO, Northern Ariz) teams are allowed 63 scholarship equivalencies. The difference comes down to allowable vs what they choose to have. FBS football schools generate HUGE revenues and generally offer all 85 scholarships. There are NO partials. Everyone gets the Full Monty The FCS schools are generally much more limited on athletic budgets and may or may not offer the full 63 scholarships.

    Basketball can have a maximum of 13 scholarships

  • socalwarrior


    THX for the great info….

    It seems that sports which makes lots of money gets more scholarship.

  • Cameron Saylor

    Congratulations to Daneil Millwee & Family! Enjoy it and stay focused it’s a long road to your senior year. I will add a few tidbits and offer that you don’t get caught up in the blog BS. This jackboy guy is the same guy writing the same stuff he wrote a few years ago about other early commits.

    The fact is your son has talent SDSU saw his talent and went the next step to keep his player pipeline full. So forget about upper class players in front of you it a business and the best player that year gets the job. It’s short lived and the recruiter job is always to replace the current players with new ones.

    From our experience the early commit only put my son ahead of the other guys by 1 year, but the upside was big for him mentally. He focused on grades made sure he was on his NCAA track for both SDSU and NCAA’s requirments for a D1 athlete and of course working on him game to be the bes he can be as an incoming freshmen in 2013.

    This past summer when his friends and some fellow baseball players were stressed out about colleg filling out applications waiting for acceptance he was set. Grades were good and he was focusing on his SAT scores to improve them so he could opt out of early freshmen classes.

    SDSU believes in the caliber players coming from the SGV and is exaclty why so many commits from here are going there. These kids are tougher grittier and better prepared for the game. SDSU is building a College World Series team, they will be in the Big West in 2013 playing teams like Irvine and Fullerton.

    As parents, we can not be more satisfied with the early commit decision and the direction SDSU is heading.

    So come guys embrace it,this is more great news for San Gabriel Valley kids and parents.