Who is going where on Wednesday’s National Letter of Intent signing day?

We’re gathering a list of athletes in football, soccer, track, cross country and boys water polo that will be signing national letters of intent on Wednesday, Feb 1. You can post it here, tell your coaches to call or send an email to fred.robledo@sgvn.com. We’re scheduling a group photo at the Tribune that afternoon and don’t want to miss anyone.

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  • What time Fred???

    JR Nelson (Montana) and Keith Hawk (Yale) will be signing in the Wilson Den at 1:00 pm on Wed

  • Current List , add if needed

    Ellis McCarthy Monrovia – UCLA
    Kevon Seymour Muir – USC
    Aaron Porter La Habra – UCLA
    Tairen Owens Muir – UCLA
    Myles Carr Arcadia – Fresno St
    JR Nelson Wilson – Montana
    Sean Wale La Habra – Boise St
    Brett Bartolone La Habra – Wash St
    Taylor Lagace Arcadia – UCLA
    Terrance Brown Los Alamitos – Northwestern
    Gerrad Kough Pomona – Colorado
    Chris Miller D Ranch – Oregon St
    Dylan Lagarde Los Alamitos – Bryant
    Andrew Fischer D Ranch – Harvard
    Keith Hawk Wilson – Yale
    Travis Talianko St Francis – San Jose St
    Nick Enriquez D Ranch – Cal Poly SLO
    Blake Benjamin D Ranch Navy
    Jacob Ardron D Ranch – Columbia

  • oops

    Nick Enriquez is Chino Hills HS

  • bigdog

    Rocky Niece from Diamond Ranch is going to West Point but i don’t believe he is playing football! Still an incredible place to be.I just have to say that Roddy Layton is doing the most incredible job year in and year out,by far the best coach in the SGV bringing in recruiters and getting kids to the next level at incredible learning institutions.Maybe Roddy should teach a class to some of our local coaches.Coach Layton thanks for your endless hours on and off the field to make sure these kids are getting a great education.I think alot of parents should be looking at whats going on at Diamond Ranch.Also i would like to congratulate Diamond Bar HS for having Ryan Wendell on super Bowl bound New England Patriots as well as Brett Lockett.Diamond Bar community is still pumping out some pretty good athletes!!!!

  • Amat

    Amat has a bunch of people signing:

    Alyssa Cabral

    Ajee Montes
    Jalen Moore

    Rachel Seals
    Megan Bowcock

    Jeovanna Rios

  • Proud to be his friend

    Chris Caballero, QB for West Covina, will also be attending West Point. Not sure if he will be playing football either, but a great accomplishment none the less!

  • Hey Amat

    where are Montes and Moore going?

  • GoAMAT

    Isn’t our boy Moore at East Washington?

  • sgv fan

    Wow…no one from los altos going anywhere?? Im not surprised…kids promised a free helmet, football cleats, paid for spirit packs and free passes for parents to all home games.. They need to start getting these kids the right classes to so they can play at the next level.

    by the looks of it los altos is being selfish.

  • Where r the tribune area commits

    It appears to me that most of the commits are not in the SGV tribune area,only a handful, or at least that is what it appears to me, St Francis, Muir, Monrovia r steve ramirez area guys, and not even sure about Los Alimitos and la habra

  • Where to?

    What schools are the Amat players going to?

  • works in OC lives in Via Verde

    Good luck to all the kids BOTH men & women. Your families should ALL be proud. Because I work in OC, I do know Mission Viejo now has 9 signees for football!

  • Fortheloveofthegame

    Just heard Kellie McCleve signed a NLI to play at SLCC. Proud to be a Bruin. Go win a national championship kid!

  • OK sgv tribune area thus far

    D Ranch has 4 commits
    Pomona has 1 commit
    Wilson has 2 commits

    something wrong with this picture, WOW

  • Amat

    For Montes and Moore they have not said

    Megan Bowcock- great falls in Montana
    Rachel seals- Seattle U
    Jeo Rios- a school in colorada

    Don’t know where Cabral is going

  • XXX

    OK sgv tribune area thus far,

    Nelson is Div 1AA, Hawk has no scholarship in football (trying to be nice).

