Sierra League soccer results are in: Ayala girls finish off huge week with 1-0 win over Chino Hills

According to the Inland Insider, the Ayala girls soccer team finally had its full team together this week, which might explain the Bulldogs’ slow start after reaching the D-3 finals last year. After crushing St. Lucy’s 5-1 earlier in the week, Makenzy Doniak scored the lone goal in a 1-0 win over Chino Hills. That leaves Ayala in a first-place tie with Claremont and South Hills and St. Lucy’s a half game back and Chino Hills a full game back. It doesn’t get much tighter than that with two weeks to go. The Claremont boys beat Damien 2-0 to take a two-game lead in the Sierra. Damien and South Hills are tied for second.

Check out the Inland Insider highlights and interviews from Ayala’s 1-0 win over Chino Hills, girls soccer.

Friday’s Sierra League Results
Boys Soccer

Claremont 2, Damien 0
Ayala 3, Chino Hills 1
South Hills 3, Charter Oak 0
Boys Standings
Claremont (6-0, 16-2-2)
Damien (4-2, 9-6-2)
South Hills (4-2, 12-4-2)
Chino Hills (2-4, 4-5-4)
Ayala (2-4, 3-8-5)
Charter Oak (0-16, 0-6)

Girls Soccer
St. Lucy’s 1, Claremont 1
South Hills 2, Charter Oak 0
Ayala 1, Chino Hills 0
Girls Standings
Claremont (3-1-2, 18-1-4)
Ayala (3-1-2, 7-7-4)
South Hills (3-2-1, 8-3-7)
St. Lucy’s (3-2-1, 13-6-1)
Chino Hills (2-2-2, 14-3-4)
Charter Oak (0-6, 3-14-3)

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    Fred! Believe it or not, there are other leagues in he SGV that play soccer! What is it with this huge crush you have on the Sierra? We get it, they’re better than everyone else. But doing a preview and wrapup every other day and not even mentioning the other leagues is pretty messed up! All these SGV kids deserve to be covered by their local rag. Just like you do for football, basketball, baseball, etc Come on man!

  • Fred Robledo

    The Hacienda, Valle Vista, Montview and Mission Valley play soccer Tuesday and Thursday, the Sierra Wednesday and Friday. We’ve covered games in every league and I post updates called in or emailed to me….Pay better attention if you’re gonna complain.

  • valley fan

    Soccer Update
    Hey Fred, is the website that CIF uses for their weekly polls and league standings. Check it out to get updated records for your Valley top 10 for both girls and boys soccer. Those records are different than those reported in the tribune.
    Thank you for your interest in soccer

  • drivebyposter

    even my gramma can beat charter chonke’s soccer team all on her own. wowwww 0-16 charter chonk soccer is basura