  • Here we go again

    OK here we go again,

    Hawk was being recruited for football by Harvard, he goes to Harvard on a weekend visit, the coach of Harvard becomes the head coach of Yale,

    new head coach of Yale flies to CA to meet with Hawk and other players, Hawk receives a phone call from Yale head coach several days later offering him the Ivy League financial package to play football at Yale,

    on Wed Hawk will be signing the Ivy League letter (yes different than the D1 letter that Nelson will be signing)in the Wilson den

    i’m sure it is a typo, nelson will be signing to a team that was a field goal from being in the D1A (there is no D1AA) national championship game this year, last year Eastern Wash was national champ, so if J. Moore from amat goes to E Wash, they will certainly compete on oppossing sides

  • SLCC

    What is SLCC? If the CC stands for Community College, do they do NLI’s?


    D.Ranch gots quite a few guys signing that is awesome. I thought Pomona had this all star team lined up with all these D1 guys.. I remeber seeing the blog post that they where going to dominate, and everyone should be afraid…lol

  • why trash pomona

    whoever is trashing pomona, you might want to look at the list, at the moment pomona has more NLI Day guys than Covina, S Dimas, Charter Oak, L Altos, B Bar, and the list goes on

  • Special recognition is in order

    As a father of two sons who were being recruited by Ivy league schools I’m amused by the rhetoric some bloggers throw around. New York is right on point,and deservedly so having first hand knowledge of the process and the execution of the process.

    When you receive “attention” from Ivy League schools you’re on a whole other level, and will be for life. Those fortunate enough to attend will be side by side with some of teh most gifted, talent and connected young minds in the world. Yes, the world!

    I’ve read so much nonsense over the years but nothing brings a smile to my face as much as when some one tries to discuss something they know nothing about.

    Knees go, bones break, speed slows down and playing days come to an end, that’s an indisputable fact. However, the variables and intangibles that places a young mind among these select few are impressive yet extremely humbling to all who know these individuals.

    Knowing you’ll play sports and learn from some of the world’s most celebrated minds while dorming with the children of the world’s elite is beyond my comprehension. Let’s take the time to celebrate these individuals rather than throw rocks into the ocean.

    Fred ever thought of doing a special piece on the SGV “students athletes” who achieve this monumental accomplishment. Seems it wouldinspire others to reach for the stars. Just a thought.

  • Hey LA Alum

    MS never ever said #7 was going to be D1, ever.

    But since we are at it, where is Virnala, Tibbs, Faoala?, and all of those conq guys going??

  • Go Bruins

    Just so you know, outside CA, JCs not only sign NLIs, but they have great programs and their offers and opportunities are generally better than most D I, II, III or NAIA. Full tuition, books, fees and housing allowance. Moreover, the best schools are also great feeders for DI and DII programs.

  • Real world of sports

    Special recognition – why do a story on those special student athletes when we can instead dish out Player of the Year honors to kids who get kicked out of school or, worse yet, have criminal histories. Seems to me history here shows it’s all about what happens between the lines and nothing else.

  • AHS Soccer

    Makenzy Doniak will be attending the University of Virginia on a full scholarship and Mariah Sims will be attending Cal Baptist on a partial scholarship – both play soccer at Ayala. Ekaette Afia is still talking to CS Fullerton and a couple other Big West schools

  • Congrats

    A big shout out congratulations to all those athletes who will sign NLI at whatever level. Keep believing and working hard. Make your dreams come true.

  • Uncle Buck

    Does anyone know what time?

  • NLI dates

    Only FIELD HOCKEY, TRACK AND FIELD, SOCCER, MENS WATER POLO, CROSS COUNTRY AND FOOTBALL can sign tomorrow for NCAA NLI’s. Here are the guidelines.

    Early Period: November 9, 2011 to November 16, 2011.
    Regular Period: April 11, 2012 to May 16, 2012.

    No early signing period for these sports.
    Regular Period: February 1, 2012 to August 1, 2012.

    December 21, 2011 to January 15, 2012.

    February 1, 2012 to April 1, 2012.

    Early Period: November 9, 2011 to November 16, 2011.
    Regular Period: April 11, 2012 to August 1, 2012.